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tv   CBS 5 News at Noon  CBS  September 1, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MST

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(scal): good day, m'lady! i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam! see what spam can! do... at an unmanned rocket explodes on the launchpad at cape canaveral while crews prepared for a weekend mission. after softening comments on immigration, donald trump returns to the headlines --
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the valley. a mother accused of killing her three children appears in court today. >> this is cbs 5 news. >> good afternoon. i am heidi goitia. thank you for joining us at noon. defense attorneys for a phoenix woman accused of murdering her three children help prosecutors don't seek the death penalty. octavia rogers appeared in court for a pretrial conference earlier today. mark liberman was there. >>reporter: a very emotional morning for both octavia rogers and her family. she is accused of stabbing her three young children to death. and dismembering their bodies. i was in the courtroom this morning as she began to sob uncontrollably before walking out of that ram. her attorneys had previously pled not guilty to first-degree murder in the deaths of her 8, 5 and 2-year-old sons. now, they are also hoping she is not sentenced to death if she is found guilty.
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partially dismembered several months ago. some family members have called her a devoted mother. octavia's mother says she saw no sign she was troubled and she spoke after today's appearance. >> it broke my heart because that's my baby. regardless of what she is accused of, that is still my baby and i love her and she let me know that she loves me. she brought me so much joy by bringing those grandkids to me. i don't fault her for what happened but i still got to be there for her because that's my daughter. >>reporter: octavia rogers is tentatively set to be back in court on february 9. her trial is tentatively set to get underway on february 16. back to you. fire crews are investigating after a fire destroyed a home overnight near 64th and rutger. a mother and her daughter heard the smoke detectors going off and they went to the kitchen.
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safely. the roof collapsed and the home is a total loss. they are still unclear on how the fire started. a two-year-old was rushed to the hospital after he picked up a gun and accidentally shot himself in the leg. this happened near 30 9 pm peoria. that boy is expected to survive. at last check, police were questioning three adults who were inside the home at the time of the shooting. we have not heard yet whether any charges will be filed. a ca overnight. this is what it looked like from our penguin air chopper near perry road and broadway. kutis tell us there was nobody inside when they got to the car so they aren't sure how it ended up there. republican presidential nominee donald trump was back on the campaign trail this morning after his whirlwind trip to mexico yesterday in a speech on immigration right here in the valley. it's a journey that clinton called a "failure." bosel has the latest from the
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the -- >>reporter: donald trump spoke to the same veteran group hillary clinton spoke to last week. >> in the future, we will have an honest government that includes an honest state department, not pay for play. she probably didn't mention that to you.>>reporter: trump's american legion even follows his meeting with mexico's president and a major speech last night on immigration. >> we will d along the southern border.>>reporter: president enrique pe?a nieto says they will notpay for the wall but the nominee has a different version. >> we discussed the wall. we didn't discuss a payment. stroke the trump campaign says it set a new record in small online donations following the mexico visit. the clinton campaign says trump choked and laterthe campaign amended its statement saying it
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choke, he got beat in the room and lied about it. >> he didn't have the guts to look the mexican president in the eye and bring up the central position in his campaign. it was a diplomatic embarrassment and it shows that the guy is not ready for prime time. >>reporter: the latest national polls show the two rivals in a statistical tie. sent in leads trump by two points and the libertarian and green party candidates are included. craig boswell cbs news the white house. >> at one point during the sp welcomed a group called the angel moms to the stage. they have lost loved ones to murders committed by someone who is an hour country illegally. comp invited all of them to speak. >> my son ronald desalvo was murdered april 27, 2002 by an illegal alien who had been previously deported and what makes me so outraged is that we came here legally. thank you, mr. trump. i totally support you. you have my vote.
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amazing and incredible people. outside the convention center, a couple hundred people gathered to protest trump's visit including women's rights group, religious rights groups, and some hispanic groups. >> [ screaming ] >> he is racist. he is a horrible businessman. he is a hothead. >> i have never protested anybody else. what is it about him that drag you out? >> he has no grounds to be mocking john mccain for being a prisoner of war. >> trump says he is very promilitary. >> for other people's children to serve him, for sure. >> keep it right here on cbs 5 for continuing coverage on the race for the white house. find updated information and breaking news alerts right on our cbs 5 mobile app. a major setback today for space exploration after an explosion at the space x launch
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testfiring its unmanned falcon 9 rocket ahead of a scheduled launch this weekend when it exploded in cape canaveral. the blast was felt miles away and smoke poured into the sky. space x released a statement saying there was an anomaly on the pad relating to the vehicle loss and its loss of payload. there were no injuries. >> tests at first stages, fueled and loaded with propellant. >> space x is a critical partner for nasa, carrying supplies to the international space station. the rocket was supposed to boost an is really communications satellite into orbit on saturday. a controversial plan to develop tourist attractions at the end of the grand canyon is moving forward. navajo nation lawmakers introduced legislation to approve the grand canyon escalade project. it will bring hotels to the canyon rim and an aerial tram
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the national park service and environmental groups are opposed to the project. here in the valley, we have seen rain this morning. this is what it looks like from the penguin air and plumbing chopper. there was just this pocket of rain out near avondale. >> you might have had to be in a helicopter to see a raindrop. but we have a chance today and i think today will be the best day of b i want to show you a beautiful sunrise. a look at the time lapse, look at the colors with that lapse. you are going to see cumulus clouds building up there with a few drops smack right there on the camera. pretty active in the mountains for today and we could see similar situations in the valley. you can see those clouds building up of in the mountains. we had a cloudy start and that limited our heating but we're
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starting to get that heating and we're starting to see thunderstorms. show low, storms all around you. storms moving from the south to the north. canyon, globe, to the west payson, thunderstorms impacting you guys, prescott a nice sell overhead, heavy rain and a lot of lightning is the main story. kingman storms approaching i-40 from the south, same story west of ash fork. if you're traveling back and for, storms will impact parts of i- 40 and i-17. clear now in phoenix but look to the east. we're seeing storms develop over the mountains in and around globe and superior. we are going to see them potentially move into the phoenix area. dry right now but definitely storms in the forecast. temperatures a little slow to heat with that cloud cover. it is muggy out there. if you haven't been outside, get ready for a humid one. 99 degrees apache junction,
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we have seen a mild day for most of the state. 100 degrees in lake have a sioux city, 81 degrees payson, 72 degrees flagstaff, 90 degrees in page. downtown phoenix, 97 degrees today. 12 degrees will be our high. 98 degrees by 6 pm and then down to 65 degrees by 8 pm. coming up in your next forecast, i am going to tell you who i think could see thunderstorms first in the valley in just a bit. tropical orm hermine is growing and could hit the
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paul babeu exposed in a damning home video. extreme discipline used on special needs kids at a boarding school he used to run. widespread cases of physical and sexual abuse. students were also stripped down and forced to wear nothing but a sheet. indisputable evidence that congressional candidate supported the abusive practices and even bragged about them. they're there for a reason. a long history of abuse, the students may never recover.
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the national hurricane center says tropical storm hermine is now a her kin -- is now a hurricane. it will make landfall as early
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expect more than a foot of rain and possible tornadoes. omar villafranca has the latest from clearwater. >>reporter: relentless rainfall. howling winds. and rising waters pummeled florida's gulf coast as outer bands from tropical storm hermine push toward the sunshine state. >> a little nervous. a little more than a little nervous. >> this is my parking lot. i don't think >>reporter: overnight in sarasota, voluntary evacuations were underway. emergency crews navigated through waist deep water looking for anyone possibly trapped. >> officers were coming up to me and their gunboats were underwater. they were up to hear and water. took the storm has yet to make landfall has -- but has already submerged gulfport and dumped more than 9 inches of rain on parts of the state.
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more than 50 florida counties. >> we have 8000 members of our national guard that are prepared to be mobilized but you as an individual have to do your part. have three days of water, three days of food. if you think you need to go to a shelter, nowhere one ways. >>reporter: schools are canceled here today in anticipation of up to 20 inches of rain. to make matters more difficult, there could be tornadoes in florida and georgia. omar ra clearwater, florida. an update on the story we brought you earlier this week. there has been another evil clown citing in south carolina. this time, a girl was walking home from school when she saw a clown in the woods. her parents called police. last week, an apartment complex sent out a warning saying there had been multiple sightings of clouds that parents feared were trying to lure their children into the woods. police have not found any
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otherwise. wall street down 20 points pretty flat for the day. just a couple more hours of trading to go. all right, starbucks is bringing back its popular pumpkin spice latte on tuesday but fans can get early access today. you can go to and register or by one on the starbucks is also introducing a chilly mocha on tuesday -- chile mocha on tuesday. if you have ever install the car seat, it can be tricky but a new report shows the process has gotten easier specifically in cars released in the past year. the insurance institute for highway safety just-released -- or just rated vehicles for car
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toyota prius and 2017 audi q7. researchers looked at latched hardware, which stands for lower anchors and tethers for children. >> when the latch hardware is difficult to use, parents can make a lot of mistakes which can leave their children less well protected in the event of a crash. >> all the vehicles that received a perfect score allow users to place the car seat in the middle back the position. safest spot for a child to sit. college football kicks off for most schools. the arizona football team will be honoring one of their own. the players will wear helmet stickers and the coaches will wear patches on their hats to honor offense of lyman zach kamala. he passed away in his sleep last month. the wildcats were -- will also hold a pregame ceremony against -- before the game against byu at the university -- it at the university of phoenix stadium.
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their final preseason game tonight. if your evening commute takes you through the west valley, you are going to want to expect some really really slow condions. the cardinals play the denver broncos. a big draw for them at the university of phoenix stadium. kicks -- kickoff is at 6:30 pm. adot recommends the loop 101 north to avoid the traffic on i- 10. it was a first for the u.s. yesterday. they closed the roof during play. this was the first time they have ever had to use the retractable roof. it was just completed in time for this tournament. it took five minutes and 35 seconds for the roof to close so play could resume. no one is watching tennis. look at these pictures. paint is drying. >> plants growing.
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it opens and closes. >> i wonder who's is faster. >> we may have to look into that. we have a chance for thunderstorms today. let's jump into it. we had a beautiful sunrise. you saw that on the adot cameras this morning. nancy sent us this beautiful picture. this is beautiful. a very pretty morning. she just went to our facebook page and posted the picture. you can do the same thing. we would love to show off your twitter or instagram, use our #to see your photos and get them on the air. in east valley, cumulus clouds bubbling up. in the mountains, we are dry but look to the east. we are seeing thunderstorms start to develop. i think we could see them impact east valley communities and north valley communities first. new river, cave creek, fountain hills. we will have to watch these closely and see if they make their way into the valley. we definitely have that
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their way to us. a busy day in the mountains. lightning all around. prescott, pretty decent. these could have flooding potential. it is a pretty mice -- moist avenue. you can see this storm hastening to the south in the next half-hour. pretty strong cells along i-40. this one just southeast of kingman and this one west of ash fork. if you're doing any travel from flagstaff to came in are back and forth, you might see thunderstorms with heavy rain in the valley, dry. futurecast shows spotty activity s we get into the afternoon hours. be on the lookout and kind of have your guard up because these storms can pop up right overhead, especially when we get cool air running out of one storm. at can spark a new storm. we call those outflow boundaries. very active today. can't rule out a morning shower tomorrow. as we get going into friday and beyond, the moisture is going
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friday afternoon. i think we start to dry out friday afternoon for the valley. saturday and beyond, we see some drying. 97 degrees in phoenix right now. dew points in the 60s. that is the uncomfortable range. we will keep temperatures below normal because of the cloud cover. 102 degrees for today and 102 degrees as we get going into friday and beyond. it looks like i have a typo on your thursday. that should say 102 degrees. looks like sunshine and dry conditions for labor day is a okay. about 100 degrees with mostly sunny skies. >> not bad. look at those overnight lows. thank you. a little panda bear is going up pretty fast but he going up pretty fast but he still needs a name. i was diagnosed with lung cancer. as a firefighter approaching a fire i had to confine it, contain it and attack it. and i went to cancer treatments centers of america. we were able to do a
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where we could use tiny incisions, we put a camera inside the chest and tony was able to go home three days after surgery. we have excellent technology that allows us to perform very specialized procedures for patients who have lung disease. our individualized care model gives each lung patient specific treatment options with innovative procedures that are changing the way we fight lung cancer. here in phoenix we have targeted therapy's looking for a specific molecular target and then matching the patient to that treatment. to learn more about targeted therapy's dures, and the experienced physicians who deliver them, go to lung cancer is a very deadly disease. we can make the most impact when it's in its earlier stages. the evolution of cancer care is here. cancer treatment centers of america. care that never quits. appointments available now. we don't agree on everything. but we do agree that an honest day's work deserves an honest day's pay.
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she said they shouldn't get a paycheck. that's just common sense. and that's something we can all agree on. call representative kyrsten sinema
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closed captioning is brought to you by express flooring. astronauts jeffrey williams and kate reubens took their second spacewalk in as many weeks. they are focusing on some radiator work required outside of the international space station. they need to fold up the 44 foot long thermal radiator that is no longer in use so it doesn't get hit by any space debris. the radiator was extended in 2012 to help stop a coolant leak but it turns out the leak ended up being somewhere else. let's go on the panda watch a giant panda baby is learning to take his very first steps. they are really tiny when they are born. he was born back in june. this little guy doesn't have a name yet. they launched an online poll to come up with a name yesterday but for now, they are just calling him baby p. last week, we told you
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this is in china where they have the facekini. it covers the swimmer's face and neck to prevent from sun damage. it was originally supposed to protect a that -- against jellyfish bites but the creator has sold over 20,000 of them this summer. coming up, ian has a final look at your forecast.
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welcome back. you are looking at a live look from our cbs 5 tower cam. i haven't been outside since 3:30 am. you are telling me it's pretty muggy. >> you are in for a treat. is going to be a little rough out there. it's very humid with a chance of thunderstorms today. we could see them linger through the night. temperatures not bad. >> thank you fo see you back here at 5:00.
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