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tv   CBS 5 News at 10  CBS  August 27, 2016 12:37am-1:13am MST

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cane in the middle of the night. >> $5,000 is how much is offered to catch two thieves stealing tail gates at a auto dealer. here is cbs 5's preston phillips with the mark the thieves left behind that may lead police to them. >> reporter: they put their
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pickup trucks. detectives dusted for finger prints and the next week if they got a match. you can see one of them removed the tail gates off of the 5 trucks and load them into the suv. which is probably the only video that stands out as being easy to identify -- a black toyota 4 runner tires and blacked out rims. he says this isn't the first time the business has been hit. he got on facebook and posted a video walking people through what happened and offering up a $5,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. [ indiscernible ] >> at night, during the day they are clear, at night they are on infrared. >> reporter: the thieves were
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took them 8 minutes to remove the tail gates off the 5 trucks. call police if you know anything and a $5,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. preston phillips, cbs 5 news. a bomb scare at a fire station. sheriff's deputies say a man was going through his father's belongings when he found what he thought was blasting caps. firefighters area. deputies brought out their robot and found a tube with a wire. they have not confirmed if it was dynamite but the bomb squad took the device and they will detonate it. scary developing situation out of kansas city tonight. look at what is happening in the heart of the downtown. flooding all over the city. as high as car rooftops. the metro area right now at
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flash flood warning for the metro area including jackson and clay county. into independence. the area still under a flash flood emergency. you can see rescue crews going car to car to check inside to make sure there is no one inside. residents told not to drive. even some are told to head to higher ground incase the flooding gets worse. back here at home. this is what we looked at in the high country monsoon storms dropping through. up in flagstaff. >> you know, this is tough to watch. especially in the desert. millions of gallons of water wasted. over several hours.
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out of >> reporter: enough water to carve out a hole. that hole is now filled in tonight. the pipe was repaired. what is left is to repave the road, that work will take weekend. on thursday afternoon this hole was a gushing year-old water main break. >> the pavement gave away. >> reporter: the sink hole trapped a city bus full of passengers. water spewed out into the street for hours. crews got the water shut off just before midnight. the break was near an intersection with many valves. each one needed to be turned off slowly to not break
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the city thinks a couple millions of gallons may have been loss. >> we have meters and we are trying to account for who is using how much water. >> the city says all that water was washed down storm drains. some of it may be used to non-edible crops. >> reporter: that work van buen is closed and 35 avenue is restricted. lauren rhymer, cbs 5 after some confusion donald trump made it twitter official, he is holding a rally in the valley next wednesday. republican presidential nominee tweeted he will come to town next wednesday. earlier today his arizona
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donald trump took to twitter saying he is moving it to a larger venue. the demand is unreal. donald trump is expected to talk about party unity. the u.s. justice department will handle the investigation into sheriff joe arpaio. prosecutors in arizona asked to be removed from the case. no word tonight on why. the department of justice will have to decide whether sheriff joe arpaio should be held in contempt of profiling case. we are committed to helping police find the serial street shooter. we are showing this picture every day. take a good look. police say this suspect killed 7 people in phoenix. if you have any information leading to an arrest you could get a $75,000 reward. parents at one high school are being warned about
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campus. it happened at mountain point high school in phoenix. staffers found trace amounts in three classroom. school is not using the classes till they have been cleaned. >> i think they should make sure all of the drugs are found and gone. >> phoenix police are working with the school but there is not enough evidence for an investigation. the search is on for the thief who stole a therapy bike from a 5-year-old boy who is the bike was custom made for him. his mom tells us the strike was locked -- the bicycle was locked up inside their car port when someone came and cut the lock. >> it is important to him, to his freedom. his childhood has been stolen since he got this disease. if you could bring it back, leave it, that would be great. >> he is upset there.
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the family has set up a go fund me to raise money for a new therapy bike. we have a link on our cbs 5 news mobile app. tracking your the grand opening of a playground to honor kayla mueller whose life was taken by isis in 2013. in the morning. parents who want answers on how to give cpr can get instruction tomorrow for free. phoenix children's hospital is teaming up with toyota for free cpr. they run three hours and start at 9:00 a.m. in the morning and there will be a spanish session at noon. you have to register on phoenix children's
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app. things are calm right now. under fair skies. 92 degrees. a high today of 98. temperatures are cooling down heading into the start of the weekend. 50 degrees in flagstaff. 55 show low. 62 prescott. 91 bullhead city. winds out of the southeast, a nice breeze heading into the evening. we have a slight chance to see drizzle or light shower in the valley over night, had a moist atmosphere throughout the day. no rain falling right now. east valley a little bit with blowing dust in the mesa area and queen creek area. flagstaff things calmed down. a little light rain falling from bullhead city to lake havasu. lightning out there for you. most of that should be coming down over night.
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a slight chance for us. spotty. over the high country into 9:00 a.m. in the morning, you see line from the grand canyon into kingman. heading into saturday afternoon. phoenix should stay dry. might get drizzle. otherwise cloud cover out there. things wrap up heading into the evening on saturday. drier air coming in with temperatures. afternoon highs into tomorrow, 99 here in phoenix. on sunday. 102 the expected high. drying up and warming up into the start of the week. we start off at 104. a slight chance of moisture by the end of the week. right now partly cloudy skies for you wednesday and thursday. >> thank you. it is 10:10 p.m. we brought you all the answers
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sean mclaughlin, kris pickle, you are watching cbs 5 news at 10:00 p.m. >> fda advising zika virus on all donated blood in the u.s. given the uncertainty surrounding the virus it is better to be safe than sorry. cbs 5's amanda goodman is live with more on this story tonight. >> reporter: this comes amid it growing number of cases out of florida. we found out how this could impact donations locally.
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services of arizona in scottsdale. >> in arizona alone 500 people giver blood every ing isal day -- everything single day. >> the fda is recommending it be tested for the zika virus. not just here but across the u.s. >> the goal of the recommendsation to keep the blood -- recommendation is to keep the blood supply safe. . >> reporter: they have not decided yet what >> this is a recommendation not a requirement at this point. >> reporter: she says they have already taken steps to ensure the blood that comes in is not infected. >> beginning in the middle of february we began deferring anyone from giving flood for 28 days after they traveled to a zika impacted area. >> reporter: in july zika testing for dors was
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implementing everything necessary to make sure that flood is safe for patients -- blood is safe for patients. >> reporter: and so far there have been 26 confirmed cases of zika in arizona but all of those were travel related. what happens if we get a transmitted case, they will be ready for it. amanda goodman, cbs 5 news. >> thank you. a solution might be here sooner than researchers in california believe they have found a way to fight back. hundreds of thousands of altered male mosquitoes to mate with zika prone females. they carry a bacteria to prevent the females from producing. >> maybe you see the transmissionane certain area and you can go to the area and release them.
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thousands of more mosquitoes left to deploy. if your pup is your best friend you have time to spoil them for national dog day. we have answers tonight on how much your pet costs you in the long run. they released the predictions saying the first year it will set you back spaying after the first -- after the first ar down a little bit. >> and here is a look at the most most popular dog names. bella, lucy, max, daisy and buddy. john mccain has fallen down on the job, got weak, got old. >> i see the changes that happen in aging. in patients again and again and again over the last 25 years.
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and the mind. >> that is kelly ward. she is taking powerful shots on national tv of john mccain's age. >> today she spoke with dennis welch where she doubled down on the statements. >> i think he has been in washington, d.c. for too long. there is a normal analling -- aging process. the life expectancy is 76 of age. something people should know and consider. >> the john mccain campaign calling this an act of desperation before next week's election. a poll shows john mccain holding a 26 point lead over ward. internet security officials are sending out a warning if you have an iphone. update it now. that is because three security programs need an update. if you don't take care of them
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giving away free photo shoots to families with kids who face challenges. she sees a special child. she started a charity called lenses for love as a way to change the public's perception of what is considered normal. >> the strength and resiliency from the kids have been far more inspiring and touching and moving than any other normal child that i have been able to for love with photographers in every state donating shoots to families who have children special needs. settle in. buckle up. >> flash back friday. what you are looking at video from 1992.
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arizona was awarded an expansion team in the arena football team. they are now the third oldest franchise and won 10 division titles. and 9 arena bowl championships? >> yeah. our first title. could they add another banner to the rafters tonight? they rallied. we will tell you who won the en i am tomorrow's traffic. i-17 will be closed in both directions. this rarely happens. between indian school and thomas. over night saturday from 11:30 p.m. to 7:30 a.m.
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closed. i am going to recommend 19th avenue or 35th avenue. they will have signs out to get you around this. be sure to give yourself extra time in that area. 51 would be a great option as well. have a great weekend.
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check this out. a beautiful shot from our penguin air & plumbing news chopper. hikers getting exercise morning. [ talking at the same time ] >> okay. the team was cruising around
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and caught this. tomorrow morning we should start off the day nice and calm out there. we will be at 79 by 6:00 a.m. 84 degrees by 8:00 a.m. 89 by 10:00 a.m. into the afternoon and evening hours 99 by 4:00 p.m. 93 by 6:00 p.m. afternoon highs 64 for familiar staff. 70 show low. 86 globe. 99 and 97 for bullhead city. arizona cardinals breaking camp and heading to houston. houston the site of this year's super bowl and cardinals have their sights set on a trip. [ indiscernible ] >> a lot of times you want to start small and take steps and
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we want to win a super bowl. we know we have a lot of work to do. it is not going to be >> the rattlers suiting up for the arena bowl. a 4:00 p.m. start with the philadelphia soul. the fifth arena bowl title, 9 9th arena bowl all time. they moved the glendale. he is going to go all the way back. 35-21 at the half. the rattlers tied it. you see here in the first half the trouble they had catching the ball off pickedoff late in the game. that iced it. denied at home. >> turnovers. turnover battle.
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9-10 those teams are going to win. i didn't do a good job of taking care of the football. >> turned the ball over 5 times. 2 fumble. 2 interceptions. can't win games when you turn the ball over. >> proud of the way we battled and fought. >> hard to see after a tough year. high school football season. smith takes the opening kickoff against gilbert. they win yard run you will see. powers into the end 33-9 winner. desert edge quarterback the best dual threat quarterback in the threat. he will trot in, 48-19 final. horizon 2-0. stunning.
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minor league game. interrapted by a sheep on -- interpreted by a sheep on the
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all right. as we wake up tomorrow. it will look like this. clouds maybe a light shower or two and a high of 100 degrees. we will start off the morning at 78. nice and cool. >> seems so only 100 on a weekend? fantastic. >> stephen colbert is up next for your friday night. have a good weekend. happy friday. your online home for free news and information.
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