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tv   CBS 5 News at 10  CBS  August 31, 2016 12:37am-1:12am MST

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busy election night, but if you were looking for results online you might have gotten frustrated. >> another election failure. the new website to bring results in real time would not load. we have placed calls into the secretary of states office as
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mean time, we have all your election results. you will find them at the bottom of the screen and coming up live to your knowledge of tonight's -- live team coverage of tonight's races and donald trump is going to mexico to meet with the president and then he will head to a rally, more on his bold but first -- >> we are tracking the from tonight's mom soon storms. look at this storms, look at this picture. >> and this video. it rained hard for an hour v$n that neighborhood. >> and right now 400 people still waiting hours to get their lights and power back on after a major power outage.
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>> reporter: yeah. so the weather out here is still in the 90s. still humidity here. you can imagine it is a headache for the folks that live around here as they were sweating it out in their homes. they removed the old pole that was laying across the road and about to get the new pole into place. we are hours away from getting the power back on in this community. a look at the video. a power pole laying in the ad one tree hanging over. 430 homes are without power. people say the wind was gusting to the point it looked like the rain was coming in sideways. some say they are coming up with alternative plans to sta cool. >> hope they, you know, get the power on or established quickly. you know? thankfully it is cool right now so the house might stay cool.
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and the kids. >> down pour. like a microburst in a way. it sort of came down for 15 minutes and then it is, like, okay no more power. eat my pizza in the dark now. [ lauter ] >> reporter: they have a good sense of humor about this. what we heard is that the estimated time to have the power back up and running is cbs 5 news. paul now with the weather. >> a quick look real quickly and show you what is going on. there you go. calm conditions after the rainfall earlier this afternoon into the evening hours. rainfall at 4:00 p.m. this af
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canyon. mesa, quarter inch of rain. north of mesa .16. we will see more rain in the forecast later this week. more in a few we have breaking news in the race for district 5. christine jones is getting ready to speak right now. we are looking at the box in the bottom ri chris, this race is still too close to call. >> interesting when you look at the divide. 30% to 28%. and there has been speculation she will come out and declare victory with 67% reporting and that close of a race. we are waiting to hear from christine jones to see what
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when it happens. another, another race too close to call. look at the numbers. the race for the recorder, a year-old veteran. now locked in a tight battle. only a couple hundred votes separating these two. voters really reacting to the problems back in march. cbs 's the latest in this race. >> reporter: the election office at third. watching the results come in. results showing helen purcell ahead but just 500 votes separating the two. she came underfire, frustrated voters in march. some had to wait for hours in line to vote because there were
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worked to face them. her challengers both saying it is time for a change. state statute says for a county office there is a recount only if 10 votes separate challengers. right now we have 64% of precincts reporting. we will stay on top of it. lindsey reiser, >> thank you. back to the other race that is too close to call. for district number 5. waiting for christine jones to speak. she poured a lot of personal money into this race. >> there have been two ways to look at that. opponents and critics say she is trying to buy the race. we believe that she will be taking the podium at any moment.
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she takes this race because four republicans running running. let's listen in. [ cheers and applause ] >> this is a night that you have worked really hard for so i hear somebody's head phones, it is stracting. i will say this, thank you for being voted thank you for voting. for every person who knocked at a door at 118 degrees out, thank you. [ cheers and applause ] >> i will say i admire and i want to acknowledge and honor my opponents tonight.
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campaign. everyone -- hard fought campaign. everyone did their best. they represented the people of their communities for 40 years years and i give them my honor and thanks for that [ cheers and applause ] >> i know you may have heard in the east valley there is no real general election but we still have is a lot of hard work ahead. tomorro us unifying the party, coming together and most importantly defeating one [ cheers and applause ] >> now i know you may have heard that i promote hillary. let's get on the record right now. i will work harder than anybody
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the president of the united states. the clinto should go nowhere near the white house ever again. [ cheers and applause ] >> quickly let me say here is what you can expect as constituent, people who voted and put your faith and confidence in me. i will make my pledge to you to honor you by serving this district well. i will try provide exceptional constituent services. and i help me with that as well. i am going to work on things that you p@cq?eheard me talk ab lot. the economy. education. about providing opportunity. removing regulations from small businesses. >> christine jones making a victory speech in district 5. still 67% of the districts reporting. the votes less than 2,000 but christine jones making a
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>> thanking her opponents. walking that legal line there. maybe leaving the door open if votes come in later tonight. but that sounded like a victory speech for district number 5. one of the biggest races decided tonight. the face-off for the u.s. senator seat for the state of arizona. but senator john mccain easily winning over kelly award. the numbers there. john mccain coming in with the closest challenger 37%. >> that means john mccain will face an kirkpatrick in the general election. the latest from the john mccain camp. >> thank you to the many coalitions that [ cheers and applause ] >> we owe so much, we owe so much to our coalitions.
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when john mccain made the comments. john mccain had a very rocky relationship with the republican presidential nominee. >> and talk about a move that has everyone talking. tomorrow donald trump will have a busy day. tonight he confirmed on twitter he is going to mexico before coming to the valley for a rally tomorrow evening. donald trump will travel to mexico city to meet with the for a rally at the phoenix convention center at 6:00 p.m. in the evening. we will hear a lot about that meeting during his rally which is going to focus on immigration. >> we have more answers on today's election, including reaction from sheriff joe arpaio on his win for another nomination as sheriff and how his campaign is dealing with the po
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tonight. keep it right here on cbs 5 news for campaign 2016 on air and online. a tow truck driver praised for his actions this morning. and the family on the receiving end of his help is reaching out, they reached out to us so that they could thank him. cbs 5's amanda goodman with this story tonight. >> reporter: just before our interview tonight with em they got their chance to say thank you. >> reporter: he has a lot to be thankful for today. her mother was the victim of a hit-and-run driver. >> she is doing better. suffers from injuries to her face and body but she is doing fine. >> reporter: on i-17 and a tow truck driver who witnessed the crash went above and beyond to help her mom. >> i checked on her first
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>> reporter: that's right. the tow truck driver chased the hit-and-run driver for a mile and a half while communicating with police who caught up to the guy and arrested him. >> you know, just every day thing. not a big deal. >> reporter: to her mom and her family it was a very big deal. and they really wanted to meet him to thank him. >> thanks to him my mom is okay. she is okay. >> reporr: contact and before our interview he called her. >> he let me know that he was happy to be there to help her and he was put there in that place to be able to help her and make sure he didn't get away. >> reporter: she would like to meet up with the driver in person. as for the suspect, he was taken into custody. back to you. >> thank you. a look at your forecast.
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out there. rain across mesa, east of apache junction, gold canyon. 93 degrees. this is after a high today. got up to 107. three degrees above average. winds at 6 miles per hour. satellite and radar showing, yeah, calm conditions. we will stay calm tomorrow morning. here you go. 6:30 p.m. check out -- 6:30 a.m. check out wake up arizona. in the afternoon showers. here is in the evening for the evening commute, showers in the forecast in the afternoon on thursday. 5:00 p.m. on thursday. keep that in mind for the next couple days. 20% chance of showers. dnesday and thursday. and then friday things dry out and cool down over the weekend. not bad, 102 on sunday. >> thank you. a busy night right here. you are ready to take on your wednesday and our live election coverage returns after the
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contempof court contempt of court contempt of court
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news at 10:00 p.m. more election results right now for district 1. check it out. the sheriff declaring victory tonight. he declared victory over retired air force officer. as well as former secretary of state. a coanding lead, 13,000 votes. checking in with u.s. district number 1. the sheriff, of course, declared winner earlier today and he just spoke with jared dillingham who joins us live. what is he saying? >> reporter: i think he is excited and relieved. he survived a major scandal to come back and win this republican primary tonight. it was a scandal his opponents tried to use against him in this campaign. 4 years ago the sheriff was accused of threatening to deport his boyfriend to mexico
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but he was reelected and won the republican primary tonight and his partner was here in the crowd of supporters. he said voters are judging him based on his record as sheriff and he sees his win that the republican party is changing. >> people presume that republicans are very narrow minded and they are haters, not tolera not the truth. and the opposite. we judge a man or a woman by who she is, what she does to contribute or he does to contribute to our community. >> reporter: if he is elected he said he would be the first openly gay republican to be elected to congress. he faces a democrat from sedona. jared dillingham, cbs 5 news. >> thank you.
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sheriff. sheriff joe arpaio at the top. rolled to victory tonight. 7th term as sheriff. you see the numbers 178,000 votes with 64% reporting. rolling tonight. of course, sheriff joe arpaio could be facing charges. >> tonight i am here to celebrate a we will talk about that very soon. ?t-?kd? >> sheriff joe arpaio will go up against a democrat in the election. the presidential debates. there are three planned presidential debates. one in september, two in october. the only vice presidential debate is october 4 in virginia. cbs 5 news has you covered with
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click on the campaign 2016 for the latest developments in that race and the race for the white house and all the results from tonight's election. cleck onelection results for the answers. -- click on election results for the answers. [ indiscernible ] that is surveillance video we showed you a couple weeks ago and one of the burglars. a better look tonight. a viewer recognized him from the surveillance video. we called police. he is charged with second degree burglary. he has to wear an ankle monitor. >> ythard to under-- it is hard
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rereleased. >> $30,000 worth of stuff was stolen. police are still searching for the other person who was seen in the surveillance video. they believe a third person is involved. a warning, the next time you get on your computer, hackers are using an old scam to get your persona information. it happened to stacy. her computer froze up and then a pop up told her to call a number to fix the problem. she gave them access and then hung up payment over the phone. >> bingo. a light bulb hit me. >> at that point they got your credit card. your he address. >> in the past two years microsoft received 175,000 complaints about scams. never call a number that pops up on a pop up and never give a
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to get your cell phone. >> come on. [ talking at the same time ] [ laughter ] >> unbelievable. all right. the monsoon, action again tonight. will it stay active? that answer in a few minutes. good evening. tracking tomorrow's traffic. lane restrictions in pl phoenix. westbound lanes of the i-10, 16 16th to 7th street. restricted from 9:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning where they work on the street take mcdowel instead and rejoin the i10 westbound and continue on your way.
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with sheriff joe arpaio winning the republican primary it is now a rematch in november. >> that is the man he went up against four years ago and moments ago we >> we are well positioned to see success because the community is tired of what they have seen. they want to go forward. >> for the latest results on tonight's election download our mobile app and tune into wake up arizona at 4:30 a.m. we will bring you the over night develops. the rain is coming down in
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this is taking a look in the san tan valley. thank you to one of our great viewers putting this on our facebook page. and we want to make sure, #cbs 5 news and that is how we will get the video. activity in the east valley. as you can see tonight with radar, quiet conditions in the east valley and west valley. over night lows, tomorrow morning, calm conditions. er 47 for a low in flagstaff. highstomorrow, average is 104 and that is where we will be in phoenix. 76 flagstaff. 86 in prescott. sports world talking about this one. trick or tim his baseball debut.
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triout. hit 8 -- try outs. hit right home runs. -- 8 home runs. this is his next step of his career. tim tebow working out in los angeles. >> this is something i love and i am passionate about it but it is not my identity, my foundation. i have that in faith, family and my relationships. be free to compete. do something you can't do. go after what you believe in rather than having the fear of
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. tracking your tomorrow. wake up tomorrow morning with temperatures in the mid-80s. and a high around 104. that is our average. >> thank you. looking that tight races too close to call. district 1, paul declared the winner over air force officer windy rogers is former secretary of state.


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