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tv   CBS 5 News at 630  CBS  August 24, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm MST

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a dust advisory was just issued until 8 pm for a large part of the county. >> that was gorgeous. we cut this video from the news chopper. storms developing over the north part of the valley and you see, another beautiful shot of rainbows. >> check out this video. we received it from peoria. rain falling on the loop 101. it has been a wet commute for many drivers. let's check in >> the weather is cooling things down. from our high of 103 down into the 80s. you can see this line of shower activity that is heaviest in the center of the valley. right there crossed interstate 10 and that 202. sky harbor action, the storms coming down from the north. lightning strikes around
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lightning in the valley. the strongest activity is on the northwest side of town. you see the reds and yellows and the storm will continue to track across neighborhoods into glendale, portions of peoria and surprise. now into scottsdale and near tempe. that is where the strongest thunderstorm is. we will track this for you, but if you get under one of those storms can be treacherous in terms of heavy downpour and reduced visibility. that can cause problems along with lightning strikes. there is a weather aviation there is a blowing dust advisory in effect until 7 pm. especially if you travel down interstate especially if you travel down interstate 10. that is a problem area when a blowing dust gets in the open area to the south. by the way, estimated rainfall totals are heavy in some areas. post a 1 inch in the northwestern side of the valley. we will come back with more details on the forecast for
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most of the heaviest rain in north phoenix. that is where mark taylor is located life. >> you are lucky you are in an area where you can hold on to the umbrella. that it's not getting ripped out of your hands. >> reporter: things are looking pretty, but i can tell you about 10 minutes ago things were at a completely different story. we saw high winds and heavy rainfall. right now you can see standing water. we're just off of 51 and northern. we traveled here from the 17 and northern and that is where we thought one of the higher winds and heavier rainfall totals. things are looking pretty calm now. we are keeping our eye to the sky and keeping a close eye on what is happening in this area. again it looks like we're seeing a little break here off of the northern and 17.
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a witness to a hit-and-run confronts a driver as she runs away from the accident. that confrontation all caught on camera. >> tempe police hope that footage will help them find that woman. >> you better stop. >> you better get way for me. >> reporter: tempe police say this woman was heading a stolen truck from another be neighborhood. it's license plate stolen. she ran a red light hitting another car. debris still lines the road. the victim had only minor injuries. but the suspect vehicle was too damaged to drive. so she started running. >> she absolutely knew she had just committed a crime. >> a witness got out his phone and told her. >> you hit those people. >> that video is a crucial piece of evidence. >> there are a lot of things we want to question her for.
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police are glad they have but never encourage people to do. >> a beasley that information helps us. but we will not advocate for someone to put themselves out there. >> reporter: police did find drugs in the stolen truck. >> as far as level of intoxication, it's hard to tell. >> reporter: they are asking everyone to take a look and if you know her call police. a former tucson tv news director is behind bars now. accused of running a brothel robert richardson is accused of running a illegal massage parlor out of his home. detectives say he would higher male masseuses to give massages and provide other services and would pocket half of what they made. police say he set up security cameras so he could watch. he now faces several felony charges. a valley internet cafi is
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police swarmed of the megabyte. they arrested several people for illegal gambling and racketeering. the month-long investigation, they are saying -- they are seeing more fronts like this opening up around town. 2 they are usually around neighborhoods. it is a magnet for a lot of different crimes. >> just this year police say they have closed over 1 dozen illegal gambling operations across the state. he will get his in the end. we're not going to give them another thought. >> harsh words for a man who critically wounded a woman last week and eluded police until today. >> he is behind bars and we now have more details on his arrest. it must be a huge relief for the victims family. >> according to the val -- family, she had security guards
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hospital room since the shooting. they also had concerns that thompson, the suspect, we try to hurt the victims children. >> this is the much a. police arrested thompson this morning in connection with last week's shooting of valerie soto. victim's cousin calls the arrest a relief. >> a lot of prayers are answered. >> the victim was shot 5 times at her place of business, a nonprofit that helps homeless. she remains in extremely critical condition. >> she will fight. this will not take her down. she will have lots of challenges. she has a rough long road ahead of her. but she will fight. >> the family says thompson and her were in a brief relationship. and since then he has harassed and threatened her. >> she was terrified and she
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terrified of him. >> the fear that thompson will go after her or target her children ended with her arrest. -- his arrest. the family can turn their attention to her recovery. >> right now my focus is on our family and our 2 nieces and nephew. will >> her spine. there is a go fund me site. there is a $50,000 reward to catch this serial killer who is tied to 7 orders in phoenix. this is a sketch. we are committed to showing his picture every day until he is arrested. if you know anything please call silent witness and you can
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we are confirming that donald trump will make a campaign stop in phoenix next wednesday. we are told the candidate will be in downtown phoenix at the hyatt for a major policy speech on immigration. it will come one day after the states primary election. sheriff joe arpaio dropped a bombshell during a nationally televised interview. >> the lawman known for his controversial immigration policies says trump should with groups. >> this came about with arpaio defending donald trump who recently suggested he would be willing to cut a deal with minority groups or those immigration laws. trump has been accused of flip- flopping on the issue, but does this mean arpaio with his defense of trump is also full -- also softening his approach on immigration? this happening after criminal charges have been referred against the sheriff.
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unfairly targeted hispanics. this is happening one week before the primary election. and during his appearance on cnn this morning he started off sounding just as tough on border issues as he always has until he began defending trump's comments about negotiating with migrant groups. trump has been accused of softening his approach for the general election. some say arpaio's defense of trump does not mean he is changing his tune at all. >> why not meet with the people and maybe negotiate and see how they feel? there is nothing wrong with that. >> it's a political showing. it's always been a political show for arpaio. >> we did try to reach out to arpaio's office but we have not heard back. in the newsroom, dennis welch. stay with us for full coverage of the upcoming arizona primary. important nominations are up
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for both republicans and democrats, election day is next tuesday. we are tracking the latest monsoon storm. here is a live, incredible, look at our -- from our news chopper. even though the picture is gorgeous there is still a blowing dust advisory.
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shocked beyond belief. ahead of department of homeland security for the entire airport followed by the other supervisors and managers with 10 >> and full police officers. with guns and tasers. >> the minnesota family claims the tsa at sky harbor airport prevented that 9-year-old boy and his mother from flying home all because the boy has a pacemaker. tonight the tsa is defending itself saying they want to set the record straight. >> they say the family and boy were never mistreated and did
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the boy was born with a heart syndrome and has had 15 open- heart surgeries and has a pacemaker. because of his condition he has to request an alternative security screening. he has documentation showing his medication -- condition. the family says they were denied the usual screening process. tsa says he was allowed to ss still had to undergo alternative screen. the tsa says his mom consented and they were both skated -- escorted to the gate. we continue to -- track the monsoon storms. a dust advisory now extended until 8 pm. it's not just rain, a wall of dust is starting to form. this is out of scottsdale where
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2 years ago tomorrow and 9- year-old girl with an uzi accidentally shot and killed a shooting instructor on a gun range. >> morgan joins us now with has and has not changed in the 2 years since. morgan? >> it doesn't look like much more than a tourist trap on the side of the highway. but read the signs and take a listen. and you'll get the idea that the main attraction at bullets and burgers is guns. >> give me one shot. >> 2 years ago a shooting instructor and former marine was showing a 9-year-old girl who had stopped in with the family how to shoot a fully automatic uzi.
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and died. >> he told me a 9-year-old with a machine gun. i was angry. why was she shooting that gun and why did it have to kill my dad? >> elizabeth and her brother christopher still have questions about what happened that day and why. >> even at scouts weren't allowed to use automatic weapons. >> bullets and burgers offers tourists the opportunity to shoot full auto on their machine gun. we see tour buses rolling in with dozens of visitors. within minutes some are heading out to the shooting range. >> you can't see what's going on back there but you can sure here it. rapidfire from machine guns. dust clouds rise from bunkers. we follow the crowd inside and i ask if my kids can shoot machine gun. >> how old are your kids?
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>> the 10-year-old will not. >> they say the minimum age is now 12. >> do you think 12 is old enough to be shooting a weapon like that? smack i do not. i think physically and likely mentally they are not prepared to be shooting weapons that are meant for war. >> we reached out to bullets and burgers but they did not respond to our request for an interview. >> what they are doing, it is legal. in arizona for children to use assault rifles or even fully automatic weapons. >> we want to remind our viewers that in the report at 5 pm you mentioned that the children are trying to get a law passed that would change that. >> it is called the heart act. >> these kids lost their dad. how are they doing? >> they are really
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will tell you what they did to make sure the 9-year-old girl who shot their dad did not go up thinking it was her full. >> thank you for that investigative report. steve? time to check the rainfall. look at this video from julie in phoenix. heavy rain in phoenix happening this afternoon and it's about up to a 3rd of an inch. we had some locations get over north and west of the valley. have at the temperature dropped? take a look at the numbers. a high of 103. right now 90s and mid-80s. a storm that spill off the mountains. the coldest off nicely with heavy downpours and pockets of the valley. thundershowers are passing over us. and isolated downpour and lightning strikes are happening
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during the monsoon. this afternoon and into the valley is come off the mountains. let's pinpoint the locations with the heaviest showers. red and yellow around the 101. northwestern side of the valley. it's heavy around the broadway curve and also the 202. just to the west of sky harbor see a pocket of heavy shower activity which will occur for the next 30 minutes. more rain happening in the northwestern part of the valley. we have lightning strikac you can see the motion or movement coming in from the northwest down to the southeast. and blowing dust advisory in effect until 7 pm. especially for the folks in northern pinal county. if you're headed that way towards tucson watch out for blowing dust and sand. tonight thundershowers taper off over the next 2 hours. we will see some breezy conditions of course.
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go into the weekend. very slowly. tomorrow most of the storm should clear out. friday some monsoon storms into
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turning to social media to get his stuff back. and east valley man has memories taken. including the flag from his father's funeral. answers on how you can help them tonight on the cbs 5 news at 10. >> you can always share your story with us or you're weather videos at cbs5az. >> there should be some interesting weather videos. >> people rainbows and lightning videos.
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>> previously on "big brother": before leaving the house, paulie said james should be a target. >> another person who put us in this situation. james. >> sounds good. >> let's get ready for this day. >> so nicole quickly ran to natalie and james and blamed paul for the >> i don't want you to think that's what i'm going to do. >> i trust you. >> and then she and james discussed the couple's team-up. >> i would love for me and natalie and corey and you. >> in a terrifying battle for head of household-- >> are you okay? >> yeah! >> aarrgghh! >> the cheerleader conquered the
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>> paul and victor hoped they were safe. >> they could. >> the last two times that i won h.o.h., i didn't put her up on the block, so i'm really hoping that she thinks about that and doesn't put me up on the block. >> but natalie was secretly plotting with ni-corey. >> i feel like they're just a very strong duo. >> it's down to the final seven so people got to go. package to big meech. >> really! >> naming her the cohead of household. >> "with this power you will share all the perks of h.ohio h. you will also be responsible for naming one of the two nominees for eviction." >> meech wanted nicole on the block but natalie had bigger fish to fry. and although michelle was fine with paul being a target--


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