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tv   CBS 5 News at 10  CBS  August 13, 2016 12:37am-1:13am MST

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( band playing ) >> james: thanks so much for watching! reggie, take us home! ( band playing ) captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by
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traffic is shut down any woman is in critical condition after she was hit by a car. this is a live look at the scene near 12th and northern. this scene will be shut down in all directions for the next
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also at this hour, a man is in the hospital after a shooting in glendale near 75th and camelback. police say the man who is in his 50s is an extremely critical condition. there is no word yet on if police have a gunman in custody. we will take you over to new mexico. an officer was killed at a traffic stop tonight north of las cruces. there are very limited details three people in custody. we have exclusive video tonight of a valley gun store. the owner of the store tells us that this happened right under his nose. >>reporter: brazen as brazen camby is how this guy in the red tank top was described. he came into his store last friday and saw the glock
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>> i don't know if it was a combination of being super brazen with very little brains at the same time. i don't know. >>reporter: at the front door this is a surveillance camera and a signposted. this sign is clearly posted and also the surveillance camera. the one spot where the gun was resting on the shelf less than 2 feet away from where the gun store owner was sitting. two wrote -- store, you assume the guy behind the counter has a gun already and is trained to it, i don't know what you're thinking. >>reporter: the guy that stole the gun crashed in his corner and removed the gun from this device it was in. his buddy blocks so no one could see. this takes two screws that i no longer have and it will open up
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access to the handgun. >>reporter: that fbi and atf have been notified about the school -- stolen gun. in a report has been filed with police. hoping for some kind of justice getting the sky of the street. >> i just want of these guys caught. >>reporter: if you know who this guy is called phoenix police. we have more breaking news happening in mesa, there has been an officer involved shooting. no police officers were club and mcclellan road. police were in contact with a homicide suspect there is no word on who was shot. we have a crew headed to the scene and we will keep you updated. smok shooting in the sky in mesa. a trailer went up in flames firefighters kept the fire from spreading to other homes but
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a vigil for two men who died inside an underground storage unit, this happened this week. friends and family remember dr. william tryon and tristan seiji. >>reporter: the community gathered together to celebrate the life of two men who were taken to send. monday the men a farm in underground storage in it filled with hay and grain. they were overcome with high levels of co2 inside the unit. the community is in shock of what happened a few days ago. just as the sun was setting on the corner of cloud and central in desert hills they said goodbye to the men they trusted with their animals. the doctor's children also showed it to thank everyone for their support.
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he did not have a bad thing to say to anybody. he kept every kid in this -- in his community. he would go out of his way. he was one in 1 million. >>reporter: the third man who was injured is still in the hospital in critical condition. the popular pokimon go app is causing some one of the hot spots. the reason people are upset, it's where most of the granite mountain hotshots are buried. they were killed battling a fire three years ago. >> of these men were a huge part of our community and still fresh and they created a nice spot for the family
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people who come to the area to go and sit and pay their respects and to see people walking around on their cell phones and ipads, i don't think it's appropriate.>> some players say this controversy is being blown out of proportion because you don't need to go into the cemetery to capture the monsters. still at the pentagon is saying no to issued phones and devices. the game can be used by spies to pinpoint the location of facilities were secrets are stored. ward, is answering tough questions about white supremacists. specifically why she asked a white nationalist support her campaign. dennis welch joins us to explain. >>reporter: this is a big mistake and she rejects any form of racism but i can tell you this is the last thing she wants to be talking about at
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according to the online publication, the daily beast, a man who described himself as a white nationalist said on friday i got a call from kelly ward seeking my support. the war campaign confirmed she made the call and explained how it happened. >> all campaigns use families in -- fundraising lists of people who have donated in the past and the sky was on there. dr. ward called the list and when she talked with them he identified himself as being a white nationalist and she explicitly and disagreed with his views. >>reporter: ward also engaged a man on twitter who goes by the name of anglo van trap who proposed -- opposes john mccain's reelection. a quick check of his feed shows anti-semitic and pro-nazi statements. >> she does not have the time to go there and go through every tweet of the 15,000 people who have connections
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unavailable for, but the campaign sent us a photograph that shows her african-american stepmother. >>reporter: this is not what she was to be talking about it this part of the campaign. look at the arizona cardinals stadium in glendale. the preseason game is wrapping up. you can expect some backups if you are planning to drive in that area. the traffic looks heavy game is not the only thing causing traffic. right now jason l dean is in town and you want to watch out for the crowds leaving that area. we were out there live fo all the action. tons of fun.
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one of our viewers sent this to our facebook page. activity in the high country. it has been an active week for the monsoon. dry air started to move in. we will see clear skies and temperature climbing. next week much, conditions and temperatures above average. i want to show you this dew point started to drop. we had two points in the lower 70s. heth we are sitting at 93 degrees. by satellite and radar showing clear skies across the state a few stray showers quiet on tap especially in the morning but tomorrow afternoon there is a slight chance you could see some showers east of us and down towards tucson. some light rainfall expected. clearing skies for sunday and
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don't forget about the meteor shower that is visible tonight at best viewing after midnight expect a lot of meteors out there and mostly clear condition. mostly clear in the morning and the high tomorrow will be 105 x 4 p.m. in your seven-day forecast. 105 for tomorrow temperatures above average on sunday and above average monday tuesday and wednesday in a few clouds rolling on thursday. shower going on outside right now but you don't have to go outside to see it, check this out. you are looking at the stream from nasa. it shows up every august with an average of 100 meteors an hour. nasa forecasters are predicting we will be able to see double that great. last nice i went out and saw three or four meteors and five minutes even with the light
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mr. mccue are ready to start your weekend but stay with us, we will get answers on how underpaid our arizona teachers are.>> teachers that we had never sought a, -- their check. stremme at guessing up for your trip, there has been a major credit card scam i year. we will map out exactly where it is happening.
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most people agree arizona teachers should be paid more money but no one talks about what that number should be. carlos diaz went looking for answers from a source outside the education world. >>reporter: how bad his teacher
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a wallet of study said arizona salaries are the worst in the country. >> there are teachers that we have the never saw a comma in their check. >>reporter: even the best of the best are struggling. >> i was teacher of the year and i have been teaching for 13 years and i don't even make $40,000 a year. >>reporter: others are looking elsewhere for better pay. >> we lost a few teachers, one went back to insur >>reporter: what would we have to pay teachers to keep and attract more of them? in the open job market are they truly underpaid and if so, how much? travis layer to find people jobs at the regional vice president at the job placement firm. we asked to what men and women trained as educators could make it outside.
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as an accountant, what will they make? >> 50,000 are 60,000. if we had a strong computer programmer you could look at 65 to 95,000 depending on experience and technical writing , i can see a good technical writer making 45,000 to 70,000. >>reporter: is there a certain skill set a teacher would have that would be valuable the job market? >> scienc t >> it's difficult for me to look at a math teacher and say don't leave and go to an engineering job for you to make $75,000 a year. >>reporter: the salary for teachers is ,40,000 first-time teachers making 30,000. there are several advantages to being a teacher and there are well aware of this. his father and uncle and wife
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>> my wife, should she have been paid more? the fashion she had in the love she had has monetary value that we wish would show up on a check and doesn't always. >> we want to know what you think. which of the average teacher make in arizona? take our poll and if you want to read what teachers and advocates have to say that the changing state of education you can find that in the link to the story.>> asu students are moving into the new digs tomorrow. some at the downtown campus got a head start today by the end of the weekend the university will have 14,000 new residents. law students at asu will be learning in a brand-new building. today we got an inside look for the arizona center for law society will open in stores this fall.
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the move to downtown phoenix will put students near the legal, political and economic center of our community. >> it's going to be transformative for how often they can go out to the courts but also arizona itself, the general public being able to come and learn about law and the latest developments. >> the sandra day o'connor college of law will hold grand opening monday. kids are dropping and then calculators and learning to protect themselves. the city of phoenix is offering a self-defense class for kids. adults got to try out the class today. focuses on how to take someone down without using weapons and if you are interested we have information on the cbs five at. >> we have answers on the best tablet for your kids for school.
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includes a keyboard and has a bright display that outperforms more expensive options and the battery lasts an entire day. the ipad pro comes in two sizes and has a stylus for design and art applications and its for multitasking and split screen application. the something to worry about, hackers. now they don't have to get into you you are typing through a wireless keyboard. it is called key snipping and they can get everything from personal messages to credit card information. similar issues are found with wireless mouse is. >> if you have a wireless mouse, i can arbitrarily send
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>> if you have a low-end wireless keyboard you are at the highest risk. instead try the old-fashioned wired keyboard or connect to a secure bluetooth connection. >> a city missouri is hoping to pave the way to the road to tomorrow. there highways will be paved in glass with solar panels underneath to generate electricity and revenue. it could help adults snow and ice when a storm hits and also their expected to unveil a solar sidewalk by the end of the year. >> thieves targeting unsuspecting drivers at the pump or the state department of agriculture announces they have found 12 skimming devices at gas stations and that's more than they found all of last year. they were discovered at gas stations in tempe, glendale, phoenix and humor. they still debit and credit card information. >> it's scary knowing that you go pay for gas and get ripped
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>> it's not convenient but the easiest way to protect yourself is to go and pay inside. >> pest-control company say scorpions are turning up in big numbers across the valley and some people believe it is the loop 202 expansion that is making their problem worse. when the arizona department of transportation started clearing brush neighbors think itus neighborhoods. larry has lived in the city for a decade and he has never seen a scorpio problem like this. >> we have had three scorpions in our home in 13 years. in the last six months we have had eight of them in the house but i have had to increase spraying to twice a month and i'm killing 3 to 6 every nyc in my yard. >> pest-control experts say the
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chart. -- starts. >> big red nation getting barbecues, and pigskin football at the nest. the arizona cardinals start against the raiders. a wide open michael floyd and leading to a field goal. highlights and reaction next. if you are wondering where he is double duty. you will see have next week on
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breaking news, police are investigating a bomb scare at lax. a suspicious package was found in a shipping area on airport property. there is a large police presence in you can see cars are at a stop at the airport. we will bring you any updates as we get them. at the forecast. here comes the weekend. mostly clear skies and a few showers across the state temperature wise, we will wake up tomorrow morning in the mid- 80s and 97 in and the high tomorrow, 105. the battle heats up for the cardinals, tonight preseason game number one at home against the raiders. the squad with super bowl aspirations.
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several times. time to throw, michael floyd 30 yards and palmer three of five for 38 yards. breaking outside 23 yard gain leads to a field goal cardinals hold the raiders with jay j nelson gives it back at the raiders waste no time against the defense wide open light?tight end 19 yard touchdown. taking over the quarterback did not play well he gets picked off by nate two plays later of top and a 10 yard touchdown. second-quarter cardinals go 83
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the battle for the number three quarterback matt barkley has some good moments this was not one of them. eight of 24 421 yards. cardinals lose the coach on the offense opening drive at the first half. >> i thought it was a good drive he went down the red zone and i think we came out with a good purpose defense of two turnovers cost us. >> saturday ninth the place to be assessed nate pit. the read?the rattlers face the gladiators. they whacked cleveland 68-20. the winner goes to the bowl against the jacksonville philadelphia winner. and taking on the red sox.
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if we could stop the game right here, it's a beauty. along with bigfoot and the loch ness monster one of the greatest
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happy friday. here is a look at the university of phoenix. warm and muggy high of 105 a low of 85. >> nice to be back in the air- conditioning. >> have a great weekend.
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