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tv   CBS 5 News at 10  CBS  August 22, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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right now on cbs 5 news, new video of the kingpin "el chapo" in mexico, his kidnapping, the drug lord's son and others were kidnapped and the women forced to hide under the table there. >> and another angle on this video, here it is from the entrance and here comes the hostages. look at the long guns, the hostage takers, another thing, no masks on the hostage takers as well. this happened 15th of august, just released by azteca tv. a guy in the lobby, one, two, a couple more gunmen. big long guns coming in. for, another one coming in, five. they keep coming in, the guy stays on the cell phone. again, "el chapo"'s son jesus salazar was all a part of this mess down in puerto vallarta, a small restaurant down there.
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we are hearing "el chapo"'s son has been released. our summer monsoon make it a big comeback this somebody -- this sunday. as you see here others nothing but dust. takeke a look at all that rain falling from these clouds, this was shot from our news chopper. and of course it wasn't just the rain. we had the wind and it was taking down trees. our chopper crew shot this vide going around the palo verde in the road. near 83rd. >> and the storm packed enough power to mess with power lines. here comes the video. take a look at that power pole, pretty much snapped off at the base. the lines tilted, police officers making sure drivers and neighbors stayed away from this possible dangerous situation. while the rain is of course a welcome change from our summer temperatures, some valley homeowners anxiety goes up
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cbs 5's preston phillips is live in phoenix with that part of the story. preston? >> reporter: the problem here in the heritage highlands area when it rains a lot, past where i'm standing and it rushes down here, completely covers the street and you can see why the problem is the strain, so tiny any little bit of vegetation clogs it, the water comes rushing over the street and completely covered the waters have receded, mostly mud. goes all the way down the area and covers several different streets. it's become a real problem in this neighborhood as you can see. waters have receded, mostly mud, call now but earlier now it was a much different scene. a large amount of water from today's downpour kept running up the phoenix mountain preserve. flooding the street and several others in the area. >> you can see there's a problem.
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have to pay our landscapers to clean them out. >> reporter: fred rivers says his road turns into a river every time it rains really hard. once the city -- he wants the city of phoenix to do something about it. >> needed to do a drainage channel there. to keep this from happening. >> reporter: in other areas the rain dislodged power poles and created localized flooding. making for a somewhat dangerous commute. we did see some lightning but this is what most saw, rain coming down on the nd commute. here in this neighborhood, the water rushed down for at least a couple of hours. in order for it to do all that, it had rained really hard, tracking the rainfall totals, ashlee demartino in the cbs 5 studios. >> in the area where you're at, three rain gauges. they saw a lot of rain anywhere from .912 right at seventh and peoria, 0.59. in a 45 minute period we saw so
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rain. so quickly. other areas dry as could be throughout the day today. this is a very isolated storm system. right now things are nice and calm in the valley. the pinpoint doppler, the area of concern is to our north. we have some very heavy rain that is falling in mohave county right now, under a flood warning. we have a severe thunderstorm warning just to the north of you and then a flood advisory that goes down just north of lake h what you can expect in the valley for the rest of the week coming up in just a bit. >> we'll see you in a few minutes. the driver checking out the damage to his red car right there, you can see him on the phone, hood up, and behind him, drivers still going through right there, that flooded wash. remember floodwaters can really mess up your car. this storm dumped a lot of rain in the town just a little bit southeast of prescott where crews had to rescue these two
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because of floodwaters. crews geared up, were able to safely get them out of that car. if you have a long commute and worried about getting to work because of street flooding, open up our free cbs 5 mobile app starting at 4:30 a.m. ian schwartz will have answers with more before you head out the door. as the crypto outbreak drags on, the sickness last two weeks and sometimes even longer. more than 100 people have gotten sick which spread through 20 water parks and pools across the valley just this month. the trigger is severe cramping, nausea and diarrhea causing a rough end to the summer for kids and parents. >> reporter: in the search for the phoenix serial killer, police are investigating a tip from one of our very own reporters. who saw a suspicious car at the scene. at one of the attacks. derek stoll and one of our
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black bmw while shooting video near 30th street and sheridan. recall back on july 11 police say the driver of a black bmw open fire on a car at that very intersection. nearly hitting the man and his 4-year-old nephew. derek spoke exclusively with that man earlier today. >> from my first reaction, kind of just to duck, look away and get away as fast as i could. >> luckily they weren't hurt. here is another look at if you know who this man is, please call the number on your screen. 480-witness. $50,000 reward is still being offered. the san tan valley man accused of dozens of counts of sexual assault while he was a teenager will only face one trial, not two. a dodge denied -- a dodge -- a judge denied the request. being held in pinal county jail without bond. heads up if your morning
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and indian school, still shut down as crews repair this massive sinkhole, tune in to wake up arizona tomorrow morning starting at 4:30 for answers on traffic concerns for not only this area but across the valley, and for any developments on when that intersection will reopen. cbs 5 investigate exclusive the family of a man killed at a kingman area shooting range has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the gu video two years ago. a 9-year-old little girl seen here was handling an uzi, that's when she accidentally killed her instructor. 39-year-old charles wachob. on friday the family filed a lawsuit against his employer, the gun range seen there called burgers and bullets. but i hope will come out of it is someone taking responsibility for what happened to my dad and making a
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someone really needs to learn something from what happened in this situation. someone needs to take accountability. >> cbs 5 investigative team sat down with the two children seen here, here how they plan to prevent something like this from ever happening again. that's only on five, this wednesday. a new united nations report shows kids from south american countries are still streaming into the u.s. in 2014, more than 52,000 children were detain, reporting in the first six months of this year 26,000 children were apprehended at the border. most of them from countries like el salvador, guatemala and honduras. a lost prosthetic leg is now on its way to its rightful owner. we first told you about the story earlier this month. cbs 5's amanda goodman is here tonight with the update. >> reporter: we are at artisan prosthetics in phoenix. where the leg was made. today we helped the person who found it bring it back to where
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prosthetic leg while floating down the salt river with a friend. he has been trying to find the owner ever since. posting about it on craigslist and even read it. but it wasn't until our story aired that things started happening. the office staff at artisan prosthetics said they saw the story but didn't think much of it until a client came in without his prosthetic leg. >> we kind of started connecting the dots and ended up looking at that story again online. and sure eug >> they reached out to us and we reached out to perkins who was able to drop it off today. >> i'm glad it's out of my hands. and back into the proper owner's hands. leg in this case. >> reporter: whether or not the client will be able to use the leg and remains to be seen. they tell me they will be able to at least salvage the parts. reporting in phoenix, amanda goodman, cbs 5 news. fair skies for you this
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in ciolo, 61 prescott, 81 in bullhead city. bullhead city definitely getting some rain, kingman area is the spot that is seeing all of the rent. the goodness heading into tomorrow, we're going to see this area of low pressure just off the coast of southern california pushing across arizona. as it does so it drags in that drier air. which means we dry out and warm things up as we head into tomorrow. temperatures tomorrow, 101 in phoenix, bullhead city, 75 sedona, 68 show low, 87 globe. seven-day forecast 103 on wednesday, 104 thursday as we head into the weekend. increase clouds and bring moisture our way, slight chance on saturday. for some light showers. >> thank you. it is 10:10, the only valley station to give you all the answers you need in the first ten minutes. we have a lot more news at. we're going to talk pet safety,
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vets had to remove from a puppy. arizona is known for the five c's but it might be time to add computer to the list. why companies are skipping silicon valley and heading to
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christine mclaughlin, kris pickel, you're watching 5 >> welcome back. arizona is making national headlines and it is for something good. tech companies are said to be clamoring to relocate here and fill their higher wage jobs locally. cbs 5's lindsey reiser joins us live, from tempe with answers on what our state offers that the competition doesn't. lindsay? >> reporter: we are sitting right next to asu right now so that helps with the plentiful labor pool.
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where they can work and play. at a lower cost. another tech company is rolling out the red carpet as they bring their culture and jobs to the valley. >> all right. [ applause ] >> reporter: entertainment partners out of burbank just opened a brand-new office in tempe. >> we are developing a lot of technology to take the industry from paper to digital. >> reporter: the ceo says they looked to arizona not socal to expand an t employees. >> the competition for talent is very intense. so being a burbank company we realized we had to differentiate ourselves. >> reporter: we looked for proximity to the golden state, warm weather and a community atmosphere. after looking at 20 different cities, tempe made the cut. so many companies want to move their operations to here in arizona that our tech jobs are expected to grow 14% over the
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like double dutch, uber, yelp. >> reporter: chris camacho with the economic counsel says it is cheaper to do business here and companies can enjoy saving 40% a year. >> low tax position, favorable regulatory environment. >> reporter: you might be wondering if this company has such close ties to the film industry, does that my -- we might see more of our state on the silver screen? they look forward to working with our legislature to try to make th live in tempe, lindsey reiser, cbs 5 news. >> thank you. bees are a dangerous fact of life in the valley and this little guy found that out the hard way. he is recovering from hundreds of bee stings. 18-week-old tramp had to have over 400 stingers removed. look at all those. he was attacked by a swarm from his neighbors yard. dr. cynthia jones with altavista animal hospital says she has never seen a case as
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all over the place. almost like he was having seizures with as many stings as he had. he had more than enough to kill 50% of dogs his size. >> the owner has seen the hive but the bees never seemed aggressive. now they are hoping their neighbor will remove the hive. in the meantime they've set up a gofundme account to help with the vet bill. a record number of drivers need help on the road. it might just be because they have newer cars. triple-a rescued a record million drivers back in 2015. most with battery or tire issues. triple-a says newer technologies like keyless ignition and electronic transmission and power options all throughout the interior are contributing to those breakdowns. >> that with all the additional electronic devices on vehicles today, would drain the battery more quickly. the life expectancy rate of a
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if you have that battery for more than three years, you are living on borrowed time. >> with our summer heat it's more like two years in arizona. triple-a says regularly checking your tire pressure as well and testing your battery once it reaches three years can help ensure you face fewer problems on the road. more trouble for ryan lochte. speedo dropped him as a spokesman. it quote, cannot condone be values of this brand, has long stood for. lochte admitted to giving misleading statements about a supposed robbery in rio. ralph lauren and two other companies are also dumping lochte. his behavior may have changed at the summer games -- if they were held in chicago, instead of rio or maybe not. who knows. the last time the u.s. hosted a summer olympics was 20 years ago in atlanta. that could change, los angeles now wants to host the games.
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better. with the addition of the los angeles rams this football season, their new stadium would be the showcase for the 2024 games. the last time the city of los angeles hosted the olympics was in 1984. city leaders say l.a. is ready to host the world. >> by would hosting the olympics actually be good for los angeles? given how much this cost? >> a lot of -- who would ever want to bid for the games these days? we could do a s >> the next host for the summer olympics is tokyo. the winter games are in south korea. some answers tonight from the head of grand canyon university on their ambitious plans for the west phoenix college. some of the projects still in the works, three new dormitories, a giant engineering building and new athletic salinities. the president says for freshman, this new on-campus experience is more important
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>> parents have found out that students can come here and graduate in four years. oftentimes less than four years. and with less debt than typically you would get at a state university. way less debt than would get at a private university. >> here is something to think about. seven years ago gcu had just 900 students. this fall there are more than 17,000 of them. majority of those wi let's talk a little travel tonight. if you're looking for a unique getaway a new cruise is taking passengers on a historic journey to the arctic and they are doing it in style. >> you could say that again. the crystal serenity started its 30 today track with 1700 passengers and crew members. through the northwest passage. the all-inclusive cruise is the first for any large cruise ship. >> this is by far the longest trip we've ever decided to take. and the most expensive trip
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but the most exciting trip. >> all right. let's break down. if you want to take this cruise to the arctic, tickets will set you back between $20,000 and $100,000. >> what! >> per passenger. >> wow. >> okay. check this out, a rescue bobcat is now a foster mom for babies in need. misses foster has been taking care of kittens at the southwest wildlife center for years. but it's time for her to retire. and now busy is taking over mama duties. looks so friendly. she was abandoned herself. and raised by mrs. foster. >> until she claws your eyes out. >> exactly. >> no more friends. >> back to the basics. >> look at this radar. >> northern arizona getting heavy heavy rain right now. but the good news is, in the overnight hours everything will calm down and the valley is
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welcome back, everyone. we've had three days of active weather but begin to dry things out and of course warmup our temperatures ever so slightly in the next couple days. for tomorrow we'll start off with 82 degrees. then by the lunch hour we should be at about 96 degrees. afternoon high of 101 here in the valley, up in the high country only into the 70s. nice cool day for you. the rest of the week, here's what we are expecting. driving things out for us, at 103 on wednesday, 104 on thursday. and 101 by friday.
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for saturday and possibly into next sunday. thought we started the week off extremely well yesterday, one of the best practices the entire camp. and see if we can put two together and take a day off and get into a game plan week. >> great catch by da'ron brown. week three of the preseason. the dress rehearsal. could be our first chance to see the talented rookie robert >> i can't wait. i've been injured for a couple weeks. >> reporter: with a maile, robert nkemdiche returned to practice for the first time today. the cardinals first-round pick has been sidelined since the start of camp. >> felt good today. good being back out there with my teammates and feeling the energy of being in pads. feels good to be back in the
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an hour today testing the ankle. he hopes to play this sunday when the cardinals visit the texans. >> these injuries are no joke. so be patient with it and the right time, it will come. i can't wait. still itching to hit. >> reporter: at 6'4", 295, robert nkemdiche is expected to have a major impact. the biggest challenge from now until the opener is not over doing it. >> thankful and getting that used to those sharp movements things like that. so going with the flow. baseball drama with the d- backs in downtown phoenix while the team faced the future of the front office. dansby swanson returned with the atlanta braves. last summer's number 1 overall pick but was traded away for shelby miller who is currently pitching in the minors. >> i saw it on the schedule right away because we were down in mississippi.
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then i saw out in arizona. and it was just, we all laughed. just like you said, it's exciting to be back out here. swanson went 1-4, shortstop for the braves, wild game the diamondbacks rallied from a deficit to take the lead only to have freddie freeman tie the game in the ninth with a home run on a 3-0 pitch. paging paul goldschmidt to end it. and guess what, a go homer! the diamondbacks win 9-8, a rare moment of celebration at home for the home team. red sox rookie andrew benintendi. giving chase, wait for it, he goes over the wall and makes
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one day a rider made a decision. the decision to ride on and save money. he decided to save money by switching his motorcycle insurance to geico. there's no shame in saving money. ride on, ride proud. t rates for great rides. all right. for tomorrow, we're not going to be seeing a lot of this. the monsoon taking the break, drier air moving in. expected high tomorrow of 101
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what these people are doing, don't do it. >> don't do that. >> don't do it. you will flood your car. >> absolutely. nice to get the rain in, and then get the break, a chance to dry out. >> stephen is back and he comments on ryan lochte, coming up next. >> that will be fun to see.
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>> stephen: ryan, thank you for sitting down with me. what's it been like for you since this scandal about your alleged robbery in rio broke? >> well, since everything happened, i kind of been laying low. >> stephen: if you want to lay place to do that. i want to give you a chance to clear up things. you gave an interview with billy bush where you claimed at a gas station in rio a gun was put to your head. you're saying that didn't happen? >> i over-exaggerated that part. >> stephen: here's the thing, that part is wheelly the whole part. without a gun cocked at your forehead, it's really about some


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