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tv   CBS 5 News at Noon  CBS  August 10, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MST

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two men tried to defend a woman overnight and all three get shot. donald trump insist he was not calling for violence against a clinton but democrats are not buying it. storms make protectors commute in some parts of the
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take you for joining us at noon. we begin with the weather yesterday at this time we were getting battered by bromance subtropical storm javier after some isolated heavy rain this morning we're getting a break now the storms might not be done yet. kylee cruz is out in the sunshine watching the skies what you see? >> reporter: we are seeing lots of sunshine we are here at seventh avenue and missouri. clouds are building to the west so there is a chance we could see some storms this afternoon. therefore back and some of you might have had a but morning commute. here's what we saw. -- you might not have gotten any rain at your house but it
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of the valley. the rain first at the northwest corner and the wet roads made for a rough commute for some. look at this video. rain caused a car to spin out on the 101 your three fifth avenue. this camera captured another spin out right afterwards. a few miles away the i-17 and happy valley road steady rain came down early in the morning commute. causing drivers to slow down. we also saw showers in the far east valley in places like apache junction though clouds it's not deliver a ton of rain they need for a great view over sky harbor. this timeless video from the airport shows mother nature often unpredictable and also give us some beautiful sunrises. >> reporter: that was definitely a great shot of sky harbor this morning. out here live we're at seventh avenue and missouri we're watching the skies closely and talking about how beer all week
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this so be prepared because you could see some showers and storms later this afternoon. it could make for a with evening commute. we were told we are starting the new news with whether i look outside and it looked good. but we could have more >> the clouds you saw behind her those are cumulus clouds and they are starting to grow. all of the elements are there for the storms to develop. let's step outside and start with the east side. those are thunderstorm clouds starting to form we have not metro but that is not the case everywhere. here is the west side. you can see a similar situation with big puffy clouds and it is humid out. we have a severe thunderstorm warning south of williams. this is pushing to the northeast a will impact i-40 shortly. that warning will expire in about one hour and the main
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possibly hail coming out of the storms again active in the mountains. expect storms this afternoon along the rim and also the white mountains your show low all the way to new mexico. as far as prescott storms are developing to the south of you and they will track from the southwest to the northeast. black canyon city nothing yet but it's around the corner. here in the valley we near whitman and down to the south by i-8 we see them develop to the southwest and then push northeast. let's step back. temperatures are below normal but humid. 95 champ 91 deer valley. statewide everyone is below normal. 79 payson. mid-90s lake havasu city.
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afternoon continuing into the evening. we top out around 95 degrees which is almost -- 98 degrees which is almost 10 degrees below normal. we will time out the storms coming up. yesterday we brought you live pictures of the street flooding in apache junction. it's an area with a lot of washes and many of them overflowed one street turned into what looked like a river. neighbors were nervous as the toward their homes >> it becomes worrisome because it was right up into my driveway. darn near onto the porch. that is scary frank as i don't have flood insurance. >> we spoke of the public works department and director public works said they have tried to come up with solutions for the flooding issue and said more needs to be done. the cost is astronomical. tucson with it even harder than
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inches of rain in some areas. in a short timeframe. that made for some seriously dangerous driving conditions. the flooding trapped at least one car and street crews worked to pump out the water. that was not the only car caught in a flooded underpass. all over the water swallowed this car and you can basically just see the top of the roof if you look closely. that is a lot of water we're committed to bring you the latest developments on storms headed our way. we will send breaking news alerts right earphone so you get answers on the latest conditions. phoenix police are investigating after three people were shot in the same neighborhood. the search is on for the gunman. joe gallus is near 12 street and thunderbird to explain what might have led to this. >> reporter: phoenix police have been out investigating since after midnight. that's when three people were shot in this neighborhood and we learned from speaking with police that this might have
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between a woman who lives on the street and one of her neighbors. they were outside fighting in the middle of the night and at one point officers say the woman was assaulted and two other men who live on the same street heard and saw what was going on and tried to intervene. that's when the neighbor initially involved in the argument with the woman opened fire shooting both of the men as well as the woman even running over her with his vehicle before he then took off from the scene. at this time police are still gunman. meanwhile the 40-year-old woman who was shot multiple times remains at the hospital in extremely critical condition. the other victims the 53-year- old man who we are told was shot in his backside and a 65- year-old man who was shot in the leg police say at this time it does appear that both of those male victims are in stable condition and expected to survive.
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door-to-door speaking with more people who live in the neighborhood to better understand was the some sort of long-standing argument between this woman and this neighborhood? or what was the relationship between these people involved in the shooting? those are details that officers are working together and we will pass along that information as the story develops. police are investigating after two people were shot near 21st avenue. and indian school road victim was found in a home and the other was in an alley nearby. both victims were transported to the hospital and one has nonlife threatening injuries and the other person condition is currently not known. police are trying to figure out what led to that shooting. hillary clinton and donald trump are facing criticism for familiar problems. written over her emails while she was secretary of state and trump has a problem that revolves around controversial statement he made craig boswell
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pick her judges, nothing you can do folks although the second amendment people, maybe there is. >> reporter: donald trump insists the comment was not a call for violence against hillary clinton. he tweeted i said pro-second amendment citizens must organize and get out and vote. >> there can be no other interpretation. is reporters have told me give me a break took democrats argue that is not what he meant and unfit to lead >> i don't find the attempt persuasive out your before his most recent controversy one in five republicans said trump should drop out of the race. >> the weekend and is not without her own problems a new batch of emails was just a link between bill clinton professed her foundation and the state department one email from a clinton foundation aid, aberdeen
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for someone looking for a job. another way to connect one of the foundation's top donors to someone with influence in lebanon. two thirds of voters. hillary clinton as dishonest because of the questionable private email server she used as secretary of state she still is leading trump average of eight points in national polls >> if any other election with any of the republican running against someone with this story and these numbers they would be trouncing her. >> reporter: a clinton spokesman said either of the emails involved secretary or the foundation's work. an elderly woman in florida is dead and shot by police during a citizens police academy training exercise. this guy really wanted to make his life tsa reminds you don't try this on their watch later in the castlia could wait a four pack of tickets to golfland sunsplash in mesa. you can use the ticket any day
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three people dead and hundreds injured as fires ravaged the island off of portugal dozens of homes and one hotel have been destroyed. emergency services a to control flames a 73-year-old woman in florida was shot and killed by a police officer in a class about police procedures the chief called the death of horrible accident. it happened before 7 pm last night complex. mary norton was among 35 people taking part in the city's eight week citizen police academy. >> participants were randomly selected to purchase been issued -- a scenario. during the first scenario and a horrible accident, or does event mary norton was mistakenly struck with a live
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to the hospital where she was pronounced dead. our son told cbs news this is a devastating time for us. my mom was a saint. such a tremendous loss. a wonderful human being. and the best among a kid could ever hope for knowlton was shot several times. according to a photographer covering the event for the charlotte son the officer who shot her is on paid administrative leave. department of justice released findings of its year- long investigation into the baltimore police department the in americans and uses unreasonable force and fails to hold officers accountable for misconduct. >> these violations have eroded trust between bpd and the community is service. >> report also found officers make large numbers of unlawful stops and mostly in poor black neighborhoods and the retaliate with force against citizen to talk back. justice department will now
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delta air lines will resume normal operations sometime today after two days of cancellations and delays around the world. a power outage in atlanta on monday grounded hundreds of thousands of passengers. the airline has offered refunds to passengers and some passengers will also get travel vouchers for future flights. yesterday across -- approximately 800 flights were canceled. after the flight pulled security and jumped off of the ramp onto the tarmac trying to outrun his plane. he was trying to catch orion air flight in madrid in this might be the craziest part they let him on the plane. they actually let him on the plane. he was detained and will face charges. on the big board we had a bit of a death as a stock market started and then in the green for a few hours and now
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of trading left. nearly 1000 poverty- stricken communities around the olympic host city of rio de janeiro are called favela's. there often plagued with drug traffickers and crime. as jamie eukiss shows us the people who live inside them feel the games are excluding them >> reporter: this is the largest favela in rio. houses are jammed nearly on top of each other. and motor taxi drivers help people navigate the slopes and narrow alleyways. >> this inequality >> reporter: he's lived here for 34 years. and never imagined himself anywhere else. >> i love this place. i love the people of this place. >> reporter: he says the olympics are forcing him out of the neighborhood. the wealthy areas nearby received infrastructure upgrades but nothing changed in the favela but his rent.
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reality here. and that reflects the limbic >> they will watch the games and we will not they went to the world cup and we do not we fight to have more equality. >> reporter: even with the million-dollar view americans would consider this neighborhood and extreme poverty for the people who live here all they see it community. >> he cared deal of the torch through the neighborhood but he ca games >> for me it will be important to carry the torch in the community. the kids will see that and in the future maybe they can carry it as well >> he hopes the trick have to future by nick mcgill of the games promised but did not deliver. the weather outside is delightful now but it could be
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developing in the valley not everyone will get something but the elements are there in the atmosphere. we hope for better coverage. let's step outside. this is a time lapse in the arizona science center in phoenix that the clouds overhead this morning and a little bit of rain. some clearing and then the cumulus clouds started bubbling up some of them are starting to tower. we could start to see some rain in the next few hours. we are seeing rain to the north and some heavy rain. this is to the south of williams. the severe storms allowed to expire but we have a flash flood warning heavy rain is definitely possible. this is not a terribly popular area but if you are traveling in this area we have to flash flood morning and that goes until 3 pm. this is northeast. these storms track north and east and will impact i-40 and eventually flagstaff. as a move south we see fit storms develop to the south of prescott pushing toward i-17.
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see heavy rain hail and damaging winds. pace and also expecting storms and the rim show low an active day for you. we're clear the valley but you are starting to see storms bubble up around phoenix. they will start in the southwest of the valley and push northeast. we will watch this carefully because there's a lot of moisture in the atmosphere and we have to flash flood watch out. meaning storms that to develop have to potential to create flooding. we had flooding in east mesa and apache joan tt and it is possible once again today. 92. dew points in the upper 60s. it's very uncomfortable out even of the temperatures are cooler than normal. let's look at futurecast you can see things are bubbling up on the west side of the state and the mountains. and also in southeastern arizona. we could see storms rolled in to the valley in the next couple of hours. things will start to die down into sunset but we will watch
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commute. it's not a guarantee but as i said all of the elements are present and it is possible. we will keep our eye on the sky. heist today almost 10 degrees below normal but with the humidity it still feels muggy and gross out. it's not really a win temperature wise because of the humidity. tomorrow let's keep the cool air -- relatively cool and the humid conditions but we start to dial back our storm chances. if we don't see anything today and tomorrow that is really going to be it's. we dry out dramatically into friday and start to warm up. if you are sick of the humidity we should start to get some relief towards the weekend but the trade-off is higher temperatures. a 98 with high humidity is like a 105
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>> 50% chance of bad weather on the way. half me get some and have been not all of the elements are here and we might see something but it will be this afternoon but i don't think everyone will get storms. the northern part of the state it's definitely humid out. it is sticky. 98 for the high. we dry up friday and beyond. it will be up to 107 for the weekend. thank you
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? >> katie: what would i want with bill's shares of forrester? what on earth would i do with them? >> ridge: you would sell them. >> katie: ahh. >> ridge: cash them in. >> katie: well, i can't really imagine he'd give that up without a fight. >> brooke: yeah, i don't think he would, either. >> katie: annoying you is one of his greatest pastimes. >> ridge: well, then, we will get rid of hisit we'll take him to court. make him give it up. >> katie: ?we?? being you, me, and brooke? >> brooke: katie wants to avoid a court battle. >> ridge: because she doesn't think she can win. with you and me testifying, she can. >> bill: [ sighs ] >> justin: yes? no? >> bill: not a word since katie left. >> justin: maybe she's having an attorney look the settlement


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