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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  August 17, 2016 7:00am-9:00am MST

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good morning to our viewers in the west. it is wednesday, august 17, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." a new california wildfire explodes, it is burning whole more than 80,000 people are told to evacuate their homes. donald trump reboots his campaign team again. the gop nominee adds managers, amid yocontroversy an singing numbers. killing a bear with a speer, and why it is being investigated. today's eye-opener, your world in 90 seconds.
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continue to spread. >> it looks look a war zone. >> you can see home after home, charred to the foundations. >> wildfires forcing tens of thousands from their home in california. >> you've got like two minutes to get out right now. >> me and my son barely got out. my legs from on fire. >> get out, so we can focus on working on the fire, versus rescuing citizens. >> this, as even more rain is in the forecast. >> i really don't -- i'm shocked. >> donald trump shook up his campaign leadership installing new new figures at the top. >> i think i'm doing good. i had the biggest crowd. you were there. nobody has ever had crowds like this. >> how much doom does hillary face in the election? >> long time television host, john mclaughlin died at age 89. >> the father of almost every political show on television.
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missed. >> six children shocked by electricity, all expected to be okay. >> fallout over a video showing an american hunter, killing a bear with a speer. >> all that -- >> in oklahoma, a bus driver trying and failing to avoid a car. >> along the right-field line, and rizzo on the left. he got it! oh, what a play. >> all that matters. >> where will you go now? >> >> i feel like i can hang around and -- >> when we need a co-host. >> norah isn't here. >> nor ha, is she coming back? >> on "cbs this morning." >> simone biles continues to be the sweetheart of the game. she picked up her record tying 4th gold medal in a single olympiad. >> dynamic, it takes your breath away. >> she stumbled yesterday on
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presented by toyota. let's go welcome to "cbs this morning." norah o'donnell is off. margaret brennan is with us. >> not larry will a dangerous wildfire has exploded in size and affects more than 80,000 people. the blue cut fire coversro 18,000 acres, east of los angeles. a portion of the main highway from l.a. to las vegas, is closed. >> more than 80,000 people are under evacuation orders right now. flames destroyed entire neighborhoods. some firefighters have been injured. the fire is 0% contained. carter evans is about 40 miles from los angeles, where the governor has declared a state of emergency. >> reporter: good morning. everywhere you look, it is home after home, just like these, burned to the ground.
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10:30 yesterday morning. we watched as it exploded to about 9,000 acres before sundown. the battle continued through the night, and it is far from over. huge flames lit the night sky, as the blue cut wildfire continued its relentless advance. it only took a matter of hours for the fire to explode to thousands of acres tuesday afternoon, burning entire neighborhoods to the ground, and destroying the inn, a local landmark since 1952. >> firefighters can't make their way here. the flames just too intense. >> reporter: thick smoke filled the skies above san bernardino county, the wildfire grew quickly by dry brush and 100 degrees temperatures. >> this is a huge, huge fire fight out here. >> reporter: this fire is so hot, i can feel the heat radiating behind me, but also moved extremely fast and spread
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you can see this home is fully involved right now, and there is not a firefighter in sight. >> it spots ahead of itself, keeps moving, keeps leap frogging up. >> the motor home just blew up. the car just caught on fire. >> reporter: six firefighters were briefly trapped by the flames, two of them suffered minor injuries. >> just because of the wind direction, we were fully engulfed with smoke, visibility was extremely low. it was rea hand in front of your face. we hunkered down and waited until the fire blew over. >> reporter: we found these men working to protect their neighbors' homes. where are the firefighters? >> up there with the fire, i guess. >> reporter: what is it like fighting the fire. >> part of living here. >> reporter: what is it like as a firefighter as you see these people watching their homes burn and nothing you can do. >> tragic. something that firefighters hate to see. >> reporter: this is just one of
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sacramento, that's about 35% contained. we've learned more about the man accused of setting that fire. he was trained as a inmate firefighter, while he was in prison. now he is scheduled to be arraigned today. >> carter, thank you. donald trump is overhauling his top political staff again. his campaign confirmed the changes overnight. promoting an advisor and hiring the executive chairman of a conservative website. steffen becomes the ceo, while kellyanne conway becomes campaign manager. paul manafort remains campaign ch chairman. major garrett covered last night's trump rally in west bend, wisconsin. he is with us this morning from milwaukee. major, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. donald trump is on his third campaign manager.
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part of a scandal in ukraine and off the book payments to manafort. before that news broke, trump gave a speech here he hoped would appeal to african-american voters by accusing hillary clinton and the democratic party in general of being indifferent to inner city poverty. >> to every voter living in the inner city, or every forgotten stretch of our society, i'm running to offer you a much tt >> reporter: donald trump tried to diversify his political movement by condemning what he called decades of failed democratic urban rule. >> i'm asking for the vote of every african-american citizen struggling in our country today who want a different and much better future. >> reporter: the message was new, but the audience was typical. overwhelmingly white. a recent poll shows trump attracting just 2% of
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less than half when mitt romney got exit polls from the 2012 election. >> we will reject bigotry, hatred and oppression in many of its ugly forms. >> reporter: from the far of the campaign, trump has drawn criticism for racism insensitivity. >> he is a mexican. >> look at my african-american over here. look at him. are you the greatest? >> reporter: this time, trump re-kindled policies are to blame. >> the african-american community has been taken for granted for decades by the democratic party, and look how they're doing. >> reporter: electing hillary clinton would further inflame racial tensions. >> we reject the bigotry of hillary clinton, which panders to and talks down to communities of color, and sees them only as votes, that's all they care about. >> reporter: trump has rejected
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deliver a blemessage like this the naacp. trump will receive his first classified intelligence briefing as the republican party nominee. >> thanks, major. republican strategist and cbs contributor, frank luntz is with us. >> you don't do it. you have additions, that's traditional in politics, as you get closer to the election, you add mortal length. you don't have a shake-up, take the top person and push them aside as they did tol manafort. steve bannon in particular, he is one of the toughest, most aggressive, most negative operatives in america today. that signals to me that trump, rather than softening his approach, is going to double down of being the tough, in your face campaigner, and i don't think that's what donald trump needs. these are independent, undecided voter he is going after. they appreciate his message, but they question he himself. they don't like the persona, they don't like the anger, the
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they want change in wall street. they think he can bring it, but don't like him as a person. >> what about kellyanne conway, she has worked with other political campaigns. >> i've known her for 30 years, this is someone who understands polling, focus group, messaging. the question is will donald trump listen to her. does donald trump listen to anyone. his message still resonates. his message is stronger than hillary clinton. his persona is so upsetting to so many people, that's what is holding him back. polling over the last two weeks, when donald trump finished his convention, he was up by two points. today, he is down by eight. it is all because of his persona, not his policies, and not the issues that he has talked about. >> does it deepen the divide within the republican p mend fences? >> it depends on what trump does and says. they want him to be prepared for the debate. they want him to take the campaign against hillary clinton. every time he is talking about
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talking about second amendment and agitating people, every time it is about this conversation right now, donald trump is losing. >> roger ailes? >> i think it is significant. and roger is, to me, and i've known him since 1980, the best political operative. he knows how to win a debate. he knows how to win a presentation. he took george herbert walker bush, and i believe ailes, but somewhat it is like putting stallen. >> aren't they denying roger ailes being involved. what have you heard? >> stthey may not be a formal deal, but it doesn't mean they don't talk. >> congressional republicans and democrats are ready for another fight over hillary clinton's state department e-mails. congress received fbi notes and other documents from the investigation that led to no charges against clinton. the candidate is promoting its
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claiming donald trump's economic plan would lower taxes and give tax breaks to the nancy cordes is in whashington where the fbi gave the documents to congress just yesterday. >> we've learned the fbi turned over quite a bit of material to congress, a highly unusual move, designed to convince republicans that the agency thoroughly investigated clinton's use of a private server, before recommending against prosecution. the fbi labeled the clinton material secret, being provided with the expectation it will not be disseminated or disclosed without fbi concurrence. the trove of documents include interview summaries that republicans will pour over, looking for discrepancies, between what clinton told fbi agents and what she told congress. >> nothing was marked classified at the time i sent or received it. >> republicans are trying to make the case that clinton should be prosecuted for perjury and false statements.
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her private e-mail account as secretary of state. >> i have nothing to say. >> campaigning in philadelphia, clinton had no comment. but an aid says the perjury accusation wreaks of desperation on the part of republicans who continue to use taxpayer money to effect an election that isn't going their way. hoping change the subject, her campaign accused trump last night of pushing a deranged conspiracy about clinton's health. >> hillary clinton doesn't have believe me. >> the 70-year-old trump has made a series of unfounded statements about clinton's well-being. >> she has got -- she is low energy. she actually is low energy. >> clinton's aides have pointed out she has done hundreds of campaign events, and sailed through an 11 hour benghazi hearing. >> those are the facts, mr. chairman. >> but that hasn't stopped trump. >> she'll take a nap for four or five hours and come back. no naps for trump.
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clean bill of health from her doctor last year, but that hasn't stopped some far right websites from spreading a fake letter from that doctor, claiming she has dementia, and is prone to blacking out. margaret. >> thank you, nancy. people in southern louisiana are beginning to salvage what they can, after that catastrophic blooding. it is coming into full view. the death toll has climbed to 11, at least 40,000 homes have been from the rising water has jumped to more than 30,000. flood warnings are posted in the southern half of the state, and some areas could see more rain today. omar villafranca is south of baton rouge with the continuing threat. >> reporter: good morning, the water is starting to recede here in sorento, knee high here, but farther down, it is about waist high. later on this morning, search
7:15 am
and they're worried the death toll could go up. the flooding crisis punishing southern louisiana intensified tuesday. 16 more parishes were added. here in sorento, they've rushed downstream, devastating the small community and leaving the local fire chief at a loss for words. >> we've been losing a bunch of homes. a lot of >> reporter: national guard troops carried out more rescues in baton rouge. so far, 30,000 people have been saved. louisiana governor, john bel edwards said many have been reluctant to evacuate. >> people who live in homes that have never flooded don't leave their homes, when you warn them. >> what do you tell the 11,000 people still in shelters right now. >> we're moving heaven and earth
7:16 am
>> reporter: more than two feet of rain in parts of louisiana. >> the people work hard for what they got and to see them lose it because of this, you know, it's hard. >> reporter: on sunday, volunteers rescued mary ellen morgan and her family. tuesday, we found her at the now flood damaged home. >> did you lose any of your personal belongings? >> i don't even know. >> do you care? >> no. i don't. we are safe. we are well. i mean, how much more blessed can one >> reporter: the clean up here will take months, and so far, 60,000 people have signed up for fema assistance. but the danger is not over. because there is more rain in the forecast. >> omar, thanks. team usa won nine more medals. giving the united states 84 total medals, and extends its lead over china and great britain. all-around gymnastics champion,
7:17 am
fourth gold medal, but in a three-time american gold medalist lost her first olympic match in 12 years. ben tracy is at copacabana beach in rio. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. if you're gymnastics fan, it is a tough day today. the gymnastics competition is all over here in rio, but if anybody needed another example of just how dominant the u.s. women have been in this sport, well, last night, they got simone biles put an exclamation point on one of the best olympic games for any gymnast in history. the 19-year-old won her fourth rio gold, this time, on the floor, flipping, twisting and dancing her way into the record books. four gold medals, she has won more at a single olympics than any other u.s.
7:18 am
career. christian taylor on his first jump. >> team usa continued inside olympic stadium. >> not a bad way to start. >> 26-year-old christian taylor, defended his 2012 gold in the men's triple jump. the first american to repeat in that event in over 100 years. taylor's teammate and friend, will clay, got the silver, and then got the girl. the two time olympian jumped into the stands after his win and proposed to his long time she said yes. >> from behind -- >> reporter: even that moment, couldn't beat this one. injured and shocked after falling during the women's 5,000-meter, american distance runner, abbey race where every second counts, they found time to put on the show of sportsmanship. so if that was the heartwarming moment of the night, the hard
7:19 am
beach. the beach volleyball arena, that's where team usa april ross jennings, kerri walsh jennings, rather, lost to the brazilians. it was a tough crowd that booed the americans, and ends walsh jennings' streak of three olympic gold medals. >> that was tough, ben. thank you very much. we can still celebrate simone. i can't get enough of her. >> she'll be a superstar. already is. >> great >> that's what really matters. new developments in an olympic controversy. the track dive that denied an american athlete a gold medal. american athlete a gold medal. we'll hear from olympic what do doctors from leading cancer centers in the country have in common?
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hunter brags about killing a black bear with a speer. >> why his hunt could inspire new laws. >> the news is back here in the morning, right here on "cbs this morning." this portion of "cbs this
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ahead a new accident
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amusement park. good morning- it's 7:26, i'm yetta gibson. right now arizona cardinals head coach bruce arians... is resting in a san diego hospital.... he was rushed there after suffering severe stomach pains cardinals spokesman mark dalton said after arriving for the team's joint practice with the chargers at arians told his medical staff he was not feeling well. he was evaluated by medical personnel at the stadium and taken to a hospital for further tests. the 63-year-old, is in his fourth season in arizona. we'll keep you posted on his condition. 3
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thank you for choosing cbs 5, we'll see you back here in 25 minutes. 3
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? he knows how to do it. when katie ledecky needed advice on arranging her medals for a photo shoot, she turned to who else? michael phelps. he has 28 medals in all and five gold from this olympics alone. he is pretty much an expert on this subject, you could say. the two posed for the shoot with gold winning gymnast simone biles for the cover of "sports illustrated." >> these are pretty heavy. >> looks good. >> champions.
7:31 am
champions. >> we like a champion. they are the greatest. welcome back to "cbs this morning.? coming up this half hour, olympic gold was in sighted for a olympic sprinter allyson felix but an opponent who dove across the finish line took it away. so close. track ledge jackie joyner will give us her take. >> a former all-american javelin thrower celebrates after killing a black bear with a sphere. ahead, the hunter defendis against the outrage. time to show you some of the morning's headlines from around the globe. "usa today" reports on new cholesterol loring drugs that could lead to a surge in health care costs. the drugs cost 14,000 per person each year. the study estimates it could add 120 balance dollars to health
7:32 am
while traveling abroad. forbes" says gawker was sold to univision. er after hulk hogan's $140 million victory in a privacy suit. gawker founder nick denton stated, quote, i am pleased our employers are protected and continue their work under new ownership disentangled from the legal campaign against the company. it is reported that six children were hurt by an electrical shock at an amusement park and happened as the children were on the scrambler ride yesterday in new london. they were hospitalized with
7:33 am
one child suffered minor burns to his hands. the operator fell a shock as he turned off the ride. authorities are investigating. the "los angeles times" reports on the kidnapping of a drug kingpin's son in mexico. a son of joaquin guzman was one of six abducted on monday from a resort town. police suspect their captors are rivals of guzman's it is in prison. a popular destination for americans and other tourists. the edmondton journal in canada reports that alberta plans to ban sphere hunting. a warning to you the footage you are about to see may be upsetting because it shows an american hunter throwing a
7:34 am
ned earlier this year. canadian authorities are investigating whether the 26-year-old broke any laws. >> i just got a bear! >> reporter: the 13-minute video shows josh bomar celebrating after sphering an adult black bear in the words of alberta, canada. josh was equipped with a small gopro camera. >> i got him! >> reporter: the bear's remainses were recovered the next day. >> this got pull penetration. >> reporter: the video, which has since been made private, caused outrage on social media and drew criticism from animal rights groups. in response, the alberta environment and parks department reportedly called sphere hunting unacceptable and asked authorities to investigate. >> the reason i've been filming
7:35 am
because i always wanted to have my own show. >> i don't think killing an animal should be entertainment.o >> reporter: he is an avid hunter. >> it's a spiritual experience. you are stepping inside the circle and that triggers all kind of old primal emotions but i don't know if that is something that need to be shared with the general audience. >> reporter: in a statement to "cbs this morning," bomar says the bear i speared only ran 60 yards and died one could get. >> that is the way humans acquired meat for many, many years the question coming down is the person handling the weapon doing it effectively. >> reporter: they are planning to ban sphere hunting later this
7:36 am
lawyers vary across the states. john mclaughlin died yesterday at age 89. he reportedly had battled prostate cancer. he worked for two presidents, but became famous with his ground breaking panel show, mclaughlin group. he never missed a show for 34 years until this past sunday. he wrote to viewers that he was under the weather. ? >> reporter: john part of the sunday morning ritual for more than three decade. >> nsa, >> reporter: he brought the panel to the masses and he was known to work over a group of journalists. >> say to john tower, john, your time is coming. interest the party and the republic, you want to withdraw your nomination? has that time come? >> for all i can care, she can make it scheck boulevard.
7:37 am
your high horse, listen to this. >> reporter: before he tackled national and world politics, he had another career as a jesuit priest but he got the call to enter politics in 1970. even though he made an unsuccessful bid for the u.s. senate, he ended up in the white house as richard nixon's speech writer. the public affairs program launched in 1982. >> the mclaughlin's group's most important fan. >> reporter: by 1985, mclaughli was being roasted by president ronald reagan. >> in america's diet of political commentary, and intellectual nutritional value falls somewhere between potato chips and twinkies. >> by raising his issues and making his predictions, mclaughlin minted partisan talk. >> let's move on. this is getting a little boring. >> reporter: his trademark sign-off made sure he had the last word. >> yes or no? pat? >> wrong.
7:38 am
>> no. >> the answer is yes. bye-bye! >> wow. bye-bye! >> always the last word. >> he really was early in creating that idea of people sitting around a desk talking about politics. >> was he always so blunt? that is the thing that is fascinating when with i would watch it. >> it got our attention as a speech writer for nixon and, at that time, and a former priest and ran for the senate. all that but he came from that place and put together a i love that exchange with pat buchan buchanan, it's like, okay, before you get too high on your high horse. i love that. >> that music even reminds me of sunday morning. >> it does. support fills for an american sprinter who with was forced to settle for silver after a last-minute dive. ahead the controversial olympic rule that allows a diving finish during a race. if you're heading out the door, watch us live on your
7:39 am
conversation with outgoing nightly co-host larry wilmore. we will be right back.
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people are still talking about it. the olympic dive by shaunae miller what cost american sprinter allyson felix big race that allyson felix has lost to someone no longer on their feet. monday's 400-meter race in rio
7:44 am
allyson felix was poised to pull out a come-from-behind win but at the end. >> a dive by miller for the line. >> reporter: shaunae miller of the bahamas dove head-first and landing on her chest and grabbing the >> i couldn't believe it. sqbl i couldn't believe what i was watching. >> reporter: jackie joyner-kersee won six olympic medals and her dad is her her career. >> i understand this is your only moment and you have one shot and your instincts and her instincts were to dive. >> she really wants it. >> reporter: turns out miller's forward fall was legit. track rules state that the torso that crosses the finish line first wins. you don't have to be on your feet. >> was it a win? >> reporter: it's now happened to felix twice. during the olympic trials, she
7:45 am
who fell towards the finish and why felix is not competing in the 200 meters in rio, a race she won gold in london. on instagram she said the following. that silver made felix the most decorated american female track athlete, a title once owned by her mentor, jackie in that race was from the bahamas. >> ben tracy, thank you. that seems like a tough way to lose a race to me.
7:46 am
i don't know. allyson has handled it very well. i got an e-mail yesterday from mo rocco. he said i respectfully disagree with you runner. she is fierce. >> do you think she won out? >> it does look like it could for the first time. i see it differently. i see it differently. we will see. but she won. congratulations to good day for her too. a group of kayakers have a close encounter on the water.
7:47 am
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good morning- it's 7:56, i'm yetta gibson. a new update... on what may have been going on inside the home ... where a 3-year-old toddler was killed. the child's own brother... 16- year-old "shae holloway" ... is accused of stabbing the little boy.sheriff joe arpaio told us... deputies found drug paraphanalia... and a substance they believe is sheriff joe arpaio - "we're going to look into this but when you look at the paraphernalia the scale lasene envelopes you get a little idea that sales could be occurring." holloway is facing second-degree murder. he is currently being charged as an adult. 3
7:57 am
we'll see you back here in 25 we'll see you choosing cbs 5, thank you for thank you for choosing cbs 5, we'll see you back here in 25
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8:00 am
good morning to our viewers in the west. it is wednesday august 17, 2016. welcome back to "cbs this morning." there is more real news ahead including new changes inside donald trump's campaign. the at will not change. major garrett who has covered the trump campaign will discuss the new faces at the top. but first, today's eye opener at 8:00. >> i can feel the heat radiating behind me, but it's moved extremely fast and spread fire resources very thin. >> donald trump is on his third campaign manager, first corey lewandowski and then manafort, and now he's out. >> he's one of the toughest, most aggressive, most negative
8:01 am
that signals to me that trump rather than softening his approach is going to double down on being the in your face campaigner. >> the fbi turned over quite a bit of materials to congress. convinced republicans at the agency thoroughly investigated clinton's private server. >> later on this morning search crews will begin going door-to-door looking for people who didn't evacuate. >> if anybody needed another example of just how dominant the u.s. women have been in this sport, well, last night they got two. >> simone, i can't get enough of her. she's so sparkly. >> i call it extreme vetting. i call it extreme, vetting. >> it's like he's auditioning for the extreme vetting commercial. i call it extreme -- okay, wait, i call it extreme vetting. but how many takes do we get? it's live, donald!
8:02 am
king and margaret brennan, norah is off. a massive wildfire has put more than 80,000 people under evacuation orders. the blue cut fire exploded yesterday to cover roughly 18,000 acres in san bernardino, california. >> governor declared a state of emergency in the donald trump's presidential campaign has announced another change at the top. stephen bannonwill become. kellyanne conway was promoted to campaign manager and paul manafort will remain campaign chairman. trump focused on race relations last night in west bend in wisconsin. he told an overwhelmingly white crowd that his campaign will do
8:03 am
hillary clinton would. >> the democratic party has run nearly every inner city in this country for 50 years, and run them into financial ruin. virtually every single one. they've ruined the schools. they've driven out the jobs. they've tolerated a level of crime no american should consider acceptable, worse than many third world countries. >> major garrett was at last night's trump rally in wisconsin. >> reporter: good morning. >> what do you think about this, first of all, the shakeup in terms of the staff. what does that mean for trump? >> reporter: well, look, you have to always remember trump is the campaign. trump and his daughter ivanka, her husband and don and eric. they are the essence of the campaign. as we've learned campaign managers can come and go. but steve bannan is a capable person, aggressive and kelly
8:04 am
but neither have had these jobs before. they're being asked to step into roles they are utterly unfamiliar with, on the fly in high pressure situations when the trump campaign has never faced more peril when it comes to its polling and organization position visa vee hillary clinton. but remember, trump runs the campaign first, foremost and always. >> is it a demotion for manafort? >> it's to insulate manafort. the trump campaign decided these week especially about ukraine and lobbying and off the book payments are bad, are likely to get worse. but they're still keeping him in a position of somewhat importance within the campaign. it's an insulation move. but if the stories keep up and the publicity gets worse, they may have to demote him. they're holding onto him while they can. >> major, less than 90 days, what do you make of the timing of this? and what do you think we'll see next of the trump campaign since everybody says donald trump runs
8:05 am
>> reporter: as i just said, he does run his own campaign. and if you look at last night's speech, it was by far the best drafted and best delivered teleprompter speech of the trump campaign. that's kind of a low bar, a well drafted speech, well delivered is sort of what you expect in a presidential campaign. but trump hasn't really oriented himself in that direction. if he continues to do that and it's an enormous if, he may reap some political benefits. but as i've learned can never predict future and you have to be ready for any possible unpredictable event. and that's what i'm going to do. >> major, you said that trump's trying to reach out to african-americans, but he's turned down speaking opportunities. he was invited to speak to the naacp and other significant groups. why do that? >> i don't know. but if you want to look at last night's speech, it was in the most perfect safe zone trump
8:06 am
himself. a speech about african-american pathologies, urban decay, urban blight and despair and democrats being responsible for that in one of the most republican counties in wisconsin, in one of the whitest counties in wisconsin, 96% white according to latest census bureau data about 45 miles outside of milwaukee. trump came to milwaukee to talk about racial unrest, but he didn't go anywhere close to the city. he went to the safest zone both rhetorically and politically he could find. >> donald trump said this week he would create a coalition with russia to defeat isis. he also said he wants to shift nato's focus away from countering russia. and he called president vladimir putin a strong leader. hillary clinton has called putin a bully and she has vowed to stop moscow's meddling in ukraine and syria by punishing russia with more financial sanctions. we asked former defense secretary robert gates what the next president faces from that
8:07 am
leaders who will push forward as long as there's no significant resistance. but he's not suicidal. he's not delusional. he's not crazy. he's a very calculating person who is playing a very poor hand with great skill. >> is putin gaining influence? >> i think that putin certainly has reasserted russia's role. it's pretty clear that any negotiation on syria, if there ever is one, russia will be at the table. and based on the way things are right now, probably in the chair. >> on day one, what does the next president encounter? >> the next president needs to begin with what is putin trying to do. putin is trying to reassert russia as a great power player in the world. if he can do it politically, he will. if he needs to do it militarily, he will. but i think first the president
8:08 am
pushed around by this guy. >> you see the risk of military confrontation. >> the risk is the same as it was during the cold war in this specific respect of a miscalculation or an accident or a mistake that somebody makes that escalates the situation. >> gates said the best case scenario is a new president with a lot of credibility who lays out clear guidelines for what the u.s. will and will not tolerate from russia. charlie,s next president. but we'll see. >> bob gates has also said that, and i mean people who've been in the situation room at the white house when he and hillary clinton were there together during the first term of the obama administration, that the two of them were often on the same page. >> uh-huh. >> bob gates and hillary clinton. >> yes. well, look at what russia's doing right now with using now iranian air bases to bomb syria. i mean, there definitely seems to be pushing the envelope and
8:09 am
confrontation. >> which is gates said, look, he'll do as much as he can until somebody says no more. >> right. we'll see. >> we'll see. >> an interesting meeting for president obama and putin in a few weeks in september. >> certainly more to come on that. u.s. gymnast allie raisman won her sixth olympic medal.
8:10 am
the star of "train wreck" comes to studio 57. here's a look at emmy winner amy schumer checking out some of our trophies in the toyota green room. ahead, her new book and why she's saying she's always revealing too much. you're watching "cbs this morning." atching "cbs this
8:11 am
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(jet engine reving up) you hear that? that's the sound of our summer sale firing up its engines
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because sale prices as low as these don't happen every day! book your low fare now at low fares. nothing to hide. that's transfarency. (clap, clap, ding) ? team usa features some of the best gymnasts in the world. simone biles won gold in yesterday's floor final and aly raisman earned silver, her sixth career olympic medal. her parents are a big part of
8:15 am
olympics for their extreme reactions to their daughter's routine. jamie yuccas is outside of rio olympic park and spoke with the parents about their . >> good morning. last night, against all odds she returned to cement her legacy. with tuesday's near perfect floor routine, aly raisman ended her run in rio with a silver medal behind friend and teammate simone biles. the 22-year-old now has three medals to add to the three she won in london in 2012. >> i don't think anyone knows how many hours goes into the training and how grueling it is. >> reporter: rick and lynn are aly's parents and spent most of
8:16 am
watch every jump and flip with nervous anticipation. >> you're just so caught up in the moment and even though she practices it a million times, it's still -- you still got to do it. >> the whole time get off and let the minute and a half go through real quick. >> reporter: do you feel as burnt out at the end of the routine? >> at the end of the routine the whole family is exhausted. >> reporter: while their performance in the stand won't earn them any medals they have daughter. >> you kind of oblivious to anything else that is going on in the world. so you just so focused on that routine. >> reporter: you guys don't have any desire to keep it together, do you? >> i can't control it. >> reporter: riseman's performance in rio is a redemption of shorts after taking a year-long break from the sports following the london games. >> she will never say it was harder coming back, but i think as a dad and kind of being in sports that i just know it was a
8:17 am
gymnasts rarely make it to multiple olympics. so raisman's final flip onto the podium is that much more impressive. >> the crowd is just, has mo the ussr in 1972. >> we like that, jamie. a nice, fun fact. you see from the parents point of view because they practice, practice. one time is when it counts to watch it. >> it's like back seat driving. you can see the mom like leaning. so cute. >> they love their daughter. nightly show host and comedian larry wilmore talks with charlie about the end of his late night series and how jon stewart changed his life. that is coming up next on "cbs
8:18 am
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the show has been canceled. general laziness and the fact that sam is three cases of
8:22 am
i have already started drinking. >> there you go. larry wilmore warns the audience not to expect too much last night on the night shoal. the last episode will air tomorrow night. comedy central's president said the show is being cancelled because it, quote, hasn't resonated with its target audience. i spoke with wilmore last night on my pbs program. >> i'm only sad when things go nd cast and crew. but i'm always -- i'm a person that always look forward and i'm always interesting in mentoring young writers and young producers and people who you see that, you know, would be good for them to get a chance to get in the business. thank you! >> you, obviously, were given an opportunity to do something that you wanted to do. >> absolutely. >> to start from scratch and create a show? >>. that is always a rare opportunity in television. i've been very lucky that i've been able to do that a few times.
8:23 am
pitched me an idea that he felt there were a lot of voices that weren't being heard on television and weren't being represented and i thought there should be a show where that could happen. he imagined a round table type of show and he said i want you to be the ring leader. i'm like, what? what? i mean, i'm 52. you know, i was at my breaking bad age where i should be making meth somewhere, you know? a winnebago and trying to get away from the law is what i should have been has that giant shrub always been there? so rare opportunity, you know? i'm tickled with the humility that comes with that knowing how to do that all and then jon wants the show to be the minority reporter and we are tackling race and gender and class. thanks, jon! let's do that! you know? >> such a great comedy. >> yes, but knowing jon, you know, on the serious side, we had done that before on "the tale show." i was very honored that he would
8:24 am
of tough subjects and they really are tough, but i really enjoy -- i really enjoy trying to find the humanity in it and get the humor out that way and those types of things. it was really so much fun to the amount of time. we challenging, i have to say, but a lot of fun. >> so where will you go now? what will be the kind of forum? we want to know where you are. >> "cbs this morning," man! you guys on that show, you know he? >> he has been invited here any time. >> he really is. big loss i think for "comedy extra." what a class act and the way he is handling it too. >> very interesting guy. >> most people say i don't have anything to say and i don't want to talk. he is so classy. >> you is one more example of those people around comedy central who give jon stewart lots of credit. he was really an incubator for people to have their own show.
8:25 am
>> he already has a lot of things in the fire. >> amy schumer joins us at the good morning- it's 8:25, i'm yetta gibson. happening today out at chase field...olympic gold medalist bethanie mattek-sands will throw out the ceremonial first pitch before the d-backs - new york mets game at 6:30 p.m. mattek-sands is a valley resident and just won her first olympic gold medal in mixed tennis sunday in o defeating three-time olympic gold medalist venus williams. grand canyon university is planning to build 10 new sports facilities in the next two years.some of those projects include... a baseball stadium... softball stadium... and beach volleyball court. 3
8:26 am
thank you for choosing cbs 5,
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8:30 am
. welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up this half hour, comedienne amy schumer got her laughs by accident. there i her and she is out with her first book and opens up about online dating and what really gets under her skin. the push-up challenge that is gaining traction online. the organizers hope it will be this summer's ice bucket challenge. ahead, how the push-ups could help the veterans struggling with the aftermath of war. time to show you some of the morning's headlines from around the globe. it is reported on new trouble for the baltimore mother who made headlines last year
8:31 am
riot. la toya graham was caught on video when she was pushing her son out of a riot in baltimore. on friday, fire damaged her home. it started when her son was cooking. they are staying in a hotel and establishing a go fund me page. a car crashed into a house for the sixth time. the latest crash happened on saturday. since the family has moved in since 2004 half a dozen cars have drove into the house. reports on ellen degeneres defending herself on accusations of racism. she wrote by this photo, this is how i'm running errands from now
8:32 am
she tweeted the following yesterday. it is the furtherest thing from who i am. bolt did retweet ellen's edited photo. >> i'm so glad she is not taking it down. ie it's ridiculous to accuse her of that. "usa today" found internet users are tracked by 75%, 75% of the world's 500 most popular amy schumer first made her name in stand-up with a brutally and i mean that honest stage act and won an emmy for her hit series. it's called "inside amy schumer." her first movie "trainwreck" was a hit. schumer is just getting started. >> i just need -- just this in a
8:33 am
>> uk 12 which is a u.s. 8 or like a naps 12 which is an american 3? >> they are like, no, we want you to be in the movie. and i was, like, oh, my god, me? they were like, yes. we just need you to do three things. one, just be yourself. two, have fun. and, three, stop eating food. i was like, wait a minute. oh, my gosh, he is call. >> why would he call u? to have sex? >> it isn't that. >> hello. >> hey there. it's aaron. >> this is amy. i think you buzz dialed me. >> no, i dialed you with my fingers. ? i am not throwing away my mop ? >> 7, 8, now pose. we met in a chat room for a parrot fanatic. he has been telling me he loves me since week one, but i'm pretty sure i'm being --
8:34 am
>> this comedienne, actress, writer, producer and director is now an author! her first book is called "the girl with the lower back tattoo." and published by simon and shuster who is owned by cbs. >> that is how i got here? i didn't know i was owned by cbs. all right. >> no, we invited you and you were in the neighborhood and said, i'll come on over. >> i'll check you guys out. book happened and all true and you don't know if it's true but, boy, do you tell a lie. it's extremely honest and candid. one of the things you talk about is an eighth grader running off with a bunch of kids and her nickname is pancakes, guys, silver dollars. >> that's right. >> very revealing i think about who you are. >> it's pretty revealing. i think you'll like this story, charlie. so it was, you know, we were in eighth grade and we would all
8:35 am
chase us like you do with your kids. the boys somehow talked us into we were going to flash them. they had a really good argument. like, do it! we were, like, okay. so all of the girls would line up and lifted up our shirts. and all of the boys looked at me and i did not have the biggest boobs of all of the crew but i looked down and shown that everyone else had only shown their bra and i was the only one who went full throttle. i think that is kind after good i'm always the one like revealing too much. i thought we were all admitting real things about ourselves. no, no. >> there is a kind of contradiction you are a private person but in terms of television you're every woman. you have this huge profile. >> thank you. yeah. i think we are all, i think so like walking hypocrites. i think pretty much. like, there is so many sides to
8:36 am
i'm, you know, very charged politically and i really care about the world, but that doesn't mean that i don't go home and watch every "real housewives" and every "bachelorette." you think, you know, we are dynamic people. >> i like in the book you take on this idea of people singling you out as a female comedienne more. this is what women in hollywood are like. >> yeah. >> that really gets under your skin. >> it does. it bothers me. it's such -- i think -- we were talking about this, people will say, i usually don't like female comics but you're okay. and i'm like, would you go up and say, i don't usually like black people, but i like you? it's just -- >> i like you. >> it's such a strange thing. >> people have said that to me. >> they have? i really regret saying that. i wish i could take it back. no. but you find it demeaning rather than -- >> it's, i think, a
8:37 am
to be made because people will say you're my favorite female comic. i go who is your favorite male comic? they said nobody. maybe i'm your best comic? maybe there doesn't need to be a distinction to be made. >> you also talk about your parents. >> that's right. >> in a rather open way. >> yes. had affairs? >> my mom only had one affair. >> i didn't mean -- >> what you said, which is the openness of talking about your mother and your best friend's father. >> that's correct. >> when you were 13. >> i was 13 years old. yeah. and so just like with my stand-up before i talk about anybody on stage or, you know -- anything. the person. i don't want it to hurt anyone. >> you asked your mom? >> i asked my mom i rented it and said if you don't want me to write any of it, i won't. if you want me to correct anything.
8:38 am
that school was on sunday. >> but rest is okay? >> yeah. >> when you talk about your parents because they each have been married three times. >> yes. >> does that affect how you feel about marriage or children? do you worry about that? >> i think not so much children, because i think it just seems like very tiring to have them. so that is just how i feel about that. >> they are work. >> i'm just, like, what if i want to take a >> what about marriage? >> but marriage, yeah, i feel very realistic about just statistics. i'm still very unromantic and i love/love but statistically, it's -- it doesn't look so good for you and me, forever? burial plots. it's like, you know, usually, something happens. but i really try to just enjoy the moment and how you're feeling now. but, you know --
8:39 am
>> that's right. >> which i just think -- i always hear great things about it. >> it's going well. >> how did you meet him? >> i was on a dating app for 48 hours, i should say that. >> amy schumer? >> yeah. it was one for like creative types and you can't screen shot it because we do have this embarrassment. people still think of dating online, we met online. everybody, i think when you get over that because it's just how it happens now. >> you would recommend >> yeah. it worked for me. the first person i talk to on the app was bad. the very first person i talked to. and, yeah. >> and it clicked? >> it went well. >> yeah. >> your connection with ben? >> i made a connection with ben. the first night, we did not have sex because he didn't try. and then -- >> are you disappointed? >> no. i was just like, what is this guy's deal? no, we really just liked each other and it felt very good and
8:40 am
wait? it was just, like, we are together now and twha it. >> the first time you got a laugh, like that. you weren't trying to get a laugh. >> no. >> you -- >> humiliating for but it wasn't? >> the last note of my -- in case you don't have any jews in your life, when you have a -- you can choose to read from or chant. so i chanted. the very last note i just cracked. and everyone is silent. i was really embarrassed because i wanted to do a good job. but then everybody laughed and then i laughed. tfs like, that is better than if it had gone well. >> there a quote from in the book. i know my worth and embrace my power. i say if i'm beautiful, i say if i'm strong. you say you will not determine my story. i will. well said. >> i love that. >> thank you. thanks, guys. >> great to have you.
8:41 am
tattoo is on sale wherever you like to buy your books. >> wherever! >> wherever. a new online talent is sweeping across social media. 22 push-ups can help troops who (scal): good day, m'lady! 22 push-ups can help troops who i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you wake up those eggs with glorious spam!
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are new challenge for you this morning. an online trend is challenging internet users to get physical. it's called the 22 push-up challenge and it has thousands of people around the country working their arms. jim axelrod shows us why these videos are not so much a show of strength but an act of compassion. >> reporter: this sociia awareness of mental health issues that members of america's military bring home from war. specifically, veterans who commit suicide every day. the videos are meant to support u.s. troops, while helping to lower a deadly statistic. >> one. >> two. >> three. >> reporter: drop and give me 22. that is the goal of this latest challenge now being met by fathers and sons, hollywood stars.
8:46 am
for the 22 veterans. >> reporter: even a class of texas state trooper recruits. the idea is to bring attention to an obstacle facing our men and women in uniform. for years, it was estimated 22 veterans committed suicide each day. retired marine donna win is the deputy director of 22 kill, the foundation behind the challenge. >> when the statistics came out that 22 veterans a day committing sued, it's almost unbelievable. we wanted to where this number came from. >> reporter: one parent of a fallen soldier posted this video to youtube less than a week after losing his marine son. >> six days ago, my son committed suicide after serving in afghanistan. >> reporter: randall stevenson said he took the challenge to reach out to other soldiers in need. >> please. i don't want this to be you. >> reporter: rusty carter, an army veteran who tried to kill himself after returning from two
8:47 am
the soldiers receiving that message. >> if i knew of an organization at the time that was doing what we do at 22 kill, i don't feel that i would have attempted suicide. >> reporter: today, he understands the power of telling vets you are not alone. >> i started to realize that the power that there was by just this advocation and spreading that message. >> reporter: recent the department of veteran affairs lowered the number to an average 20 veterans a day who take their own lives. but for 22 kill, it is still too many. >> one person committing suicide is a pretty big problem. any number is a big problem. >> reporter: two summers ago, the ice bucket challenge also used social media for a cause raising $115 million for a.l.s. research, but the founders of 22 kill say, at this point, they
8:48 am
>> i think they are doing that effectively. just even loring even lowering >> we have so many attention focusing on getting people to go to battle but doing very little to do to transition when they come at home. >> thank you, jim. >> thank you. >> a best selling book "reimagine the railroad" is back in our studio.
8:50 am
now how's that thing supposed to convince anyone to buy a car? it's just full of hot air and doesn't say much. like the labels you see on a lot of chicken packaging. the ones that say "raised without antibiotics." that's just a trick to get you to pay more money. fact is, by federal law, all chickens must be clear of antibiotics before they leave the farm. it's a marketing mr. floppy arms here. though i must say, he is somewhat hypnotic. ype, dale. dale?
8:51 am
i love books and you know i love sharing books. really thrilled to be able to use "cbs this morning" as a platform for share with the
8:52 am
selection. it's the underground railroad by coleson whitehead. >> that was two weeks ago when oprah announced her newest book selection. his book debuted at number four on "the new york times" hard fiction cover list. he joins us once again at the table. the last two weeks have been like you, colson? >> i call it o-day plus 14. i walk around and ask my wife, i have this weird feeling of lightness. like it's happiness! so it's a new feeling. i'm trying to wrap my head around it. >> #happiness is announced on his website too.
8:53 am
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( "the price is right" theme playing ) >> george: here it comes, from the bob barker studio at cbs in hollywood, it's "the price is right!" brita loeb, come on down. ( cheers and applause ) shondra forbes, come on down. ( cheers and applause ) andy sabatini, come on down. ( cheers and applause ) and paige charles, come on down.


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