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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  August 9, 2016 7:00am-9:00am MST

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>> comes up with the >> mohammed made history by becoming the first olympian to compete while wearing a hijab. >> usa! >> on cbs this morning. >> up on the shoulders with five meters left. she's going to this morning's eye opener is
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let's go places. let's go places. ? >> welcome to cbs this morning. norah o'donnell is off. day ja jna jacobson with us.h. donald trump is trying to brings his campaign back to the big issues but more republicans say they do not want to follow him. susan collins of maine is now su the most senior gop senator to g publicly split with trump. w she wrote that shington stream of denigrating comments t made him unworthy being our president. >> 50 national security and eing foreign policy experts from the republican side warn that donald trump, quote, would be the most reckless president in american r history. hours later trump suggested tha hillary clinton's state p department e-mails led iran to execute an accused spy. his tweet followed a speech laying out a series of economic proposals. major garrett is in north
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he campaign. tr >> reporter: donald trump had a disciplined and generous day on the campaign trail. he read his economic speech and in the process handed over mosth of his tax policy to house republicans, a rare act of humility and unity. rep by day's end trump was dealing with more republican party unrest. >> i want to jump start americas and it can be done and it won't >> even be that hard. d >> in a scripted speech before the detroit economic club, trums scrapped his tax plan for one written by house republicans and championed by paul ryan. >> we will work with house republicans on this plan using h the same brackets they have proposed, 12%, 25% and 33%. for many american workers, thei. tax rate will be zero. >> almost all of trump's orkers economic proposals mimic those >> rep of every republican president and nominee since ronald reagan.
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ss-the-boa fossil fuels. trump also called for a spendine spree on roads, bridges and spe airports and tax benefits to cover child care expenses. here promises were many, detail were few. >> we will also be rolling out e proposals to increase choice and reduce cost in child care, offering much needed relief to american families. >> trump also attacked hillary clinton on turf bernie sanders made ciation with multilateral trade deals like nafta. >> hillary clinton has supportey the trade deals, stripping this city and this country of its is jobs and its wealth. >> clinton was quick to react at a campaign rally. >> i have a very different approach. i intend to make the wealthy pay their fair share to build this i economy. >> reporter: protesters interrupted trump's detroit speech more than a dozen times.h
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complimenting the nominee, ing saying he stayed on message and delivered our positive platformd to america. here in north carolina, trump will have two rallies today ica. where he will try to do the same thing, stay on message. >> we will be watching, major. thank you. the hillary clinton's campaign . says trump manufactured his latest his he's alleging her state department e-mails may have tipped off iran that a missing f nuclear scientist was a cooperating with the u.s. the newest leading trump 51-41%. nancy k nancy, good morning. orde >> reporter: good morning. >> goodent even further accusing clinton of contributing to this man's murder. it's an allegation for which there is no proof, the kind of t charge that in a normal election year would turn a race upside down. it came on a day that trump's campaign insisted he was getting
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e the 6:45 p.m., tweeting this, many 5 people are saying that the iranians killed the scientist who helped the u.s. because of e hillary clinton's hacked e-mails.s hacked it's unclearclinton many people. a clinton spokesperson pounced saying trump says many people when he really means i made this up. basel it's a term he used for other rt baseless claims like suggesting the trump was a secret muslim. h >> some people say it's worse than stupidity.y. >> reporter: trump referred to an iranian nuclear scientist who the iranian government said it n
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clinton because his name was mentioned in her e-mails. his complicated relationship bu with the u.s. was well known in iran. and h >> mr. amiri has been in the united states of his own free will. and he is free to go. >> clinton's e-mails are also ac the heart of a new wrongful death suit brought against her by the parents of two benghazi victims. charles wood and patricia smith allege the attacks o clinton's extreme carelessness in handling confidential and vim classified information.ard smith came down hard on clinton at the republican convention. >> she deserves to be in the ds stripes. >> reporter: the clinton campaign says the lawyer behind this lawsuit has been unsuccessfully at tacking the clintons for decades, adding ki there have been nine different n investigations into this attack and none found any evidence whatsoever of any wrongdoing on
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the "wall street journal's" washington bureau chief is witht us. your paper has covered this story of this iranian scientisto >> yes. >> is anybody suggesting that hillary clinton's e-mails -- >> i don't think so. this was a well known, well is any discussed case.lary we wrote about it in 2010, a long piece that described his arrival in the u.s. and the facf that he was cooperating with wh u.s. intelligence and the fact t he had bee o his is so. this was not a secret. go it was well chronicled. i don't think there's much see indication that the e-mails have anything to do with it. this was out there. >> turning to the economy, what do you think of his economic do proposals? trady trump's zarpstandard's it a remarkably conservative speech. almos any mainstream republican couldu have given that speech, pretty .
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stayed on message. >> what about infrastructure nd spending and child care spe spending? >> that was interesting. there were out reaches to liberals. that echoes hillary clinton. there was something for th everybody in that speech which was very interesting. >> you wrote about trump versus trump. and trump the candidate, which one wins out and can he stick te the message? >> donald trump is such a bright shiny object, people forget that e attitudes. he tapped into these attitudes.. there's a populist anger and a e sense that the establishment as failed us. he walked into that environment. he didn't create it. it's been a long time in the making. if he fails this year, it will e be there afterwards. both parties have to remember ra that as they move forward. >> the question is how large ise it? >> it's larger than people pe thought. that's why we're having this conversation. conver otherwise someone else would be
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>> i want to satalk about susan collins. she says i have become increasingly dismayed by his an. constant stream of cruel comments, his inability to admit error or apologize. >> it's not too surprising. it shows you the breadth of the problem he has in the party, his problems with conservatives in the party have been well documented. we saw his problems with the national security wing just uriy yesterday. this tells you invo revolt as well. the trump campaign is interesteg in maine as a place they might y make a breakout. history me that might be a place donald trump could score in the electoral college. he >> did you think he was the different in the terms of nt temperament and demeanor? >> there was 12 times when his
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protest protesters. not once did he take them on. he didn't engage them. something held him back. him i think ivanka was saying don'to do it, don't go there. >> nothing can change your campaign tactic like a double didn't -- >> it does brace your mind. >> makes you rethink some things. police in east tennessee want to know why a group of children fell out of a ferris 30 feet to the ground. this happened last night in green county about 60 miles northeast of v >> the ride eventually stopped after people on the ground began screaming at the ride operators. all three children had serious injuries. >> we've had a major incident at the fairground, at the ferris
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out of the ferris wheel. >> emergency crews raced to the scene of the accident that left witnesses shaken. >> one unresponsive. you all need to get somebody started that way and we'll get ems in route. >> panic ensued as eyewitnesss scrambled to figure out what happened. >> the two little girls were about midway on the other side of the ferris wheel when it happened. and they were very upset, crying. it's like a nightmare. the girls appeared to get stuck as the wheel was turning. the cars holding the girls tilted over, tossing them from the ride. one eyewitness said it was like watching water pouring from a glass. investigators believe the three girls fell 40-35 feet. they are still trying to determine what caused the ride to malfunction. >> we're treating it like a crime scene at this point untilr
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that it accident. >> the tennessee bureau of investigation is assisting the e greenville police department ing its investigation. the town's police captain said the victims were alert and answering questions at the hospital. delta air lines is working this morning to recover from its crippling computer outaoutage. delta is cancelling 300 more flights yesterday in addition to about a thousand flights cancelled yesterday. stranded passengers waited in long lines at waited for information. t a look at what's behind the glitches that keep grounding wn airlines. florida's gulf coast is bracing this morning for another round of severe weather. flash flood watches are posted flas along the parts of tampa could receive about 6-8 inches of rain today. rising waters have hit parts of taylor county. >> drenching rain from tropical
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cabo san lucas. the storm is what remains of hurricane earl. it triggered devastating mudslides in central mexico that killed 45 people over the weekend. storm the storm is set to move up the th baja peninsula over the next three days. thousands of residents in southern california are under evacuation orders because of a massive wife. the so-call ed pilot fire broke out on sund the lake arrowhead area. the fire is c contained. palm beach county has its first case of the virus. the patient recently travelled to the miami area.ea. miami-dade and broward have a
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they're supplying mosquito re repellent to public schools andc colleges. team usa is expanding its medal count at the rio olympicss several earned medals last severa night. team usa leads all countries l with 19 overall medals. that includes five gold. fiv china is in second with 13 total. japan and russia both have ten. ben tra i park in rio with highlights. good morning. >> reporter: if you are looking for american dominance here in rio, well, look no further than that square building back there. that's where you'll find the swimming pool. on day three of the competition american swimmers took home six individual medals including a very big win over russia.
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king put on a solid gold perf performance in the 100 meter breaststroke. king's teammate joined her on the podium with the bronze. >> murphy in lane four. >> reporter: in another historic race, ryan murphy set a new olympic record winning gold in the 100 meter backstroke, an event the u.s. team has >> murphy! . >> reporter: u.s. team david plumber took third. and during the semifinals of the 200 meter butterfly michael phelps remained focused before entering the pool alongside his
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africa. >> yes! >> reporter: american divers won silver in diving. >> the united states expects gold. so when you walk away with something other than that, it's like you didn't get gold? this is absolutely amaze iing. >> tricky combination right here. >> reporte tumbled off the high bar, ending hopes of a medal for the men's team. >> reporter: tonight michael phelps is back in the pool. this is being dubbed the rematch in rio. this is an event that michael phelps just barely lost at the london olympics. he has said it's a big reason why he came out of retirement for his fifth olympics. a tragedy at the world's
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concerns about safety inspections. ahead the worries about whether water parks across the >> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by chick-fil-a. we didn't invent the chicken.
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? ahead, the impressions about the reliability of airline systems after delta's global shutdown. and tomorrow, meryl streep
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good morning- it's 7:26, i'm yetta gibson. delta airlines is still feeling the effects...after a computer outage cause a ground stop across the world.the world's second largest airline says the problem has been fixed...but due to the overwhelming demand... it plans cancel up to ?250? flights today and delay more.yesterday the outage grounded delta flights for at least six hours.hundreds of thousands of passengers were stranded.the airline is offering refunds to passengers on canceled or "significantly delayed" flights.the airline likely won't be able to run on a normal schedule until tomorrow. 3
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thank you for choosing cbs 5, join us on facebook right now where we will be talking more about this rain the valley is getting ready for.and we'll
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? nba mvp steph curry is enjoying president obama's company on vacation. the pair played some golf yesterday on martha's vineyard. curry skipped the olympics, you might recall, fighting ankle knee injury. that didn't keep him from the golf course. the second day in a row the president played with an nba player who opted out of the games. yesterday he played with clippers chris paul. you golf? >> i do. >> you guys need your knees and ankles? >> you want to play well or not? >> i think it's scary. >> you could ride around in a golf cart. that would be fun. >> that would be a lot of fun.
7:31 am
coming up in this half hour, doping sparks a heated debate at the olympics. several russian athletes initially banned from the games over illegal substances won an appeal to compete. how team usa is not hold back. plus passengers face more delays after a computer meltdown. it's the latest big face massive equipment failure. ahead, why the faa isn't doing anything at the computer estimates that might be anything but state of the art.
7:32 am
nausea. tests show that some of them had
7:33 am
the kansas city star said the waterslide where a 10-year-old boy died sunday has not been inspected by the state since it opened two years ago. the verrucht slide is the tallest in the world. police say caleb schwab died from a neck injury. his father according to a records requests investigators have not inspectored this schlitterbahn park until 2012. >> i heard a noise. that's when i turned around. >> reporter: jess and melanie went down the massive slide hours before caleb schwab.
7:34 am
side. >> reporter: first responders found the 10-year-old in a pool verrucht's base. two women were in the raft with schwab. they were taken to the hospital for minor facial injuries. >> it is taller then niagara falls. >> reporter: verrucht's plunge is 17 feet high. the second drop is 50 feet. two people the same time. paul oberhouser said his came off while riding with a friend and 9-year-old son two weeks ago. >> as soon as i hit the bottom of the first curve, the shoulder strap kind of busted loose. >> reporter: he said he had to grip handles by the legs to hold on. and told park staff he had to hang on.
7:35 am
good. sounded like they were going to do something about it. >> reporter: in a statement, schlitterbahn said safety is a top priority and that the rides are inspected daily. >> all of the regulation, done
7:36 am
inside of russia but then she was quietly added back on to the roster here in rio just days ago after winning an appeal. she swam in lane 5 right next to her american rival lily king. and by the time they touched the wall, the russian who had served a 16-month suspension for won a silver medal, coming in second to the 19-year-old american. the grudge match between the two began over the weekend when they engaged in a fierce finger shakoff. littly king said afterwards you're shaking your finger for number one and you've been caught for drug cheating. i'm just not a fan. >> she's justified. >> reporter: members of team usa are not holding back about having known dopers in the pool.
7:37 am
probably be people who missed the podium to people who don't deserve to be on the podium and that is wrong. >> reporter: russia initially submitted 389 athletes for the games only 271 have been approved to compete. in the past days 8 russians banned for doping have been allowed back in after winning appeals. most of them swimmers. the ioc claims there's nothing they can do. what do you say to the other concerns about competing in the pool with what they describe as known cheaters? >> i think people have served sanctions and are now clear. i would think that in the united states you'd appreciate the idea of give everyone the chance to prove their own innocence. >> reporter: thomas hobbiert is
7:38 am
he believes they did so because vladimir putin spent $50 billion on the sochi olympics, an all-time record. >> i do not see an end to this in sight. i think the incentive to dope was built into the system a long time ago. >> reporter: which could be why michael phelps now in his fifth olympics is frustrated by his doping asked whether or not they should be here competing, swimmer lilly king says no. gayle. >> haven't ever competed in a clean event. >> yeah.
7:39 am
swimmers who really feel the same way. it's a strong feeling. >> not a level playing field. >> that mean mugster that lilly king gave the russian is very, very true. >> i'm going to beat you. >> a look says everything. we know what you meant. ben tracy, we thank you in rio. as well as good to see you there. critics call the delta airlines meltdown er 9/11. you'll want to hear what he has to say.
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? we're following the latest fallout from the delta computer melt down which has led to the
7:44 am
about 1,000 flights were canceled yesterday. at one point, only six delta flights were in the air over the u.s. a snapshot from august 1st shows how there are normally hundreds in the air. power outage knocked out delta's computers and left through toes of travelers stranded. chris van cleave is at reagan national airport with how the whole industry faces new scrutiny. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. delta says its computer systems are working again but check out the line for people trying to the airline is investigating what happened yesterday, and the big question, why their backup systems didn't kick in. the outage disabled delta's flight status alerts. >> we found out that we're four hours delayed and by the time we get to our connecting flight in laguardia we're going to be an hour late. >> reporter: airport onnors incorrectly listed flights as on time. the delays and cancellations
7:45 am
effort. we lost power at 2:30 which causes us to implement the ground stop we put in place. >> reporter: this travel analyst says the backup systems shouldn't have failed. >> that's unacceptable to the traveling public and unacceptable to delta and its employees. >> reporter: the outage raises questions about the reliability of computer systems used by airlines, which are not regulated by the faa. last year, united and american both suffered computer problems. southwest to ground flights, a disruption that lasted days. >> they're running on a reservation system that is more than 35 years old. in fact, it once belonged to an airline that went out of business in 1982. >> reporter: george hobeck founded >> a lot of airlines haven't spent enough on their technology over the years and this is why we're seeing things like this more often.
7:46 am
everything from reservations answer seat assignments to how much fuel and snacks to load on a plane. he says delta has been rebuilding its core technologies for more than six months. the airline industry generally has reliable systems but portions can be decades old. >> airlines technology systems have to be as reliable as their aircraft. >> reporter: the department of transportation tells "cbs this morning" it is with delta over the technical issues and continues to monitor the situation. delta is offering compensation in the form of $200 flight vouchers for flights canceled or suffered a three hour or longer delay. >> kris, thank you. ahead, an extraordinary breach of security as an airline passenger jumps off a jet bridge with his carry-on luggage. he chases the plane afterwards.
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nted until 2029. advanced g?nifique. lanc?me. receive a free 7-piece gift. only at macy's, your skincare destination. ? a tardy passenger who was late for a flight took extraordinary measures to try to get on board. breached security. he jumped off the jet bridge on to the tarmac, stopped an airport worker, hurled the bag over his shoulder and took the run for the plane. he was eventually stopped by two ground crew members. he had to get somewhere really bad. i've never seen anything like that. >> it's dangerous. >> it's very dangerous. you know when the doors close and you're right there, you say,
7:52 am
don't let you through. >> i wonder if he faces any charges. that would have been even later. the summer olympics are putting an ancient healing art back in the public eye. ahead, how athletes are hoping the spots you see there, right on the back, are going to help them leave their mark on the game. you're watching "cbs this
7:53 am
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good morning to our viewers in the west. it is tuesday, august 9, 2016. welcome back to "cbs this morning." there is more real news ahead including donald trump's newest attack on hillary clinton. an tells charlie why he thinks trump is too dangerous to be president. but first, here's today's eye opener at 8:00. >> he read his economic speech and handed over most of his tax policy to house republicans. a rare act of humility -- >> it's an allegation for which there is no proof. the kind of charge which a normal election would turn a race upsidedown. >> he was difference yesterday at the news conference in terms of temperament and demeanor.
8:01 am
times where his speech was interrupted by protesters. not once did he take them on. >> riot eventually stopped after people on the ground eventually screamed at the ride operators. >> check out the line here for people trying to check in and check their bags. >> now, the airline is investigating what happened and the big question why their backup system didn't kick in. american swimmers took home six individual medals including a very big win over russia. we show pictures from the olympics instead of footage, it's because we're not allowed to. in fact, the international olympic committee won't allow us to show the olympic ring. for the rest of our coverage we'll be showing this logo done by our graphics department. made from onion rings. hey, man. that's how we do it. this morning's eye opener at 8:00 is presented by liberty mutual insurance.
8:02 am
king and dana jacobson. new numbers this morning bolster clinton's lead 51% to 41%. >> donald trump is still losing support from other tom republicans. maine senator susan collins writes in "the washington post" this, i am a lifelong republican, but donald trump does not reflect historical republican values. she is the most senior gop senator to say she will not vote for donald trump. >> donald trump may be reaching out to other officials in his party. in a speech yesterday he scrapped a tax plan that he announced last september. he replaced it with a less expensive one, it was drafted by horse republicans. it would use three tax brackets of 12, 25 and 33 percent, during that economic speech in destroit trump also attacked the policies of hillary clinton and president obama. clinton hit back during a campaign swing in florida, but some of their plans did sound a
8:03 am
share. >> i intend to make the wealthy pay their fair share. >> we will eliminate the carried interest deduction. well-known deduction. and other special interest loopholes that have been so good for wall street investors and for people like me. >> he wants to roll back regulations on wall street. i want to tighten them. >> upon taking office, i will issue a temporary moratorium on new agency >> we've got to work together to make sure small businesses have a chance to cut through the red tape, they get the help that they need. >> we will build the next generation of roads, bridges, railways, tunnels, seaports and airports. >> our roads, our bridges, our tunnels, our ports, our airports, our water systems, our sewer systems, they are in
8:04 am
repaired and maintained or built. >> donald trump shifted focus dramatically last night appearing to blame hillary clinton for iran's execution of a nuclear scientist. trump did not provide any evidence. he tweeted, quote, many people are saying that the iranians killed the scientist who helped the u.s. because of hillary clinton's hacked e-mails. iran's government announced sunday that he was executed after spying for the u.s. he was defected to america in iran the next year. a clinton spokesman says trump is lying, tweeting, many people are saying equals i made this up. dozens of national security and foreign policy experts warn that donald trump could be, quote, the most reckless president in american history. the group of 50 republicans signed an open letter yesterday vowing not to vote for trump. they include former directors of the cia and national intelligence, plus two former
8:05 am
in a statement trump called the group, quote, nothing more than the failed washington elite. >> michael morell endorsed hillary clinton in friday's "new york times." the former cbs news contributor called trump, quote, a threat to our national security. i spoke with morell last night on my pbs program. so tell me about why you felt compel compell compelled to change where you public boards, former acting director and deputy director of the cia, a man who'd gain increasing respect for his voice because of the access to media to say i'm going in a different direction? >> two things, i think, brought me to the decision to write the op-ed. one was a growing belief that
8:06 am
don't want to be disrespectful here, that mr. trump would be a threat to our national security as commander in chief. he has said things on the campaign trail that have assisted our adversaries, that have assisted vladimir putin, that have assisted isis. and then the second was, i've known hillary clinton a long time. and i felt that some of the perceptions that are out there about her are just not true. and so putting both of those reasons together, i deced speak out. and one of the things, charlie, that struck me as i was going through this and i was actually writing the op-ed and talking to people about my views is that there were many people who share my views. there are many people who share what i wrote in that op-ed, but they're afraid to speak out. they're afraid of being attacked. they're afraid of the republican party not being with them down
8:07 am
i felt afraid of not speaking out. i felt afraid of the consequences of not speaking out. and i think that serious republicans of which there are many need to think about the consequences of not speaking out. >> morell also criticized trump's relationship with russia's president. >> here's what i would like to see him do. i would like to see him stand up tomorrow military incursion into ukraine. i would like to see him denounce putin's annexation of crimea. i'd like to see him denounce putin's assistance to the rebels in eastern ukraine that resulted in the shootdown of the malaysian airliner. i'd like to see him renounce what putin is doing in syria supporting a butcher and dictator. i'd like to see him just stand up and denounce putin. and i'll tell you that at the end of the day putin would have
8:08 am
>> you said he's an agent of the russian federation. >> unwitting agent of the federation recruited by putin. that's why he's taken the positions he's taken. >> morell also talked about what he personally would like to see done in syria, what he would like to see done in syria to end the civil war there. >> when we were in iraq, the iranians were giving weapons to the shia militia who were >> right. >> iranians were making us pay a price. we need to make the iranians pay a price in syria. we need to make the russians pay a price. here's what i want to do. i want to go after those things that assad sees as his personal power base. i want to scare assad. i want to destroy his presidential aircraft on the ground. i want to destroy his presidential helicopters. i want to make him think we're
8:09 am
him, i'm not advocating that. i'm advocating going after what he thinks is his power base, right, and what he needs to survive. i want him to think about this is not going to end well for me. >> what he's saying is he would like to see this done on the ground by our allies of people who are in opposition to the assad government. that they ought to be doing more to make the russians fear, the iranians fear and >> i remember after reading michael morell's book he certainly has credentials to backup all the things he says, but he's really stepping out and speaking up. >> shows you how someone who's been involved with the cia the minds think. a sense of how he sees the world. and as he said there are many others like him. >> wonder how much that resonates with people out there when they hear from him. >> i think so too. team usa begins day four of the rio games after winning several more medals. go usa.
8:10 am
countries with 19 overall medals. we should say that again. lead all countries with 19 overall medals including five golds. china has 13 medals. japan and russia have 10. ben tracy is live with a roundup of some of yesterday's big, big victories. good morning to you again. >> reporter: good morning, gayle. you can't get rid of me this morning. before we get to the utter dominance in the pool here in rio, let's talk about what happened on the sand last night, or more accuraty morning because these volleyball matches have been taking place around midnight. and that's when we saw the u.s. team take action. we saw kerir remaining undefeated in her career. in all four olympics she's only dropped one set. in swimming the u.s. took home six individual medals. one went to 19-year-old lily king in the 100 meter breaststroke beating her russian
8:11 am
overturned just days before she was allowed to get in the pool. michael phelps came in second in the 200 meter butterfly semifinals. tonight he'll go for his 24th medal in that same event in the finals. it's being called the rematch in rio trying to redeem himself from the london olympics. american divers won silver in synchronized diving. johnson burst into tears when he saw the scoreboard and saw they had the medal. today of course it is back to womens gymnastics. the fierce five is looking to repeat as olympic champions. team usa heavily favored to win that event because they just crushed the competition in the qualifying round. so it should be another good night watching the olympics and seeing some americans take home a lot more hardware, gayle. >> another good night. another late night. thank you very much, ben tracy. 15 years after 9/11, are we any safer?
8:12 am
this morning's eye opener atical this morning's eye opener at 8:00 is sponsored by liberty mutual insurance.
8:13 am
olympic swimming star michael phelps is sporting more than a gold medal. >> those are cup marks. got cupped yesterday. probably going to get cupped today. >> what is cupping? we're going to show you what it is, how it works and the questions surrounding its health benefits. every day my challenge is to be in sync with my body, with myself, with my life. it all starts with a healthy routine. that's why i'm taking the activia two week probiotic challenge by enjoying activia yogurt with billions of probiotics every day. because when my routine is in sync, i can face any challenge.
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book your low fare now at low fares. nothing to hide. that's transfarency. (clap, clap, ding) ? in our "morning rounds" an ancient healing is leaving its mark on the rio phelps with team usa, the upper body, you saw it was covered with bruises from cupping. it spiked more than 3,000% after phelps appeared at the swim meet. fellow team members like vollmer tried cupping. >> i think it worked great. not a lot of us have quite as many cup marks.
8:18 am
>> i first saw it years ago with gwyneth paltrow and jennifer aniston. i thought what a bad case of chickenpox but it looks like it works. but what is it? >> cupping is a technique that's been around for thousands of years. it's documented in egypt. ancient egypt and greece and other civilization. it's now being used around the world. we're seeing it more in our western culture. basically it's taking cups that action like suction cups. body, usually the back or stomach. it takes five to 20 minutes. either using heat or a pump. you create a suction and that pulls up the capillaries, the small blood vessels which dilate and even break and that's what causes the bruises that we see. the goal is to alleviate pain and treat a lot of other disorders. and in addition in chinese
8:19 am
balance in your chi. your life force. >> but does it work, help you to perform betsy. >> okay, well we don't have a lot of high-quality scientific evidence to prove it at all. in many cases it could be a placebo effect. first of all, you're creating localized inflammation. that can be the immune system. you're also that could release pain or endorphins. and release toxins and help cell repair and emphatic flow. >> any other way to do this? >> well, if you like like a sensation on your skin.
8:20 am
>> it's considered safe. >> they're unsightly. >> it's mostly safe. although there are cases, of course, of skin blistering, infections. >> how long does that last and how often should you do it? >> about five to seven days. it's recommended yit not every day. >> thank you. >> and it's legal. ahead, a dolphin flips over one of the most popular gadgets on the market. that is coming up next on "cbs this morning." >> announcer: cbs morning rounds sponsored by the makers of nondrowsy claritin.
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8:24 am
? a dolphin at sea world, check it out, making a snatch and grab. that's an ipad. you can see it floating in the water there. i guess the dolphin wanted the woman to be more in the moment. the dolphin even seems to celebrate splashing around for the fans. it was so deliberate, too. >> yeah. >> in real life, stop videotaping me.
8:25 am
good morning- it's 8:25, i'm yetta gibson. the valley is bracing for a lot of rain tonight... as remnants from tropical storm javier move across the state. but you have some time to get prepared before the storms hit. the city of tempe posted this picture to facebook... reminding people they can get free sand bags throughout the monsoon hours a day at tempe field services on rio salado... and the benedict sports complex on guadalupe.phoenix and scottsdale are also giving them away.
8:26 am
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? welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour, u.s. has spent an estimated trillion dollars on anti-terror agencies since 9/11. joining us steven brill for the first time on the set, shows us how billions of taxpayer money has been wasted, he says. his new article in "the atlantic" shows why it may be time to rethink the terror fight. and a chef powerhouse see how a new recipe is winning over meat lovers.
8:31 am
you the headlines from around the globe. . said donald trump's daughter ivanka is being criticized by her clothing company. a diner in charge of ivanka's fashion line said the company only offers unpaid maternity leave. other workers made the same claim. ivanka trump declined to comment for the story. bloomberg said apple is planning to unveil a early as next month. sources tell bloomburg will will not be a headphone jack, it will have an updated home button that vibrates instead of clicks. and there will be a dual camera system on the larger iphone.
8:32 am
pokemon go new record gains. the previous seller was a game clash royale. fans of pokemon go usually play for about 26 minutes a day. "time" magazine said swimmer michael phelps has become an internet sensation, he was caught on camera in an intense stare as he geared up for the 200 meter tt he was shadow boxing and dancing in front of him. his stare has become a social media look. britain's guardian reports on the beaches. officials are cracking down on vacationers who stake out with towels and gears out on umbrellas. those who leave gear out overnight can be fined $200.
8:33 am
i plead guilty on that. and "the new york times" said the way to ease pedestrian traffic on the brooklyn britain. they've turned to times square in the sky. more than 13,000 pedestrians and cycles cross it on a typical day. building the old one is now being considered. we're approaching the 15th anniversary of the september 11th there has not been another one like that but the fear remaining. a poll taken in orlando found that two-thirds of americans feel a terror attack is very or somewhat likely in the next few months. author steven brill with an estimated trillion-dollar built since 9/11 in a magazine of the atlantic entitled are we any safer.
8:34 am
good morning. >> good morning. well, we're not safer, we've done a lot of things to make us safer. there are tens of thousands of men and women who make up every morning in the last 15 years doing yeoman's work to try to keep us safer. but the kinds of threats that we faced on 9/11 have expanded and have multiplied. in part because we went into iraq and -- you know -- >> let's talk about the threat and what we can do safer. >> well, the kind of orchestrated threat that i write about the bio terror threat. the threat of a dirty bomb where someone can go into a hospital and fuel some radiological material very easily and mix it with a stand explosive, and create a bomb that causes radiation contamination that will scare people. and scare the country so much
8:35 am
evacuate, a large portion of lower manhattan or something or something like that. that's the kind of orchestrated threat. lone wolf who can go into a gun store, uniquely, in this country, and buy an assault rival and then shoot up a shopping mall or theater. and if he yells out an impression, in arabic, we that's a terror attack. and it scares us much more than than what has sadly become the attack that happens in this country with assault weapons. >> that's what will be borne out that more people will be killed by assault weapons than they will by terrorism? >> but terrorism is about fear. >> right. >> and that's what makes it such a force in this country. and such a force to contend
8:36 am
>> steven, this is extraordinary. number one, it's 20,000 words, you did a lot of work on this piece. but what's pass mafascinating t me is how you compared september 10th 2001 and after that. you said john ashcroft had -- >> the attorney general had rejected a request from the fbi to increase their antiterror branches. and the fbi officials testified in congress that day, that the biggest terrorism threat in the united states was from animal life activists. >> that's peta? >> right. >> and on september 11th, you'll remember, the president was reading to school children in an elementary children in florida. and ashcroft was on his way reading to school children in milwaukee. so that was a different time. this is now 15 years of what i call the september 12th era.
8:37 am
but we really have to take our hats off to the people who wake up every day. the department of homeland security. and the tsa who, you know, we love to ridicule and make fun of who have been obsessed with keeping us safe. and the only time we notice them is if there's an attack or if they do something >> you're very about jeh johnson? >> yeah, i think he did a good job. the bush administration and obama administration did a good job, from that day, september 10th when we were all asleep. >> you've all written this idea of never again which makes people feel safe is not realistic? >> right. it's a promise that donald trump is making. it's a promise that president
8:38 am
and the day avenufter, i can sey the president would want to reassure the country of that but it's totally unrealistic. but the idea that somebody can say i'm running for president and i'm going to declare war on islam. and the day i take office all of this is going to stop, it's just ridiculous. it's exactly what a terrorist want us to say. >> made and they've been thwarted. >> yes. >> and the second question comes up in terms of the future. what is it that we need to do, or not do? >> we need to deal with bio terrorist threats. dirty bomb threats. >> how do we get to it is my question? >> to deal with a dirty bomb is actually easy. it doesn't cost anything. what that entails the president of the united states getting on
8:39 am
bomb is scarier than it is. >> you're saying the reaction? >> yeah, the reaction. the other thing we have to do, is we have to accept the fact that never again is a fallacy. we seem to be okay with accepting the fact that people can be mentally ill do these things but we don't accept it for terrorists. >> in a about an october surprise? >> right. i think that is a real possibility in part because, i don't want to engage on the price of politics, but it doesn't take a genius to figure out that the terrorists would love to have someone like a donald trump be the president of the united states because he is willing to declare war on all muslims. and that's the way they have
8:40 am
that bait. and president obama refused to take that bait. he campaigns on that. >> an article that's very frightening, i think there are a lot of lessons to be learned there. you say we've spent billions of dollars and it's always money well spent. >> we're on a beanbag, we kind of got that as business as usual. >> very usual, steven brill. thank you. we're going to take a turn to a lighter green room if you will because this may attest like meat, may
8:41 am
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? veggie burgers arein comeback after decades in the shadows. they were once considered to be a sad alternative to their cow-based counterpart. the veggie burger has been reimagined by award winning chefs and silicon valley. vanita nair. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, we're here at the vegan restaurant where veggie burgers are so popular they've created one for
8:45 am
sausage. in the past few years they've been reinvented. everyday, customers jam-pack here in new york and every day they leave saying the same thing. >> really good burger. >> it's kind of crispy and soft inside. >> reporter: the patty is handmade and the toppings can be customized but this burger h no meat in it. the owner and chef. do you see it in the customers, a sort of fearfulness of what they might be eating? >> that happens sometimes. a lot of our favorite regulars came here almost as a gag. >> reporter: no. >> all right. let's try this. we've been able to win them over. >> reporter: the burger made with chickpeas, qu
8:46 am
served on a bun. i think you're guacamole. the editor for "the new york times" cooking said heavenly helped paved way for other veggie burgers. >> veggie burger had a rough history in the united states, right. we think of as a patty filled with saw dust and dirt. well, that's changed. >> there a difference in how the purveyors it? >> yeah, a burger should not be about making a burger out of hamburger. it's about making a burger. >> reporter: last year burger joint white castle tested out a veggie slider. customers liked it so much, they put it on a permit ewe in every city.
8:47 am
>> reporter: but what if there's a veggie burger that looked and tasted like red meat. that was the idea behind the flavor burger. dr. pat brown a former researcher at stanford university is the ceo of impossible foods. how many years of thought does this burger represent? >> well, let's see. we've been around for five years. we have about 80 scientists and engineers, all of whom have been thinking about this. so, i guess person years of thought. >> reporter: investors such as google ventures and bill gaelts have shelled out $182 million for plant-based meet alternative. >> there's millions of people around the world for whom meat is an essential part of the pleasure of life. but making it the way we're making it today takes an enormous to on natural resources and the environment. we can find a better way to make
8:48 am
nutrition without all the environmental damage. >> it definitely has the right texture. it definitely has the right flavor. i wouldn't know it's fake meat. >> reporter: so far the impossible burger is only on the menu in new york. working to develop it for nationwide distribution. he thinks the other goals are less possible. do you think the veggie burger ever stands to replace the traditional burger? traditional burger anytime soon. the veggie burger has moved from something that is essentially tasteless to something that is awesome. >> reporter: impossible foods tells us they are already working on other alternatives for the chicken and the egg. before they can get it into grocery stores, they want to get it into more restaurants like this. as for the one new york city restaurant that already sells us, they tell us every day it's on the menu, it's sold out.
8:49 am
heard you have samples in the green room. >> that sounds very good as you make us hungry. before i saw that piece i had no desire anything that goes from tasteless to awesome and doesn't cost like dirt, i'm going to try it. >> thank you. police officers face many tough challenges but what about a stuck deer? how one officer's determination saved the day.
8:50 am
8:51 am
oh, here comes nancy. wow, she's sure making a splash in that designer dress! and with a thicker, more fabulous formula, she's not splashing. you can wear anything and pour bleach. and her whiter whites, just dazzling. clorox splash-less bleach.
8:52 am
? sure are stuck, aren't you? >> this deer got stuck in a fence but a michigan police officer came to its rescue, as you can see on the body camera. gave it a strong push. and the animal took off. >> oh. >> all in a day's work.
8:53 am
how kind. >> that does it for us.
8:54 am
good morning- it's 8:54, i'm yetta gibson. students and staff at the university of arizona are mourning... after a football player passes away in his sleep. the school says offensive lineman 'zach hemmila' passed away sunday night.he was found dead by his cousin yesterday morning.head football coach 'rich rodriguez' informed the team of his death after practice.prior to going to u-of-a hemmila played football at chandler high school... for four autopsy will be performed today.hemmila was only 22 years old. this morning we've learned the valley mother accused of killing her 22-month-old... has been investigated before. the department of child safety revealed... they looked into
8:55 am
g"natalie russell" police say she left liquid methodone... within reach of her kids.and little adalynn was found next to the empty bottle... not breathing.instead of calling for help... investigators say... she used meth to counter the effect of the methodone. delta airlines is still feeling the effects...after a computer outage cause a ground stop across the world.the world's second largest airline says the problha overwhelming demand... it plans cancel up to ?250? flights today and delay 200 more.yesterday the outage grounded delta flights for at least six hours.hundreds of thousands of passengers were stranded.the airline is offering refunds to passengers on canceled or "significantly delayed" flights.the airline likely won't be able to run on a normal schedule until tomorrow. the valley is bracing for a lot of rain tonight... as
8:56 am
but you have some time to get prepared before the storms hit. the city of tempe posted this picture to facebook... reminding people they can get free sand bags throughout the monsoon.they are available 24 hours a day at tempe field services on rio salado... and the benedict sports complex on guadalupe.phoenix and scottsdale are also giving them away. 3 3 3
8:57 am
thank you for choosing cbs 5, we'll see you back here at
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