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tv   CBS 5 News at 530  CBS  August 21, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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this is cbs 5 news. right now, dust storm warning in phoenix. maybe many of you got that alert via your cell phone a few minutes ago. we want to look, near the us 60 and interstate 10. you can see very limited visibility. and it is dangerous conditions during these dust storms. if you could stay home would be best. >> a picture is worth 1000 words. a massive wall of dust this is near downtown phoenix. if you are outdoors enjoying
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this has come all the way from casa grande. we have not seen one like this like this this year yet. there are two of them. the bulk of the dust has moved to this area. and is still in play on the back and of this. this is moving to the north. this picture is from emily, you can barely see in front of you. this is around 4 pm thing started to get going. let's show you where that the storm warning is. this is for the all -- all of their of phoenix metro. if you're thinking about going to the grocery store to grab something for the kids lunch, i would hold off on that until this passes. let's look at the radar, i zoomed in to the radar, this is the dust, it's entering mesa,
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heading your way. downtown phoenix, that was south mountain that image you saw, is coming up over south mountain and it will be impacting the downtown phoenix area. it will push towards peoria, cave creek. i will put this into motion. you can see this big wall pushing over into the downtown metro area. this started one hour ago from storms that were over case grande. enough wind storms and send a raid over here. if you're on the road, where you know somebody on the road couple aside, still i. i would avoid -- stay alive. i would avoid driving right now. this is a big one. we have not seen -- maybe one of these the season? >> yes, it is definitely a decent dust storm, visibility is low, we want to remind drivers as you mentioned, do not drive into the dust.
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the drivers, so just make sure that the drivers do not go out. if you're driving get off at the next exit, pull over to a parking lot and watch the storm from there. that is the best advice. >> there are times you are caught in the wendell -- in the middle of this. what should you do? hazard lights? what is the best approach? >> the best thing, as soon as highway. make sure your car is off the roadway. do not stop in a travel lane or emergency lane, when you get off the roadway, turn off all your vehicle lights take your foot off the brake, leave your seatbelt on you do not want other vehicles falling you off the road. we want to make sure you turn off all of your vehicle lights. set your emergency brake and stay in the car with their
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>> that is great advice. is get back to the weather computer, i want to show you an incredible image, this is the type of stuff you will see on your social feeds tomorrow morning. these images, those film photographers are on top of this getting these pictures. this is a big wall of dust moving into downtown phoenix. if you are taking that walk or about to take that afternoon walk you might postpone a. your trainer will your trainer will not be mad at you. you do not want to be called in this -- caught in this dust storm. >> stay with cbs 5 news on the latest for this dust storm. coming up at 10 pm we will have the latest on this dust dorm. a murder near of phoenix nightclub, a local rap artist was a gunned down.
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help to find out who did this.>> reporter: around 11 pm the victim left his friends inside this nightclub, jaquar's nightclub, when they came out his friends found him shot to death. the victim is deshawn mcdonald, he was at the intersection of mcdowell he stepped out into the parking lot alone and when he never came back, his friends got worried. other our patients -- other bar patrons heard gunshots. phoenix police say that right now is a senseless homicide, but with no known motive or suspect description and no witnesses, his death remains a
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>> as you may imagine, we're going to be very reliant on tips from the public on something like this copy as anybody who has any information the matter how small it is pertaining to this shooting call the phoenix police department.>> reporter: the nightclub and the motel should have video cameras, detectives are hoping to get that film hoping that may help them get a little bit more information on this case. in phoenix, lauren reimer , cbs 5 news he was not only a wrapper he was a role model in the community. >> reporter: this is how friends and family know deshawn mcdonald, known as a rapper, his name is as a rapper, d mac
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>> he was a role model, do you know what i'm saying? he was trying to be somebody. >> everybody loved him i cannot understand why something like this happened. >> reporter: they were guarding him as the brother. he was celebrating his 27th birthday on saturday prior to his murder. police say he left the nightclub but it's not clear who he was with or why he left the nightclub >> he was at the wrong place at the wrong time. >> it is unreal. it will not feel real at all. i am not going to be able to believe it. >> reporter: they will not let his tragic death to be in vain. >> this is a motivation to not to have this happen. make something of yourself. this is the motivation right here. >> reporter: he leaves behind a young daughter.
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galus near glendale, the 45- year-old, he was shot and then died at the hospital. were learning who the gunman was and the specific details what led up to the shooting. an arizona man was shot and killed by las vegas police on new year's eve. we will be getting closer look. he ignored their commands on dropping what they a gun. it turned out it was a cell phone. they did not know that he was already under sabine is by the us marshal. he was sense for a home invasion. police were told and mistakenly he was wanted for an attempted murder. flooding has destroyed 60,000 homes in louisiana. the damages much worse than state officials originally
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reported that they were destroyed last week. that number could increase. president obama will visit the state on tuesday. we are chasing weather tonight. take a look at one of our shots, this is from one of our photographers driving around.
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welcome back, everybody. ian schwartz is telling us that we will get a little taste of the monsoon tonight. you can see here, he is getting drizzle on the windshield. he is heading towards the wall it does. >> we are looking at some video coming off of our a.kamrath.
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there are not a lot of people on the roadway right now. you have been monitoring the dust coming into the downtown phoenix area. it has taken over the building. you cannot see much over there. >> it is close. it is over south mountain, you can see a tall, thousands of feet tall, approaching downtown phoenix. if you're watching us from the deer valley, scottsdale, you say, what does? look to the south and this is what you will see. this dust storm warning goes until 7 pm. it is moving to the north. let's show you the camera, even a little bitter rain is mixed in with it. this is the interstate 10 and loop 202. we are seeing some rain with
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this is when it first started. whenever our viewers snapped this picture from the -- one of our viewers snapped this from the driver see. the dust storm warning -- seat. the dust warning will go until 7 pm. if you have to go to the grocery store, wait a couple hours if you can. this is the leading edge of the dust, central phoenix, approaching south scottsdale, and we are seeing some rain this red will be a mixture of rain and dust. this letter area, that is the leading edge of the wall it does. is rapidly approaching downtown phoenix, interstate 10, interstate interstate 17. tempe, they are seeing some rain mixed in with the dust. i saw a couple flashes of lightning pop up at this. keep that in mind, that is also a threat to.
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approaching 87, if you are north mesa, you want to avoid driving in the next half hour or so, this will be problematic. was through this into motion. you can see it started i chandler, it quickly approached -- it started by chandler and it quickly approached this area. it cools, it condenses, and then we crank out thunderstorms. we are not seeing in the lightning we are seeing rain. this cell is trying to travel to the north and east, the main impact, for everyone in the valley, is the dust, not the thunderstorms. the thunderstorms are isolated. we will continue to watch the cell, it will push to the north and east. we could see more thunderstorm development as this comes across the valley. you want to try to avoid driving in the next half hour or hour, maybe a little bit longer, i want to pull up this
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incredible image of what we are seeing over downtown phoenix. this is the 101, 202 camera, the downtown phoenix camera. it shows an incredible scene. you cannot even see south mountain anymore. you should be able to see those towers that flash at night. but none of that. it is quickly approaching downtown phoenix, it will be pushing north towards scottsdale. this could be a dangerous situation on the road, you want to wait an hour or so, it is not worth it. you do not want to in this. coming up in your next forecast, we will timeout, if we could see some rain tomorrow, and what you are amateurs are going to look like work i think you're going -- look like.
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up arizona. news, at 5:30 pm. were looking at some pictures, this picture is in from michael fisher, he said this is by sky harbor. is coming by the southwest airlines terminal. and then this picture was sent in. this is near dobson ranch, you can see us coming towards that
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photos send them our way on our facebook page. >> we have a thunderstorm in addition to this dust storm. check out this picture. this is your dust storm in the lower levels, ripping through tempe. there is enough moisture and uplift to pop up a thunderstorm. this year is a nice thunderstorm that is putting down some in is a very interesting set up with the dust on the bottom and the thunderstorm for me. we're watching it now, it's moving into downtown phoenix, this does, it will continue to push to the north. scottsdale, it should be hitting the southern edges of you, moon valley, deer valley, you guys are next. this is moving up from the south. avoid driving if you can. maybe you are getting a late-
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traveling. here is the thunderstorm edges should you're in that picture. we are seeing the edge of the dust approaching south southdale. it is -- south scottsdale. it is pushing to the north. do not go outside. note evening walk you or the dog. here is the loop, -- no evening walk for you or the dog. here is you could get rain in mesa pushing over to apache junction. we could see some development over the valley. 23 miles per hour winds helping with that dust, around the state, 82 in winslow. tomorrow, we could see something in the valley but most of it will be in the mountains. you can see as we get into to
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in for some storms. as far as tomorrow -- payson, you are in for some storms. as far as tomorrow, we will be below normal. seven-day forecast that looks like this, we dry out in temperatures hold steady as we step into your week. the big red nation's crumbling. they had 23 on -- performances. dj humphreys, and the ricky, brandon williams there is some concern. the second i was back on the field. he was wearing a brace. they are in these first two preseason games. bruce arians is not sweating.
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place maybe. this not even a good half. we have had that have before and one games. -- bad have -- bad halves before and have one games. -- won games >> the squads know each other very well. >> this is the fifth or sixth time playing them. we beat them in the arena bowl twice got they are familiar with us and we are familiar with them. the team that makes the least mistakes will win. >> the d backs pitcher looking to rebound with a loss to them up, no score in the third.
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way. the padres are on top. we go to the fifth, he trouble scores another, and then he drives in another 4-0. the padres winning. shipley gives up seven runs. with the offense, the d backs
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america thought our pancakes were pretty special. but we knew we could do better. so we did. and hint of vanilla. if you disagree, the cakes are free.
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we have a severe thunderstorm warning for the tempe area. 101 and the two it to could 60 miles per hour winds. heavy rain and the dust moving to phoenix. the dust storm morning goes until 7 pm. thank you for being with us at at 5:30 pm on cbs 5 news be safe out there., your free
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captioning funded by cbs and ford. we go further, so you can. >> all right, let's go. >> anderson cooper: accusations that a major american manufacturer had knowingly provided defective surgical gowns to u.s. healthcare workers were first shared with "60 minutes" at a time when the ebola crisis was spiking. did you sell protective equipment for ebola >> no, and frankly i think the allegations are not based on the facts. >> cooper: you're saying they are completely false? >> yes. >> is that what he told you? >> cooper: yeah. >> evidently, he forgot the 11th commandment. >> cooper: which is? >> do not lie to "60 minutes." >> leslie stahl: it's being called a financial technology-- or "fintech"-- revolution. say you need a loan. fintech sites match borrowers and lenders directly the way
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drivers. need financial planning? algorithms are replacing human advisors and brokers. apps like venmo let people click money to each other, similar to texting. >> many of the innovative services in financial technology that have come along in the past ten years are not coming from banks. >> pelley: the fort oversaw the trafficking of more than 400,000 slaves. >> the amount of money invested in slaves was more than the amount of money invested in railroads, banks, and businesses combined. this was the economic engine of europe and the united states. ? ? ? >> pelley: lonnie bunch came to this capital of the slave trade because he was determined to launch america's new national museum on the remains of a ship.


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