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tv   CBS 5 News  CBS  August 26, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm MST

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valley banks. >> good afternoon, everyone. thank you for joining us for this early edition of cbs 5 news. >> of course, we've got an nfl preseason football game coming up at 5:00, 1 hour from now, between the towns and duck nears. but let's get to today's pig evident stories. we begin with some breaking news. donald trump just postponed his visit to phoenix which was set to go next wednesday. that's the word of the director of his arizona campaign. he says they loowa did not give a date. trump was expected to talk about party unity at the hyatt reek sy. but donald trump postponing next week's visit to phoenix. the search for a serial killer continues. but activists pushed for answers into this investigation. >> they're concerned because the shooter has been targeting
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believe more needs to be done to catch this guy. >> reporter: there is a cold-blooded serial killer prowling valley streets. seven people are dead and this guy now has his own brand name, the serial street shooter. he's also now got a whopping $75,000 reward on his head. that announcement, of course, coming yesterday during a high-profile news conference. ep alphabet soup of local state and federal law enforqement on hand expressing their collective determination to catch the killer, and once again asking for the community's help. but today, members of the hispanic community saying they believe more still needs to be done to get out word about the killer to the valley's many
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message with the spanish-speaking community. connecting with soccer moms, soccer groups, the educational system, to get more, you know, information out there. >> reporter: during a news conference this afternoon, leaders calling for a bilingual flyer to be sent home with kids in the school districts in the area like the large cartwright district here in merriville and phoenix police today telling us they're certainly open to that id possibility. anyone with any information about the serial street shooter encouraged to call the fleechl police department or silent witness. in phoenix, mike watkiss cbs 5 news. >> the reward now $75,000 to help catch that serial shooter. he could be driving one of several cars, including what looks like this one right there on your screen. a 2000 black bmw. the number to call 480-witness.
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anonymous. only on cbs 5, a phoenix police officer is under investigation for an incident that reportedly happened during a trip to san diego to attend the funeral of a fallen officer. we have learned that kevin smith drove a phoenix patrol car to the funeral. he got permission from his commander to represent the department. sources tell us there were several complaints that smith was seen drinking and then driving that patrol car. smith is a 13-year veteran and remains on the job while the isolated showers this morning hit the west valley. outside right now things are nice and dry. we have dried out throughout the afternoon at least for us here in phoenix. to the north and to the south, though, it has been a stormy day pore you. you can see there's still a lot of lightning around. flagstaff you're getting a break right now. but we have a little bit more that it's coming your way. and just to the south of us, we have been seeing some heavy showers that have been moving through sanford. one little isolated cell that
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through san in a rosa. fair skies out there for us. we'll be at 95 by 6:00 and 91 by 8:00 p.m. we'll take a look at your weekend temperatures coming up in your seven day forecast. new here at healthcare. parents at one high school are being warned about a meth incident on campus. this all happened at mountain point high school. that's located here in phoenix. school staff found some trace amounts of meth in several classrooms this month. but those rooms weren't being used and no students, we are being told, were our mark taylor has more. >> reporter: they're investigating on it right now. it should be no big deal. and it should be done with in the next couple of weeks. >> reporter: some students at mountain point high school are working out of different classrooms after trace amounts of meth were found. parents and neighbors were alerted friday. >> i just don't know what they're thinking. >> reporter: according to school staff, it all started when a routine inspection was done on an empty apartment. the apartment had been empty a month and was in poor condition
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after testing of the apartment and neighboring classrooms. staff say they found trace amounts of the drug. according to the lert, the amount found was less than 100 nanograms. school principal told parents the amount detected is not enough to cause any effect at all. out of abundance of caution we will not be returning staff and students to those classrooms until the classrooms are professionally cleaned and retested. >> i think they should do that. sure all of the drugs are found and gone. >> reporter: now phoenix police say that they're working with the school but there's not enough evidence here to warrant an investigation. the school held meetings last night and this morning reassuring people that there was never any danger but at this point, they have not said how they think those drugs got inside the school. we're live, mark taylor reporting. >> mark, thank you. we have an update on the father and his ten-month-old son
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ever glendale yesterday. they were found. police say the father raymond salas had dangerous drugs on him while he was caring for his son. he has been arrested on several drug charges. the ten mold boy was reunited with the mother who is also his girlfriend. she does not plan to file any charges. well drugs may have lead to a triple shooting in south phoenix. police said two men went inside a home sometime later, one of those men shot three people inside. two people died, a third man he is expected tourvive. officers still looking for that gunman and another suspect. a s.w.a.t. officer is recovering right now after his -- after he was bit by a dog. this happened near seventh avenue in the north sally -- north valley. they were serving drug warrants. five people refused to come out of the house. neighbors heard all the commotion. >> i hear the flash bangs or bullets, i'm not sure.
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i look out here and i see the s.w.a.t. cars everywhere. sheriffs were on -- we're not in the city. i see the sheriff's department cars here and i go out in my driveway on the far side of my property and s.w.a.t. guy standing there with an m-16 tells me go back in your house, sir. >> four people were arrested. deputies and s.w.a.t. are still looking for a woman who ran from the house. new at 4:00, the fbi needs your help today finding the sol so far he's connected to two robberies, the most recent was yesterday at the deer valley credit union. that was north of 29th avenue in greenway. he also targeted chase bank last week near central and osborne rode. both times he was wearing gold-rimmed sunglasses. he was carrying a black backpack. no weapon was seen in either robbery. but if you know anything or if you recognize him, please call police. coming up, zika could be a
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to the nation's blood supply. the fda's safety proposal to protect you and your family from getting the virus. >> and banning burr key any's at
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. the feds are now recommending all blood donations here in the united states will be tested for the zika virus. that's one in 55 seconds. >> this was already happening in parts of the florida and puerto rico. there are more than 2200 cases of zika here in the u.s. the biggest concern is for pregnant women because of the risk of birth defects. >> powerful aftershocks continue to rumble through italy. the area was devastated by the earthquake. 267 people killed and rescuers are working around the clock.
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overturned a ban on burkini after muslim women were ordered to remove the garments. opponents say the ban infringe willed on basic freedom. >> the copilot in northern michigan is under arrest after a colleague suspected he was drunk on the job. they say the man had a blood alcohol man of .30. >> president obama is expected to expand a national monument off the coast of hawaii. it would create the world's largest marine protected area. it would be size of texas. >> come on man, can you get back? go back here. >> dramatic images captured on police body camera. how an officer saved this man from a burning car. >> tv, phones, laptops, you know the kids have easy access to technology these days. we have answers on why some
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. slide back in. can you get back?
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>> wow. caught on police body camera. an officer saves a man from a burning car. this happened in athens, georgia. the driver of the vehicle died in that crash but the passenger survived and he was screaming for help. after a few attempts, the officer managed to get him out of that car in the back seat where he was sitting enveloped in flames within minutes. . all right. well there was more monsoon storms that hit the valley this morning. it was mainly on the west valley that brought us all of this rain. so it was a soaker near about 107th avenue as you can see. so they had a stormy start but we dried out really fast heading into our afternoon. we have been left with just some clouds that have been over the area.
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currently sitting at 97. 56 in flagstaff. 99 for you in bullhead city. cbs 5 pinpoint doppler, want to show you we do have one isolated cell that is making its way towards globe right now. this is not turning towards the valley. it is moving towards the east-northeast and the reason why we're seeing that our upper winds are taking all of the moisture to the east for us. so we're not seeing a lot developing here. we do have isolated showers over the highou flagstaff getting a break right now. light rain will be moving in. stafford seeing some moderate showers in your area with a lot of lightning that is around. so again, we're seeing most of this to our north and to our south. but nothing really developing just to the west of us. it's going to be movng into the valley as we head into the next hour or so. several systems, though, are dropping through over the next couple of days. so that's what's keeping the moisture around for us and gives
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tomorrow. air quality report in effect. that goes through tomorrow. tonight 78 expected in phoenix. 44 in flagstaff. 51 in show low. and 80 for bull it is head city. -- bullhead city. 100 expected for phoenix tomorrow. 64 for flagstaff. 74 -- 87 expected for globe. sunday we definitely begin to dry things out. a few clouds will be sticking around. slime warm-up heading to the start of the week with 104 expected for you on monday. we'll i little bit heading the to -- to the end of the week. >> ashley, thank you. well this is just terrible. somebody stole a therapy bike that belonged to a 5-year-old boy. and tonight a valley family needs your help. >> that little boy is battling leukemia. jason berry live at the family's home to tell us how it happened and how you can tell tonight. jason. >> reporter: well, this is one of those stories that just makes you mad.
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bicycle that belonged to a 5-year-old battling a life-threatening illness -- illness. joining me now is the family. >> it's a custom-made bicycle for him for his physical therapy. he's battling leukemia so he gets treatment every week. he takes chemo every night at home. he has to go to physical therapy and practice riding a bicycle there. he does the same thing here at home which now he can't to. >> how important was that bicycle to him? >> it was so important. it was a way for muscle tone bag and -- back and regain his freedom. >> how was the bike stolen? what happened? >> it happened on tuesday in broad daylight. it was 10:00 in the morning. all the kids were gone at school. and sometime between 10:00 and noon, someone when we were out, took it right off the bike rack. we had a rack in the gar port. all the bikes were locked up. >> is there anything you want to say whoever stole the bike?
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back even if you just leave it out here in the middle of the night. it's so important to him and his therapy and his recovery. >> all right. again, very, very hard breaking story out here. a 5-year-old's therapy bicycle has been stolen. if you have any information about this crime that took place near northern and 39th avenue, please contact the phoenix police department. reporting live in phoenix, jason berry. >> he just wants to go riding with his sibling. we'll post that on our facebook pa we hope to get that bike back. new at 5:00, a study finds teenagers who vape are doing it just for the flavor, not the nicotine. that's according to researchers at the university of michigan and national survey quizzed about 15,000 young adults. among those who tried e-cigs, a third she like the flavor. all right. how much screen time? stuff i do every single day is too much, however, for our kids?
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actually now challenging the conventional wisdom. >> wake up arizona has answers for parents who are trying to find the right balance. >> i think we're in a transformation period. >> reporter: he works for google. the job, an education evangelist. >> so my job is to bring the good news, if you will, of computers and technology and the web and the impact that has on education. >> reporter: he has a very interesting take on iphones and all the other technology out there. >> do you think in this day and age people aren't thinking about it the way they should be? >> absolutely.v: the way we grew up learning is different. we used to go to the library. everything is at their fingertips. how they approach learning is different. >> reporter: the right kind of screen time now could mean more job opportunities in the future. >> coding, software development. this is a huge field. if we're going to get our kids
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that trend. . >> reporter: we were there as the first ever coding academy opened its doors on central avenue in downtown phoenix. this school folk uses on coding and coding skills. >> it's about preparing kids not necessary for the future but preparing for them for today, for right now. a lot of this -- involved with co involved and every industry and every state across everything. >> reporter: he recommend when's your kids are on these devices, instead of watching the clock, watch the filter, yes, pay attention to what your kids are searching and interested in. and if that includes fact-finding and valuable information, don't discourage. >> think about a 5 year old and think about what the latest greatest technology is. the latest phone, your iphone,
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whatever phone you have and realize that that's the worst technology that a five-year-old will ever see in their life. how are these kids using that technology? are they being passive, creative? if they're being creative, let them go. >> reporter: cbs 5 news. >> and to find out more about the phoenix coding academy, you can find links on our news app. >> and tune into wake up arizona to start your day every weekday morning from 4:30 to 7:00 4:00, dogs, of course, can be a great addition to your family but they are also kind of a financial responsibility. we have answers on how much you're going to pay on average to take care of a pet for that very first year. >> and a reminder preseason football has arrived to cbs 5. you'll see cleveland and tampa bay starting at 5:00. stick around for the cbs 5 sports wrap coming up after the
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. well, who doesn't love their dog? they're like members of the family for most of us. in honor of -- honor of national dog day. it's national dog day? >> it is. >> we asked you to share some of your photos. check it out. thank you so much for sharing all these great photos of the dog that make your lives special. >> these are great pictures. >> in -- join in. find us on facebook and look for those photos. >> our viewers have some awesome dogs. if you're looking to snag a at a time you might want to get a dog. says women are 20% more attracted to men who have a tog. psychologists says it shows a man would be a good father because they can take care of a dog and that appeals to women who are thinking about their future families. but having a dog, it does not
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very first year could cost around $1,500. the american society for the prevention of cruelty to animals ran those numbers. so this includes everything, from food, toys, treats, even health insurance. vets say adopting a dog from a shelter, however, can really help you save money. >> any cat or dog adopted interest a shelter will already be spayed or newted. they will have most of their vaccines given to them. >> vets say the best cost is with preventive care, toothbrushing and good quality food. >> got to take care of your buddy. she was the center of controversy two years after the va scandal surfaced. a long list of complaints about mismanagement and a lack of
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i now at 4:30. she had a lot on her plate but after several months on the job, the director of the va is stepping down. answers on why she's leaving the agency. >> plus, remember this shot? we showed you this incredible video yesterday, that city bus stuck in a sinkhole. how much water the city lost down the street and the aging pipe that caused it all. >> and getting your credit card information stolen while traveling can just ruin your
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ways to minimize the risk. thank you for being with us. there is a major change at the phoenix healthcare system. >> the corrector -- director amdur is retiring now. you may recall that she took over this job earlier this year. she walked into a firestorm of controversy faced with one problem after another. amdur was part of a special newscast back in may on how she planned to deal with complaints ranging from a failed suicide hotline. now in a statement, a va spokesperson told us, quote, we owe a depth of gratitude for her tireless service to america's veterans. for more than 25 years she has dem trait what it means to care for those who have borne the battle. >> the arizona primary is next tuesday. district five is going to be a tough race. we have profiled the two top
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at former maricopa supervisor john staply. >> reporter: john and his family has been involved in arizona politics really since the beginning of the state now he's trying to cash in all that experience and that name and win a seat in congress in one of the most hotly contested races around. touched the heart of arizona as fifth congressional district. he now hopes this road leads to washington. >> this is my great >> reporter: politics is a family tradition. that grand grandfather of his helped write the state constitution over 100 years ago. >> are you a career politician? >> no. >> reporter: a surprising statement for a politician who served nearly 20 years as a board of superiors. >> i spent years in the private sector before i ran for officer. >> reporter: and during his time in officer, he has shared his share of couldn't ver. like he was arrested on more than 100 charges. >> sizzes -- citizens would be
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this point. >> reporter: all those charges were dropped and he sued the county, winning a big payout. six years ago a newspaper questioned some of the money he spent out of an unregulated campaign fund. >> any questions about expenditures is just not founded in fact. >> reporter: and that story highlighted some big money he spent on trips as well as other personal items, like lug an. >> that's not true. that's absolutely not true. >> reporter: and remember thi is considered a very safe republican trikt. so the win -- district. so the winner will likely go on to be the next congressman. new tonight on the national campaign trail, we mentioned at the top of this newscast, donald trump's campaign is now postponing his trip to phoenix that was planned for this upcoming wednesday. meanwhile, trump is getting some
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campaign office. the opening celebration is planned for tomorrow morning. >> our policy -- her policies are bigoted because they're not going to work. >> you think she's personally bigoted. >> she is. >> war of words continue to fly as they make their push for the white house. this is race -- race, that is, is dominating now all the headlines. clinton is also defending her side to the clinton found indication lyle she served >> neerng my husband nor daughter nor i have taken a penny of the salary from the foundation. >> house oversight committee is looking into reports that more than half of the nongovernment people who met with then secretary of state clinton actually donated to the clinton foundation. a pleasant afternoon for us as our temperatures running almost five degrees cooler than they were yesterday. no moisture that's in valley right now, but just to the east of us, we're seeing an isolated
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into the area with? gusty winds at times as well. we're seeing storms not north and storms to the south all throughout the afternoon. flagstaff, you got to see a little bit of some hail this afternoon with the storm cell that moved through for you. you're nice and quiet for now, but we will see more rain coming your way. tonight, 95 by 6:00. 91 by 8:00 p.m. with fair skies out there. we'll keep things nice and cool this weekend. we'll take a look coming up. new information about the sinkhole that swallowed part of this happened near 35th avenue and van buren. we have learned that the city lost several million gallons of water. but just so you know, the city uses 89 billion gallons each year. the pipe that caused the water main break was about 70 years old, water was finally shut off about 11:45 last night. almost painful to see all that water going away. >> yeah. >> i. well credit card fraud while
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a mild convenience. >> we are here with several ways on how you can minimize the risk. >> reporter: if your cards get shut down because of fraud, just a time you'll spend on the phone with the issuer alone will be a major hassle so there's no way your trip will not be impacted. avoid the problem in the first and a website says getting an rifd blocked wallet of the. thiefs don't even have to see your wallet to steal your information. all they have to do is they've got it all. but you can get a blocking wallet on amazon like the one you see here for just $15. they look like normal wallets but they protect your card information from scanner attacks. be aware of unsecured internet connections. when you use them, everything you type in could potentially be monitored and stolen. brows websites when you're obscured. never input passwords. if you use a hotel computer,
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delete your browsing history and log out of everything. leave no trace of your personal identification at all. never leave your card with wait staff at restaurants or with bartenders. ask them to swipe it to authorize the billing and then give it -- give if right back. monitor spending after you return home as well. smart thieves steal your card information and then wait until you're not on guard to actually use it. so you want to check statements often and make sure you can account for every purchase you made while you were traveling. remembe i credit card, you are not responsible for any of the unauthorized charges. the steps we've talked about here to help you avoid fraud are meant to keep your trip from being ruined. that's the key. let me know if you have a consumer dispute. go to click on advocate and that's it. that will go to my page. submit the form. i'll get back to you. >> thank you, dave. all new at 4:00, it could be the key to battling the zika
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using altered mosquitos to help prevent the spread of other -- of other bugs and the dangerous disease. chris martinez explains how -- explains how it works. >> reporter: mosquito-controlled themes in this california neighborhood are trying a new tack -- new tactic. the mosquito is called '80s. >> it is a vector of some very serious diseases historically, yellow fever and now more >> reporter: science activities are releasing hundreds of thousands of scientifically altered male mosquitos to meat with females which can carry the steve. the altered males carry a bacteria which prevents the females enter preproduce -- reproducing. the females bite people and spread disease. >> so the eggs are not viable. >> reporter: a lab in kentucky injected the mosquitos with the bacteria and shipped them to california. >> are these all the same species?
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the mosquito population will plummet and they could use this army of mosquitos strategically against zika if it appears. >> maybe you start to see disease transmission in a certain area and you can go to that area with these mosquitos and release them. >> reporter: researchers say so far the project's results are promising, with tens of thousands morale terred mosquitos left to deploy. a dirty ice machine, bug spray in the kitchen and fd wrong temperatures. valley restaurants busted in
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. bug spray in the kitchen, workers not washing up. not all valley restaurants keep a clean kitchen. here's this week's all new dirty dining way. >> reporter: pay way in phoenix, four major violations. the health inspector went out and found raw shrimp and raw beef not held at the proper temperature. a employee cutting raw handling ready-to-eat salad. bmd, four violations. the health inspection report lifted ham and baby greens kept past their discard date. a worker not washing his hands properly. tommy bahama's restaurant in north scottsdale, four mainly violations. the health inspector found an employee handling salad with his bare hands, an ice machine not
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four major violations. >> on the green had ant and roach killer in a supply closet, shredded kitchen kept past his discard date and eggs stored above ready to eat food. the place is now on notice or could face legal action. the restaurants with perfect health inspection scores they make our dean's list. here's a look at the restaurants with spotless kitchens. >> all right. jason, they are ray's pizza in phoenix. bruno's sports bar and gri and pal aid boulevard. and the jimmy john's near bell and litchfield. >> taco bell in mesa. fork open list bbq at willis road and avenue -- arizona avenue. and shakes and cones near first street in scottsdale. >> forkopolis. >> you can download the cbs 5 app and clicking on the dirty dining link.
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that locks on its own when you spend too much.
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. apple has a urgent message, update your device now if it needs it. >> this upgrade comes after researchers found malware that allows attackers to see nearly everything on your phone. it came from an israeli based group. it works with when users click a bogus link in a text message.
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race. 23,000 ground workers for american are also seeing an increase. star wood hotels is showing off its stop-secret experiment. that includes voice-acted hotel rooms. guests with control things like temperature and lighting. >> and how about this high-tech fashion accessory? this is the ibag #2s. steined to stop you from spending money. the handbag actually locks when it senses you are where you spend the most money. well the col nol sanders recipe get exposed to the world? the company says a -- behind the chicken empire [ audio difficulty ] that isn't stopping online speculation. 98 degrees our high for us today. nice and mild out there. temperatures will stay in the
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style. a make a wish kid granted a shopping spree for back to school. there you see him, eduardo rod ready is currently dealing with renal failure which has affected his kidneys and caused permanent damage. the chronic condition means he spends a lot of time in hospitals. >> honesty, just come in here and like -- receive everything but like know that like people like know what i'm going through and support me, like i think that's the best feeling ever. come in they see, like, that i'm happy and they're happy, i think that's the best feeling in the world. >> so nice to see how appreciative he is for that. eduardo was picked up in a limb mow today. he got clothes, a laptop. he also got a gaming system to play with his siblings during those long stays at the hospital. hospital.
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it was pea-sized to quarter-sized hail that was coming down. but it looks like snow as it's gathering on the ground. it lasted for about 30 minutes in some areas. this is one isolated storm cell that moved through the area earlier. you're getting a bit of flagstaff. the doppler shows you we have ab isolated cell that will start to move in in the next 30 minutes. we are expecting to see some moderate showers with that as it it's a very fast-moving at this point. here in phoenix, things are nice and dry. we do have that isolated storm cell that moved through the globe area and bringing you some light showers at this point and a little bit of lightning. stafford also getting a little bit of rain and then we've got some isolated cells that are popping up. moving towards the wilcox area, right there along the i-10 over the next 30 minutes. 97 degrees in phoenix right now. 98 was our afternoon high for
4:52 pm
77 in sedona. 100 for you in bullhead city. earler --ier during -- earlier in the colorado river value, we started in the 70. we knew some moisture was going to develop. we'll continue to see some isolated showers up in the high country for overnight hours, starting off the day for tomorrow, most of it will develop overmow has beeny county and then move into flagstaff, sedona as we head through the afternoon. saturday night, though, things us. we will keep a slice chance in for us as we head into tonight and into tomorrow. 78 for overnight low tonight in phoenix. 44 flagstaff, 66 for globe. tomorrow's temperatures, 75 for press kit. 99 for phoenix. temperatures will slightly warm up as we dry things out, heading into next week. we'll be at 102 on your sunday with partly cloudy skies.
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up training camp. >> that went quick. the team on the way to houston. >> time to step it up because the coach expecting a better effort than the first two preseason games. this is where the cardinals really have to get locked in after two preseason efforts, especially oval with the first- -- offensivers have executed as expected: . >> our job right now is to lay new bricks, you know, what we've done in the so it's a whole new season and hopefully we can have as much success. >> after the way i ended last year, high inspections -- our expectations are higher. i feel like i'm ready to, you know, prove that and prove my worth. >> tonight, the arizona railers won, shame pane and caviar dreams. the team with one final hurdle
4:54 pm
because of scheduling conflicts, hosting this one at heel river arena. second in the afl and touchdown passes. reynolds for the touchdown. arizona gets the ball back and trying to bang it in from close rangth. benson, coughing ] coughs up the football. 49 yard scoop. then on the ensuing kickoff, fumble in the end stone and philly re arizona with some work to do. down 28-7 in the first half. several sources say asu registered sore more will lead the offense in the season opener. he was groomeded by former quarterbacks. wilkins is a different player and person than the one who first came to tempe three years back. >> the game has slowed down a lot for me. i think i'm just comfortable in my almost. i think, you know, like i said there's guys around me if i get
4:55 pm
can make some big-time plays. just building relationships. >> he's more mature, you know, a couple years ago, he was kind of loosy comboosy and everything. but he's more mature. you can change he's changed over the past two years. he's really trying to win his job. >> when a.j. pollock broke his right elbow in a meaningless preseason game it was an omen. the all-star has rehabbed loiks a chafrn to get back -- like champ to get back. >> getting back with this group that i started spring training with and be able to play some games and be back around the guys. it's huge, you know, it's not just about, you know, if they think the season is lost and we're done and he shouldn't play. that's -- there's a lot more that goes into it than just that. >> well said. check this out. royals and marlins, the catch of the night. drive to center, kc's dyson glove me tender.
4:56 pm
robs the home run. simply spectacular. nobody knows how rangers popped batiste in the face. former star kip tis knows the star takes the hard slide. hey, i want none of you. i'm backing off man. they laugh it off. it's all good. rangers teammates they know how tough he is. say, uh-uh. you don't want to part any of that bad man rig oh, one more time. nope. please. don't hurt me. just trying to do my job. just trying to earn a paycheck. please. >> i like how entertained all the teammates are. >> he's a tough man. >> nfl preseason up next. cleveland versus the buccaneers.
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