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tv   CBS 5 News at 10  CBS  August 20, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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. live from cbs 5, breaking news. >> and we're following breaking news right now an off- duty phoenix firefighter was shot at while driving on i-10 and he heard a pop and got off at 7 th avenue and found a bullet hole in the backside of his truck. a phoenix police lieutenant tells it may have a woman in a drove off. police are still looking for the person who fired the gun. . and we're do you meaning to track the monsoon tonight, check out the lightning right outside of the cbs 5 studios in central fever. the strikes were massive, right after one of the other. this is what it looks like a
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tonight... the weather washed out a prayer vigil to remember those killed by the phoenix serial shooter.cbs5's amanda goodman.. live tonight in maryvale...amanda... a lot of people just weren't expecting this storm to roll through like it did. preston, it caught a lot of people off guard, especially the organizers of this event.. we saw plenty of we flooding..out here on the west side..the rain, wind and all that lightning leaving organizers of tonight's event no choice but to postpose the prayer was set to take place at marivue park to remember and honor the victims killed by the serial shooter. seven people have been killed, more injured and the shooter still
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been killed and more injured and that shooter is still at large. before the storm rolled in, we are able to talk with family members of one of the victims, who told us quite frankly, it can be hard at times to stay optimistic. >> yes, i get discouraged. i pray and in my prayer i pray for the family members and i do pray this guy, this serial killer, i pray that he surrenders. >> reporter: nd was the second person killed by the central killer. white was shot in april and like many of the families keeping their loved one name and faces in the news to get justice and to that end i'm told this prayer vigil will be rescheduled for another time and as soon as we get word of when that will be, we'll let you know. amanda goodman, cbs 5 news.
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clerk killed during an armed republic says the suspects arrest has brought them police report. the arrest of joseph fatigoni is now facing murder, and kidnapping and armed robbery charges. he went into the 7-11 with a disguise on and made employees empty a register and forced them into a backroom. at some point there ways struggle over the gun and 36- year-old amannette singh toor was killed. it says in part, "we would to thank the police department and local community and all those involved behind the scenes. we're truly appreciative and grateful for everyone's time and he had indication." also new tonight a semi and car collided in the west valley, leading to this huge mess and hazmat situation. that happened near 59th and buckeye. the semi is a refueling truck and has matz yours called out to remove the fuel. two men were taken to the hospital and will be okay and
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crash. tracking prayer services that will continue at a valley church despite a fire burning part of that building. at the first baptist church in maricopa. leaders say church services will be held outside of the church. tonight congregation say they are thankful that the fire didn't break out while people were inside. >> by god's grace, it happened on a saturday and there was nobody in the building at the time the fire started and there is no personal damage and no harm to individuals. >> electrical issues may have started that fire. tonight more than a dose people are looking for a new place to stay after a fire burned through thei participant building this apartment building and working to find the residents temporary housing. no one was hurt haun that fire is still under investigation. a kingman police dog has died after it suffered heat exhaustion while searching for a lot of hiker. amigo was showing signs of
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clinic and died suddenly this morning. the 3-year-old dog work with the kingman police department for a year. right now cops are looking say he got away with multiple pill bottles. says, "we want to get this guy off the street and we don't know where those pills are going to and we don't want someone to ingest and be harmed by them."detectives describe the bandit as a 6-foot tall black man with shoulder length dreadlocks. if you have any information cal a woman that slammed into the side of a c-v-s has died.this video from our penguin air and plumbing news chopper shows the size of that impact.bricks were scattered outside the building.the crash shut down peoria at 35th avenue in both directions yesterday morning. we're told the woman was driving eastbound when she veered off the road. a case of pet-napping to the extreme. an adult macaw... stolen right from her cage, from inside her southside
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the bird's well cbs5's lauren reimer reports, the bird wasn't taken without a fight! amber hamant and her 12 year old blue and gold macaw named 'sunshine' have been together for years. on friday afternoon sunshine was sunshine has been together for years. on friday afternoon sunshine was stolen from her home near 4th street and southern in a burglary. someone broke down hamant's fron tv, and the exotic bird. >> they threw her this a bag in a pillowcase. >> reporter: sunshine didn't go without a fight and bit the robbers really badly and they attempted to clean up and left good blood samples for the police un. so that will be interesting to see what happens there. >> reporter: on top of filing a police report, hamant contracted veterinarians, exotic animal rescues and posted nearly 100 fliers around her neighborhood, hoping someone knows something.
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every time i see that cage my heart drop. >> reporter: macaws are not easy pets to keep. >> at nighttime when the sun goes down, if she is not with me, home with me, shale scream, at the top of her lungs. it's a screeching sound and, in fact, you can hear it at your neighbor's house. >> reporter: hamant has offer a substantial reward for the bird's safe return, no questions asked. >>i just hope i don't want anyone abusing her. >> reporter: s. and we found out about the story because we were tipped off by a cbs 5 viewer on our facebook page. thank you. if you have something that you want us to check out, send us a message. steve, raining out there in some places. >> it was raining a lot in the highcountry. this is up by camp verde on i- 17, really coming down hard up there. also some hail was detected and
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accumulated on the deck and patio furniture. so definitely in the upper elevations some cold stormy weather and in the valley we got actual rainfall amounts carefree, cave creek ranch area around .5". not incredibly largements. typically when we get several inches in the valley, that is extremement but we were in the .25-5" on average and north and west of the valley. mesa, queen creek channeler gilbert did not see much rain. the west side got in on the action and the north side as winston-salem. for tomorrow, you will see a repeat in probably not. in the morning hours fairly mild in thes for this time of year isn't bad and temperatures warming up to 102, pretty typical for this time of year. as i showed earlier it's going to continue to go south of interstate 8 and interstate 10.
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clutters of thunderstorm activity around gila bend and watch out for if you know anybody traveling i-8 to take it easy with thunderstorm and rain shower activity just west of avondale. not too much in town in the valley right now as the bulk of that energy and moisture is sliding to the south. so right now, look at that number. 83 degrees. we have really cooled off substantially, almost 20 degrees from our high today. 58 dewpoint and t moistuish to the south of us through tonight, but notice it slides to the south and tomorrow morning maybe a few clouds in the higher elevations. so up over the mountains you have to watch out during the monsoon, get a little outflow from the storms could cause and isolated shower or thunderstorm. from bullhead city to show low, 84 the overnight low and forecasted high 102. that will be the same thing for
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and warm up very subtly into the middle of the workweek. 105 before tomorrow, partly cloudy way high of 102. steve thanks. >> now you have everything that you need to know this saturday night. up next an emotional day or a valley teen battling cancer, who gets her wish granted. plus, getting the kids on a school sleep schedule can be tough. yes, it can. some answers about how to make it happen, and we're live right here on the desk on facebook
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cbs . back in school getting them to turn on their sleep schedule can be so tough. molly hall has answers on how to get your kids back on-track. >> reporter: the family has had a busy unction, fun-filled summer. >> i really tried to keep them on a schedule, which is a little later than during the school year. although they still have to get up early for camp. >> reporter: with the school year approaching pedestrian says it's time to make sleep a
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moved up earlier and to do it gradually over a two-week period and if need be, wake them up earlier. >> reporter: electronics and screens should be off-limits about an hour before bed because they can be stimulating and kids need to wide down. dr. reuben says getting enough rest is critical for children and that means 9-12 for 6-12 years old and 8-10 hours for teens. >> if not their school performance is very, very affected. not only on attention, but just their level of comprehens. >> reporter: helen says her children thrive on sleep. >> they can focus on school and less meltdowns they are just happier. >> reporter: and experts say be consistent. letting kids sleep in or stay up late on weekends makes it harder to get back on-track for
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just a few weeks a with a and accord doing the worst day to travel is friday september 2nd. starting tomorrow most restrictions between u.s. and mexico will be lifted which means lower ticket prices for travelers. both countries have agreed to open their aviation markets to be other's carriers, american, delta and southwest plan to offer new flights across the border later this hous at arizona historical society museum in tempe, where people saw the new ufo sighting in phoenix in 1997 and they were reported by thousands of people. while no one investigative journalist spoke about the pattern she says is happening
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evidence that link an alien presence to the animal mutualation and human abdictions and certainly government of the united states has had a policy of denial since world war ii. and it's the whistle-blowers today that are beginning to finally talk before they die. >> phoenix ufo network hosted today's events. >> also new tonight a very big and special day for a valley teen battling hodgkins racer until she was diagnosed and their family was forced to sell her horse and saddle to use the money to pay for treatment. thanks to make-a-wish, she got a new surprise, new horse and saddle and free veterinarian care for one year. >> he is perfect. he was everyone that i was looking for. it's hard to find everything that you are looking for in a horse. it's impossible. >> he is say theoryre bred horse trained not only to barrel race, but to do so at a
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paying it forward to local teachers. desert car care centers want to give back to those who educate our kids. >> reporter: f car mechanics hard at work this morning, catering to local teachers by servicing their vehicles free of charge. >> oh, my gosh, i was just amazed. it's jumpf such a great deal and an honor to be able to participate and regradeful. >> reporter: this is the fifth year desert car care centers of chandler has done this, a $:4560 value of savings that this math teacher says makeses a difference. >> beginning of the school yeah, end of the summer, no money. i need an oil change for about three weeks. >> they are stressed this time of year and so we get a real good joy in the neighborhood here, inpt community to be able do this and they do, too. i have to say there is a ton of teachers doing homework assignments and i'm like, no,
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>> reporter: withlismed education funding for classroom supplies melvin says she and other teachers often foot the bills for items that students need. >> sometimes we get carried away and that kind of takes a couple of paychecks to get caught up wftv but it's something that you have to do, because you have heart to do it. it's not that you do it for the paycheck. >> reporter: adding it's nice to know that others care just as much as they do and want to pay teachers like her back in whatever way they can. >> they have a customer for life. >> as teachers we and these little perks and being recognized and appreciated means of world to all of us. >> one bright spot for the cardinal in their preseason loss to the chargers was the play of the first team defense and looking at 49ers and rams
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brown and this preseason loss against chargers they didn't have all their high-powered weapons and executing below pars coach bruce arians expects more no matter who is on the field. buchanan lights up dontrel in the classic knocker and buchnan having a great camp. >> fun-filled season and we have a lot of obstacles to overcome and go through, but i think we have the meat of the group back. it's going to be a lot of excitement and can't wait to hit the field september 11th. >> preseason football 49ers and broncos and cj anderson was a bust last year and looking good. 19-yard touchdown, gets the
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it. ram's fever, if you got, see a doctor and get rid of it. hosting the chiefs and if they open the season with case keenum as their quarterback, they are as good as done. chiefs answerrion the call this hollywood. alex smith to macklin on the 20- yard. if the rams win 7 games, i'll be shocked. afternoon football panthers and titans, cam newton and super bowl. ted ginn, jr., oh, so mighty fast. 61-yard touchdown. here is fantasy quarterback sleeper, marcus mariota finds harry douglas 23-yard touchdown and panthers win 26-16. arizona rattlers know what it's like to be king of the mountain and the squad has one five afl titles and this friday
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soul. arizona lost to philly in week 7, 65-58 and this time it's in the rattler's backyard. >> we have a lot obviously weighing on this game. but i'm sure they would like to get over the hutch, and since we won the last two rein bowls against them, but at same time, we're trying to extend our own legacy. >> we know that they are a great team and i think we have identical records, if i'm not mistaken. so wore definitely going to be up for it. >> the sun devil's football team dn no national-ranking, and a lack of respect within the conference. on pac-12 media game asu was picked to finish 5th. >> we don't care, as simple as that. we're not focused on what is on the outside und we're focusing on what is within and building this team every day. >> we know we have to get better and we have to improve. those are things that we know within our team.
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highcountry and kids pumped for pinnacle and ambrophy. cutbacks around the corner and up and over for 6. the play of the day. pinnacle quarterback spencer did not play because of a hand injury and sophomore shank gets the shank knocked out of had by brett taylor, brophy gets it done impressi early and really proud of them. our defensive coordinator did a heck of a job and senior leadership on the defensive side of the ball. special teams i felt we did a nice job as well. >> d'backs' managing partner kendrick isn't happy, they were ranked dead last in pixes and heads will turn, possibly
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tony la russia and dave stewart. ray ricky weeks, jr. clayton richard throws it away and scores, 2-1, az. one on,-2 count and enrique goes -- they won 2-1. >> they won? >> they did in the arizona cardinals are back on the road and go to houston and take texans and means they will face brock always weiller and i think next week bruce arianss wants to see a better performance and getting in game and in season mode. we should see more of that next. >> at least the d'backss paid
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the radar, you can see the showers moving south and west away from the valley. still active along interstate 8 near gilly bend and in town, showers possible tomorrow afternoon, but overall should dry out and warm up as we go into the workweek. >> save the drama for some llamas, you know me, you know how much i love llamas and a wedding couple gets some unexpected and furry guests at their reception. the north carolina venue was
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the happy couple with their wedding crashes are making the rounds on-line. the guy is like huh, i want to party with that llama. [ laughter ]. >> a night out in scottsdale, oh, it's all over. >> llamas are actually really sweet, joe. >> llama drama. >> thanks for watching for cbs 5 news at 10:00 we'll see you tomorrow everyone. take care of your llamas.
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