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tv   CBS 5 News at 5  CBS  August 29, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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what happened. >> we are talking about a mother, father, and eight children. it is the kind of story that reminds all of us that there are good people in the world willing to help a good stranger. side of the road. >> there was a lot of smoke and the flames started coming out from underneath.>> the family was on their way home when they got behind an 18 wheeler that had smoke coming from the back tires. moments later there were flames. her husband drove alongside the truck to get the attention. >> i'm saying there's a fire,
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i look crazy and he's just looking at me. >> the driver did not seem to understand is so they slowed their van down in front to get the driver to stop which is when the fire really got going. mom moved the kids away while dad tried to stop traffic and at one point the children thought the driver got lost in the flames with their father. >> he got to the back of the truck and there was a loud boom and all could see was made to disappear so all the kids were and i said he will be fine, just say a prayer. >> thankfully dead and driver walked away and the driver was- - the father was greeted with open arms. we asked why they stopped in the first place even putting their kids at risk? >> what with the kids have thought if we just drove off?
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your day and help somebody else. >> the driver has a 10-year-old father of his own. just knowing he is able to go home to his family made the entire ordeal worthwhile. >> great story, great lesson. we have confirmed today that trump will speak at the convention center at 6:00 and doors will open at 3:00. his speech will focus on illegal immigration. coming up we will talk with a political analyst about how important this specific speech will be for the trump campaign. investigators say a house fire overnight is suspicious and happened at a home near mcclintock and chandler. it spread to the attic. the tenants had just moved out and the fire happened hours
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that area. the fbi now announced a big were board to catch this fugitive, f lds leader. he was indicted on welfare fraud and money laundering and reportedly used olive oil to slip out of his ankle monitoring bracelet. one former member police he is getting a lot of support with his escape. >> flds have a sophisticated network of people to >> he was released two weeks before he escaped despite prosecutors arguing that he was a flight risk. >> after a shooting at a far
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left they got into a fight with another man and opened fire before driving away. two people were hit but injuries are not life- threatening. it started as a possible attempted abduction and turned into a chase and ended into an accident when a car slammed into a bakery in glendale. mark, what happened? >> police say the driver jumped the curb and ended up inside this bakery damagi the building so much is not sure they will be to reopen. >> we have been here 42 years.>> he sits on the counter of the bakery amidst the rubble that was once a key part of the community.>> we specialize in mexican food. >> the owner says her father first opened the bakery in 1972 but now the future is uncertain.>> speed is a factor
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woman not far from here. she got away then gotten to an suv with another man and pursued the silver car in an alleged chase high-speed after a car crashed into the bakery. >> the male driver attempted to flee but was stopped by officers a short distance later.>> and have not been identified. it is not clear exactly they will face, from aggravated assault to reckless driving. owners hope to rebuild and reopen but say it will not be easy and will be costly. >> why go out of business-- it will be sent to go out of business now after many years. >> mark taylor, cbs5 news.
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weather wise after three straight days with temperatures below the triple digits. now we are seeing a high temperature of 105 and taking a live look look, some high thin clouds. are we will see the dewpoint climb which will increase chances were passing un we will see temperatures drop to 10 1 x 7,-- by 7:00 and we will give you details on upcoming storms in a few minutes. the faa is looking into a deadly skydiving accident. investigators said a 61-year- old man had with the described as a hard landing near the drop zone. he was taken to a local hospital where he died. there is no word on what may have gone wrong. mesa police need your help finding a man who robbed a
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econolodge in and streets in and suites. the suspect jumped over the counter, showed a knife and demanded money. he took off after getting money and you are asketo call the police if you know anything. some police officers will be wearing body cameras, 19 taser cameras were purchased for that department. they will upload footage to a cloud-based storage system. the departments and officers cannot tamper with video files camera itself. how does a 30 hour workweek sound? amazon is trying it out, what they have to sacrifice for the longer weekend. you have probably seen this, the passing of a legend.
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a world of pure imagination. >> we've been talking about this all day long, willy wonka has passed away. gene wilder passed away in connecticut from complications from alzheimer's disease. the actor was a master at playing those really panicky characters-- characters caught up in schemes that only madmen like mel brooks could devise like a monster in young frankenstein, the producers. he was 83 years old. >> that was one of those ones with the alerts, a little heartbreaking that a legend is gone. >> it has been nice to debate who are all sorts of ages and generations, what is his best movie? he had so many. >> everybody goes back to young frankenstein. however you want to pronounce
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know what we're talking about. >> a blazing saddles. the wife of anthony weiner says he is leaving him after another sexting scandal. a statement was released saying she is separating from her husband amidst published photos showing pictures that he sent to another woman. new ground rules take effect, drones may not fly higher than 400 feet or at night. they also must weigh less than 55 pounds the users do not have to be pilots that will have to pass an exam. the italian government is trying to figure out how to help thousands left homeless after last week's earthquake. nearly 2700 people are living in tent camps or shelters. amazon is now experimenting with a 30 hour workweek. a few dozen employees will work monday through thursday and get 75% of pay and the same
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let's be clear, is just a cloud that this formation had russians very concerned. the ominous cloud formed over siberia and people were actually worried that it was a mushroom cloud from a nuclear explosion. >> cumulonimbus. we have them all the time but that was amazing.>> i knew you would know the correct term. donald trump heading to the valley on wednesday but hillary clinton is making her own, the milestone she could reach by the end of the
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arizona's primary election is set for tomorrow and candidates are looking for-- vying for three seats. many have little idea of what the corporation commission actually does. the short answer is decides how much your electric bill is going to cost you. an investigation looks at how big utility companies are
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how much they can charge appears -- the painters. -- customers. >> if people think that the game is rigged if a company is able to get a larger increase, that is really destructive of the hold-- of the system. >> it could affect the solar industry race you should pay attention to tomorrow and in november. one day before the primary election the fbi confirmed that hackers broke into databases into states-- in 2 states, arizona and illinois. there is no evidence that anything was compromised but in illinois they believe that hackers got personal information for up to 200,000 people. the fbi says it is looking into both attacks.
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donald trump will speak at the phoenix convention center in wednesday joined by his vice president pick. we are live back in phoenix with more on the campaign stop. for all of our viewers, this is a go, this is confirmed?>> this is confirmed and this may be his most important and one of the most-watched speeches he has given to date. the expectation is that he's going to deliver a major policy speech surprise he chose arizona because it has been at the heart of the issue for years. running neck and neck, the survey has clinton at 40%, trump at 39% which is statistically a tiny. jill stein and gary johnson are third and the focus on wednesday will be on immigration
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because some believe he has soft and his stance but he is promising to secure the border and that means pledging to build the wall and force mexico to pay for it. but he is not talking about really deporting immigrants living in the country immediately, there is time to deal with that issue down the road. >> it has been clear that they have been having an internal dialogue and that's why you are seeing a told him it will be difficult to win if you don't think a policy change with the undocumented immigrants. >> his prior stops has drawn some pretty strong crowds, i'm told that the whole he rented can hold between 8000 and 10,000 people. hillary clinton is fundraising in new york, she is
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since the start of the campaign and has raised more than $11 million at three events yesterday alone. along with her vice presidential nominee they have brought in money and-- the record was set last month. >> getting you election results faster, they will show returns from all the two counties and all results will come in real refreshing the page. they insist it will be in real time and you can select the race is your interested in. they say it saves money by having their own team developed the site themselves. connect with us on facebook for your primary election starting at 8:00 we will go live look from our newsroom and give u everything you need to know about the top places. it all
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what he weekend. great weather and just a few high and thin clouds as the end of the day, there was a high of 2105, we will start to notice the dewpoint climb with another round of thunderstorms and blowing dust starwe we will show you a lot of rainfall to texas as you can see all the way up to iowa and parts of illinois, we are watching tropical systems and they are expecting an amazing amount of rainfall. here's what it looks like, mainly clear skies, quiet conditions of north and parts of flagstaff. a few showers across eastern
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moisture pushing to the area. tomorrow morning mostly clear skies, temperatures dropping into the upper 70s, lower 80s in the valley and in the afternoon we start to see showers pop up. it is 3:30 at towards the white mountains, afternoon event and temperatures will climb once again as well. 81 degrees for overnight lows, 82 above the triple digits, with a high around 105 and we will show you high temperatures around the valley. temperatures around 103 and the seven-day forecast, temperatures staying near or above average, best chance of rainfall. temperatures are cooling down over the weekend with mostly cloudy skies-- mostly clear
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there is a new resident in williams, take a look. the wildlife park has put on welcoming lemon the bear. it is because she was rescued out of mount lemmon. she could not stay in the wild because she reportedly filed-- followed hikers and tried to get into homes. she will stay quarantined before she is released into her exhibit. we will give you an update on the odyssey aquarium in scottsdale. the animals are starting to arrive and animal care specialists in about 20-30 pounds of fish a day. >> it is one of the ways that our specialists bond with them. we make it a fun experience. it will be the largest aquarium
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taking a standby sitting down, the 49ers quarterback did not rise, how his own fans are expressing anger on social media. carrying the right backpack can get really heavy for your
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colin kaepernick's decision to sit down during the national anthem, he was on the bench as the star-spangled banner and is protesting the way african- americans are treated in this country. >> police brutality. cops are getting paid leave for killing people.
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, they are burning some of his jerseys in the bay area. he will continue sitting down until he sees progress in race relations. the next game is against the chargers and coming up, here what the cardinals are saying about him encoding-- including his coach. >> less than one week away for the football season. >> who is going to play >> we are trying to get that answer. the season opener, they have waited eagerly to find out who will be the starting quarterback. >> our team knows who the guy is
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they have showcased many and i expect nothing less comes out of that. while the quarterback position will be under the spot light the defense will have their hands full and receiver. >> the quarterback is a very talented and how he locates the ball and what they can do. >> it is last year right out of the gates is going to attest to. >> it's game time. at 8:00 kickoff as they won a rebound from a disappointing sixth and seventh season. next at 5:30, controversy at chipotle, why nearly 10,000 workers are suing the fast food
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(scal): good day, m'lady! i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam! they are called the septic tank murders just outside the valley, and new clues in the brutal murders of two men and how they can be connected to a drug dating-- getting from
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that came running in saying there's a shooter. panicked passengers at lax, the false alarm that sent people running to the airport. being a parent can be stressful on a tight budget, several items that new parents think they need that may be do not. this is cbs5 news at 5:30. we are learning about a break in, to court case martyrs . >> they are known as the septic take murders and the killers are linked to a violent mexican drug game.>> they have now identified a suspect in the person of interest in this cold case from eight years ago in 2008, that's why in this building they released photos, we want to get straight to those, they say believe us--


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