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tv   CBS 5 News at 5  CBS  August 8, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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after a 16-year-old boy allegedly killed his three-year- old brother. the sheriff said the suspect also attacked his nine-year-old sister. he tried to run from deputies but was tackled and arrested. this happened over the weekend just west of the valley. there is no clear motive as to why he stabbed his little brother to death. we are joined live family. >> i spoke with the grandfather of all five kids that lived here with their mother. he said what happened here is something that nobody and family should ever have to endure. >> it is the most horrible thing that anyone could go through. >> they are trying to deal with
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grandson stabbed to death his three-year-old special needs little brother. >> he was probably the most loving little kid i've ever met and i know i'm very partial to him that he could light up the room. >> under the care of the oldest boy ageist-- ages 17 and 60 while their mother was at work, something went terribly wrong and the 16-year-old went on a stabbing spki sister.>> that is another reason why this is just a shock that it would happen. >> there was a lot of commotion in the street and the indicate the oldest boy ran from the house with his injured sister and four-year-old brother. one neighbor believe the four- year-old saw everything.
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that he wanted to have another baby so he knew apparently what was going on. >> the girl was treated for her injuries and is expected to be okay. >> the suspect is in juvenile detention and faces very serious charges and could face those as an adult. the grandfather told me this family is in shock and there was no way they ever saw this coming. on the website. terrible. dozens of children removed from several group homes, the department child safety is heading up the investigation and we know that children were taken out and put in
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developing tonight a clerk shot and killed at work, phoenix police are looking for the gunman. they just released pictures and he is wearing red gloves, this happened near 16th st. and seven just after midnight. >> perhaps there was a struggle but they are looking for the video to determine what exactly took place when the victim was fatally shot. the other clerk managed to get out of the office but then the suspect went outside, and we
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a pastor is accused of using his cell phone to record a teenager in his dressing room. he made his first court appearance. the mother caught him videotaping her 15-year-old daughter and police say he admitted to them that he wanted as he was changing clothing. >> i heard this saturday afternoon and was deeply shocked because this is not something that i expected. >> he will not be allowed until the investigation is complete. phoenix firefighters rescued a family of 5. the youngest was
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had been on the circumference trail since about 10:30 and was told that the mother was suffering from heat issues. they walked down the mountain and one of them had to go to the hospital. the high today of 110, uncomfortable weather throughout the rest of the evening hours. weha weather and the national weather service is issuing a flood watch for tomorrow night and extend through wednesday evening and we will show you what is going on. moister starting to creep into our state but a good batch down south into mexico. a pool of moisture that will
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very warm above average temperatures, some thunderstorms in the forecast coming up. monsoon 2016 slammed the valley with unusual storms dropping more than 2 inches of rain in some inches and stranding some cars and trucks. another powerful storm could hit the valley this week that is the last thing that some people want to hear. we are joined live and you spoke with people, they are still trying to clean up from last week.>> for the areas hit the hardest, neighbors are a little nervous before they had a chance to dry out, they are getting-- sandbags ready for the next round. >> it is the first day of class
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supposed to start last week but flooding did so much damage they had to delay the school year. >> so much came out of the canal into the drainage ditch and i was not expecting it to come into our property like it did. with drywall replaced, administrators art doing everything they can to keep anymore flooding out. >> sandbags to get inflatable blocks as well. >> they are stocking up on sandbags but residents worry it will not be enough if tropical storm javier brings and it rainfall. >> it would go around my neighbors and come up front. >> he blamed the drainage ditch
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up with debris and when it rains the water goes right onto the property. >> give me a bulldozer and had the problem taken care of. there are sandbags available around town but there are available for residents. exact locations on our website. details on the sudden death of a university of arizona football player. a senior offensive lineman passed away overnight. his cousin found in this morning. he says the team is really in pain tonight. >> two nights ago he out of the blue sat beside me and talked
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>> he is from chandler, he started left guard and was the leading candidate for starting center of this year. >> they thought it was a bomb but it was a home o'clock. the texas boy who was briefly arrested once revenge.
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a federal lawsuit has been filed and that begins our five source of 55 seconds. the boy who brought the homemade clock to school and the teacher thought it was a bomb, the lawsuit claims that his civil rights for violated when he was handcuffed. disney workers are building a stonewall around the lake
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are adding rope and warning signs. patina but are tainted salmonella stems from a case 10 years ago where hundreds got sick and-- in 44 states from the conagra product. when it comes to video games, a study found the teenagers who favored games scored higher than average in math, reading, and science, teenagers who favored social media tended to score less. answer-- after announcing his retirement, tickets to the final alex rodriguez game are a hot item. prices spiked more than 500%. >> we honestly don't know what happened, a four investigation is necessary. tragedy at a water park, a 10-year-old died after writing
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delays before it opened two years ago. syringes, diapers and condoms, what you are not
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delta is trying to get back in control, a worldwide outage forced all airlines to ground this morning. a power outage caused the mess. this is important, anyone adding from-- heading from sky harbor to atlanta could still be delayed at least an hour. some travelers are angry over not getting updates. >> of disappeared. >> it's how dependent we are on computer systems. >> travelers can get a refund if their flight is canceled or delayed. a water park in kansas remains closed after a 10-year- old boy died on what is called the world's tallest waterslide. he died of a neck injury. caleb was the son of a state
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that sends a three person raft plummeting up to 70 miles per hour. it faced several delays before it opened because test raft would fly off of the slide. >> our rights are inspected by an outside party every day. >> the website does not give an age restriction but when the slide opened, wrte 14 years old. he was only 10.-- the writers had to be 10 years old-- had to be 14 years old. protecting teenagers from the dangers of tobacco, the new law affects more than just e- cigarette's. >> he gave up regular cigarettes for electronic cigarettes a year ago and so far has not looked back.>> it
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or the terrible smell when i walk around. >> the government is concerned that they can end up in the hands of children so starting monday new rules take affect that ban sales to minors. >> the regulations make it illegal to sell e-cigarette's, cigars, or hookah tobacco products to anyone under the age of 18. >> they believe it is one of the uses that teenaged youth has skyrocketed. >> the earlier experiments with an addictive product, the more likely it is they will progress to regular use of that product. >> california has been aggressive at keeping all tobacco products away from young adults. you have to be a 21 to buy any
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happens a second time. hopefully everyone had a great weekend, 28 days with temperatures above 110, we are 5 shy of the record of 33. still uncomfortable, 10 wait, average high this time and we start to see conditions cool down with an increasing chance of thunderstorms. are brought to you by this, tropical storm javier. there's, then lucas-- cabo san lucas. on wednesday evening the big part of the storm will pull in a lot of tropical moisture across the state. here's a live look look, dark clouds, heavy rainfall, down south as well is definitely a
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folks are down there enjoying a vacation, but as you can see starting to see some moisture pushing to our area and around southeastern arizona moisture into the afternoon hours, no rainfall here but the best chance of rain will take place in the overnight hours. wednesday morning will be a bit of a messy situation and we could see some flooding issues as well, service issues that watch that will start tomorrow night into the afternoon hours. the rain forecast is around 4:45 in the morning but we could see upwards of 7/10 of an inch, most of the heavier rain will go south of us, there's potential seeing upwards of 2 inches of rain down south so
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a pretty common day until the late evening hours. we will start off in the mid-80s and some activity in the forecast. tuesday night to wednesday, wednesday will be the messy day with a high of 96 and dry conditions pay a visit with temperatures heating up once again. one of seven, clear skies saturday and also sunday. check this out, they are slick, cool, sunglasses designed for elite runners. they are super lightweight and designed to reduce the pressure on the face of a runner. look at the price tag, that is olympic sized. $1200 a pair. many tourists are enjoying the beaches of brazil but lurking underneath the water is a dirty secret. that animals, garbage-- dead
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we are taken inside the hardest hit areas. reporter: a waterfall of trash and sewage flows from the top of the largest building. they promised improvements would be made after winning the olympic bid but residents say nothing has ever been done to treat the water. >> it's the equivalent of a where he goes to a party and invite all his friends instead of caring for a family. reporter: rivers of garbage flow around every corner. all of the dirty water ends up here and 200 feet up you can still smell a foul odor.
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diapers. >> the water could make people sick according to a study by the associated press. he now documents everything and uses social media to show the world that the beautiful looking beaches have a very ugly secret.>> my hope is that someone will see what's happening and help us. if you depend on the government we will not get any solution. >> it would be more than catching a break. in rio de janeiro, cbs news. a fight for freedom, how a group of boaters were caught offguard after catching a make a shark. seen maclachlan pulling double duty.
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at 4:
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the water srp delivers to the valley begins as rain and snow in our northern forests. it fills our reservoirs and then is managed through a vast network of canals right into our lives.
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at: take a look at this, man versus beast. 4 guys caught a mako you see the shark jumping out of the water. they believe it was well over 500 pounds and eventually broke off the line but make a sharks -- but mako sharks are known for jumping out of the water. the first preseason game against the oakland raiders, there are some great expectations and a lot will be expected out of their quarterback of the defense.
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the praise of his fellow collegiate teammates. the importance is undeniable, he's making the defective calls. >> playing as much as i did has helped me so much.>> a leadership position that has earned-- that was earned, a set of maturity not there is a wiki.>> >> he dropped his body fat and is playing better past defense. >> he took over the starting role in your 3 and expects more in your four. >> i'm pro-now, ready to take the next step. >> he's thinking about the big
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>> the high expectations
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her young daughter methamphetamine. we are learning more about her previous run-ins with the department of child safety. when it comes to politics arizona has always been a red state that the tide could be turning for this year's election. we're getting answers on how our state could play a big role. reverse mortgages, they are expensive and risky but new rule changes have made we have the answer coming up. >> this is cbs5 news at 5:30. >> there is new information about the valley mother accused of killing her 22-month-old daughter. police say natalie gave her child methamphetamine, to counteract the methadone that the girl had gotten into. the department of child safety previously looked into six reports of child neglect.


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