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tv   CBS 5 News at 10  CBS  August 7, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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new tonight at 10, who killed a toddler and why. sheriff's detectives aren't saying much about this. >> neighbors have a lot to say in tell us it was the boys brother who went on a stabbing rampage.>>reporter: deputies confirmed it was a three-year- old who was killed. neighbors tell us it was e him. what happened inside this home where a toddler was killed is still under investigation tonight. a neighbor who did not want to be identified says the house was full of kids. >> a 17-year-old, a 16-year-old and i believe a nine-year-old and a five-year-old and a three- year-old. >>reporter: all of them were home alone while their mom was at work. the sheriff's office is in giving details about how the three-year-old died or who is responsible. according to another neighbor
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year-old brother lost it going on a stabbing rampage killing his three-year-old and attacking their sister. >> the nine-year-old was hurt in the incident, which was a stabbing from what they told me. >>reporter: all were able to escape us -- accept the three- year-old. when deputies arrived they took the 16-year-old into custody. i'm told the sheriff's office plans to the -- release more information tomorrow. two teenage girls are recovering after the two were burned in a vote fire on late husband. one was burned on over 50% of her body. the fire started when the votes engine exploded.>> the cause is under investigation, we don't
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time.>> it was total -- caring for people in two dogs. a high school student accused of accusing girls is back in jail. tyler kost bonded out for weeks ago to await trial at home. he was required to report back to jail because of a separate supreme court decision not related to anything done.>> his family was devastated that he had to return to jail. they immediately followed the law and returned him. tyler and his family continue to maintain his innocent and fight for his release.>> the trial is scheduled for next february. new information about a brutal doubler double murder, he was arrested for killing two people in a mobile home. sutherland is related to one of them both victims were found dead in what was described as
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and knife was recovered at the scene and motive is still unknown. he is a former us marine and now faces first-degree murder. a family gathering turns violent, one man is in the hospital after being shot several times in buckeye.>>reporter: there are two scenes the first is the home up the street where the shots were fired, here where it all emcee sl is confirming this is where the shooter's body was found.>> it sounds like it was a family gathering that went wrong.>>reporter: around 4:30 pm sunday, a man fired a gun at a family gathering at a home near dunlap and jackrabbit in buckeye he had one adult multiple times and he was taken
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injuries are.>> there were juveniles in the area at the time of the shooting they are all okay.>>report: the suspect, robert scott euro by and was found just down the road at the intersection. a car is covered in yellow tarp as mcso investigates. the car is still here beyond these they are not ready to say how this shooter wound up deceased. a family ran from there burning home this morning, their smoke detectors lively set -- likely saved their lives. they escaped as fire raged inside their garage. fire crews were able to contain
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out okay. donald trump's support is sliding after a rough week. a poll found out he is eight points behind hillary clinton. >> trump hopes to make up ground tomorrow in detroit he will give a speech on the economy. his plan is to slash corporate taxes from 35% to 15%.>> mister speaker, his numbers don't add up. >> of course not, historically no candidates numbers >> clinton is hoping to move attention away from her use of a private email server when she was secretary of state. the issue refocused with news that a run -- iran executed a nuclear scientist who was also a spy.>> i've heard hillary clinton say over again, she would not do it again.>> both
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a young boy was killed on what's nicknamed the world's tallest waterslide.>> we learn that child was the son of a stall -- can't state lawmaker. the water park is closed after caleb schwab died. the slide sends rider into a 17 story drop at 50 miles per hour. officials are still investigating what went wrong.>> this is not something we've experienced. we see our guests as a priority and their safety is more so. our lifeguards are critical and it's going to be difficult for them to focus. >> the water park will remain closed tomorrow while continuing investigations are completed. the pilot of the hot air balloon did not see the power
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they believe he was trying to do send through a break in the clouds and the balloon hit the power lines before catching on fire on and crashing. all 16 people were killed making it the deadliest hot air balloon crash in us history. on the wildfire watch what started as a 30 acre brush fire is quickly grown to 1500 acres in the southern california. it's burning in the san bernardino mountains and evacuations are underway in some a night flight helicopter will continue to dump water on the fire overnight. there's no containment and no word on what started it. tropical storm earl has left complete devastation in some communities in mexico. soldiers help dig through the damage after landslides buried homes killing 40 people. over the past few days early has dumped as much as 18 inches
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miles per hour. the cleanup begins as tropical storm javier forms of the country's pacific coast. ashley is here hoping that hobby or does not leak have it. it is expected to be a category one hurricane by tomorrow. we are keeping an eye on that, as it moves toward the north did it will affect us. we will talk about that later in the forecast. our current conditions here in the valley 101 outside, 61 in flagstaff, 77 in sedona 99 in bullhead city. most activity, there was not a lot has fizzled out heading into the evening. lightning has been left over, we've been watching the northeast part of the state and the southeast portion, most of
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let's talk about tropical storm javier, you see if there. this is what it looks like when we turn on the water vapor loop the dry air is over arizona and that moisture over new mexico as we zoom down we see how much moisture is wrapped around the center of hobby year. it's moving towards the northwest at 13 miles an hour heading into monday winds will pick up to 75 miles an hour losing strength by thursday. by wednesday here in the valley we will feel the affect it taps in not only to the moisture that is over the peninsula but also a pocket of moisture that's over northern new mexico pushing into our area. the drier air that we see will get squeezed out and pushed further north to allow all of
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arizona. we have a chance of showers tuesday, wednesday and thursday with wednesday looking like it's going to be the best chance for all day showers. hot and dry starting off the week before changes, our way. 102 on tuesday, 97 wednesday with the storms and 99 thursday. 101 on friday. now you have everything you need to know. what you want to know is say goodbye to eating on we will tell you which state will ban eating and drinking behind the wheel. harvesting the power of all the dating apps. we are live on facebook right here on the desk. it's so easy to join go to our facebook page, click on the video link. heads up about
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papa johns.
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something a lot of people wish they could avoid.>> canadian developer has in artificial intelligence dating app that says will help you find the perfect mate. maybe you been looking in the wrong online places. >> i don't see the point. >> i've always just waited for something to happen a personal assistant that lives in an app. he scans dating websites making love matches for you and frank up your time all you have to do is let bernie know which people you find attractive any goes to work. >> we use neural networks it's a computer term for simulating neurons in the brain and bernie will use those two extract they
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model.>> bernie will contact the people you find interesting asking them questions. >> we want you to be honest. it's getting back to the human experience pack -- >> justin long has proved that it works. justin and his girlfriend have been together for months. >> i know this girl we used to ride the bus together. we used to flirt bernie matched justin and i and then justin took over before we had the chance to talk. >> bernie launched july 17 and already he's made 7000 matches.>> it worked really well for me. i don't have to spend so much
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know what the return will be.>> the creators say this is just the beginning. other dating sites will be added maximizing bernie's special skills. music to the ears of spot a fight fans. a feature is coming aimed at making at making it easier for subscribers finding songs that fit their taste. fo released tunes. here's a stormy would not want to get caught in. a plasma storm on the surface of the sun. nasa explains a solar flare can cause material to fall in big loops like this on your screen. the sun is much hotter than the surface. stepping up their game and stealing bank
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investigators say they found the devices buried inside the outdoor credit card kiosk of four different gas stations in dallas. the credit card information is sent via bluetooth to someone that sitting in the parking lot on their computer.>> it makes total sense that bluetooth the short range and it's small. the thieves are always one step ahead. >> drivers can using cash and staying away from the outside kiosk. lawmakers in new jersey are taking distracted driver to a level introducing a bill that creates fines for eating and sipping drinks. violators could face $400 for the first offense and by the third time drivers could have their license suspended.>> i don't think anybody believes
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dangerous. if you are putting cream and sugar and stirring it, making a cup of tea. >> police in jersey can write tickets for reckless driving, proponents of the bill say this will give officers more room to decide what is considered distracting. mcdonald's is stepping up its tech game introducing the a new location in missouri features order kiosks and high- tech play areas, customers can change their food on their own switching out bonds for lettuce wraps. the highlight is in the lettuce bonds they are offering endless fries. the owner says you have to give the people what they want.
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to school with plenty of coffee. teachers can get a free medium coffee through their mobile app it last 24 hours. also tomorrow phoenix police will be keeping an eye out on drivers as a citywide back-to-school enforcement campaign. i can't believe it's that time. they will be focusing on school zones, watch your speed and obey traffic laws. the weddings are usually an emotional time, one reunion in pittsburg had everyone grabbing the tissue. on the eve of jeni stepien's wedding she met the man who is now living with her father's heart. her father michael stepien was murdered in 2006, his organs were donated including his heart, arthur thomas had been waiting for that heart. on friday jeni stepien felt her father's heart and arthur walked her down the aisle.
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telling me she was the daughter of the man whose heart was inside of me. she asked me if i was willing to walk her down the aisle. >> it's like having my dad here and better because we get to share the story and other people see that organ donors do matter.>> she was the first person arthur ever walk down the aisle his own daughter gave her blessing. as homer simpson endless fries. in the series finale the diamondbacks broke out the long ball and its game week for the arizona cardinals tuning up with the preseason opener friday against the raiders. we have football with the i'm sorry we don't, the nfl messed
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a look at your day in detail hour by hour so you know what to expect temperature- wise. sunny skies will start off at 86 degrees and in the 90s by eight a clock. triple digits by the lunch
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high, 81 four show low, 93 in sedona and 110 for bullhead city. i would like to show you a hall of fame highlights but because the wrong paint was used in end zone turned it into cement. the field became unplayable and was canceled. it's just going down as the worst commissioner in the history of the nfl. the good people of the cardinals make sure the field is set to go for friday's preseason against the raiders. this is where they could make the 53 man roster work. big red gets another target when the raiders come to glendale.>> that's all they can talk about, you have to remember we all are competing
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tired of going against your own teammates, at the end of the day it's preseason.>> sun devils scott graham is watching to see who will emerge as starting quarterback. he will have a loaded backfield to work with.>> we are about to be junis considered the vet and we were considered vets last year. the quarterbacks and a lot of the team depend upon us. >> might which are coming to the mound, the pitching coach has made more visits than the griswold's to wally world. the pitching staff was beat up giving up 10 runs in for the last five games.
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out to center, it looks like another bad day. divac's -- d-backs tired in the 4th and easy throw and throws it away and a run scores. arizona is belted out of the park. pinch-hitter phil in for a two run shot offense leads the way and they win their fifth home series of the year. >> we were trying to push the envelope and make things happen, they were mistakes that we took advantage of. it was good and they started to square up the ball. the home run by lamb was huge.
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>> whether you love them or hate them yankees alex rodriguez announced his retirement.'s last game will be friday at home against tampa. you will be unconditionally released and join the team as a special advisor. he's a three-time mvp, 14 all start 696 home runs and forth all time. ichiro suzuki hit 3000. he gave it a drive and this one was off the wall in the the 42-year-old is on his way to the hall of fame. angels and mariners, mike trout at the wall you want him on that wall and you need him on that wall. leaping weather prevents the grants lamb -- grand slam. jim furyk is on fire.
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missing a birdie for a 57 and eight pga record. russell knox was the winner. preseason football cardinals and raiders on friday, big red see get your big red on its coming back. football. i can smell it. >> what is with the energy tonight?>>
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get two medium 2-topping pizzas for $6.99 each. right now get two medium 2-topping pizzas for just $6.99 each. papa johns. the official pizza major league baseball. hot and dry weather for the start of the week. we've got this dry air pushing into our state pushing all of the moisture into new mexico.
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the border. we should see our afternoon temperatures relatively warm for tomorrow as we continue. we have changes coming for the mid-part of the week and that is going to be thanks to tropical storm javier. 40% chance for evening showers tuesday, all day showers kicks in on wednesday and thursday. looking at the seven day though storms will coolest down and increasing humidity. 110 tomorrow as your high end 102 on tuesday and 97 for wednesday. thanks for joining us for
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usly on elementary: several weeks ago, he learned of the existence of a woman named irene adler. watson: he's only loved one person in his life, as far as i can tell, and she was murdered. your girl, that was him. that was moriarty. and whom do i have the pleasure of speaking to? man (british accent): my name is moriarty. i believe we're overdue for a chat. well, if this is moriarty, then, yeah, long overdue. if? you're just a voice on the end of a telephone. i don't even know if you have a first name. mind telling me your first name? i appreciate your passing my message along to sebastian moran. i hear his prognosis is quite grave. so what? i expect you to feel angry because i manipulated you. rather easily, i might add. chin up, holmes. manipulation is my business. seems more like murder is your business.


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