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tv   CBS 5 News at 630  CBS  September 2, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm MST

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through the mass. you can see on the north side and on the south side they are piling onto the northbound so it's taking a while 18 to 17 miles long and highway 74 almost backed up to there. here is a live look from one of the traffic cameras in the valley. this was the transition northbound 17 on your left-hand side of your screen and there is the 101 transition so right now it appears to be moving along just fine was checking with paul for a look at your forecast. folks hoping to escape some
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earlier. we got up to 104 let's take a look. hardly activity when it comes to thunderstorm activity. we are saying showers and thunderstorm activities there is flagstaff at showers moving through areas of winslow. passing thunderstorms that i look at that day weekend cooler temperatures up north and sunday and monday highs at 102. looking good that's below average. >> a special school board meeting underway to do with the resignation of a high school principal. she turned in her letter of resignation after being placed on administrative leave almost
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we are outside that meeting with the very latest student the in a show of force to support dr. terry water what but the -- the staff recommended they accept it. today hundreds of students held a massive class walkout and protest to show their support this is cell phone video taken by high school journalism student. news of the paid leave and resignation the district refuses to tell us why she was put on leave and they want to know why they were kept in the dark about that and why they were notified of the walkout with text messages from the
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>> i have not heard anything. i checked an email and everyone was walking around but i hope the board does not accept her resignation because she is a great principle. >> the board meeting got underway at 6 pm so they had been a session 30 minutes. the board went into executive session behind closed doors to discuss the letter of resign waiting for them to come out and make the vote public. they will not have any opportunity to address the board but they are hoping that the shallow numbers speaks volumes. we will bring you the latest as we learned. chandler police are searching for suspects who stole a teenager's bike and stabbed him. this happened late this
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happened on the same. >> i was walking up to my door and when i opened it and came out he started to walk away and i called him and said what happened and he said he got stabbed. police tell us the 16-year-old was taken to the hospital with serious injuries they are working on suspected descriptions right now we will pass them along to you. systemic a good year man is facing son were found dead. in april 2013 this man was suspected in those killings but the case was dismissed because he was found incompetent. he was committed to a state hospital. he has been released impotent to the 4th ave., jail he is booked on two counts of first- degree murder. >> a man pulled a knife on a
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shooting him. that officer was on patrol when he noticed a man who mash the description of the suspect. that officer felt threatened and when the suspect refused orders and was close enough to attack the officer with a 12 inch knife. >> a suspect is noncompliant that's going to heighten your awareness and elevate the threat level and the officer perceive that threat level and drew his weapon. so many cases the suspected produce a weapon. that officer is on paid administrative leave. some of the fbi searching for a bank robbery suspect. he targeted a chase bank branch near the carefree highway. lots of tattoos on his arms and hands no word on how much cash he took but if you recognize
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at 4820 witness. -- 480 witness. >> it is a nailbiter and of all races the county recorder's office at 28 year veteran with the presidential election in march is clinging to a less than 300 vote lead. here are some new information. christine jones lead over andy biggs but she is only of 37 votes. that's straight from the county recorder's office no word on when these races will become official. my culture is dominant and it is causing problems. if you don't do something about it, you will have taco trucks
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statement has turned into a social media storm and a bit of a nightmare. he made that argument wall pleading for harsher immigration policies. we talked with local food truck owners about their thoughts on those comments. >> the truck owners and customers thought this was a ridiculous statement but they said this is the example of the politics we are seeing this year that is leaving them with a bad taste in their mouth. the founder of latinos for trial. >> it's causing problems. >> if you don't do something about it, he will have a taco truck on every corner. >> these business owners and customers mocked the idea that this campaign comes down between taco trucks and border
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black. >> if taco trucks were parked on every corner would this be a bad thing? >> as long as they are able to make money and pay taxes i would say it's a great thing. trash talking tacos and other comments made during the election has turned her off to both of the major party candidates. >> i think he is racist and everything i don't want in a president. and hillary has not been impressing me either. >> this is not keeping voters up at night. and democrats trying to make something out of this issue. colorado they are using a taco truck to register voters up there. crazy ride called on camera.
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dumps it into the river.
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a moment caught on camera a driver loses control taking off at high speed the man inside managed to free himself from the truck walking away with bumps and bruises. amazingly no one else was hurt. getting rid of expired prescriptions ou walgreens has set up 18 medication disposal kiosks they hope it will prevent any overdose death or misuse at home. >> many people don't realize that throwing drugs away can result in a public health and environmental risk. we need to make the state to safe disposal of medication
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>> they are open during pharmacy hours and some are available 24 hours a day. it has been a long time coming we go inside the odyssey aquarium in scottsdale.
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we don't agree on everything. but we do agree that an honest day's work deserves an honest day's pay. representative kyrsten sinema knows that. when congress refused to work and pass a budget, she said they shouldn't get a paycheck. and that's something we can all agree on. call representative kyrsten sinema
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this was that pile up around the world. the kentucky season opener and offensive lineman tripped as the team was coming out of the tunnel. he went down in a started a domino effect. player after player who does not appear to be a foreshadowing of their season, they won the game last night but what a way to kick off the season. college football is here and something rare is happening. all three major public universities season on the same day right here in the valley asu is hosting the lumberjacks in town tomorrow some fans are camping out to get ready for the game some of them are pumped up and ready to check out the stadium in person. kickoff is scheduled for 7:45 pm. don't forget to bring a clear bag for your stuff. no other types of bags will be allowed inside the stadium to
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fans can bring in factory sealed water bottles. and of course arizona the wildcats hosting byu tomorrow night they are here at the university of phoenix stadium in glendale gates open at 6 pm and kickoff scheduled for 7:30 pm tickets available online. it will be warm so the roof will be closed and being played at cardinal stadium the clear bag policy will be in effect. also this weekend the wait is over for the grand opening of the odyssey aquarium in scottsdale. the state-of-the-art facility holds 2,000,000 gallons of water a lumbering and 10,000 visitors a day. they get to see 300,000 types of marine life spread out in 50 exhibits. >> after 20 years of dreaming
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area it's becoming a reality. >> it's a great place to go to if it is hot and a great place to educate kids about the ocean. >> there has been controversy surrounding another attraction, a dolphin area being built next door. protesters have spoken out against the some of the dolphin facility sets to open next month. and hermine is turning of the east guess people are being warned to stay inside. so far the storm has caused one deaths and sitting the florida panhandle hermine will make its way up north by sunday of that will cause high tide and beach closers throughout the work city and all the way through labor day weekend. this is putting a damper on the
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hilton head all the way up to the coastal areas of north carolina moving into virginia strong winds with the tropical storm made landfall last night in florida packing winds up to 80 miles an hour tallahassee had 80% of residents without power but what a mess. mostly clear skies light shower activity and a few thunderstorms pushing through holbrook and it was a warm want today temperatures got u went out of the south at 10 miles an hour satellite and radar we have some terrific weather ahead temperatures staying below average but we will continue to see mostly clear skies here is a future cast tomorrow morning mostly clear conditions and afternoon and evening hours light showers the forecast, 81 in the morning 100 by in and with a high of 104 the forecast, 81 in the
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high of 104 x 4 and a seven-day forecast saturday sunday and monday if you have the day off on labor day looking pretty good temperatures at 102 and if you are heading out and about for barbecue action we will see temperatures cooler with highs around 96 on wednesday. a cockroach crawling up the kitchen wall, washing up. the last thing you want when you go out to eat this to get safety or which is why you need to know who is keeping a clean kitchen. here is this week's dirty dining report. >> the greek on southern avenue near tempe 4 violations meets not held to the proper temperature and dishes not wash properly.
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the health inspector found a worker not washing his hands and bags of flour stored on the floor. cynthia brazell west campus in goodyear 4 major violations and health inspector spotted an employee handling dirty dishes and clean dishes robbie's stored above cooked turkey curry corner on apache boulevard near rural road and tempe, counter at room temperature meet in a cooler with no dates and the unforgettable restaurant on dobson road near dobson in mesa. they had 4 major violations. unforgettable had raw shrimp not sign properly and roach spray near a storage area and a live cockroach crawling up a wall. the places on notice to clean up her could be closed down.
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make our dean's list. here is a look at the restaurants with spotless kitchens. harvey weinberger near 16th st., camelback pizza me a near pueraria 35th in northern and 70 avenue and missouri in the sizzling wok in wickenburg and tony's cafi in avondale. you can see how your favorite restaurants are doing by downloading the mobile app and cl everything you need to know is
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paul babeu exposed in a damning home video. extreme discipline used on special needs kids at a boarding school he used to run. widespread cases of physical and sexual abuse. and forced to wear nothing but a sheet. indisputable evidence that congressional candidate supported the abusive practices and even bragged about them. they're there for a reason. because they're hopeless. because they're hopeless. a long history of abuse, the students may never recover.
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the federal government has banned certain chemicals used in antibacterial lotions. tonight on cbs five news at 10. >> if you're headed for some slow-moving traffic that the naked&. the back up. traffic is slowly getting back to normal. a chandler police officer surgery. but they still his bike at that is in serious condition at a
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some of the search continues for external color. he could be driving stability at the splat bmw series. there is a $75,000 reward if you know anything, silent witness. star trek kicking off in the big apple one of the biggest fan conventions fans are excited with the ne series in the works. >> that will do it for us at 6:30 pm. thanks for being with us. we will see you here after
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(indistinct radio communication) (firefighter coughing, fire truck horn blasting) main body of the fire's been knocked down. give me a secondary search. dispatch (over radio): yes, captain. (firefighter coughing) (chuckles) not even 7:00 a.m. this calls for a celebration. maple bacon donuts from ?the nickel,? sir? make it two dozen. (laughs) the fire didn't kill us, but the donuts might. g: simpson. mayday! mayday! mayday! man down. rookie, with me. firefighter: captain! in here! (alarm beeping) we can hear his pass alarm, but we can't get inside. what the hell is this thing? get the saw! now!
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masks on! (breathing masks hissing) (beeping continues) i got him! simpson! ? ? ow. work out wasn't that hard. what's going on? you tweak something? my lymph nodes are swollen, like really swollen-- feel this.


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