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tv   CBS 5 News at Noon  CBS  August 11, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MST

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a drink... a spoon... a kiss. it all started here... it might have been prevented with trumenba. ask your doctor or pharmacist about trumenba. someone knocked on a door in central phoenix and shot the homeowner when he answered. first a giant search in the west valley desert looking for any trance of a 10-year-old boy.
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>> good afternoon. thanks for joining us here at noon. another big day to bring home jesse wilson. police have no new leads on where he is. there was a big collaboration of agencies and another search for the boy today. >> reporter: this is a massive gathering of law enforcement. all out here for jesse wilson. buckeye police say they are no longer searching for the little boy but his remains. this search that happened early this morning started around 5:00 a.m., wrapped up around 10:00. jesse walked away from his home on july 17th. that would make almost a month in the desert alone.
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they are walking by foot, there are dune buggies, atv calling to each other should they hold up the line if they saw something in the grass or water. this is the secondary search. they combed the area of i-10 and miller. buckeye police address the media today. this is the first time he tal to the media. >> right now that the personnel that are out there are law enforcement experimental personnel. they are out there. that's why we don't have the community assisting us today. >> reporter: the chief tells me this is a nightmare. he calls this a nightmare for
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he is expecting to take quite a while. back to you. a man is dead after a burglary overnight. it happened around 2:15 this morning. there was a knock at the door and then gunshots. the homeowner was shot several times and taken to the hospital and that is where he died. the home was known for sex and drug activity. an am bert alert out of northern arizona h cancelled. police reported overnight that ledwina yazzie took off with her 4-year-old daughter. they were concerned for the girl's welfare. mother and daughter have been found safely but haven't released any details. tropical javier was with us early this morning. pretty heavy rain for drivers to
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valley as well. this is what it looked like at 9:00 this morning in main and mesa. you can see a lot of flooding there. drivers were making it through safely. a palm tree was on fire last night. the viewer says that lightning struck the tree causing fire. the monsoon hit hard yesterday. rescue crews helped him. he was on top of his truck. that is some scary stuff. see how close that was. >> was it a ford f 250 -- still no match for the rushing water. >> don't do it. >> yeah, don't do it.
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last night. awesome picture there. it looks like almost veins in the skies. it was mainly on the west side of the valley. it was a pretty active night and a pretty active morning out there. let's take a look toward the east valley. a couple of clouds building out there. i want to show you the time lapse. look at the rain, you will see it some flooding in gilbert, parts of mesa. we are seeing some sunshine out there now. we are clear in the valley but not out of the woods yet as far as thunderstorms go. kind of surrounding i-17.
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in and around flagstaff. so chino valley expect some storms. great spot starting to see thunderstorms as well. where we have rain, we are starting to see cooler temperatures. 87 at sky harbor. right around the state 79, 72 flag. i was shooting for 100 today. because some of the rain cool us off. 97 degrees for our high. it is still humid out there. so it is going to feel worse than it is. what about an evening thunderstorms. we will talk about that next. we are getting a first look at the suspect at that triple shooting yesterday. we brought you breaking news. police arrested this man.
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fighting near 12 street and thunderbird. he started shooting both men and the woman. he ran over the woman. she died later at the hospital. still no lead in the search of a serial killer. they are hoping their presence will prevent him from striking again. they handed fliers last night. that is near connected to this serial killer. the group wants to put a stop to this. >> everybody in the city needs to be aware this guy is in a car, he can strike any time. you need to be aware what's going on around you. >> bullet casings link all of the shootings together. let's take one more look of the
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if you have a tip call anonymous. a boy who died in a hiking trail last month. 12-year-old cody passed away from heat exhaustion. it happened last week. last night six restaurants came together to raise money for family searchs as to why this happened. >> six local restaurants got together to raise money for the cause for cody's voice to be heard. >> so far they have raised more than $24,000. now that the election are
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the latest from the white house. isis will hand her the most valuable player award. >> reporter: -- >> i call president obama and hillary clinton the founders of isis. >> reporter: the move is attempt to get back on track. trump about rallying voters. his opponent said he was inciting violence. >> if you are running to be president or are president of the united states, words can have tremendous consequences. >> reporter: hillary clinton will try to shift the focus on the economy in michigan where she will lay out a point by
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trump. >> i'm proposing across the board income tax reduction. >> reporter: clinton is dealing with newly released e-mails when she was secretary of state. the clinton campaign says the job seeker was a former staffer for the clintons and had nothing to do with the foundation. craig boswell, cbs news the white house. two people missing after a massive explosion. the big question now, why? has something like this happened to you. the dangers of road debris. grab your phones. we are giving away four pack
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at least two people are dead and several are missing following an explosion in maryland outside of washington, d.c. the massive explosion and fire lit up the night sky. the blast was so powerful firefighters a mile away could feel it. >> i was sleeping and i heard a boom. my mom says wake up, there was fire. the whole apartment shook. >> it happened shortly after midnight and sent debris across the street. several people are missing in that rubble. fire officials say there are natural gas fern es. it has been steady soon
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we have 46 left. macy's is planning to close about 100 of it's department stores. macy's did not say which stores will be affected. it will happen early next year. shoppers should watch for closing sales at the end of the year. highlighting the dangers of road it is a big problem. no joke. adot sent out a picture of a kitchen sink. it tributed to 200,000 crashes. >> reporter: she will never forget the moment she learned her husband was gone.
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he hadn't made it. >> reporter: he avoided to hit a shelving unite. >> taking a few minutes to secure a load could have -- i'd be in a complete situation today. >> reporter: a new study finds stories like heidis all too crashes and more than 500 deaths. >> that means a driver did not properly secure their road. >> reporter: driving at higher speeds increasing the risk for
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they say you should be ready to react if you are behind the wheel. >> maintain space around your vehicle. if you are in a position where you have to swerve it is safe enough to do so. >> reporter: simple tips that could save your lives and the lives of others. chris martinez, cbs, los angeles. >> there are not too many people that have seen this commercial. creating ads takes a lot of strategy. the guy didn't think his idea would take off the way it did. >> they said we have a weird name. that kind of stuck in my brain.
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now he is a spokes lizard. >> he just moved here to the valley. here more from him and gibson's interview today at 5:00. the electrical parade is returning to disneyland, at least temporarily. the electrical parade will its run in october. the parade will be shipped west where it -- i love the electrical parade. >> i took my niece there last week. they are doing something for their 16th anniversary. they had some sort of light show down the street and it was awesome. >> yes. >> i thought it was better than the rides.
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it was like a pink light show. pink floyd light show. [ laughter ] you have to check it out. speaking of light shows -- now there you go. >> that is not from wallet disney. >> this is 60 strikes in 30 minutes. so they are kind of stitched together. awesome picture. matthew sent this to facebook page. this is an awesome last night. there was a lot to see as far as light shows go. we are seeing a little bit of cloud cover. all the action is in the north though. this one is just west of palldon. it is very active. lightning, heavy rain and wind the threat. possibly some flooding. some of these storms are slow movers.
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some storms just to the north. keep in mind it will be pretty active, some storms just to the north. when you are watching to the west side we didn't see a ton of rain. we are seeing some thunderstorms possibly some flooded roads down there. a lot of moisture in place. dew points in the 70s. very muggy and uncomfortable. we will get to the upper 90s as far as high goes in phoenix. starting to slow down in the evening hours. a chance for afternoon thunderstorm. as we get friday and beyond the trend will be to dry out in the valley and have the thunderstorms mainly in the mountains. that is dry air creeping from the west. that will impact our weather as
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97 and muggy today. tomorrow we will take it 102, 103. we will see more sunshine for your saturday and sunday. temperatures climb to 106. the good news they don't get too widely out of control. no 110s on the board. >> what did he mean by pink ing the freshest food and low albertsons prices. and right now you can save even more during our huge anniversary sale. happy anniversary to me. get pepsi, 12-pack 12-ounce cans, 4 for $10. doritos, fritos, or cheetos, select varieties and sizes, $1.77 each. usda choice petite sirloin steaks, buy 1 get 3 free. albertsons huge anniversary sale.
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we are giving away four pack of tickets in mesa. you can use the tickets any day in the summer up to september 5th. i think we will take the 5th
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the nfl preseason starts tonight. it was supposed to kick off on sunday. the cardinals are going to play tomorrow hosting the oakland radars. and glendale firefighters want to make sure fans are prepared for the heat. it will be 102 degrees. firefighters treated 75 people during a soccer match in the stadium. most of them suffering from heat exhaustion. one of the guys best ball player will play his last game tomorrow. no one seems to care. alex rodriguez will play his last game for the yankees on friday. from $72 but then dropped 31%.
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oh, my. >> this was pretty bad. this was at the game at pittsburgh. all i can think about is how delicious those nachos look. the nachos probably cost $17. the last l
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it is nice outside. >> a little humid, a little muggy out there. 97, humid with a chance of the trend is to dry out. 106 for your saturday. phoenix is phoenix again. >> he got a haircut. >> got more than one cut.
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? >> liam: katie wants your 12.5% of forrester? >> bill: and she was standing right beside brooke when she said it. >> liam: what does that mean? >> bill: i don't know what it means. in on the settlement. she wouldn't do it. then katie turned it down. and it was a hell of an offer -- lot of perks and 50 million bucks. she wants the stock instead. >> liam: why? >> bill: that's what i'm trying to figure out. but i'm very confident the dressmaker's behind it. >> liam: well, ridge has always wanted your shares. listen, i'm sure you'll figure it out. i-i got to tell you what


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