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tv   CBS 5 News at 530  CBS  August 9, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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this is really just the appetizer when it comes to storms. >> you are right. we're seeing the threat of storms through the overnight hours again tomorrow. after all that rainfall around lunchtime, pretty calm. a lot of the activi moving to the north. just outside into the west of prescott. a good line of showers and thunderstorms stretching up north into williams, flagstaff seeing light rain. and even down toward snowflake a few passing storms. and strong winds. we had at all. blowing dust, winds and rainfall. the rainfall total is impressive. this is what's left of tropical storm javier. low pressure on the western edge of the baja peninsula. you can see the cloud cover. it will push that moisture into our area and bring us
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temperatures. rain now 92. when will the rain come to an end? that coming up. part of the east valley got hit hard from today's storms. specifically we're talking about apache junction. >> donna? i there are a lot of washes. this is one of many in this one happens to empty out into a street. the rain came down so hard in such a short period of time that the wash couldn't handle it and many overflowed. even where they are large and did not overflow low-lying roadways flooded leaving people to wonder whether or not to take their chances. some people chose to cross, others turned around. click safety workers were swamped putting up barricades and closing roads that were not passable. the fire department said that they did not have any water
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be moved. the street i am on became a river. threatening homes, but stopping short of flooding the interiors of most of these properties. unfortunately the people who live on the street tell me this happens every time a huge monsoon hits. the public works director for the apache junction city talk to me and said they have made some improvements on this street and are continuing to look at what they can do to help. live from apachnc you still have time to prepare for the next round of storms. the city of tempe posted this picture to facebook reminding people that you can get free sandbags throughout the monsoon season. they are available 24 hours a day at the benedict sports complex. phoenix and scottsdale are also giving them away. tonight we are seeing your pictures and it's appreciated.
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this is from meeting in tempe. it shows a dust storm just before noon. and check out this video which shows one of the 1st responders getting into the car that is stuck in the water. getting out of the flooded street. that was in apache junction. it's not just the valley getting slammed. check out to some. this video is from our cbs affiliate. look at at pushing a car from the flooded roadway. and take a look at this. this was posted to instagram showing a flooded neighborhood into some. with the trashcan. it's floating by. and you can track of the storms as they continue to head our way throughout the night and into tomorrow morning any time, anywhere on your phone. download the free mobile app. enough is enough.
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of on heavy homeowners in east valley. they want to know why the power keeps going out at all hours of the day and night. cbs 5 jason spend the day investigating trying to get answers as to what is causing ongoing issue. jason? i losing power at your home during a storm can be a major inconvenience. the how would you feel if they kept going on and off over again while there wasn't a cloud in the sky. >> there is nothing we can do. we have no electricity, i can't cook. back she wouldn't wish this on her worst neighbor. the only problem is neighbors going through the same thing. >> the frustration level is through the roof. >> we are mad and upset and getting answers. >> reporter: for the 4th time in the past month, it was another power outage in this neighborhood. it had nothing to do with the weather. this one started around 5:30
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sweat it out again. she tells us the last 2 power outages lasted more than 10 hours leaving her no choice but to check the family into a motel. >> there's no way we can live like this. to go 30 hours with no acy, no lights, no anything? losing perishables in the fridge? for what? >> it something we are working on. >> reporter: we reached out to get some answers. she said the power problems in this neighborhood are directly related to an underground cable that has gone bad. we're told they are working to fix the issue as soon as possible. >> we're doing everything can to mitigate any outages. terms of how we are doing the construction, we're getting power from other sources, the last thing we want is for them to be frustrated and without power. >> reporter: srp is telling us they hope to have it resolved in 3 weeks. they're planning to put in a
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possible. i'm told homeowners can call the customer service line here at srp to discuss possible reimbursement for things like motel stays and perishable foods. reporting in phoenix, jason. new data may indicate a major cultural shift when it comes to marijuana. number of adults who smoke weed has nearly doubled in 3 years. this according to a new gallup poll. 43 percent of adult the report says the increase may be because more states are willing to legalize it. arizona is one of 5 states with mayors at -- marijuana legalization on the ballot for november. if you own a home you pay real estate taxes. but some of the valley are paying more than they should. >> the reason why and how homeowners can fix the problem. dave? >> the reason why is your home is misclassified with the
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property which comes with higher property taxes. this is a problem homeowners can avoid but they need to know where to look. while applying for a home equity loan she discovered her primary residence for 7 years was misclassified as a rental property with the county assessor. her title company provided proof that they had reported the correct use to the county. >> i should not be held accountable for mistake the county made. back rental properties oh more garcia says the county acknowledged the error. it agreed to refund the overpayment for the past 3 years. >> my next question was, we've been living in this house since 2009, what about the other years? they said they cannot go back that far. >> reporter: the county is not required to reimburse beyond 3 years even if it is their mistake because homeowners are expected to spot the error before them. you can easily learn if your primary home is classified
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website. if you see a 4 -- >> they will direct you are to submit the forms. >> garcia filled out the form and she was corrected. but she is still out for years of overpayments. >> yes we should have caught it but we were first-time homeowners. very young and we didn't know any better until now. >> reporter: that mistake held up the helmick -- home-equity line and as soon as it was corrected approved. there are a lot of reasons why your home might be misclassified. maybe owning multiple properties, check your home on the assessor's website. you could be paying more than you should. you can find that information on the property notice evaluation card that the county mailed to homeowners every year. >> thank you dave. no more paying for entertainment on your next
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in-flight entertainment is free on all american airlines domestic flights. >> passengers can watch seatback screens or on your phone through the airlines app. say the change is an investment into customers. lyft is making it easier to drop off a friend or pickup line. it is now offering the ability to add a 2nd destination when using the app. before you had to make arrangements with the driver. at&t is delivering cell phones, it's teaming up with to bring you the phone and help set it up.
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phoenix is not one of them. superman flies solo. warner bros. has put a sequel to 2013 man of steel into development. that movie made $660 million worldwide. it also launched the cinematic universe. fans of insync, they are dreaming of a possible reunion. justin timberlake posted this photo on instagram. they got back together over the weekend for a party. the battle rages on between the county and the arizona diamondbacks.
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former nfl quarterback tim tebow is trying to dig new. he wants to play professional baseball. he is been training here in arizona and la. he plans to work out for major league teams later this month. he was an all-state player in florida in high school, but he turns 29 on sunday and hasn't
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perspective on that. the?, can tim tebow make it in baseball? >> michael jordan tried to play , but some video surfacing today makes you think this is worth a shot. here's some video of tim tebow hitting in the cage. is almost the 500 hitter in high school. in high school that does not back up to professional but he has be valley. let's see if he can hit a curveball. back here live, let's talk cardinal football. carson palmer meeting the immediate for the 1st time since signing the contract extension that will keep him in a cardinal uniform. he is 36 years old. he will be 39 by the time his them with the contract. reports that his contract was restructured to free up some
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and last week, it extended the cardinals super bowl window.'s back and play my whole career to be in a situation like this and playford owner and gm like this. you throwing having the chance to play for bruce and be one of his quarterbacks, that is why i'm so happy to finish my career here and no -- and no this is where it ends. >> a lot to be excited about. not really the case in temp the talented junior running back on crutches today at practice, that wasn't even the biggest story. a while day. 3rd string quarterback bryce perkins, we heard this morning he might be transferring. they were reports of that last night. today a son double source saying he has a neck injury. he will stay with the program but could miss the entire season.
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at asu but might not play this season. the story with the cardinals, they are ready to play someone else. they will open up the preseason against the oakland raiders. >> a lot of cardinal fans are very happy. coming up it's 6:30 he is not running for office. valley teenager wants to make a
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we had it all today. some gusts, rain showers especially in the far east valley. still some activity for a lot of viewers. on the outside of prescott moving in the williams area, flagstaff seeing rainfall. along the rim, snowflake, show low getting thunderstorm activity. out toward the white mountains, of toward clifton seeing a few passing storms. the threat of storms will be with us through the overnight hours and again throughout the day tomorrow. the flash flood watch in effect until tomorrow evening. keep the umbrella handy. there's a slight chance of storms on thursday.
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junction. gold canyon about 7/10 of an inch. .5 inch, rainfall totals continue to add up at sky harbor. here is the culprit of the moisture. what is left of how the air. the area of low pressure on the west side of the baja peninsula. future cast indicating it's quiet tonight. still a chance of storms north of us around flagstaff and tomorrow we start to see the threat of showers especially selfless in the chancel continue on until the early part of the afternoon. and quiet conditions through the overnight hours on wednesday. here's your flagstaff seven-day forecast. in honor of heidi working the 5:00 p.m. hour. 72 on wednesday. upper 70s on friday. drier conditions, looking good over the weekend.
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conditions dry out. as conditions dry out we will see clear skies and things heat up above average. >> thanks paul. the fight between maricopa county and that arizona diamondbacks, the fight is getting uglier. the county rejected most of the teams requested $65 million in improvements. tonight one county leader is saying he is sorry, dennis wepo >> reporter: negotiations for the repairs have been going on for in the reviews. these documents show those talks oil over into an all-out major- league argument outside the stadium recently. it now has one county leader regretting not what he said but how he said it. >> i love baseball. i don't want baseball to leave. back he recently gave the team a different impression. according to these documents, telling the diamondback
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stupid team get out. take it all and go back to blank west virginia. >> probably chose are used words that i wouldn't be proud of her wouldn't use in front of my own kids. >> west virginia is a reference to the owner's home state. he is not seeking reelection. >> the hometown ownership, i guess is what i wish we had. i don't feel there is a true commitment >> reporter: it underscores the volatile relationship between the county and team. the diamondbacks 1 $69 million in upgrades to the stadium and have threatened to leave. and following the blowup, paul wrote quote, will assume there is no interest on behalf of either of the city of phoenix or maricopa county in furthering the past partnership between the diamondbacks. >> i don't know what the
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the economic benefit of having major-league sports franchise, people can do a lot of things with the numbers. >> reporter: i did speak with the diamondbacks attorneys and they would not comment saying they would rather let the record speaks for itself. in phoenix, cbs 5 news. here's a look at tonight's top stories. monsoons soaked several cities. one of the hardest hit was apache junction. streets turned into rivers. residents were nervous as the water crept toward their homes. people who live there say this mess is no surprise because it happens every year. >> you still have time to be prepared for the next one. the city of tempe is giving out free sandbags throughout the monsoon season. they are available at tempe field services and at the benedict sports couplets. phoenix and scottsdale are also giving them away. new details in the
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has now died. the man has not been identified but he was one of the men who went into rescue veterinarian could fallen 20 feet underground into a storage container. be sure to connect with us on facebook, shares -- share your story with us. heidi is going to take off. you'll be back at 4:30 a.m. >> i need a little sleep between now and then. >> i don't know how he does it, he is amazing. >> will see you back at 6:30. your online home for free
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? ? ? captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: trump goes off script and, critics say, over the line. >> if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. although, the second amendment people, maybe there is, i don't know. >> pelley: also tonight, more zika cases from florida mosquitoes. >> we want to start a family soon, and this may keep us from doing so. >> pelley: new calls for tighter regulation of amusement parks, after the tragic death of a young boy. and, thousands hike the appalachian trail every year, but not the way stacy kozel is doing it. >> reporter: hang on, hang on. i have never heard that sentence before.


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