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tv   CBS 5 News at 5  CBS  August 31, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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steps right just about there. he landed about 9 minutes ago. the plane mate its way over to swift aviation. you can see the suvs waiting to take him downtown to the phoenix convention center. if you are looking up in the skies just about two hours ago, that's when you saw. the instantly recognizable trump jet touched down after 4:00. there's no word on who was on that plane. it could be campaign staffers or even vice presidential pick mike pence to phoenix. kris pickel is at the phoenix convention center awaiting donald trump. what's the atmosphere like right now? >> reporter: it's a rally. it's kind of like a big party. very loud music and everybody is packed to they are exciting to hear what donald trump has to say before his trip to mexico. they're excited to hear about his immigration policy, of course, that is expected to be a very big speech for him.
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little while ago and a lot of people were very surprised by that trip to mexico today. as you know, trump has referred to mexican immigrants as rapists and the president of mexico has compared trump to hitler in the past. but a main platform of his campaign has been building a wall. peel at his rallies -- people at his rallies chant, build a wall. after he talked with the president of mexico, the two of them held a joint press about the wall and who's paying? >> we did discuss the wall. we didn't discuss appointment of the -- payment of the wall. this was a preliminary meeting. it was excellent. we are -- i think we're well only our way. a lot of the things i said are strong, but we have to be strong and say what's happening. there is crime, as you know. there's a lot of crime and there's a lot of problems, you about i think -- but i think
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>> reporter: it was a much different tone after the meeting. he called the president of mexico his friend. a lot of people here said they really liked what they heard from donald trump today. but not everyone is happy that donald trump is back here in the valley. cbs5 is down here live and you're covering the protest. >> reporter: that's right. we're on the side of the street where the protesters are, but first let me show you where the trump supporters are they are on the side of the phoenix convention center here. you can see people still filing in to listen to that speech. really hard to tell how many people have gone inside. before they opened the doors, there was a line two city blocks long. as they started opening the doors, people filed in. now it's been a steady flow. behind me, there are the protesters and while it looks like a pretty large crowd,
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event. one of the people that are out here protesting are handing out clown noses. it says negative word and then clown in chief. let me move so you can see what's going on behind me. you can see signs telling people that donald trump equals hate and then you can probably hear the drums in the background. i'm not sure you can see the dancers, but the hispanic community came out here in force to show ei that's the message they wanted to send to donald trump and to the people that support him, that their culture is being demeaned by some of the things that he has said. again, it seems like a large crowd, but to be perfectly honest with you, the protesters out here, maybe they're 40 strong. the other folks are media documenting the events going on out here. we're going to stay out here. we'll let you know if there are any problems.
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as i said, in here, the atmosphere kind ever like a party -- kind of like a party. thousands of people packed together. just a short time ago, sheriff joe arpaio came in and he got a standing ovation. a lot of people, they know they have quite a ways -- a long wait before trump will be here so people are sitting down. everybody stood up and gave sheriff joe arpaio a standing ovation when he walked in. i'm going to toss it back to you and talk to more about what they thought about trump's speech about not talking about the financing. i'll have that cominup for you at 5:30. >> sounds good. kris pickel at the convention center. it didn't take long for mcto -- hillary clinton to say something about her rival's visit. clinton told her supporters in ohio that it's all an act. >> it certainly takes more than
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neighbors for a few hours and then flying home again. that is not how it works. >> mexico's president also extended an invitation to clinton. no word on when she will visit the foreign country. what a night it was for our primary elections here in arizona. the two major elections are too close to call. look at the numbers in district 5. christine jones holds a very slim lead over several hundred votes. he was hand picked by a representative to replace i am had -- him. well, this one could lose her job. she's losing by under 300 votes to erin. she was at the helm of the debacle in march. we may not know the final result of this and other races until the end of this week. it's one thing that's not supposed to happen on election day, poll workers misplaced
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vest valley -- west valley affecting races there. jason is live just outside of aye pollster -- a polling center. they turned up early this morning. correct? >> reporter: that is correct. coworkers here thought they had turned in all their ballots last night, and they were wrong. someone at the election headquarters had noticed a missing election duffle bag and the search was on. today, i was able to speak with the recorder who told me all the voting data from each polling place is stored on a memory pack that looks like this. poll workers are instructed to put the memory pack along with all the ballots in a black duffle bag that they then turn in to officials. it turns out one of the ballot bags from the middle school was accidentally left behind. fortunately, when workers went back to the school in morning, the bag was still there all sealed up and didn't appear to be tampered with.
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about a close race, this is always an important issue. that's why we have all the seals that are marked for every precinct. we know all the information comes in. so there was just a couple things that should have happened and did not happen. >> reporter: now, if it was lost, it could have impacted a be in of close races like the glendale may or's race where they are straighted -- separated by only a now, i asked her if that bag was not found, would they have had to have had another election. she said she couldn't say because something like this has never happened before. the good news is, all of the ballots and all of the votes from this precinct were counted today. cbs5 news. thanks. new at 5:00, your right to smoke pot will stay on the ballot. a ruling from the state supreme court came down around 3:00 p.m.
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challenge to prop 205 to legalize recollect wreak al marijuana -- recreational marijuana here in our state. it was rejected by the high court. they counted it thrown off the ballot because voters were misled when they signed the petition. coming up here on cbs5 news, are a street vendor is pistol-whipped and robbed. what he refused to do? after two years of testimony, this could impact your friends and family. why people may need to get anothe
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police said the suspect demanded money and when the vendor refused, that suspect attacked. he took off with $100.
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that thief right here. in the past 12 hours, he struck twice and they're worried he could hurt someone. it happened at two valley verizon stores this week about four miles apart. the first time he's wearing a mask, sunglasses with a baseball batted. the second time he's wearing the same outfit, but he switched out the bat for a knife. mesa police are concerned now of what could be happening next. >> if this is the same individual and you come in with a bat day you come in with a knife, it makes you wonder, what's the next step? how is this going to escalate? the potential for violence is always concerning. >> if you know anyting about the suspect, call mesa police. coming up, they say home is where the heart is. why phoenix is considered one of the best cities in the -- cities in the country to own a house. for anyone on social media,
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trump is expected to give a major immigration policy speech coming up at 6:00. this will be donald trump's 5th visit to arizona, both trump and pence will be here tonight. weave coverage and a live report at 5:30. >> thank you. the navajo nation is remembering one of the bravest. one of their officers was killed in a flags have been lowered to remember him. this crash happened when he was responding to a call in northeast arizona. he died after he was hit by an on coming car. the people in the other car survived. they are still investigating this crash. a phoenix police officer is brushing off injuries after he was hiby a car. officers said he came out of a neighborhood and failed to yield. the officer only had some minor injuries. he was awake and talking when
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face any charges. well, a lot of people, of course, are in downtown phoenix right now for donald trump's speech, but just a few blocks away, phoenix city council members have just taken an important vote on special identification cards for undocumented migrants. lauren has answers on what this means tonight for your community. >> reporter: well, in a 5-4 vote, the phoenix city council has just approved a new id program. these s person's name, address, height, and weight and would allow an otherwise undocumented person to rent an apartment, cash a paycheck. if they have an interaction with police, it would identify them. >> a lot of things that we take for granted, but being able to volunteer at your kid's school and being able to chaperone their field trip, you need afternoon id. >> reporter: it's a conversation started by city
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it's finally come to a vote tonight. already, more than a dozen cities have similar programs. it's designed to give people like undocumented immigrants the homeless, and transgender people access to a special city id card. >> we have domestic violence and people leave their home without documents. >> reporter: all you have to do is prove who you say you are and that you live within city limits. it's estimated everyone's of thousands of people may -- tens up, but opponents worry it will come at a cost to taxpayers and believe the city of phoenix should not be issuing i ds to shows who have no legal presence here. the first of these could come out as early as february. cbs5 news. thank you. we have an update to the loop 202 extension. it looks like there will be
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proposed freeway. it comes from the indian community. they're vote -- their vote appealed a decision to allow construction to again. they say this project will impact their sacred land. they are hoping to start the 22 mile freeway project next month. all new at 5:00, you don't have to go far to find the best homes here in the country. phoenix was number two for the best metro area for homeowners. the study looked at property taxes and pain nence cost -- meant nence cost. fort land was number one. let's look at the forecast. hardly any activity now. we are watching a cell push into lake pleasant breaking up a little bit. a lot of activity in the high cub. look at the thunderstorm activity. it could push into our area. we'll keep an eye on that a lot like what happened last night. temperatures hit a high today of 106. well above our average. outside right now, warm right
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the country. pretty calm conditions in the pacific northwest. it's in the tropics. yeah. look at this. look at all that rainfall. this is tropical storm hermine that is bringing a lot of rain already around central florida. that's going to make an impact when it comes to flooding in northern flooding. out towards ohio, if you have friends or -- hawaii, if you have friends or family on the big island, look at this. this is hurricane madeline that is exd to the south. it is weakening quite a bit. it packs winds at 75 miles per hour and then this is lester. look at the eye right there. wind speeds up to 130 miles per hour tracking this storm still a few days out. it looks like it's going to move north of the island. so, boy, a lot of folks in the hawaiian islands watching the systems. for us, we have a line of showers and storms. we're going to sea that -- see that threat of thunderstorm activity lasting through
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thing clouds. a lot of shower activity to the east of the -- east of us. showers right in between phoenix up towards flagstaff and we could see stray showers in the forecast on friday, mainly up in the high country. quiet conditions and dryer conditions here in the valley starting friday and lasting through the weekend. wait until you see what's ahead next week. temperatures tomorrow, below average a little cooler. high of 102 that will take place around 4:00. in your 7-day an a 20% chance in the afternoon for thursday. friday, starting to see clearing skies, a high around 103, not a bad weekend at all. temperatures staying well below average monday, tuesday, into wednesday, but highs in the triple digits and clear conditions. new tonight, you see ads pretty much everywhere on social media. a consumer watchdog group wants the feds to crack down. they say many stars are actually failing to disclose
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promote a certain product. some celebrities are already changing their ways. ? [ music ] ?? >> reporter: pop star selena gomez has the most popular instagram posts ever. this photo of her sipping from a coke bottle has more than 5 million likes. bolt has plugged gatorade. the nonprofit truth in advertising alleges these posts that may be a problem. >> there's restrictions on commercial speech. so if they're getting things for free or they're being paid to post what they're photographing, then there are rules and regulations. >> reporter: the ftc issued an enforcement policy statement in december which said consumers must be told in a clear and conspicuous way when a social
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including hashtags. truth in advertising accused the card dashian centers -- to their instagram followers. >> these are business women who are experts at marketing. this was one of the reasons that we decided to focus on them . coming up next here, one of the biggest stories on twitter after a photo shoot takes, well, an unexpected turn. college football season is about to kick off.
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trending tonight, an unforget al high school senior picture in oregon because -- wait for it. wait for it -- yeah, the naked photo bomber. she was taking photos at a nearby river, but a guy was naked in the background with his dog. it didn't seem to bother her, but it's unclear what he was doing out there in the river. gillian tweeted that which got more than 45,000 retweets. love my senior picks. college football kicks off this weekend. the fiesta bowl held a luncheon. they made a record setting donation. look at this. $2 million to arizona nonprofits. it tops last year's donation of $1.5 million which fed more than 300,000 families in need. it kicks off the season with
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day analysts were in attendance. we had a chance to chat with them and get their college football playoff picks. >> reporter: you have to break this down and offer predictions like what's going to happen in january. i mean, it's hard to tell what's going to happen this week. who do you like coming out here and getting the final four this year? >> i think the way i robing did down -- broke it down, alabama is going to take it because they've been there before. i like florida state. football team on the defensive side of the ball. oklahoma has something to prove. they've got the team to do it this year. i took an outsider as my 4th team. i took notre dame. >> reporter: yes, you took notre dame. >> we had to have our picks in three days before black friday when six players were injured. i didn't know this would happen. when i spoke to brian, he told me earlier this year this is the most athletic team that he has at this point in time.
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you have to keep an eye on them. >> i can't imagine what the fans said to you. a what's it like -- what's it like walking down the street hearing from the fans? >> it's great. you ought to go to ohio with me. you will fleet a kevlar vest. sometimes people don't like that today. but it's fun. it's all good. to me, it's like, you know what? i'ms. >> you're watching. -- glad you're watching. >> reporter: that was mark reporting. let's go live to the convention cente first appearance at a donald trump event. let's listen in for a few moments. [ cheering ] >> hillary clinton will put a liberal on the bench to help her write overreaching new laws
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judiciary. donald trump and mike pence will replace justice scalia with a conservative who'll interpret the law according to the united states constitution. [ cheering ] >> it's a critical difference and one worth fighting for. number two, as a businessman and an outsider, new to politics, i know how much a strong, chief executive can get done in government. one thing we can all agree on is that washington dc is badly broken. washington, d.c. is in need of
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who will turn it upside down. [ cheering ] >> hillary clinton will continue to grow the federal government and anoint herself the ruler of a bigger and even more broken bureaucracy. donald trump and mike pence recognize the valley of the -- value of e states, the governors, are the local l power back to the people. [ cheering ] >> that is governor doug ducey and that is significant because he said he was going to support the gop nominee, never naming trump by name. this is a first tonight. more live coverage from the big
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