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tv   CBS 5 News at 630  CBS  August 30, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm MST

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indian school in south scottsdale. one took down this power pole. crews quickly got there to block off that road. at this hour, they're continuing to clean up that mess. >> also in that area, both a telephone pole and a tree fell onto the back of a home. so far we're not hearing of any reports of injuries from this. granite reef is crossed south of indian school because of all of this damage. we also had dust. look at this. viewers spent us pictures from nt area, you can always post pictures on the cbs 5 facebook page. in addition to the dust, lots of rain in the santan valley. meteorologist paul horton is tracking the weather right now. so you paul, how is it looking out will? >> chris, we had it all. the blowing dust out there, strong winds, peak wind speeds
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pinpoint doppler radar. we'll take it back about two hours. as you can see, some of the showers starting to roll through here, starting to fizzle out outside. the only activity is way out in the west valley, towards just north of avondale, right along the i-10. seeing some light shower activity. let's take a look out to the west. the gorgeous sunset. the temperatures, after a high of 107, cooling down a bit. right now, sitting at 99 ee will we see any more storms tomorrow? that answer in a few minutes. ? [ music ] ? all right, let's turn our focus to the campaign trail. it is primary day here in arizona. the polls close in just about 30 minutes. but we're giving you a live look from a polling location near 7th avenue and glendale. you can see no lines this time around. no lines at the polling places at all really, that's because there are now more than 700
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maricopa county. compare that to just 60 polling places that were open back in march. we're watching several big racing tonight. >> who will punch their ticket for the general election in november? sheriff joe arpaio is facing his toughest reelection contender yet. his top contender is the person on the right. the former buckeye police chief dan saban. >> it kirkpatrick's seat. the ones really hoping to pull off a major upset. gary keeny, and david gowan. >> it's going to be a tight race to replace matt salmon. andy bigs, christine jones, don stapley, and justin olson. throughout this newscast you're going to be seeing that
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down when the polls close, and when the ballot counting begins. >> one of the most heated battles is for senate. john mccain has tried to brush off attacks from kelli ward. mccain turned 80 years old yesterday, and she recently questioned his life expectancy, as she hopes to put up a challenge tonight. more on this race. >> reporter: right now, we are at the mccain headquarters here in phoenix. fill out. really, tonight, they're hoping for, and really expecting a victory tonight. now if kelly word did go -- kelli ward did go on and win this race, it would be a massive upset. this year, it's a different electorate, and he's facing a
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to mccain this year. most notably, as you mentioned, she went on national television and questioned whether mccain who has turned 80 years old, is too old to still be in office. still, most numbers have her trailing. the reason for that is is she's been outgunned in every facet of this campaign you can imagine. one of those reasons is mccain is a five term senator. he was a 2008 republican presidential nominee. so so most voters here in arizona know ward is a relatively unknown politician in the state. mccain has raised over $12 million this year, to ward's $1.4 million. you're going to see why the mccain campaign would be very much expecting to win tonight. still, they are trying to manage expectations a little bit. saying they expect this race will be a lot closer than
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6:34 on your tuesday night. the polls cloudy skies at 7:00, and the first results start to trickle in at 8:00. you can join me live here on cbs 5, on facebook live, inside the war room, where we're going to check out the top races. county sheriff, u.s. senate. all the numbers will be filtering into the war room. then we'll have two political analysts to analyze the first round of numbers, and answer your questions live that's going to happen at 8:00. you're going to watch your favorite cbs programming, ncis at 7:00, and zoo at 8:00. during that first commercial during zoo, cbs 5 will go live with those first numbers. we've got you covered through social media, and on air on cbs 5. >> we have a major development right now. breaking news about donald trump. he may go to mexico city
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there is word that he will meet with the mexican president. and afterwards he would head to the phoenix convention center. that event starts at 6:00 p.m. the doors open at 3:00. he is expected to give a major speech on illegal immigration. come november, a proposal to raise minimum wage in arizona. today, a ballot judge rejected a challenge from a restaurant group that opposes the measure. if passed it would raise minimum wage to $12 an hour. that would happen by 2020. it is becoming a familiar call in scottsdale. the fire department, they are getting calls about giant snakes in the street. one owner lost several of them after they got haas from their cages. >> just in the last month, scottsdale fire has picked up
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from this neighborhood near osbourne, and 75th street. the most recent call came in monday night. a boa constrictor was found by an unsuspecting neighbor. >> just taking out the trash, and there was a giant 7-foot snake. >> reporter: firefighters put the snake in one of their large turnout bags, which experts say is the best way to transport one of these animals. all three phoenix herbtological society for a checkup, and safekeeping. >> i'm suspecting it's one keeper, and they've done a very poor job of securing the cages. >> reporter: the phoenix herbitological society is now in contact with the owner. he's planning to pick them up tonight. the humane society will be having a talk with him about proper pet ownership.
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have arrived in the desert. >> today, cbs 5 got the first look at dolphin areas where they are bringing the ocean here to the valley. here's amanda goodman. >> reporter: the trainers a the dolphinaris, are working with the stars of what will be the valley's unique attraction. five bottlenosed dolphins that just arrived from california. >> as soon as we put them in and ate fish. they've been doing well ever since. >> reporter: still getting some finishing touches before opening sometime next month. 900,000gallons of saltwater fill four large pools and eventually, visitors will get a chance to learn about and swim with the dolphins. >> our programs are designed for kids of all ages, but certainly, we want to have school kids here, young people
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creatures. >> reporter: keeping the water cool during the hot summer months. for now, the dolphins are getting used to their environment, and getting ready to entertain, and teach kids from across the valley. i'm amanda goodman for cbs 5 news. >> there is also controversy surrounding dolphinaris. cbs 5 investigates is looking into all the issues that are involved with bringing dolphins to the desert. we'll bring that investigation to you within the next week. coming up, a fiery this tractor trailer rams into a line of cars. what the driver blames for this dramatic crash. >> making a comeback.
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caught on camera, you have to see this. the chilling first moments of a 10 car pileup in new york. a tractor trailer plowed through a line of vehicles last thursday. watch on the left hand side of your screen, that car catches fire. bistanders rush in to save that driver. moments later, you see it really flame up. because of their action, the
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and bruises. in all, ten people were taken to the hospital. all with minor injuries. the driver of the tractor trailer says her brakes did not work. but that accident is still under investigation. we have a warning right now that the next time you get on your computer there could be problems. >> hackers are just basically using an old scam to get your personal information. this happened to st her microsoft computer froze up, then a pop up gave her a number to call. >> bingo, a light bulb hit me. i thought, what have i done? >> at that point, they got your credit card, they got your expiration date, they've got your home address. >> reporter: microsoft has received 175,000 complaints about tech support scams. experts say you should never call a number on a pop up. never give a stranger access to
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doctors say that e- cigarettes can damage your health, but there is another danger you might not know about. everyone complai about millennials. nonsense. millennials, i salute you. you save money like no other generation. you share cars, wifi passwords, canoes, deodorants. my grandson bought a pair of pants with me. today's his pants day.
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phoenix police still need your help to catch this guy, the serial shooter. he could be driving several cars, including a 2000 black
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call silent witness. you can of course remain anonymous. it turns out a former worker stole more than a half million dollars. steve nolte stole $571,000 from the company. he fled to costa rica, and he tried to reenter the u.s., but he was busted by the fbi. a valley teenager spent three weeks in the hospital, and she wants to that it can, yes, happen to you. those teens injuries were caused by an e-cigarette that exploded just a few inches from her face. cbs 5 explains what happened. >> reporter: the only thing most people worry about with these e-cigarettes is the possible long term effects on their health. the last thing anyone expects is for this thing to blow up, but can, and does happen. >> i think it was a bad reaction. >> reporter: caylee boyce was
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enjoying her e-cigarette when the unthinkable happened. >> starting feeling had weird burning, and i can't even explain the feeling, that it was hurting. i was just screaming, get it out, get it out, get it out. >> reporter: the maricopa teen tells us, her e cigarette exploded, setting her hair and clothes on fire. she suffered second and third degree burns. th >> reporter: dr. kevin foster tells us, what happened to the maricopa teen is not an isolated incident. foster says they've had at least 15 burn patients in the past three months, that have all been injured by an e- cigarette. >> unfortunately, we can't really offer people a safe alternative, or a safe way of using these. >> reporter: it's unclear what's causing the e-cigarettes
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it's the small batteries to blame. they come from other countries that may be defective. boyce wants to warn others about what can happen. >> i would hate for it to happen to somebody else to go through the unbearable pain and staying in the hospital so long in surgery. it was really awful. >> reporter: we understand the fda is working on new regulations for e-cigarettes that would include new standards for manufacturers, and battery safety. in phoenix, jason berry, cbs 5 news. all right, tuesday evening, let's valley pinpoint doppler radar. we had some activity, we'll take the radar about two hours. some pockets of some rain out there. rolling through mesa, parts of scottsdale, even south of camelback mountain towards arcadia. this is the latest view, 6:45, you can see as the radar sweeps across the area. a lot of the showers moving out of the region. temperature wise, with the passing rain, hit a high of
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right now, 99 degrees. 107 in gila bend. 11 in yuma. up north in sedona, 77 in flagstaff. here's the satellite and radar across the state. it looks like a lot of that activity has fizzled out. we're going to see another chance of showers and storms again for wednesday. there's a chance in the afternoon, we could see another chance of showers and storms on thursday. look at the rainfall to the east of showers around storms starting at 4:00 p.m., and lasting into the evening hours. another chance on thursday. here's your overnight lows. tomorrow morning around 48 degrees. 47 in flagstaff. 77 in tucson. that seven-day forecast, yeah, temperatures near average. 104 for your wednesday. there's a chance, about a 10% chance of storms wednesday, thursday, friday conditions start to dry out. look at that weekend, temps below average, and highs around
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saturday and sunday. >> that looks really nice, thank you paul. developing tonight, a standoff is over at the home of r and b singer chris brown, and brown has been arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon. during the standoff with police, he wept straight to instagram to declare his innocence. >> what you do care about is y'all defacing my name as a person and my character and integrity. >> police are investigating reports that brown pointed a gun at property this morning. officers patted down, and questioned a number of people who were at his home. chipotle really wants you to come back, so much so, they want to feed your kids for free. the company is offering free kids meals on sundays, all next month. it's another attempt to bring back customers after a series of food scares. everything you need to know
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a during the $500,000 guaranteed cash giveaway. the cash will be flying every weekday starting september 5th. join the half million club with $500,000 guaranteed... only at casino arizona and talking stick resort! back here in the war room, polls are closing in just about 6:30 for the arizona primary. the polls are closing again at 7:00 p.m., but back here at 8:00 inside the war room, we will be live on facebook. we're going to break down those early results with a couple of
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facebook, then on cbs 5, during the first commercial break at zoo, we will let you know what the first results will mean for the rest of this election night. we're also going to break down some of the major races like this one. the big race for maricopa county sheriff. here's a live look from central phoenix. we have crews throughout the valley, following the biggest races in arizona. here's a look at some of the other showdowns that we're keeping tabs on tonight. >> reporter: i'm derrick stall, tracking the race to replace outgoing senator matt salmon. we're outside the headquarters of christine jones. the former godaddy executive has merged as one of the front- runners. the other front-runner? andy bigs. whoever wins is expected to go on and become the next congress
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i'm jared dillingham. the district represents everyone from sedona to flagstaff. all the way down to oro valley. ultimately, the winner faces congresswoman ann kirkpatrick. i'm lindsey riser. one of the biggest races we're following today, the county recorder race. helen purcell has underfire, after problems in march's precedent election. will she hold onto her seat? that's going to do it for the cbs 5 evening news at 6:30. it's going to be an interesting night. we'll keep you updated. >> you can watch tv 2. ncis is next. zoo is after that, and first
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gibbs: previously on ncis... bishop: british prison break has left two convicted felons loose. mcgee: jacob scott. former mi6. caught selling u.s. nuclear intel to russia. ncis are the ones who put jacob scott in prison. i asked homeland senior division chief morrow to join us. formerly director of ncis. gibbs: mcgee. got a network security alert. what the hell is it? someone accessed our records using a duress password. what did he get away with? mcgee: it's a single file. it's old. what was the operation in '02? juniper strike. russian national, nika razin. she was his wife. boss, this is a hit list? where would he start, gibbs? tom. tom morrow. fornell: the man who ordered the whole damn thing. (baby fussing) marshall: i'll be back real soon, okay? daddy loves you, baby girl. shh. anne marshall: david?
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listen... six months is gonna fly by. no, it's not. yeah, you're right. the pizza in iraq tastes like ketchup on cardboard. (quiet, wry laugh) i need you to take care of your mom and sister while i'm gone. hmm? protect them for me. i will. (sighs gently) i love you, buddy. (anxious breathing) protect them for me.


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