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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  August 9, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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? ? ? captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: trump goes off script and, critics say, over the line. >> if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. although, the second amendment people, maybe there is, i don't know. >> pelley: also tonight, more zika cases from florida mosquitoes. >> we want to start a family soon, and this may keep us from doing so. >> pelley: new calls for tighter regulation of amusement parks, after the tragic death of a young boy. and, thousands hike the appalachian trail every year, but not the way stacy kozel is doing it. >> reporter: hang on, hang on. i have never heard that sentence before.
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this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: this is a western edition of our broadcast. the teleprompter was gone today. donald trump spoke off the cuff and took his campaign off the rails, again. this time, it was a remark that some took as a threat of violence against hillary clinton or the supreme court justices she might appoint if elected president. here was trump in north carolina: >> hillary wants to abolish-- essentially abolish the second amendment. by the way, and if she gets to pick-- ( booing ) if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. although, the second amendment people, maybe there is. i don't know. >> pelley, of course, the second amendment establishes the right to bear arms. the clinton campaign said trump was inciting violence. trump's campaign had another
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major? >> reporter: scott, donald trump's first impulse was to put out a statement that blamed the "dishonest media." in it, the trump camp felt no need to explain what trump meant and address accusations that even indirectly, he was calling for violence against hillary clinton. however, scott, trump did address this roiling controversy moments ago in an interview with cbs affiliate wncn, here in north carolina. >> reporter: if yoco >> well, i think you're talking about-- i'm not sure, because i haven't heard this question-- but i think you're talking about the power of people that are in favor of the second amendment. and they have tremendous political power, and i think they really are strong. they're united. >> reporter: even so, comments like this have driven away members of trump's own republican party, among them, maine senator susan collins, who wrote this morning in the "washington post," trump's "lack of self-restraint and his barrage of ill-informed comments
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the national rifle association, which endorsed trump in may, came to his defense, tweeting that trump is right about the supreme court and in a second tweet, urged voters to defeat clinton with the hashtag #neverhillary. now, scott, senior trump strategist jason miller told me in a phone interview that, of course, trump was not referring to violence, only to the political clout wielded by voters who are passionate about the second amendment. rudy giuliani, the former new york city mayor and trump surrogate, amplified that message here itt >> pelley: major, thank you. but, of course, that's not the way the clinton campaign sees it. nancy cordes has that. nancy? >> reporter: scott, the clinton campaign said there is no disputing what trump meant, and campaign manager robby mook issued this statement: clinton's running mate, senator tim kaine, just weighed in a
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>> reporter: massachusetts senator elizabeth warren followed that up with this: interestingly, scott, one thing democrats are not expressing tonight is surprise. they note that this is the same man who encouraged violence against protesters at his rallies, and who joked that he could shoot someone and still not lose votes. >> pelley: nancy cordes reporting. nancy, thank you very much. clinton opened a rally near orlando yesterday by paying tribute to the 49 people who were murdered in june at the pulse nightclub. well, it turns out just a few
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was seddique mateen, the father of the orlando gunman. today, the clinton campaign said mateen was not invited to the event. the event was open to the public. the divisions in the g.o.p. are playing out tonight in the primary election in wisconsin. paul ryan, the nation's highest- ranking elected republican, is being challenged for re-nomination. here's dean reynolds. >> reporter: paul ryan is the speaker of the house and the former g.o.p. nominee for vice president. he's been elected nine times to congress and has impeccable conservative credentials. and yet, donald trump did not endorse ryan in today's republican primary until just four days ago. >> i support and endorse our speaker of the house, paul ryan. ( cheers ) >> reporter: just as trump was slow to come around to ryan, ryan was slow to come around to trump.
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appeared trump's sympathies were with ryan's long-shot primary challenger, businessman paul nehlen. >> i build things, create jobs. >> reporter: last week, when trump thanked nehlen on twitter for "your kind words, very much appreciated," nehlen went from nobody to somebody. >> mr. trump and i are absolutely crisply aligned on being against bad trade deals that paul ryan supports. >> reporter: the race here is symbolic of the larger split in the g.o.p. over trump, whose base of support sees ryan as the establishment they oppose. at the eastern end of ryan's district in kenosha, glen woods is a constituent, but no fan. >> paul might as well get a hillary t-shirt when he gives his next speech. >> reporter: to the west in janesville, ryan's home town, cafe owner angela collas says the primary here has been hot. >> it seems kind of crazy, chaotic, out of hand. >> reporter: as for paul nehlen, he says just giving ryan a run
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house? >> i've already won. i really have already won. >> reporter: but when it comes time to count the actual votes here tonight, scott, most of the people we spoke to in this district believed that paul ryan will have nothing to worry about. >> pelley: dean reynolds for us tonight. dean, thank you. well, today in miami, hillary clinton called on congress to return from its vacation to pass emergency funds to fight zika virus. more people have been infected with the virus linked to birth defects, and that brings the number infected by mosquitoes in the state to 21. david begnaud is in miami. >> reporter: the four new cases are thought to have originated in the same wynwood section of miami. before the announcement, the mayor of miami-dade county, carlos gimenez, suggested zika is under control here. >> with the fact that we've
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there by about 96%, and the fact we have not had one mosquito that we've caught has actually been active with the zika virus. so hopefully this was very, very contained. >> reporter: experts insist that finding an infected mosquito is like looking for a needle in a haystack. every day, crews in the wynwood neighborhood are clearing drains, spraying insecticide and throwing mosquito dunks, which can kill larvae for up to 30 days. >> does the media need to have a 24-hour outpost on our main street? >> reporter: the national attention and a c.d.c. travel advisory recommending pregnant women avoid the area, is starting to backfire on business owners. >> we did 10% of revenue on saturday, compared to a usual saturday. when you consider saturday is 50% of our weekly revenue, that is the impact it is having on us. >> reporter: 35-year-old erica musser and her husband, darrell, are rethinking pregnancy because of the zika threat. musser is a clinical child psychologist, who lives nearly six miles from the zika zone. >> we're sort of running out of
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there have been a lot of discussions around the dinner table about whether to keep trying at this point. this isn't me crunching numbers for my data. this is-- this is our lives and this is our family. >> reporter: here in wynwood, officials say insecticide spraying is working to reduce the population of the mosquito that carries the zika virus. where they used to find about 25 in mosquito traps, they're now finding just one. scott, there's going to be more aerial spraying here in wynwood tomorrow morning and again this weekend. >> pelley: david begnaud, thanks. so far, only florida is reporting local transmission of zika, but today, texas confirmed the first death of a newborn from the virus. the mother was infected in el salvador. a chemical called deet is an effective mosquito repellent, but is it safe? here's dr. jon lapook. >> reporter: 31-year-old ali simon is 36 weeks pregnant and lives in new jersey.
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mosquitoes in the u.s., but like many pregnant women we've spoken to, wonders if it's safe to use insect repellent. >> i don't feel like it's necessary for me to douse myself in chemicals until i know that i need to. >> reporter: but the c.d.c. has said there are insect repellent safe to use for pregnant women, and refers them to a list provided by the e.p.a. dana vogel heads the e.p.a. division that examines the health effects of pesticides. >> all of them have been evaluated for their safety. what we found for deet is th is no sensitivity, extra sensitivity for pregnant women or children from their exposure to deet. >> reporter: because of ethical consideration, most research has been done on animals. however, one study looked at pregnant women during the second and third trimester, and found using 20% deet daily was safe for both mother and baby. >> no product is put on the market unless a safety evaluation is done and it's found to be safe. >> reporter: she understands some women's fears around using repellents, but is confident in
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point in time, i would use a repellent. i know that they're definitely safe for use, as i participated in the reviews of them. >> pelley: so, john, dana vogel says it's safe, but how do you know which one to use? >> reporter: scott, she told me it's all about matching the product to your specific needs. now, deet-based products come in concentrations that range from 5% to 100%. a higher number doesn't mean a product will work better. it means it will last longer. according to an industry trade group, 5% deet lasts aboutn hour, while 30% deet lasts up to eight hours. there's an interactive e.p.a. website that can help you sort out your choices. you plug in things like how long you want protection and whether it's from mosquitoes, ticks, or both, and it gives you a list of products to choose from. but remember, scott, it's important to remember that whatever repellent you use, you've got to read the label carefully and follow those directions very, very carefully. >> pelley: dr. jon lapook, thanks. well, delta airlines' computers
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passengers stood on line today at the airport. delta canceled more than 600 flights today after 1,000 yesterday, when its computer system crashed. more than 1,000 people were stranded last night at tokyo's narita airport. the skies over phoenix turned ominous today when a huge cloud of dust blew in. time-lapse video shows a smothering thick, red cloud. drivers were being warned to pull over. be rescued when streets were flooded by torrential rain. the storms were fed by remnants of tropical storm javier, which hit mexico last night. in southern california, 35,000 students were kept home from school today because of smoke from a fire burning east of los angeles. the so-called pilot fire broke out sunday and has burned about 7,000 acres.
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or... you can get the quicksilver card from capital one. quicksilver earns you unlimited 1.5% cash back on ev-e-ry purchase, ev-e-ry-where. i shouldn't have to ask. what's in your wallet? >> pelley: a waterpark in kansas >> pelley: a waterpark in kansas city, kansas, will reopen tomorrow, but the giant water slide won't. on sunday, 10-year-old caleb schwab was killed on the slide. omar villafranca has been looking into the regulation of amusement parks. ( screaming ) >> reporter: the 17-story verruckt water slide sends thrill seekers down the chute on a raft at more than 60 miles per hour. but a few park visitors are now raising questions about the ride's velcro safety harnesses. paul oberhauser went on the
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>> as soon as i hit the bottom of the first curve, the shoulder strap just kind of busted loose. >> reporter: oberhauser secured himself by grabbing on the raft's handles. at the end of the ride he alerted the park staff. >> so it sounded like they were going to do something about it. >> reporter: with no federal inspection laws in place for waterparks, and inspection requirements varying by state, nancy cowles of the child safety group kids in danger, says this accident highlights the need for stricter national standards. >>nk amusement parks, they are assuming that somebody has made sure the rides are safe. >> reporter: the industry group that represents amusement and waterparks says their facilities are safe. of the estimated 335 million people who visit theme parks in the u.s. every year, roughly 1,150 people were injured on rides in 2014. doug conlan inspected several schlitterbahn waterpark for an insurance company. he retired before the verruckt water slide was built, but
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serious about safety. >> safety-wise, i would rate them as being very proactive. they're very strong on emphasizing safety, guest safety and employee safety. >> reporter: in kansas, inspections are done by a third party. scott, state officials are now asking to see schlitterbahn's inspection records. >> pelley: omar villafranca, thanks. up next, olympic athletes sound
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>> pelley: no one is more disgusted by an athlete who cheats than an athlete who's clean. ben tracy is in rio. >> you might have heard the boos that cascaded here. >> reporter: she's the pariah in the pool. russian yulia efimova, twice suspended for doping, was allowed to swim in rio after winning an appeal just days before the games began.
6:21 pm
19-year-old american lilly king took the gold, she left her rival standing in her shadow. the two have waved fingers at each other and king publicly said: a sign in king's home town of evansville, indiana, was a bit more direct. king surprised many by saying u.s. track stars justin gatlin and tyson gay, both previously suspended for doping, should also not compete in rio. sports writer philip hersh covered 17 olympic games. are you surprised by how vocal the athletes have become now, in calling out their competitors or even their teammates? >> all those people ragging on yulia efimova better be sure that their houses are made out of more solid material than glass because, you know, what i can accuse you of, you can accuse me of. >> reporter: russia submitted 389 athletes for the rio olympics, but only 271 were approved, after known dopers were banned.
6:22 pm
banned russian athletes have quietly been put back on the rio roster after winning appeals. michael phelps says more athletes should speak out about doping. swimmers from france and australia are now calling out competitors as drug cheats. u.s. swimmer cody miller: >> there will probably be people who miss the podium to people who don't deserve to be on the podium. and that is wrong. >> reporter: the president of the international olympic committee says he supports the idea of a lifetime ban for athletes that dope, but scott, we should mention that the i.o.c. had the power to ban the entire russian team because of that country's state-sponsored doping program, and chose not to. >> pelley: ben tracy at the games. ben, thanks very much. now, fair warning, we're about to report an olympic result because it's news. it's not our fault that the tv coverage is delayed. here it is:
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made on behalf of those living with chronic pain and struggling with oic. >> pelley: we end tonight on the appalachian trail, 2,200 miles from georgia to maine. the woman you're about to meet began hiking in march, and she's t no small achievement. here's jim axelrod. >> reporter: stacey kozel is different than anyone else you'll find hiking the appalachian trail, and if you can't tell just by looking at her, well, that's the whole point. >> so, i waited until i was paralyzed to actually hike the trail. >> reporter: hang on, hang on. i've never heard that sentence before. >> i know. >> reporter: that's right.
6:27 pm
is paralyzed. lupus, an autoimmune disease, attacked her spinal cord three years ago and left her unable to move her legs. can you feel anything while you're walking? >> no. i don't feel anything in my legs. >> reporter: her legs don't work, but her hips do. she swings them out and back, which is when these cutting edge electronic braces take over. >> there are sensors in the bottom of my foot, so when i up a spring in the back and tells this microprocessor that i need full tension at my knees so they don't collapse. >> reporter: stacey has to come off the trail every few days to recharge the braces, which are not cheap-- $75,000 each. hiking the trail is a walk in the park, compared to the fight she had with her insurance. how many times did you get denied by your insurance company?
6:28 pm
>> reporter: did you ever come close to throwing in the towel with the insurance company and saying, "fine, you win?" >> no, i'll never give in for that. >> reporter: through all her months of rehab and learning how to walk in the braces, stacey was motivated by inspiring others. >> and i thought if i could do this, you know, the next person might not have as much trouble getting them approved. climbing up the mountain, it's toh, top, there's always these great views that make it all worth it, and i think the possibilities are endless, actually. that's what i always say. >> reporter: stacey kozel can certainly talk the talk, but far more impressive, of course, is watching her walk the walk. jim axelrod, cbs news, on the appalachian trail in new jersey. >> pelley: and that's the "cbs evening news." for all of us at cbs news, all around the world, good night. captioning sponsored by cbs
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media access group at hundreds of valley homes losing power not because of the weather. >> we are mad and upset. >> we find the answer to this problem. playing politics or for fun. it valley teenagers creative signs. >> the heated lett arizona lawmaker apologizing to the diamondbacks. he is not backing down from his strong message. take a look. that is a nice site to see. unless you're stuck in it. strom -- strong storms in the valley. the dust storm crept into the valley.
6:30 pm
this morning. this video was sent in by a viewer in tempe. and flooding in tucson. look at that trashcan floating down the street. the storm hit southern arizona 1st and then moved up here to the valley. we have complete storm coverage from tucson to apache junction to phoenix. let's till -- start with paul. >> a little break right now. a lot of the sac moved to the north of us. at stake it to the valley pinpoint doppler radar. showers north of prescott moving into williams and flagstaff. light rainfall. thunderstorm activity north of show low. and right along the rim of the right river and showers in clifton. here are the rainfall totals. shower activity in the west valley. also moving through phoenix.


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