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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  August 8, 2016 7:00am-9:00am MST

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to determine what happened. and u.s. swimmers, michael phelps and katie ledecky mick tory in rio. plus an up set for the williams sisters. first, your world in 90 seconds. >> this is an issue of delta
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>> asking for your patience. >> massive delays, after delta grounded flights. >> a power outage impacting everywhere. >> a prominent kansas state lawmaker's son died while riding a water slide. >> we honestly don't know what happened. that's why i'm in full investigation. >> hillary clinton enjoying a bump in the polls. trump, meantime, was in f lost ground. >> ido don't believe he will change. and he has to change if he is going to win the election. >> hundreds of california firefighters are battling a fast moving brush fire in the san bernardino mountains. >> we're totally out of control. >> alex rodriguez calling it quits. >> no athlete ends his career the way we want to. we want to play forever. >> the hall of fame game, poor
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>> questions arose about player safety. >> a wild scene, near san diego. a huge jumps out of the water over and over again. >> all that -- >> a pga tour, nobody has been there before. he throws to right. he has climbed the mountain and has arrived at 3,000. >> and all that matters. >> in this olympic world, we are all equal. that is simply not true. the whole reason we do this is to find out who is better than everyone else. so we can make them stand higher than the other people who are not as good at this. >> on "cbs this morning." >> taking off the now. the world record. she is on her way to history at these rio games. this morning's eye-opener is presented by toyota, let's go
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welcome to "cbs this morning." norah o'donnell is off. dana jacobson is with us. as you wake up in the west, the world are facing massive un- delays after an overnight computer outage. all departing flights were grounded for hours overnight. >> planes are now being allowed to take off, but routes across the u.s. and canada could see delays all day long. kris van cleave is at reagan international airport. >> reporter: good morning, substantial delays and cancelations facing delta flyer across the country, particularly in los angeles, seattle, salt lake city, across the u.s., substantial issues because of an overnight computer outage for several hours halted all delta flights between 5:00 and 5:30 pacific time, key travel time on the east coast.
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supposed to be in the air, just ten were able to take off. the airline has resumed limited flight operation. they're blaming a power outage in atlanta for sparking the computer outage. happened around 2:30 eastern time overnight. it held virtually all flights for hours. now, the recovery question. how long will the delays and cancelations last, and can the airline get the problems fixed and get back up and running quickly. southwest airlines had a computer outage that went on for delta is known for being a very well run operational airline. they don't cancel very many flights. they don't delay that many flights, so this a huge exception to that. if you are flying delta today, expect it to take longer to check in. expect delays. and the very real possibility that your flight will be canceled. >> kris, thank you. a kansas water park is closed today as investigators
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ten-year-old boy died on the tallest water slieb. caeleb schwab was vitting the water park in kansas city and it rises about 17 stories above the ground. omar via franca is outside on the latest. omar, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we are in prime water park season, but the road and the park itself will remain closed. no one is sure when or if the slide in question will reopen. officials still haven't said 10-year- 10-year-old caeleb schwab died. >> we honestly don't know what has happened. that's why an investigation, a full investigation is necessary. >> reporter: witnesses say they saw the boy's body lying on the ground. >> first responders started covering it up with a white sheet.
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>> reporter: caeleb was at the park as part of a free admission day for lawmakers and their families. the slide sends riders on a three person raft, plummeting at 60 to 70 miles per hour. riders must be at least 54 inches tall, with each raft having a combined weight of between 40,550 pounds. in a recent commercial, the slide was promoted as being taller than niagara falls. one question to ask -- are you insane. >> reporter: it faced multiple delays before opening in 2014. adjustments reportedly had to be made to the slide's second hill, after sandbag tests showed the rafts literally flying offer the slide. after sunday's fatal accident, the park stressed its commitment to safety. >> all the rides are safe. and our rides are inspected by
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schwab and his wife michelle issued a statement, saying as we try to mend our home with caeleb no longer with us, we are comforted knowing he believed in our savior jesus. we will see him another day. >> our focus is on the family involved in the accident. >> reporter: the water slide is closed indefinitely. now, the water park's website doesn't give an age restriction, but according to publish reports, when the park opened, you had to be 14. caeleb was only 10. >> thank you, omar. an american is one of two university professors kidnapped in afghanistan. security officials say the unidentified victim was with an australian colleague in cap beautiful l -- kabul last night. charlie dag gada is following
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kidnapped near the university. they're wit holdihholding his identity. they forced the two professors out of their suv at gun point. kidnapping is sometimes the work of criminal gangs, the fear is they could be sold up to taliban or isis, which is fighting to hold a stand in afghanistan. the suicide bombing of a rally in kabul last night, killing 80 people. just last week, they photos reporting to show records seized from american forces, including an i.d. card of a u.s. soldier. the military says the soldier is safe with his unit and on active duty. the taliban remains on the attack, too. bombing a compound, housing foreigners last week. recently, police in kabul advised foreigners to travel with armed guards and armored vehicles warning their targets
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gayle. >> thank you very much, charlie. pakistan suicide bombing of a government hospital killed at least 63 people there this morning. so far, no one has claimed responsibility. it happened after the hospital received the body of a leading lawyer, who had been murdered earlier in the day. dozens of his colleagues had gathered there to grieve for him. in the rio olympics, team usa is off to a commanding start. the u.s. dominated day two of the competition, l countries with 12 medals. that includes three gold. china in second place, with eight total,-ite italy and japa tied with seven each. where have the americans finding their success. ben, good morning. >> reporter: good morning from the olympic park here in rio, day three, just about to kick off. people are still talking about a couple of things this morning. a u.s. gymnast, who does not seem bound by the laws of
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who added more medals to their impressive collection. mike michael phelps dove head first into history, the most decorated olympian ever racing toward another medal. >> the united states will win gold again. >> reporter: in the 4x beat france and australia to win gold. first time gold medalist, ryan held, broke down while celebrating his first olympic medal. as phelps earned his 23rd. 19 of them, now gold. >> she is going to break it. >> less than an hour earlier, katie ledecky not only beat the competition in the 400 meter frid freestyle but defeated herself,topping her record by two seconds.
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team usa is headed for the team final, after dominating the qualifying round. three time world champion, simone biles, was once again a pint-sized powerhouse. but gabby douglas, hoping to repeat as olympic champion, did not make the cut for the individual all-around. that was less of a shock than this. >> a stunner in rio. after williams lost their first of olympics double match. rio's grueling cycling match. she fractured her spine and suffered a concussion, but later tweeted from the hospital that she was super disappointed after best race of my career. the first weekend of the game saw many venues with large
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lines for missing the events. >> i'm going to go out on a limb and say you are american. >> yes. >> we found american tourists getting hazed by the home country fans. >> >> there has also been security concerns. two rowing coaches were robbed at it was meant for a bliss blimp that carries security cameras. gayle. >> thank you very much, reporting from rio. russia is pushing back this morning against a decision to ban all of the athletes from next month's paralympics in rio. the committee announced the decision yesterday. this follows a recent report
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russian sports federation is appealing. this ban means russia will not have a presence in the games, meant to highlight athletes with disability. they won more than a third in the winter paralympics. donald trump will try get back on message this morning with a speech in detroit on economics. the republican nominee faded in the polls, after a series of missteps. the latest national polls trump is behind by eight points. our cbs news battleground tracker fds prefer hillary clinton by double digits, 49% to 37%. and the race is effectively tied in two important western states. clinton leads by two points in nevada, while trump is two points ahead in arizona. major garrett is in detroit, where trump will soon speak to the city's economic club. major, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, a quick bit of context as the
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election once since 1948. statistical tie for trump there is not good news. he must steady the ship. that's to prevent more defections of republicans and reassure skid ish donors. part of that will be through an economic speech in a few hours. they'll emphasize across the board tax cuts, help for the fossil fuel industry and trade deals. >> she lack the judgment, she lacks the temperament. >> over th trump tried to change the subject from mistakes and inter party feuds back to hillary clinton. >> i've always had a great temperament. you know, i win. i have a winning temperament. the subject can't be on her, because she has been such a failure. so they came up with the word temperament. >> reporter: a new poll shows six in ten believes clinton has the personality and temperament to effectively serve president, while more than
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>> he has received 14 million votes in the primary so far. to get from 14 to 65 or so, you've got take more responsible positions. >> reporter: on saturday, another republican congressman, scott ridgel of virginia said he'll vote for gary johnson, becoming the third gop congressman to renounce trump. >> we will have disagreements. but we will disagree as tried to end his fight with the gop. reading slowly off prepared remarks, he reversed his decision to withhold support for paul ryan and john mccain for their reelection bids. >> working hand in hand, we'll grow our majority in the house and in the senate. we need that. we gotta get things done. >> reporter: campaign chairman, paul manafort predicted sunday, trump was ready for more
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he knows what he needs to do. i am confident that he is going to start doing it. >> reporter: reince priebus played a big role in trump's reversal. he warned trump if he doesn't change, he risks not only his election but the majority of the republicans in the house and senate. they hope he gets it and become lessee less erratic. hope is not a strategy. >> thank you, major. certainly more to come. less than 100 days and counting. hillary clinton will respond to donald trump with her own economic speech in detroit later this week. her campaign is trying to keep the focus on the economy and her opponent about the state department e-mails raised more questions. nancy cordes is tracking the clinton campaign. good morning. >> reporter: the clinton camp is panning it before he gives his speech, pointing to independent experts who say his taxes and
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jobs. clinton is visiting more small businesses this week, as she tries to prove that she, not the billionaire, can steer the economy. >> an economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top. >> reporter: clinton's relentless focus on the economy, as trump veers off course. >> she is a monster. >> reporter: may be paying off. 57% of virginiaians say she is prepared to be president, compared to 36% who now say that about trump. the name-calling, probably doesn't help. >> she is a totally unhinged person. she is unbalanced. >> reporter: the comparison has enabled clinton at that take the lead, even though he she performing badly in some areas. one-third think she can bring change to washington or that she tells the truth.
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for why she gave, incorrectly, that he said she never publicly lied. >> director comey had said that my answers in my fbi interview were truthful. that's really the bottom line here. what i told the fbi, which he said was truthful, is consistent with what i have said publicly. >> she is lying about lying. >> reporter: republicans argued, sunday, she was still parsing her words. >> she has a fundamental way to say to people it wasn't lied to you, i didn't remember what i was going to say. >> reporter: but in politics, everything is relative. in a gnnew national poll asked o is more honest, clinton or trump. she won by a narrow margin, dana, 49 to 40. >> thank you, nancy. florida's gulf coast is under a flood watch. heavy rain pounded parts of the state yesterday. more drenching downpours are
7:19 am
north to the panpanhandle. the nfl called off a preseason game last night because it was too dangerous. the annual hall of fame game was canceled due to poor field conditions in canton, ohio. paint used in the end zones and at midfield became too hard for the packers and colts to play on. the nfl and the players union said they're disappointed for the fans, but p their primary concern.
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iran executes a nuclear scientist who allegedly worked as a u.s. spy. >> ahead, a father's desire to return home likely led to his death. the news is back in the morning, right here on "cbs this morning."
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proud sponsor of the us swim team ? slugger alex rodriguez says he play his last game on friday. whatever you're doing, make
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on "cbs evening good morning- it's 7:26, i'm yetta gibson. big news if you have a flight to catch airlines grounded planes across the world earlier this morning. they say it was because of a computer are back in the air...but there's still massive delays. happening today..."southwest airlines" flight atten negotiations... and are protesting at sky harbor... and 9 other airports.last week, the the company's largest unions passed "votes of no confidence"... against southwest's c-e-o.... accusing him of stretching resources too boost returns for shareholders.we're told it should not affect flights. 3
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thank you for choosing cbs 5, we'll see you back here in 25
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ing their daughter's performance. they went rocking back and forth holding on to each other like they were duplicating aly's performance. someone tweeted this. best sporting event to watch, aly's mom and dad. >> exactly. looked like they were watching a bowling ball, trying to like move it. >> their daughter made them
7:31 am
morning.? this half hour, iran announces the execution of a nuclear scientist who tehran says was an american spy. hillary clinton reportedly discussed his case in e-mails during her time as secretary of state. ahead the mystery why the scientist decided to return to iran knowing he could face the death sentence. plus our laptop, key to the future of car thefts. ahead how hackers can take over a vehicle in just minutes. time to show you some of the morning's headlines from around the globe. "usaod russians apparently want donald trump to become america's next president. pollsters asked which candidate would improve relations with russia and they said trump. they say they prefer him because he is a man and more fun than clinton. "new york" magazine reports that roger ailes spent money from the fox news budget to
7:32 am
they say he hired operatives to spy on or smear his foes. through his ting of a student baseball player who was playing pokemon go. 02-year-old calvin riley was shot in the chest saturday night and it happened at a popular tourist area near san francisco's ghiradelli square. he was playing pokemon on his phone. a rare television address of
7:33 am
publicly for the first time
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rnett, thank you. one of the baseball's most talented and tarnished figures is retiring. alex rodriguez became a huge star during his 22-year career but sat out the 2014 season in disgrace with a suspension for using performance-enhancing drugs. his steroid use over shadows an extraordinary on the field record. rodriguez fourth on the all-time home run list, third in career rbi, and 19th in career hits. he also close. he'll join the team next year as a special adviser and a well paid one at that. >> i love this game. and i love this team. and, today, i'm saying good-bye to both.
7:37 am
he always does, but on sunday, the 41-year-old was forced to come to grips with the inevitable. >> no athlete ever end his or her career the way you want to. we all want to keep playing forever. >> reporter: rodriguez first entered the scene in 1994 with the seattle mariners. >> his first major league hit. >> reporter: he even was hitting in baseball like few others ever had. >> swung on and line drive, fly fame and then the big money. he eventually ended up with the yankees and, for year, maintained he played the game clean. >> for the record, have you ever used steroid, human growth hormone, or any other performan performance enhancing substance? >> no. >> reporter: like other big leaguers, he lied, but in 2009, he admitted to using steroid. >> i did take a banned substance
7:38 am
>> reporter: despite the very public apology, the 14-time all-star was linked to steroids yet again and this time suspended for the entire 2014 season for allegedly using peds and trying to cover it up. >> here is a-rod. >> reporter: rodriguez will play his final game in pinstripes this friday but he'll return to the club next year as an adviser to the franchise's younger players. >> for a guy like me that has been to had heel and back and made every mista t the mistakes i've made. >> is there any fortunate part of his career is that he is a phenomenal talent and, unfortunately, i think the drugs will obscure the view of his talent. >> i do want to be remembered as someone who is madly in love
7:39 am
skyrocketed some 500% so a lot of people want to see him play. >> a lot of people do. nobody could ever deny how much he loved the game of basketball -- basketball? the game of baseball! he probably liked basketball too. i mean baseball. i've seen him play before so i know. but it's so sad when said he was streamly talented d >> people wonder what would he have been like without the steroids. >> i like him acknowledging, look, i made some mistakes and i kept getting back up. i did some bad things and kept getting back up. coming up next, the new way car thieves can hack into their car. see how they are even surprising the experts with their high-tech methods. if you're heading out the door, watch us live. why?
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a wave of car thefts in texas is part of a new high tech trend for criminals. kris van cleave show guys could let them take off with your vehicle. >> reporter: point, click, steel. security camera video outside of a houston home shows this guy getting into a jeep wrangler and breaking out his laptop, apparently using the jeep's on-board diagnostic port to trick it into accepting a generic key he brought with him and just drive off. that jeep belonged to david payne's daughter. >> actually, my daughter was
7:45 am
her dog and her slept through it and nobody heard a thing. it's like being invaded. the guy is coming in and stealing stuff in your driveway. >> reporter: typically, thieves target older cars because of the value of their parts but not these two and working always at night, they struck again using a laptop to take this jeep grand cherokee. police arrested michael arand jesse and believe the vehicles were smuggled into mexico. >> somebody has the knowledge utilize that ability to be able to commit the theft, it's a scary situation. >> reporter: police say a similar string of jeep thefts are under investigation in california. the national insurance crime bureau which investigates stolen car claims for the insurance industry, has noticed an uptick in newer, harder to steel vehicles being taken. >> which sort of surprised us because -- because they have all this new technology.
7:46 am
kaplan. it's like almost cyberhot wiring. >> reporter: yes. in the hold days, thieves could hot wire a car but when the new technology came along, it was no longer possible to hot wire a car. and that is why we saw auto thefts really drop off. but as with any kind of crime, the thieves always find a way to outwit technology. >> reporter: for "cbs this morning," kris van cleave, washington. in statement to cbs news, fiat chrysler says it takes the continuing investigation. >> just shows you the flip side of technology, doesn't it? as great as it is. >> you wonder i get a text message when i buy something on my phone. they send you a text message to somehow cancel out what thieves are able to do with that technology? >> delta airlines, computer problem shut down the whole system. a shark sort of flips out, you might say. a fly fishing tale come up next
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flying. this guy can jump. first, it's time to check your local weather. announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by petsmart. i'm terrible at golf.
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7:52 am
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says, "show open ." good morning.. thanks forw waking up with is monday, august 8th 2016im
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good morning. welcome back to "cbs this morning." hillary clinton's lead over donald trump. republican. how trump's campaign could cost him in congress. first, here's today's eye opener at 8:00. >> severe cancellations facing delta flyers across the country. particularly, at delta hub. >> the park will remain closed. no one is sure if the slide in question will reopen. >> confirmed an american citizen was kidnapped. they're withholding his identity for now.
8:01 am
two star swimmers who added more medals to their impressive collections. >> steady the ship to prevent more defections and skittish donors. part of that will be. >> panning trump's economic plans as she tries to prove, she, not the billionaire, will steer the economy. >> he said he's saying good-bye to the new york yankees but stay close. he will join is it tthe team ne as an advisor. >> a lot of people he would have been if he had not had the steroid scandal. would he have been a hall of famer? >> that's the one. second. a triple play. three outs on one pitch. around the horn, triple play. oh, my. >> this morning's eye opener at 8:00 is presented by liberty mutual insurance. >> i'm charlie rose with gayle
8:02 am
n norah tens of thousands of passengers off schedule. >> the airline is expecting widespread flight cancellations in the u.s. and canada. the power outage knocked delta's computer systems offline. >> investigators do not yet know how a 10-year-old boy died on a kansas water slide as the world's tallest. lost his life yesterday. they were visiting the schlitterbahn water park. caleb was on the 17 story slide called varupt. it led to design changes before the ride opened. adjustments had to be made to the slide's second hill after sandbag passed showed rafts flying off the slide. all rides inspected daily. >> the united states is putting
8:03 am
olympics. athletes are preparing this morning for the third day of competition. team usa leads all countries with 12 overall medals. three are gold. china is in second place for all medals. italy and japan are tied in third. ben tracy is outside of olympic park in rio with the american accomplishments so far. ben, good morning. >> reporter: charlie, bon gia so far, these games have been very good to team usa. last night, the action was obviously in the pool and that's when we saw katie la decky not only win the freestyle but beat herself. topped her own world record time by nearly two seconds and that's huge in swimming. michael fephelps helped beat reigning champs trance in the
8:04 am
michael pehelps has 23 and 19 ae gold. curious about the markings on phelps' back, what's known as cupping. it's a recovery method used to relieve tension in the muscles and increase blood flow but looks kind of strange. in gymnastics, the fierce five back in action and headed for the final but gabbie douglas did not make the cut for the individual all around. she was hoping to become the first to repeat as olympic champion gets under way in guana bara bay. if that rings a bell, it's for the wrong reasons. polluted, smells nasty and going to put helicopters in the air to spot for trash before the sailors hit it. good times here in rio, gayle. >> thank you very much, ben tracey. donald trump and hillary clinton are focusing on the economy as they each campaign
8:05 am
friday. she answered questions from preselected reporters at the national association of black and hispanic convention in washington. >> last formal news conference was last december in iowa more than 240 days ago. clinton said on friday, she might have short circuited it, her public answers about her private e-mail servers but said she never lied. the fbi director james coe mee e-mails marked the presence of classified information. >> he said there were three e-mails marked classified at the time. is that an inconsistency? >> well, here are the facts behind that as well. you know that i preside, i sent over 30,000 e-mails to the state department that were work-related e-mails.
8:06 am
out of 30,000 had anything resembling classified markers. the three e-mails out of the 30,000 did not have the appropriate markings. and it was therefore reasonable to conclude that anyone including myself would have not suspected that they were classified. >> "the washington post," thank you for being here and on behalf of all of us, we encourage you reporters across the country. [ applause ] especially those news organizations that travel the country with you everywhere you go. a majority of voters consistently say, frankly, they don't like you and they don't trust you. how would you lead a nation where a majority of americans mistrust you? >> i take this seriously. don't doubt that. i take it seriously. it doesn't make me feel good
8:07 am
i recognize that i have work to do. but when i started running for the senate in new york, a lot of the same things were said. i won. i worked hard for the people of new york. and i was reelected with 67% of the vote. >> cbs news contributor bob schieffer, a former chief correspondent and the host of "face the nation." good morning. >> hey. >> speak to this question about e-mails. she still hasn't, in a sense, cleared that issue >> you know, i think she has to somehow or another stop these, "yes, but" apologies. why doesn't she just say, i made a mistake, i regret it. i would never put the nation's national security at risk. but to try to go through all these fine points and things. >> the "yes, but" continues the story.
8:08 am
this case. she made a mistake. she has said she made a mistake and if she would let it go with that, maybe it would put this to rest. it's not going to bury it forever because republicans are going to keep bringing it up. >> is it that simple? i made a mistake, i learned, i moved on. >> that would be -- i'm not here to advise campaigns on allow to run their business, would help her. >> she also failed to respond, i think i've seen this little conference she had there on how limited it was. she failed to respond to the idea of adding more press conferences too. she sat there and smiled but did not respond. >> i think more press conferences would be good for her. i think it's better for everybody. >> donald trump going to reset his campaign today. in detroit giving a speech on his economic agenda but you've been talking to republicans who
8:09 am
what concerns them most? >> well, i mean, first, he says, the title of donald trump's speeches, not always what donald trump's speeches are about. he could announce he's going to talk about galileo's telescope or something and then a baby would cry. and he has a way of topping his own stories. but i think, in this case, we'll have to wait and see what he has to say. his advisors are desperately trying to get him back onck than some of these ad lib remarks he keeps getting deeper and deeper in trouble and this is now beginning to be reflected in these polls. >> what about this on the other side? a new "washington post" abc news poll shows trump with a 4 point lead among independent voters. those are the voters to help decide the elections. >> that is the one bright spot because every other thing in that poll seems to favor hillary clinton.
8:10 am
everywhere. you heard major garrett talking about it's very close in arizona. you know, how long has it been since a democrat has carried arizona? 1948, maybe. >> barry goldwater and others. >> what's the gop worried about? >> they're worried about now. and i mean, this is very real. i spent a lot of time last week toward the end of last week and over the weekend talking to insiders, unquote. they're not so worried now about whether he's going to win or lose, but whether, if he loses by a large enough margin in some of these key states that he takes down their senate candidates. for example, ohio. michigan. new hampshire. pennsylvania. they're saying to me, look, if he wins by 8 or 10 points, it will take down the republican. >> if she wins by 8 or 10 points
8:11 am
it will take down the senate candidates with them. they are more worried about losing the senate now, i think, than whether or not they win the white house. they're really worried. here's how serious it is. i had a former cabinet officer in a republican administration tell me last week he was calming around and trying to trump not it would be best if you resigned from the ticket. that's not going to happen. we know it's not going to happen but the fact people are talking that way tells you how worried they are right now about this. >> bob schieffer. always good to see you. the new star of in the studio. how javier munoz became a founding father of the musical
8:12 am
this morning" sponsored by liberty mutual insurance.
8:13 am
a regular on a florida golf course doesn't need a cart or caddie to get around. up next we're on the lings with a living legend called chubs. a massive alligator that became an internet star. gives new meaning to chip and ron. you're watching "cbs this morning." >> chip and run. ? with myself, with my life. it all starts with a healthy routine. that's why i'm taking the activia two week probiotic challenge by enjoying activia yogurt with billions of probiotics every day. because when my routine is in sync, i can face any challenge. so take the activia probiotic challenge! visit to learn more. take the activia probiotic challenge now. it works or it's free! (vo) at friskies,
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? i'm all right ? >> check out this big guy making his way through the golf course in florida. just sort of lumbering along. the huge alligator is now a mascot of sort to the players after the sighting was shared online. david begnaud is in palm meadow ho course. >> reporter: good morning. the golfers have a different story about how many gators they have seen on this course. some estimate nearly a dozen. but there is no mistaking the big guy. on any given day, you might find him right in this pond. having a little dinner or just the big guy whose name is chub bnchtss hangs out in this reservoir across the way from the pond and this is the spot where he was last seen on friday.
8:18 am
an grater suit. >> reporter: the golfers who took this video was in disbelief. a gator standing on its legs on the golf course. it's a sight so surreal that chubbs as he is known is a internet phenomenon. the video has been viewed more than 19 million times. but regulars here in palm meadow, florida, are unfazed. >> this is a great cour out here and there are some real big ones. >> they will be fighting and running across. it's a pretty interesting course. >> what most people don't realize these things go short distances but they tire out quickly. >> they are fast. >> yeah, they are fast for a short distance. like of us old guys. >> his head was about here. >> reporter: course manager ken powell says chubbs has been a fixture on the fairway for
8:19 am
long and likely 40 or 50 years old. which krchubbs comes out, play doesn't stop. if it comes close to him, they drop toot one' play right on through. >> he is not a nuisance alligator and no plans to take him away. he is not considered to be hurting anybody. >> reporter: once a danger, alligators are a federally protected species. faat rare. only six have been recorded in the state in the last ten years. and that includes the killing of a 2-year-old boy at disney world back in june. alligators can live in any body of fresh water. tim geist is a trapper and says alligators should always be treated as a potential threat. >> a lot of the public doesn't understand when they feed an alligator, they are creating a monster. you know? you feed that alligator, he is going to keep coming back for more and then he gets bigger and bigger.
8:20 am
a potential meal. >> reporter: chubbs may look like a monster, but the club believes as long as patrons continue to leave him alone, golfers and gators can peacefully coexist. the state record for the longest gator in terms of one caught is 14 feet, 3 1/2 inches. chubbs, they estimate might be about 15 feet but, dana, nobody is checking and nobody is measuring and as long as he doesn't bother anybody here, as you can tell by the behind me, he can hang out as long as he wants. >> i would not mess with him either. pull out the tape measure. >> not to mention, jim furyk shot a 58 yesterday, a new record for the pga. >> that is right. >> chubbs was not around. >> okay. >> chubbs is not tasting it. 58 is the first person ever in the pga to do that. 59 was the previous record. >> many have hit 59. >> i think i'd leave chubbs
8:21 am
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talk about being in the room where it happened. he is the new "hamilton" taking over from lin-manuel miranda. javier munoz will be here at the table and here in the room when
8:25 am
can't wait. your local news is coming up. good morning- it's 8:25, i'm yetta gibson. breaking news this morning--a deadly shooting at a phoenix 7-11 store near 16th street and southern.police say it happened around midnight when a man robbed the store...and told two clerks to go inside an office. that's when the suspect shot and killed one of the employees. the other clerk ran away...and the suspect for a short time before he got away. police are still looking for the suspect...he's only described as wearing red gloves...a hooded sweater and bandana. 3
8:26 am
thank you for choosing cbs 5, we'll see you back here in 25
8:28 am
8:30 am
man with in jenny. >> thank you so much. >> are you kidding? >> heart recipient arthur bryant met for the first time on friday one day before her big day. she even got to feel her dad's heart beat. thomas says he couldn't imagine a greater honor after steffi wrote to him with the request. that story just gives me goose bumps! >> and tears in the eyes. >> yeah, that her dad was there. welcome back to "cbs this
8:31 am
new star of the smash hit, have you heard about it? it's called "hamilton." >> huh? what? >> had you heard, dana? he says he has never had a relationship. charlie, have you heard? charlie has heard. like a relationship like the one he has with the show's creator and former miranda. javier munoz is in our studi green room. olympic swimmer anthony ervin is back 16 years after winning gold. he went through dangerous personal detours along the way. ahead, how swimming came back to save him. right now it is time to show you some of this morning's headlines from around the globe. "usa today" reports on a wake-up call for drowsy drivers. aaa foundation estimates drowsiness cause an average
8:32 am
they resulted in 6,400 fatal crashes. a drive without sleep for 18 hours will perform about the same as someone with a 0.05% blood alcohol content. after awake 21 hours it driver mimics 0.08% blood alcohol concentration. >> don't drive if you're drowsy or if you're texting. don't drive. >> good advice. the hill reports on a analyze donald trump. some people have wondered whether trump has a personality disorder. the american psychiatric association is encouraging its members to refrain from offering opinions about trump without personally evaluating him. "the new york times" reports on president obama's star-studded birthday bash. stevie wonder and reportedly paul mccartney were among the secret guests for friday's white
8:33 am
president. magic johnson posted a picture with his wife headed to the bash. reverend al sharpton tweeted a photo leaving the party and nick jonas tweeted tonight is a night i will never forget. >> they ask you not to tweet and i don't do that. they ask you to check in your cell phones but people were taking pictures before and after the party. they ask so you don't do that. >> and it stands with the dancing with the president. >> gayle, from now on, you dance with the president. >> good time was had by all but a lot of people on the dance floor. >> some people didn't quite make it. >> yes, but some people did. some people didn't. we were wondering, where were those people? >> you were asking those people who seem to be on the invite list. >> where were those people? it was nice. a very nice tribute to him. you know, the last time in the white house and i can say a good
8:34 am
>> no tears, just celebrations? >> just celebration. absolutely, charlie. celebrate good times. come on. charlie goes places. star ledger of new york reports on a plan to fight distracted driving in new jersey a law that could ban coffee drinking in cars. the proposed bill goes beyond preventing talking or texting on the phone. the broadly worded message could also ban drinking or eating or grooming behind the wheel. it's sim passed in maine. listen to this. the times of london describes a project it calls gurgle maps. scientists plan to map the ocean floor by 2020. sonar will find underwater obstacles. a submarine hit a submerged mountain in 2005 and injuring 97 others and killinging a crew man. javier munoz took on one of
8:35 am
he stepped into the "hamilton." javier munoz joins us at the table. congratulations to you. >> thank you very much. >> we should say you've been there from the very beginning. >> absolutely. >> you've been there from the very beginning. you were involved in the creative process. you had been working on the show. >> absolutely. it was, i think, 2011 when i got the first call from lin to come on into the workshop process and i've been with it since. only one year that i sort of >> when you first heard about it, you thought i'm not quite sure what this is, but you thought, damn, it's going to be good? >> the first thing i thought was this sounds a little strange. >> strange? yeah. yeah. >> but it's lin and i trusted him. of course i went in the room and upon hearing the music for the first time, that it was clear this was going to be great. it just wasn't clear that it would become what it has. >> really. it is a phenomenon. you were in it recently.
8:36 am
everybody is trying to get tickets. what is it? >> i think we just touched upon something that i think audiences have been waiting for so long, right? it's diversity on stage and a living history and it's something familiar to us. it's not -- it's not a fantastic story as far as something made up, right? this is our history and we are talking about something almost tangible. and that is so relevant to today, so i think all of that combined with just ln's genius in the music, there you go. >> it has everything, though. >> yes. >> including a sexy hamilton! >> oh, thank you. >> sexy hamilton! >> it has power. >> it does. >> a campaign for the presidency. >> yes. >> it has war. >> yes. >> betrayal. >> betrayal. >> yes, yes. >> but think about alexander hamilton. his dad abandoned him and his
8:37 am
hungry. that is really describing this character. >> against all odds, he made his life happen and really made his life happen with his own hands. he made -- manifested it all. >> lin said i'm so happy for javier but i'm jealous he got to perform for jay-z and beyonce. you didn't know they were in the audience. >> thank goodness i didn't know. i don't know if i would have opened my mouth. that was exti were scheduled to perform and lin on could have said i'll take this but he didn't. >> it's true. i actually assumed that would be the case. i assumed that lin would do my first show the next week, but they trusted me to go on and it pwas a thrilling show, absolutely. >> you guys -- >> did he come to the theater at all? >> which? >> when the president came? >> yes. lin was watching in the house with the president. i think he was one row in front or something. it was exciting.
8:38 am
that, it's the students that you guys have in there that provide a different sort of excitement as well. >> oh, my gosh. when those -- when we have the student matinees, i swear, if there was a way to gather that energy and store it, it would power this country for a millenni millennium. it is so much electricity coming from them and they are so excited to be there and so engaged and unlike everything i've ever seen happen with a young audience like was here and he talked about his granddaughter who tweeted. do you know? >> no, no. >> she brought a picture to you has that she has drawn. >> she waited outside the stage door. she gave it to you and then you tweeted the picture and bob said that was worth -- you just made her day. actually, you made her life. >> yes. >> it shows the interest. the point i was making the interest you take in young kids and the time you take to do it. >> it's because of the time they take, right?
8:39 am
you! >> they have created or have something to share bus and something to give, that is an important moment for them. >> you said that when you were younger, you saw theater as an instrument for social change. >> absolutely. >> and this show really is as well. >> yeah. my root is in theater as an education tool and as a means to accomplish all sorts of things, whether it may be a service type of engagement. >> but your life story is amazing, though, javier. we have to say, you've been living with hiv since 2002. you are now a cancer survivor. >> yes. >> you said part of the thing you bring to the role is, you know, you don't really have a fear of dying. they always say god doesn't give you more than you can handle but you say god, please, don't give me no more stuff. >> i do. >> i really have had huff now. >> that is an honest truth. there are days where it's like, okay, i get it.
8:40 am
>> how do i do it? it's my family. they are my root and my support and my everything. and without them, i honestly don't know that i'd be here. so it starts with them and then i'm very fortunate enough to have dear friends in my life and mentors and colleagues but it starts with my parents and my brothers. >> you and lin met before hamilton? >> yes. we met in 2005. i auditioned for "in i sang a george michael song for him! >> which one? >> "praying for time." and i booked the gig! >> before you go, what is the best way to get tickets? everyone wants to know. who do we have to know? >> odd mom out? >> see if she knows a guy. >> javier munoz, thank you. "hamilton" continues its run at
8:41 am
broadway. one swimmer that anthony ervin coaches said he may be the put your finger to good use. ervin coaches said he may be the most interesting person on team
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
. . ? u.s. olympic swimmer anthony
8:45 am
qualify in the 4x100 relay. he wasn't part of the final relay squad, but if it wasn't for him and his qualifying race, the team might not have made it to the medal round at all. jamie yuokas is in rio to show us how he is making a comeback from challenges beyond the pool. >> reporter: good morning, dana. his name may not be the most familiar on the u.s. swim team, but anthony irvin, his story is certainly the most fascinating. late w he will be the oldest male swimmer to compete in an individual event at the games since 1904, but this isn't his first olympics. he won gold back in 2000 at the age of 19 and then vanished from the sport entirely. when anthony irvin tied for gold in the 50 meter freestyle as a 19-year-old at the 2000 olympic games in sydney. >> it's a ty!
8:46 am
life. >> won the olympic games. it's an enormous honor and privilege. >> gary hall and anthony irvin share the gold. >> reporter: instead it led to the most tumultuous time of his life. >> part of what led to a lot of the angst initially was doing well and performing well. the social kind of like joy that comes from others in knowing that one has done well and you kind of get hooked on that and you kind of need that to sustain yourself to move forward. >> reporter: adding to his parents are jewish, native american and african-american. >> anthony irvin the first swimmer of african-american descent to make the u.s. olympic team. >> reporter: the only problem, he never identified as a blackman. >> reporter: did it piss you off when they called you the first african-american swimmer? >> i wouldn't say piss me off. >> reporter: that added to the weight of his gold medal. at the height of it all, he
8:47 am
2003. >> the first olympic champion status was about rediscovering, rebuilding myself the way i wanted to be, not the way others were, at least the way i perceived others wanted me to be. >> reporter: over the next decade irvin sold his gold medal, donated the money to charity, then took off on a spiritual quest. he dabbled in everything from zen buddhism to the hard party lifestyle of playing in rock bands. instead of a pool, he sank into depression which at its deepest led to a suicide attempt and a death defying motorcycle accident. nearing age 30 he desperately needed a shot at redemption. >> for me getting the tattoos was a way of reclaiming my own skin, regaining control of myself. >> reporter: armed with elaborate new ink, he went back to school and started coaching at a swim camp for kids. those kids helped him remember what he loved about swimming in the first place. >> the water when i was a child
8:48 am
it was a place of expression and play, a place where everything else can kind of fallaway into this meditative state and i got that back. >> reporter: he dove back into competition and a dozen years after his last >> the most brilliant freestyle
8:49 am
ever posted. and it earned him a ticket to rio. >> it wasn't like i demanded this of myself. >> reporter: you didn't say, okay, i'm getting back in the pool and i'm making the next olympics. >> no way. >> reporter: he has no expectations of the future but more importantly, no regrets of the past. >> i avoid regret. i don't think anybody should be stuck in the past. that's a dead life if you're stuck in the past. life moves forward. >> reporter: because irvin helped the u.s. swim team win that 400 meter relay night, he now ties the record for longest gap of a u.s. swimmer between medals. 16 years set way back in 1924. gayle? >> wow, anthony irvin, remember that name. thank you, jamie. you certainly love hearing the backstory. >> the history of the olympics. >> think so, too. another person to cheer for.
8:50 am
8:51 am
8:52 am
that does it
8:53 am
be sure to tune into the "cbs evening news."
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( "the price is right" theme playing ) >> george: here it comes, from the bob barker stadium at cbs in hollywood, it's "the anthony triplett, come on down. ( cheers and applause ) jan freeman, come on down.


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