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tv   CBS 5 News at 10  CBS  August 9, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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a major monsoon storm is on its way. we are live outside tracking the latest on a storm that could have a big impact on your tomorrow. this is a live look as our crews chase the oncoming storm. you have to look. >> accounts. the severe weather is expected tomorrow morning. this is what some people in the valley dealt with today. this is a before that rain, this was the dust, look at this shot of downtown phoenix it's shouted in dust. some active weather today, dust, thunderstorms and strong winds. out west we had a severe thunderstorm warning with this
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buckeye, along the 303 and the west valley. some showers along the rim out towards white river in the eager locations. we have a threat of stronger storms throughout overnight until tomorrow evening. the national weather service issued a flash flood watch until tomorrow night. look at this video, we rolled out the h word, boot category. look at it rolling across the valley. this was up high from an office building. that was just off loop 101 near tempe. flooding is a big concern, cities are offering sandbags to keep water out of your home.
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us.>>reporter: last tuesday this neighborhood actually flooded and it was because all of the heavy rain, the storm drains couldn't keep up. neighbors say this has never happened before. they know more rain could lead to more problems. the morning may have bought rain, the sunshine after the rain brought many to stock up friend who asked me to watch her house. i thought i would get sandbags for her.>>reporter: she was doing the same for her sister lindsay's house flooded last week. >> we are doing sandbags all over the house. >>reporter: four inches of water flooded the back of the house.>> some electronics and most of my grandmother's christmas stuff.
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>>reporter: her sister's office flooded damaging the carpet, computer and all of her books. >> it's sad. what can you do. >>reporter: with another storm in the forecast they feel like they aren't getting a chance to dry out and repair.>> the guy was supposed to come to fix the drywall.>>reporter: did not have flood insurance and will have to pay for repairs all by herself. she did contact your insurance company to see if she could add flood insurance and they said she will have to wait 30 days before they will do that. an area that got hit hard today, apache junction is cleaning up. >> storms moved in with a vengeance around lunchtime. they have national watches --
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overflowed. one street turned into what looked like a river, neighbors were nervous as the wire -- water crept higher. >> it becomes worse, it was in my driveway and on the porch. that's scary.>> we spoke with public works director andy says they've tried to come up with solutions for the flooding issue in admits more needs to be done the cost is astronomical. our neighbors down south and tucson are still recovering after all of this heavy rain and water, they got up to three inches in a very short amount of time. this downtown underpass had nine pete -- nine feet of standing water. crews are still working to clear it out. the tucson department of transportation is preparing for more rain tomorrow and since
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flooding. cbs5 news is committed to bringing you the very latest, we will send you breaking news alerts on your phone. look for complete coverage tomorrow morning on wake up arizona starting at four dirk 30. we are tracking breaking news, the 16-year-old accused of killing his three-year-old brother will be charged as an adult. the county attorney made the decision today, he has moved to the lower buckeye jail. that team faces a second-degree murder charge after deputies say he killed his own brother with special needs on saturday. we are waiting for a mug shot. it's been two weeks since a marine veteran was shot and killed and a west phoenix park and police are still trying to find that killer.>> friends and family returned to the park for a ceremony.>>reporter: dustyn
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instead his friends and family gathered here to say goodbye. they blew bubbles and filled balloons with messages, most gathered were his coworkers at ups. his family says he was in see alito park exercising and playing pokemon go when someone shot him up will times -- multiple that did this knows the significance and gravity of the person that he did this to. >> whoever took smite -- my son's life away. i want justice to be served. >>reporter: his mother says he was here exercising because he wanted to reenlist in the marines. his funeral is monday. if you have information about
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$1000 reward. >> if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do folks. the second amendment people may be there is. >> donald trump is under fire for that comment he made about hillary clinton at a rally in north carolina. there is outrage, many reading this is trump calling for the assassination of clinton i people who own guns should get out and vote. the clinton campaign immediately responded saying, this is simple what trump is saying is dangerous a person seeking to be president should not suggest violence and anyway. valley police need you to look at this sketch of a serial
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$50,000 reward is being offered for any information leading to an arrest. phoenix police may have gotten a break. >> investigators have recovered bullet casings from some crime scenes all connected to the same gunman. there have now been nine shooting since march with seven people killed. the attacks happen into predominantly latino neighborhoods most and mary vail and 10 miles east. detectives say the victims appear to be random at least three driving a late 90's early 2000 black bmw five series sedan police say the suspect could have access to multiple vehicles. let's look at that forecast and show you what's going on, a lot of activity in the west valley. stronger storms popped up around buckeye and showers as you can see pushing into avondale along the 303 towards litchfield park.
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you won't believe the rainfall in the last 24 hours earlier today folks around fountain hills toward the apache junction, over two inches of rain, fountain hills got an inch and a half gold can you 7/10 and then totals continue to add up at sky harbor. the culprit of the moisture is what's left of weakening. it will still bring us the threat of showers in the forecast. here 7 am tomorrow morning, chance of rainfall in the forecast, the morning event and the showers will last until 11:30 am, then we will see often known showers in the afternoon. by 5:00 we will see sun breaks but the threat of storms will continue through thursday with a few spotty showers. temperatures cool tomorrow morning, starting in the lower
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highs well below average only getting up to 97 degrees. here it is your 7-day forecast, 97 wednesday chance of rain and a few clouds may be a few stray showers as well on thursday and things dry out, clear skies and temperatures heat up saturday into sunday with highs at around 107 on saturday. it is busy. stay with us. >> we are talking safety did you know arizona doesn't require oversight for thrill rides. we have the answers for your safety. homeowners banding together to take power back from the hla. we are tracking tonight's storm. >> you can check that radar right now on our phone on our
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kris pickel you are watching cbs5 news at 10 . most homeowners to have a clue. homeowners are taking back their rights. it grassroots effort is underway hoping to create more oversight. >> hoas a buzzword. lindsey reiser words.>>reporter: people love their hoas, it prevents their neighbor from painting the house purple but they hate them when they have to rake the leaves. this new group may spark change. >> we have garbage cans out, tomorrow's garbage day. >>reporter: former investment banker says he likes the rules set by his current homeowners
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different agent way he started this blog and now he started all.>> you are not alone, if you have had an issue. it's common. >> you don't understand how it can ruin your life. >>reporter: this realtors says she bought into a bad hla she and john and two dozen homeowners a turner's -- attorneys and lawmakers meet to discuss landscaping, parking and anything related homeownership. they want more oversight over the boards and community management companies. >> none of us are making money. we are just there to improve laws.>> the playing field favors the hla.>>reporter: she's part of the group and wants to see more regulation like requiring community
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have lobbyists we are just a grassroots organization to do what we can.>>reporter: the group meets next monday at the state capital. lindsey reiser, cbs5 news you may be paying more taxes on your home then you need to. the good news is there is an easy way to find out . kim garcia was applying for a home equity line of credit she discovered the county had a her home was listed as a type for, a rental as opposed to a type iii which is primary residence. rental property pay more in taxes. or title company said proof -- sent proof and the county has agreed to pay them back for three years of overpayment.>> my next question was well we've been here since 2009 what about
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the county is a required to reimburse even if there is a mistake, homeowners are expected to spot the error first. dave has a link to the website where you can type in your address to see how your home is listed. if you have something you want dave to check out, click on the app. the classrooms may befall the staffing teac amanda goodman has the answers.>> we have multiple vacancies. >>reporter: starting the year with the teacher deficit. >> nearly 17 vacancies remain open. we have elementary positions and middle school positions. those would be english and composition. >>reporter: other schools are
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districts need. >> one of the hardest is bus drivers. >> we have 100 support positions available. >>reporter: while the openings? >> sometimes it's certification or background checks that the way the process. >>reporter: there is low compensation and in the case of bus drivers, split shift. the course and classes must go on. >> we have to get creative, meaning we collapsed increased size. >>reporter: many schools administrators and teachers pick up the slack.>> the safety will come first. we are always going to fill the positions in some way, shape or form. >>reporter: the new year staffing challenges aren't likely to go away anytime soon. do you think where you of her beast fully staffed at the start of the year?>> it would be ideal. >>reporter: there is a small
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districts are competing for them. amanda goodman reporting in phoenix. with blazing hot summers water parks are great way to beat the heat. >> did you know arizona is one of nine states that doesn't require oversight. with the recent death in kansas city of that little boy, safety is a big concern. on sunday 10-year-old caleb schwab died after an accident on the tallest waterslide in the world. located in before that slide even opened crews had to modify it to keep riders inside. it didn't prevent this weekend's tragic accident. >> there are no federal standards and it really is up to the park operators and manufacturers and the states to make sure it's a safe environment. >> that waterpark will reopen tomorrow, the slide will remain
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to celebrate. the latest medal count, team usa is on top 26 medals, nine are gold, second is china was 17 medals and eight gold, third is hungry with six medals and four of them are gold. brazil is not breaking in the gold medals, the lack of excitement is leaving a lot of empty seats. >> tourists, low prices. organizers say 80% of the tickets to the games have been sold, women's rugby, cycling races and kayaking, are only drawing a few thousand spectators.
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>> 12 bucks apiece, tickets for swimming and the gymnastics finals are now going for over $300 which is too much for a lot of brazilians.>> greece had to bus people in to fill the stands. when the clouds cleared out, when they do clear out the venues could look like this. it's been 12 years since athens hosted the olympics, most of their venues look like ruins. you can see the fields understands have been taken over by weeds the 2004 games were so costly they were a factor in greece is recent financial troubles. the news is back in the morning and our own sean mclaughlin is pulling double duty. he's here at night and east there in the morning starting at 4:30.>> can you tell by the way i'm reading the news? we are going to start at 4:30 am with traffic, your pinpoint
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started off on the right foot join us tomorrow morning for wake-up arizona. i'm heidi we are tracking tomorrow's traffic, i want to give you a heads up about a restriction we have in place. i-10 is restricted to you will not want to take
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you look at your forecast, the radar shows shower activity in the west valley, quiet conditions this evening there is still that flash flood wash in effect for tomorrow morning that will last through the evening hours. a good chance of rainfall for the morning commute. temperatures drop into the lower 80s will get up to 91 by noon, showers will come to threat and a high of 97 degrees. asu volunteer assistant coach known as one of the world's most decorated olympian's michael phelps winds and he anchored the four by 200 relay he now has more gold medals with 21 than 120 countries. the cardinals have their eyes on a championship of their own thanks to a contract extension
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championship window is wide open. carson palmer locked up it will run through his 20 night -- 30 night or day. coming to arizona is the best decision of his career. >> i've been playing to be in a position like this. i want to be one of quarters -- quarterbacks. i'm happy to finish my career. and know that this is where it ends. >> his left tackle restructured his deal, he won't lose money but still a team player.>> they came to me and it was an easy decision. it's not a whole lot different.
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best contender we can be. >> a wild 48 hours at asu, freshman quarterback set to transfer and took steps to do so. then he suffered a neck injury, reports that could force him to miss the season. i spoke to his dad and he's all right. paul goldschmidt going the other way, his 18th homer on the diamondbacks when it 5-3. tim tebo giving baseball a shot
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let's look at tomorrow's highs and lows. tomorrow morning bruce will be flying around with rainfall. we will start in the lower 80s in the high tomorrow will get up to 97 degrees, ask is what your order is from starbucks.
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>> two minutes, stephen. >> stephen: thanks, mark. ( laughter ) ( popping sound ) ( laughter ) ( popping sound ) ? ? ? >> tonight, stephen welcomes uzo aduba. astrophysicist neil degrasse tyson. and a musical performance by adia victoria.


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