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tv   CBS 5 News at 530  CBS  August 31, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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it is th primary and self maim races have been called. -- major railingses have been called -- races have been called. living debt free isn't easy, but it helps when you know how other people do it we'll show you the things debt free people would never consider doing. bracing for impact, big storm that could drop more than two feet of rain in the sunshine state.
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the -- back out to the phoenix convention center. kris pickel is live there and right behind you, governor doug ducey still in mid speech. >> actually, he just wrapped up a few moments ago. this is robert graham, the chairman of e trump campaign. everybody here has been getting the -- the speakers have been getting -- let me let people walk by. we're cde platform. media is juggling for places. if you see people walk inent from of the camera -- in front of the camera, that's why. the speakers have been getting this cloud fired up. people are excited to hear about trump's immigration policy. this is expected to be just a major speech for him. a lot of people today were very surprised that trump went to mexico to meet with the president. this is his 5th visit to arizona, so this has been a
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i talked to people earlier about what they thought about trump's meeting with the mexican president and people said that this was the diplomatic thing to do. the crowd here, they are not bothered that trump did not talk about who would pay for a border wall. many pointed out that trump made comments about the two countries working together to solve problems. >> this is a humanitarian disaster. by gangs and cartels and the extreme physical dangers. it must be solved quickly. it's not fair to the people anywhere worldwide. you can truly say it's not fair to the people of mexico or the people of the united states. >> reporter: right now, that is robert graham, the president
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behind me. listen to the crowd. [ cheering ] >> reporter: that roar was when he just introduced sheriff joe arpaio says he is in the house and rudy julianney is in the house. we're expecting him at 6:00. things are going on schedule despite the fact that trump was in mexico earlier today. >> i think we're all interested how big is the crowd? do you have any phoenix police? >> reporter: not from phoenix police. but i can tell you that we're told they got this room because it could hold up to 10,000 people. we are about halfway -- set up halfway in the room. it is jam-packed with people in the front, but behind us -- i'm sorry. we can't swing around to show you because we're just so crammed in here. there's really no crowd behind us. so there are several thousand people here, but it does not
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capacity. >> do you feel that there's additional media from around the country because this is such a big important policy speech tonight? >> reporter: i would say there are about 40 members of the media here on this platform. there may be more in other places. we've seen cnn, national media. as far as international media, i haven't run into any. >> live from the convention center, she will immigration policy speech by donald trump. we will stream that live on quite quite as -- tonight's celebrations continue for high profile victories from last night. looking ahead to november for this general election. maricopa county sheriff joe arpaio, he will take on a former phoenix police officer. back in 2012, arpaio defeated
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senator john mccain is a step closer to keeping his seat. his attention turns to the general election and his opponent is a u.s. represent representative. if he wins in november, he'll become the first openly gay republican elected to congress. new here alt 5:00, people who have their financial house in order see the world a bit trouble. dave has those things debt free people never do. >> people can have the same education, income and background but have mind sets that are nothing a libeling. debt is a killer for most people and modeling debt free people is a wise idea. no matter where you start, you get too decide where -- to decide where you go from there. they don't ignore their accounts. they are watchful over their money and they monitor their
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so they know where it goes. they don't neglect saving. they always feel like there's enough money to say themselves first and they always do. they don't get duked by telemarketers. they smell sales pitches a mile away and they are defenders of their wallet. they don't waste money on items by checking to make sure there are no hidden fees on their bills or fraud charges on their bank statements. they don't become addicted to shopping. they know how to spend. they value relationshie saving than they are to spending. they don't succumb to a lack of knowledge. they take charge of their financial education. they invisit the energy needed to earn financial freedom. they don't waste opportunities to make money. they're hard affidavit work doing whatever -- at work doing whatever it is to pay their bills. if you carry debt, there are people who have been where you are who are now debt free. model the strategies we told you here will get you there also.
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click on the advocate and fill out that form. i will get back to you for sure. coming up, a rapid decline
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tonight at 10:00, adding incentive to your kids homework. we have answers for parents who hope some cash will lead to some better grades. that's all new on cbs5 news at 10:00. the long wait is finally over for the first time in over 50 years, americans got the chance to fly to cuba this morning. that's one of our five stories in 55 seconds.
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the island since the cold war. five more airlines are set to fly to cuba this fall. isis says one of its top leaders is dead. it's still not known who killed him. the u.s. and russia are claiming responsibility. terror analysts say it's death is a devastating blow to isis. florida is under a state of emergency. hermine is already causing some flooding issues. it's expected to hilt -- hit tomorrow night. some places could inches of rain. a new study under inform the elephant population is declining really fast. researchers discovered they are down 30% in the past 7 years. that's about 145,000 less elephants. this study blames the poachers. chris brown out of bail on $250,000 bail. this comes after a day long stand-off with police outside his los angeles mansion
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woman there with a gun.
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on your wednesday night, there is the motorcade with donald trump heading to the phoenix convention center. he is set to give a major pom see -- policy on immigration set to hit the stage at 6:00 p.m., chris -- kris pickel is there. this is following his visit to mexico city where he met with mexico's president. we'll have complete details coming up on mark is back, and sports, the diamondbacks, they've got a lot of decisions to make. i assuming we're not talking about whether or not to draft tim tebow. >> that might get people in the ballpark. will the front office be back? so much hinging on how miller bounces back after being sent to the minors. he spent a month and a half at reno after his era ballooned.
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early trouble. 2-0 giants. but he would settle down and 6 innings, 6 heightsever hits, three -- hits, 3 strikeouts. giants starter matt moore was sharp. he broke his bat over his knee. 0-4 with four strike crowds. they lose and are 56-77 this season. 17 and a half games out of first. according to ul sending an outfielder to baltimore. he would be eligible to play in the postseason as they battle for the american league east. no word on what they would give back in return? talk a little football, the final preseason game set for 6:30 tomorrow night in glendale. the denver broncos are in down. 12 players are fighting for the final four spots on the roster. first-round pick looking like he can make a major impact
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bruce arians causing his debut outstanding with a couple tackles and an atist. he doesn't -- assist. he doesn't sound like a rookie. >> just the way nfl works, you know what i mean? getting used to it. a little technical thing that they do. little things like that. so really just getting used to things and being a pro. >> he has potential to be one of the guys you righted in millle. -- right in the middle. carson not expected to play. >> they're planning to sit out and get the opener here. he'll have a headset on -- a headset on. let's go back live to the phoenix convention center. they're ready to hear their there could for president talk about immigration reform. are there any changes to his
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well, here we are. much we made it halfway through the workweek and it's the final day of august. who's excited for that? my goodness. the heat continues today for the last and final day of august.
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we have rain to talk about as well. just north of cave creek along i-17 and south of black canyon city. moving towards the west, we'll keep a close eye on the cells in the high country. you can see rain and some showers stretching all the way out towards white river. keep in mind the threat of storms again in the forecast this evening. i think a better chance tomorrow. about a 20% chance for thursday t nau, look at that forecast here. 75 degrees and perfect up at flagstaff. 72 for our neighbors in sedona. 103 in phoenix and 94 in tucson. these are the satellite and radar. it tells the story from sedona through payson. we have showers down south across areas of tucson as well. future cast gives us an indication what will take place
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up, that morning commute, not that bad. high thin clouds. showers east of us. as temperatures warm up, increasing chance of storms in the valley. better chance up north from flagstaff and along the north and south rim of the grand canyon. here's your forecast for the flex 7 days. in fact, up north, mid-70s thursday into friday. dryer conditions over the weekend and looking nice into next week and it's a similar story here in the valley. about a 20% chance of storms thursday, mainly in the afternoon, and things dry out friday and looking good over the weekend with temperatures below average next week. hi, everyone. i'm live at the phoenix convention center where donald trump will be giving a major policy speech on immigration right now. sheriff joe arpaio is on stage. let's take a listen.
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the united states of america. [ cheering ] >> he's going to stick to his guns. let me tell you something about donald trump. i've associated with many people running for president, but this guy is different. this guy is different. want me to start over? this can you hear me? [ cheering ] >> so -- much different. what i was saying, usually when you work in a campaign, you have consultants to say, say this, don't this, don't do that. of not once does he ever ask me to say something, not to say it
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himself. now, let's get to hillary. [ chanting ] >> wait a minute. are you doing -- booing or cheering? what is it? okay. now, i heard her say today that makes me very angry. when she said, he ought to be more concerned, donald trump, with arizona than mexico. doesn't she know that all the drugs and illegal immigration comes from mexico? >> reporter: that is sheriff joe arpaio. we got word that donald trump is on his way. he apparently is not in the building right now. he's on his way. so he plans on starting at
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when it does start, we're going to be streaming live on our mobile app and on our website. you can watch the speech when it does start. sheriff joe arpaio is speaking right now, of course, but a few moments ago, there were ten survivors of family members who have been killed by illegal immigrants. so this is going to be a very interesting speech. donald trump going to mexico today to meet with the president of mexico, but they did not talk about financing for a border wall. so it's going to be interesting to see what specifics are laid out when donald trump takes the stage. we're going to send it back to you. >> and you'll be there live throughout our news at 6:30: here are tonight's top stores he's, a proposal to legalize marijuana will be on the ballot. a legal challenge was shot down. they wanted it thrown out because voters were misled when they signed the petition. a motorcycle officer
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this car came out and field to yield. the officer only had minor injuries. no word on if the driver will face any charges. it seems like there will be another legal challenge for the loop 202 extension. the latest one coming from the indian community. the governing board voted to appeal a judge's decision to allow construction to begin. the tribe says it will affect their community. it is a busy wednesday. ju that's going to do it for us here at 5:00. we'll step aside for cbs
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? ? ? captioning sponsored by cbs >> reporter: you looked up andnd mending fences. >> i happen to have a tremendous feeling for mexican-americans. >> and building walls.d >> who pays for the wall, we didn't discuss. >> also tonight, the declares an emergency in florida as tropical storm he rmine batters the state. a u.s. navy landing goes trablyw wrong. we'll show you what happened next. and the college football play of the week, making a quowng boy's day. >> you looked up and there he was? >> yeah. >> and what did he say? >> he said sup dude. this is the "cbs evening news"


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