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tv   CBS 5 News at 5  CBS  September 7, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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the day. newton did bring heavy showers through parts of the valley this morning. we saw people enjoy the cooler weather. there was a lot of rain at the university of phoenix stadium in glendale. there's a look from our news chopper. the storm lost a lot of steam, before approaching our state. we've been tracking this storm since and parts of tucson are dealing with the storm. the rain shower activity is rolling through south of casa grande a, we have showers pushing through areas of tucson up to the white river, show low area. reports of light to moderate rainfall. buckeye has over three quarters of an inch of rain. a half-inch in sun city.
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inch and for what hundreds of an inch and sky harbor. this is another big story, it has been 104 days since we've experienced temperatures in the 80s. officially we got to 88 degrees, right now we are at 87 degrees. dew ??points are close to 70.>> as paul predicted, the bull's- eye for arizona from newton was that. that rainfall from that tropical storm list to -- led to this flooding. some got more than two inches, they got an inch and tucson. lauren reimer is life there and how is it looking?>>reporter: just when i thought the rain was done, we just got a couple more showers. i had to grab my jacket. now, it looks like the sun will come out. you can't tell if newton is
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after we go home, tucson residents will have more flooding to deal with. we are along the santa cruz river, you can see the water is running. another parts of town, some lower lying residential streets, they sought more minor flooding, even though it was just a few inches deep. the water was fast-moving, possibly enough to wash away a car. drivers just turned around. expecting newton to bring much higher rain city made hundreds of sandbags available for those who were worried that the water might get too close to their home.>> i have a driveway that is eroding and i needed the bags.>> that are safe than sorry.>>reporter: we haven't heard of damage or flooding two homes, all tucson athletic fields are closed.
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to keep that in mind. in tucson, laura riemer cbs 5 news. take it easy if the roads are slick. always inspect your windshield wipers and replace them if they are old. turn on your headlights while driving. always keep a safe distance between your vehicle and the one in front of you. one big concern with the storm, as we first reported last night, the impat tunnels that run belief the border crossing in no ??dallas nogales . some officials believe it is at risk of collapsing.>>reporter: the nogales wash crested at just over 22 feet. 2.7 inches of rain fell on the twin border cities, adding to concerns that the tunnels that
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fail. >> people can get swept away.>>reporter: border patrol agent showed us a tunnel in the spring when it was not raining. how much water gets in here when it's really raining? >> it is wall-to-wall and floor to ceiling.>>reporter: we dropped down into the system on the mexico side of the border to see for ourselves. a maze of tunnels brou crumbling cement, water pours from the ceiling and it doesn't seem structurally sound. this tunnel leads direct the under the port of and it -- entry. u.s. customs and border protection says there is no danger today, a study is underway to see if the tunnels have deteriorated to a point where they require emergency repairs.>> morgan load joins us
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concern.>>reporter: arizona's senators have requested the study be done to see what repairs need to be done.>> we've been tracking hurricane newton, as of right now the tunnels have withstood the storm?>>reporter: they have, three inches of rain is a lot, it peaked earlier today and the tunnels held up, according to those at the port of entry.>> when will the study be done? >>reporter: it could be done in lessha keep track of what is left on newton on your smart phone or tablet, you can follow its progress as it brings wet weather to arizona. download the cbs five news at two the app store old google play. lindsay randel skate -- she is the woman that is accused of flashing her breast at a bar mitzvah and performing a sex
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donna rossi is live outside of court. what happened today? >>reporter: the trial is here at scottsdale city court, the charges are all misdemeanor charges. a grand jury refused to indict her on felony charges. she pleaded not guilty to 18 misdemeanor charges including indecent exposure, contributing to the delinquency of a minor and disorderly contact. she was allegedly drunk at a party and exposed her newly augmented breasts to a group of underage boys. they said she performed a sex act on a 15-year-old boy. today in court, the woman who through the party and mother of several of the big took the stand and testified radomski was her best friend who worked
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she said she was devastated and shocked to learn what had allegedly happened in her home with her sons and several trends. when radomski took the stand, she alleged she was drugged with the date rape drug at the party and has no memory of that night in question. all of the alleged victims did take the stand and testified against the defendant the defense attorney is accusing the boys of sexually assaulting their client, who was drunk at the time at our cameras have not been allowed inside the courtroom during the trial, they will be allowed during closing arguments, which could start as early as tomorrow. live in scottsdale, donna rossi cbs5 news a wrapper robbed, someone takes a briefcase from drakes tour bus and he goes nuts. what was inside that was worth $3 million. an arrest has been made.>>
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all new here at 5, asu police have made an arrest in connection to a jewelry theft from a tour bus. that is drake in the black shirt, he is mad. he just performed in phoenix last night, during his performance, $3 million worth of jewelry and a briefcase was taken from his tour bus. this is cell phone video, he is upset. tmz reports the property belonged to his personal dj. asu police made an arrest and we will have the latest on the news at 6:30. a predator on the bridle path. female runners are spreading the word about a threat.
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wanted to remain anonymous because she was scared after a man tried to run her over a long central avenue. she said the man accelerated towards her when she tried to cross the street when she posted what happened, that's when other women came forward with similar stories. >> he is stalking them or one person said he exposed himself.>> these are those lead- in things, the smaller gestures that we believe are a lot of suspect will tak moving on to larger crimes.>> phoenix police said they have not been notified of this type of crime yet. they said you should run in pairs and pay attention to your surroundings. a driver takes out his anger on a phoenix liquor store let's say why he left u!his mark and then drives his car right into it. a valley mom is in need of a kidney, how loved ones are
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there is a $75,000 reward
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murders in the valley, he could be driving this black 2000 bmw five series. if you know anything please call silent witness at 480- witness. you can always remain anonymous. phoenix police shot and killed a man they say rushed their officers with a knife near 37th street and thomas last night. dylan papa assaulted a man inside an apartment and threatened others. when he came weapon and he allegedly charged at officers. we spoke to a man in the area when the shooting happened.>> i heard don't move, don't move and then shots. i knew my brother was dead. i just had that feeling.>> they said he was wanted on outstanding felony arrest warrants. we are getting our first look at three men involved in a
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ruben rodriguez robbed a credit union west branch over in avondale. during a high-speed chase, sergio escobedo shot at officers who were following them. both got out of the car and ran, they both got arrested and appeared in court today. escobedo pleaded his case to stay out of jail, saying that his mom is in stage for chemotherapy.>> i've been out of work looking for work, besides that i would like say for whatever time my mom has, i would love to spend that time with her.>> both rodriguez and escobedo will remain in jail on 2000 -- bond. steven dial real was shot and killed after police said he had a gun. it ended at baseline and i-10, that's where the suspect to
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drug debt. they are still investigating that deadly shooting. a man tries to buy alcohol after a phoenix liquor store is closed. when he can't get any, this is what happens. he rams his car into the business. this was at 35th avenue, mark taylor breaks down the video.>>reporter: greenway liquors just replace the front doors after they were smashed and. store owner say after 10 years they have never seen anything shot.>>reporter: at greenway liquor, the owner says alarm went off early tuesday morning warning of a break in. when he reviewed the surveillance video, he still can't believe what he saw.>> somebody came through the front door, as you can see. >>reporter: the man walks into the recently closed store and apparently after realizing it's
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the door.>> i thought that was the end. >>reporter: it was not moments later a light colored sedan crashes into the stork and drives away.>> he just slammed through the front of the store. >>reporter: phoenix police say the man could face charges including criminal vandalism. the owner just wants them to pay for what he did and stop it from happening again. >> i just hope that we can identify him so he can do this to it's not right. >>reporter: anyone with information is asked to contact phoenix police, the owner of greenway liquor is offering a $1000 reward. in north meanings, i mark taylor reporting. sheila -- and on lysis dentist -- the arizona attorney general has now issued a warrant for this woman, l don't samara who did not show up for court.
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video he posed as a patient and went inside and saw her apartment disguised as this dental office. let's look, seeing this video is amazing. this is was sent to the national weather service from ?? john storm and it's going viral. john storm has an incredible job williams fire tower at 1130. he was sitting in the bill williams fire tower at 11:30 am and he started to see this funnel cloud develop. look at that strong storm, just to the outskirts of ??that fire it has been shared all over. we have been getting phone calls from cbs and cnn to use the video. a big thank you and a terrific name, john storm giving on this
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outside of williams arizona, at outside of williams arizona, at 11:20 am it was intense and it did create that funnel cloud. the national weather service is trying to look at video to confirm if it touchdown. doppler radar, we have rainfall to talk about just south of casa grande eight and the tucson area. wraparound moisture from what's left of newton. still some shower activity from white river towards show low and showers around arizona. cloudy skies, great conditions. it was so nice to feel the cooler temperatures. finally, day below 90 degrees. are hard today was 88 and wind speeds were 14 miles per hour. it is muggy out there with all that moisture. we have dew points at 70. the clouds in the showers and rainfall pushing to areas of new mexico. that system will check east. tonight, just a few-clouds and
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will see-clouds and clearing skies in the afternoon. sun will return thursday and friday. we have a pleasant weekend to tell you about. 76 in the morning, high temperatures still below average, average high this time of year is 104. we will see a 10 degrees difference tomorrow from where we should be. 94 for thursday, 100 for friday and temperatures start to warm up with clear skies, dry conditions next chance of rainfall is monday or tuesday. a slight chance on monday. new here at 5, we've heard about the power of social media. a valley woman decided to go a different direction in an effort to help a friend with a life-threatening illness. jason barry has more.>>reporter: it's all about getting the word out and what better way than by painting your van to let everyone know
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donor. daisy steiner gets a lot of attention every time she gets behind the wheel. >> it's like i have a billboard.>>reporter: the valley mom got creative and painted the back window of her minivan, to let everyone know that her close friend needed a kidney. >> the biggest piece of evidence that it was working is that a guy posted on facebook that he had seen it and was inspired by it. he idea caught on with a number of other friends and neighbors, painting their ??cars as well. heather thought it was a nice gesture but never imagined the response the signs would drum up. the -- visits to our website jumped 400% and complete strangers got tested. one woman could not wait. >> she said i am going to get tested and then i got an email
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be cool if i was your match because you met me in the parking lot at starbucks.>>reporter: the phoenix mother of two was born with a life-threatening kidney disease. heather is not an easy match and the national waiting list for a kidney is five is not an easy match and the national waiting list for a kidney is 5 to 7 years. she has been actively looking for a live donor with help from her friends.>> it was refreshing. it was nice to know there were so many people out there that want to make a difference and do something helpful selfless. >>reporter: more than 35 people stepped up to get tested over the past few months. she is happy to report, donor has been found. heather said she was overwhelmed by the kindness of strangers willing to step up. she now hopes her story will inspire others to do the same for someone else. jason barry, cbs5 news .
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concussions are a hot topic no matter what level of football. a former sandoval and cardinal player is trying to teach us more. >> once i get movement i will
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man on a mission.>> just get the job done, there is limited detail. >>reporter: he played ??for asu and the cardinals and he still plays the field running his company, say football.>> i started a gym and competing. i got my butt kicked. i thought they are doing something different. i have created methods that are highly effective.>>reporter: he has been hired by the phoenix union school district after they reported an all-time high number of concussions.>> we train people from zero to phd level how to engage in contact and when.>>reporter: peters has a number of success are his, his work is far from finished. he tries to make football safe.>> i would not recommend anybody let their kids play
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instrument. we need our brain to think. you have heard of online trading, that is why -- highly popular. and unpatriotic prowler, crooks steal a us flag from a man's driveway.
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paul babeu exposed in a damning home video. extreme discipline used on special needs kids at a boarding school he used to run. widespread cases of physical and sexual abuse. students were also stripped down and forced to wear nothing but a sheet. indisputable evidence that congressional candidate supported the abusive practices and even bragged about them. they're there for a reason. because they're hopeless. because they're hopeless.
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dccc is responsible for the content of this advertising. as a kid and desert family is definitely a shot emily and never returned to the boat.>> our first look at the man dealing $3 million worth of jewelry from 's tour bus here. asu police thought they


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