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tv   CBS 5 News at 10  CBS  August 20, 2016 12:37am-1:14am MST

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right now a man has been rushed to the hospital after being shot at least five times. this is 7th street and baseline. when police found the 28-year- old he was shot multiple times.
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updates. >> i don't like child abuse and that was child abuse, leaving the kid in the heat. phoenix neighbors may have saved a life. the 1-year-old was in a stroller outside of a phoenix apartment. preston, police say the boy's mother left him there? >> for nearly an hour in t out drunk. tonight that mother is in jail, her son with dcs. >> he was soaking wet. it was sad. all i could do was cry. >> lisa baker is talking about breaking down after finding a one-year-old in a stroller outside her neighbor's apartment. it was 100 degrees and humid.
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been asleep. >> lisa immediately grabbed the toddler and cleaned him up. another neighbor called 911. >> i don't like child abuse, and that was child abuse. leaving a kid in the heat. >> the cops found the toddler's mom passed out drunk in bed. she f limit. >> she was blitz. she said the baby wanted to be outside. the baby is not old enough to talk. >> she was loaded. she stunk, she deserved what she gets. >> according to court documents the toddler was alone in the heat for an hour. the police believe he could
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hurt. >> police say facing prison time. hope today for a while one of the most infamous would be captured. the fbi went to a town after a man fisher is accused of murdering his family 15 years ago and blowing up their home. the man picked up was fingerprinted and the resemblance he was not fisher who could be anywhere. >> i don't think there's any reason to think he's not alive. >> fisher is to fbi's most wanted list.
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a bombshell court ruling. sheriff arpaio and three employees have been referred for criminal prosecution. what does this mean especially with the sheriff running for reelection. >> this didn't come as a surprise to either side but it's a huge deal for a judge refer a sitting sheriff for charges. the resigning, but community members gather informed celebrate the judges ruling. the judge wants arpaio to consequences for wrong-doing, disobeying court orders, obstruction and lying under oath. >> this so-called sheriff, the so-called law man, doesn't care
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>> when someone criminal ates a -- violates a court order there's consequences. >> our community is ready to see the sheriff in pink underwear and shackles as he's done for the families that targeted for years. >> area -- arpaios attorney said he will defend him >> the cause has dragged on for eight years. what's next we asked the former u.s. attorney for arizona. >> they will be prison. >> arpaio's attorney will ask for amiteing with the u.s. attorney now in charge for the
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is not clear. what about people claiming to be victims. there will be a half million dollars fund for compensation. if that's not enough they will add more money. each claim will be capped at $10,000. new tonight, we're hearing from the family of a woman who was shot outside of her work yesterday. tonight she's in critical condition and the 19-year-old suspect you see here is run. that happened near cave creek and peoria. police say the woman may have been in a remember. there was only a brief relation when the victim tried to cut off ties malik began stalking her. thompson is on the run tonight. voters have the chance to weigh in on raising the minimum
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this is after a judge dismissed efforts to keep it from getting it on the ballot. it races the wage to $12 an hour by 2020. it calls into question the canvassers. >> a group is trying to use tricks to silence a quarter million voters. they didn't follow the proceeders. >> the the dismiss the they missed the deadline. as recreational marijuana searches -- inches closer they are not done fighting. prop 205 allows people over 21 to legally buy marijuana. opponents are vowing to keep fighting the initiative saying
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drive impaired. it stops prosecutors to stop using marijuana as evidence. supporters say it does nothing to change the way dui are charged in antonin scalia: arizona. >> while they are under the influence. if you are under the influence you are impaired. >> this new law doesn't change that in any >> an attorney says the provision protects people from being wrongfully charged from past marijuana use. it is spreading in places that families go to have fun. the cripto outbreak is getting worse with 100 confirmed cases. the outbreak was first reported earlier this month. it has been lippinged to 20
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>> if you get it stay out of the pool until two weeks after your symptom is gone. one person can contaminate a entire pool. in florida it is impossible for them to spray for zika near the south beach and that's the latest area with the outbreak. it's filled with high-rise buildings and faces high winds. and harry re congress to return to washington, d.c., to deal with the spread of zika. democrats want a zika funding bill for $1.9 million. that would develop a vaccine and control mosquitoes. happy friday, hope you had a good one. we may deal with showers overnight. we're seeing a few isolated showers and thunderstorms.
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the 202, shower activity and showers toward sun watching across the strayias -- astrayas. along interstate 8. along the west the california border. a live look outside. a few clouds. temperature perfect, a high today, that's the average as you can see we're around 94 degrees. we're experiencing cooler weather over the weekend. you can see the flow of moisture from the south, stray showers around kingman and the north and south rim of the grand canyon. tomorrow morning we'll see a hugh thin cloud -- high thin clouds.
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the forecast. here's the forecast, 83 at 6:00 a.m. 93 at 10, the high around 103, average high is 104. saturday and sunday, sunday 102, and here's the rest of the seven-day forecast. temperature warming up. around 105 thursday and friday. water is everything brewing, how we clean, sanitize, fill, push, beer is 90% water. >> and in the desert water is precious, to conserve a contest started that would turn waste water into beer. would you try it? we have answers on the brew coming up. it's back to school, in tempe the sun devils will get
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would you drink a glass of purified waste water. how about beer made from it. how they hope to get thetic factor -- ilk factor. >> hopefully it will take the edge off purified waste water. they can protect the state's water supplies. >> at dragoon brewing company the secret to good beer is water. >> it's how we clean, sanitize, fill, push, beer is mostly water, 90% water. >> and that's why they are raising a glass to the idea of purified waste water which is not used for drinking.
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important, we want to be responsible. >> dragoon will be part of a statewide battle. the economy addition was proposed by the waste water department. >> we can produce water to any level of quality. it's the public perception. >> it costs pennies on the dollar to do the extra purification and we can drinkable gallons per day. >> every town has a waste water facility. it's in place for the water distributions. it makes sense. >> we have to being to cink up. >> officials will find out in november if they get the gran needed. in tucson. i'm derrick stahl.
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swimmer in the ryan hockey the -- lochte debacle is on the home. earlier today ryan apossibles. >>ed for -- apologized for lying. in a couple weeks, thousands of students will pack the stadium for football. what if it hosted events year that's an idea students are working on. >> this is the group of students looking to change that. >> it's a large venue in the middle of the valley, most people don't get to come here. >> one of the students working on a project called stadium 365. the goal is to keep it busy year around. >> i hope it's a central part of campus that people remember
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>> movie nights on a massive screen, huge exercise sessions. pop-up stores and concerts for everybody in the community. one group member drouin conspiration -- drew inspiration from her country. >> i'm from spain. i'm in. >> students say it's a great idea. it's such a great stadium and should be used for a lot of stuff. >> if the ideas come to life and it's more than football, it would be a one of a kind space unlike any university has in the nation. the students will present their ideas to the business school dean. there's no timeline for the
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to the old sleeping routine, getting kids down can be challenging. here's a few ways to make bedtime better. gradually move up the new bedtime and turn off all electronics and an hour before bedtime. a good nights rest is 9 to 12 hours and teens need between 8 to 10 hours. >> if not their school not only the levels of attention but the ability to remember what's being taught. >> research shows that not getting enough children at risk for not understanding. >> online subscriptions. amazon prime is offering a
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months free trial. for music streaming. spotify for $5 a month music. adobe is $20 giving you access to apps. online versions of microsoft office is fry to student -- free to students. children with autism get to see what flying is like before the wings of autism event. they check in, go through security and ??board a plain an simulates the flight. people with autism can have a hard time with new situations and loud noises.
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>> it's flashback friday, you know what that song is, you are looking at vintage video of arizona state university. we pulled from the youtube page, sun devils started the school year this week. asu has a long history and the legacy is growing. if you want to see the rest of the clip it's on >> we'll come back the school -- welcome back to school. the first football game at asu -- your tall. >> i know. my chair is high. the first football game is september 3. that's exciting. >> sunny and nice in september. temperatures are going on
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cam will back -- camelback mountain. love the pictures. let's talk about the forecast. a few stray choosers this morning. see the -- showers this morning. you can see temps dropping to 83.
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payson 84. 103 in phoenix and 73 in flagstaff. >> different looks and different personel. the cardinals felt their practice against the chargers made them better. it didn't carry over. they looked lost. the coach in fine form after tuesday's hospital scare. a moment o loss of nancy bidwell. >> he doesn't know what planet i hades on. take another look. buchanan the hit of the night. big red bringing the pressure. morrow bringing up the heat. first team defense was solid. the offense was not.
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25-yard pick six. stanton steps in, third and four. this is not a quality throw. leads to a field 10-0 after one. charges nine of 13. 108yards. leads to a field goal. matt barkley played well. 10 of 15 for 85 yards. sets up chandler for 52 yards out. cardinals lost 19-3. >> turned the ball over too much. that's two weeks in a row we turned the ball over. defensively we played well. the 2nd quarter wasn't good with the twos. offensively we can't turn the ball over.
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hamilton hosting boulder creek. huskies dominated. the quarterback, he troy -- strolls in. keep it in the east valley. bears all fired up. basha to move. they cough up the football. lloyd scooping, score. 90yards, 14-0 knights. here comes basha, campbell g west view picks up win number 1. >> diamondbacks and padres
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good evening, tracking the traffic. we've been talking about it all week long. the closure on e i-10 eastbound. from the stack to the mini stack to state route 51.
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traveling. into downtown or the airport. stick to the 17, take that around and go back up. have a great night and a great weekend. for the listing of closure go to >> a look at the highs and lows for tomorrow. 103, that's below average. we'll start at 83 degrees. >> how many do you think will >> this will be our new look. i like sitting high. >> you really do. >> happy f.
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