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tv   CBS 5 News at 10  CBS  September 7, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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pause for animation (breaking news) a woman shot and killed ... a major valley freeway shutdown... and live from cbs 5, breaking news. >> a woman shot and killed on a major valley freeway and a gunman on the lease tonight. this all happened on the state route 51. a woman called 911 saying she was being followed and that is when shots rang out. the shooting led to several accidents on that freeway. two people were taken to a local hospital. you can see the backup there. police, investigators and dps telling us tonight that this freeway will be shut down for hours. police units surrounding the northbound lanes kelly thomas exit right off state route 51 for the suspect's white work truck was last seen. that is where we find lindsey reiser from cbs 5. what can you tell us right now? it is a mess out there.>>
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actively searching for this suspect. 51 northbound will be closed for at least another six hours while they investigate. phoenix police tell us a woman called 911 while driving alone in her car northbound on the 51. she says three men in a white work type truck were driving aggressively and she thought they were targeting her specifically. the 911 dispatcher >> one of those calls was from an adult woman who said the truck was actually chasing her while she was on the phone with 911. the dispatcher heard about three gunshots and the call was ended. >> reporter: the victim was transported to the hospital with a gunshot wound to the head and we have learned she has died. this caused a chain reaction of other accidents involving four vehicles. one woman in another car was
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minor injuries. the suspect's truck may have gotten off 51 at thomas. the description is a quite work type truck with ladder racks and a toolbox. if you know police -- anything, call police. any camera footage showing exactly what happened, we are asking about that and we will bring you that answer as soon as we get it. lindsey reiser cbs 5 news . >> there is a lot to go through tonight. let's get you answers on what this is the same map you can pull up on your smart phone or tablet on our cbs 5 news traffic system and you can post or text this to a friend. let's get you in the right here on the mini stack. it was the northbound lanes of state route 51. as you can see, still a traffic problem here. they closed down the northbound entrance to the 51 as well as from the loop 202. basically from the stock all the way up to thomas right now.
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well as dps units are actually physically walking the freeway to try to take a look at some of the evidence. as we said, traffic has been a mess. let's send it to bruce haffner in our penguin air and plumbing chopper. what is the situation on those northbound lanes?>> reporter: the scene is going to be closed for the better part of tonight and into the early morning. the black car the one that was shot at. they just told up with the phoenix police command van and the department of public safety is out here as well doing this investigation. there is 20 vehicles down here on the northbound 51 between mcdowell and thomas. let me get you a shot of what it looked like when we arrived on the scene sometime after 7 pm tonight backed up all the way to the mini stack, the i-10- 202 area. that is what it looked like then.
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turn them around. it took them about an hour and a half, two hours to get those cars off the freeway but it is now clear other than the scene. >> reporter: thanks for staying up late with us and bruce will have the latest tomorrow morning starting at 4:30 am starting here on cbs 5 news. if we get any developments from phoenix pd or dps, we will update you within the newscast or you can open up our mobile app for more details on the closures. if more things develop overnig the very latest before your morning commute and we will send you push alerts overnight. in other news, a man carrying a briefcase with $3 million worth of stolen jewelry inside was arrested on asu's main campus in tempe and police say the jewelry was stolen and belongs to a posse number of an international superstar. jeff van zandt has the story on
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contract work for talking stick. it is not clear whether he worked this particular concert but the real story is how this guy got caught. drake is in town for his summer 2016 tour performing at the talking stick arena last night. some time around 10 pm, the man allegedly hopped onto a tour bus and stole the case of jewelry. $3 million worth of jewelry. detectives looked at the video and talked to were able to come up with the name trayveon king. he was picked up for trespassing on asu dorm's. pd had to drive down to the fourth avenue jail and rebooked him for burglary. >> what is the mindset of someone who walks onto a tour bus for drake and removes these types of items thinking they are going to get away with it?>> reporter: we have reached
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him at the time of the concert. of course this investigation is ongoing. jeff van zandt, cbs 5 news. >> jeff, thanks. they are accused of shooting and police officers, holding up a bank and leading police on a high-speed -- a high-speed race. the two surviving suspects are now talking, sort of. amanda goodman is live at the fourth avenue jail with what they had to say. >> reporter: one of them asked the judge to go easy on him. the other claimed he couldn't remember what happened. serious crimes. ruben rodriguez is a codefendant in yesterday's bank robbery and subsequent police chase. today, rodriguez, who in court paperwork is named by police as the one who held up the bank, having memory problems. >> last i remember i was at my mother's and my sister's. >> reporter: still, he agreed to this jailhouse interview and
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straight of denying any involvement. >> they do hold up a bank yesterday in avondale? >> no. >> reporter: escobedo didn't want to talk to us but spoke to the judge asking for a low bond so he could be with his mom who we see -- who he says has stage iv cancer. >> whatever time my mom has, i would love to spend the rest of the time to have with her. >> reporter: rodriguez says he didn't know escobedo but he suspect who phoenix police shot and killed. >> my heart goes to out -- out to his family. >> reporter: rodriguez said he only agreed to talk to us to clear his name. then, he apologized for any shame he may have caused his family. that judge today set both men's bond at $250,000. reporting live, amanda goodman
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next colorado when it comes to recreational marijuana? voters will soon decide if we'd should be legalized in our state. a former public health leader is trying to help you decide how to vote. the former head of the department broke down proposition 205. he hopes his lecture will help spread the word. >> you use that method to try to get folks like this to be out there in the community to say there is this place you can go on this website that actually makes that statute prop 205 a lot easier to understand. >> humble hopes to have more events like this before the general election. no word on when the next one will be. while all eyes were on southern arizona because of what was left of hurricane newton, a fire watch her in a
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take a look as a funnel cloud formed up in the high country. no damage was done. can you imagine being up in a fire tower taking that video? here is we are talk -- what we're talking about. heavy rainfall led to flooding in novalis. that fast-moving water in the banks. what does that look like tomorrow? paul, you nailed that the "that rain would slam into southeastern arizona. >> rain showers three to inches. valley pinpoint doppler radar pretty dry conditions across the valley. showers, which is nice to add to the totals so far but you can see around suffered towaaaa towards whitewater, we are seem rainfall totals about three quarters an inch to a half-inch in sun city. pretty good in the west valley. mesa got about 3/10 and a quarter inch in peoria and 4/100 at sky harbor. a
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we had temperatures in the 80s. our high temperature today was 88 degrees. we are sitting at a comfortable 80 degrees but it is muggy out there with dew points close to 70 degrees. satellite radar showing moisture to the east of us. as you can see, tomorrow morning around 6:30 am, clouds and showers in the southeast around tucson and then we start to see clearing skies in the forecast for thursday afternoon. friday looks good. over the weekend comfortable temperatures and highs over the weekend below average with mostly clear skies. here is your seven-day forecast. 94 degrees thursday, friday 100 degrees, clearing skies to the weekend. it is a big day on sunday. we have the cardinals home opener and a -- against the patriots with temperatures around 103 degrees and a lot of tailgaters enjoying that. where the sunscreen. showers again monday and tuesday with temperatures below 100 degrees.
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minutes and you are ready for your thursday. the economy feels pret solid, right? but could all of that change? we have answers on how the car market is getting ready to burst. the next time you rent a car, you may not want to plug in your cell phone. i will tell you why in tonight's scam alert.
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cbs 5 news news is brought to you by spencer tv and appliance. >> it's 10:13 pm on your wednesday. we want to take you to our top story. northbound lanes of state route 51 between the mini stack and ths deadly shooting on the freeway. you can see the northbound lanes completely shut down. police units as well as dps units are actually walking the freeway looking for evidence. we still have a gunman on the loose. a white pickup truck with a ladder rack on it. all the details on our cbs 5 news mobile app. this is what the scene looked like earlier. a lot of cars on the freeway stock. those cars were just not moving until dps turned them around
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get them off. adot warning there will be no changes to the freeway for at least six more hours. stay on top of the situation by downloading our cbs 5 news mobile app for joining us at 4:30 am for wake up arizona for the latest updates on your morning commute. there is controversy over a history class taught at three valley charter schools. critics say it's a lesson promoting a specific religion at a public school. asked eric staal reports, it has prompted a federal lawsuit. >> reporter: good evening. a national organization filed this lawsuit on behalf of a parent at heritage academy. heritage has campuses in levine, mesa and gateway that are publicly funded. the lawsuit claims the history curriculum includes things like the 10 commandments and other
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>> we at heritage hold students to a higher standard. >> reporter: in promotional videos, heritage academy touts its focus on the u.s. constitution. >> for the first thing you notice in our lobby is our pictures of our founders. you see a picture of washington. >> reporter: but the academy founder, earl taylor junior, is accused of breaking the constitution in this new lawsuit. >> the violation here is straightforward, obvious and egregious. >> reporter: americans united for separation of church and state takes action with the academy's american government class, all 12th-graders and is taught by taylor himself. all students have to learn 28 principles including without religion, the government of a free people cannot be maintained. also, all things were created by god, therefore upon him all mankind are equally dependent. >> it talks about how our
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>> reporter: according to the lawsuit, the textbook was written by a mormon theologian and its title for claimed liberally throughout the land is a verse from the bible. >> parents have the right to decide what religious instruction their children will receive. that is not supposed to be the business of the public school. it is not supposed to be the thing that we as taxpayers are funding. >> reporter: i wasn't able to reach heritage academy or i founder this afternoon for comment but the battle with this been brewing now for several years and back in 2013, the founder wrote a letter in response. he denied any wrongdoing and said "any honest student or teacher of american history must acknowledge the influence of religion in the history of the american nation." dark style, cbs 5 news. >> thanks, derek. the next financial bubble may be in the auto industry. a new report shows americans
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top $1 trillion for the second quarter in a row and more people are defaulting on those loans. one local repo business is feeling the impact saying they have doubled the number of cars they recover in the past six months. every time drivers tell them the same story, they thought they could afford it. >> i have kids that are young that are establishing new credit. i tell everybody make sure you make sure you know what you're getting into. >> they also found in the report more peaceable -- people are leasing vehicles but that could mean poor resale rates at the end of those leases in the next four years. rental cars have a lot of electronic health and whistles but investigative reporter morgan leow is here to tell us how thieves can use rental cars to get your personal information.
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information about us and we don't even know it. for example, if you plug your smartphone into your car's infotainment system, the car's computer gets access to the numbers from the calls you make and receive, the text messages and even credit card information. it turns out the car's computers store information like that from what is on your phone to the addresses of the places you visit. if you use the car's navigation system, that could be your place of this mess or even avoid connecting your smart phone to your rental car if you can but if you do connect it, set the system's permissions screen to just the information you want the car to access like your music library, not your contact list. and remember to delete your data from the car's infotainment system before you return that car. the federal trade commission warns that hackers, id thieves and even employees from the car
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not careful. if you have something you want toss to check out, use our free mobile app and look for the big red action button. you heard a lot of whispering, praying, some quiet sobbing but it was rather quiet, an eerie quiet. >> the story of a pilot who made that miracle emergency landing on the hudson seven years ago now is hitting the big screen. it is eastwood and starring tom hanks. jason barry got to sit down with one valley woman who was on that flight. >> i was thinking what do i need to do to get off this plane and make it off very quickly so i can survive? >> reporter: tracy was one of the 155 passengers on us airways flight 1549. she remembers sitting in the last row when three minutes in, the plane hit a flock of geese, disabling the engine. that is when captain chelsey
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>> just like in the movie, she says this is the captain, brace for impact. >> reporter: she says it was eerily quiet but also peaceful as the plane started to get closer to the helsinki -- to the hudson river. >> i remember saying don't call, we will be okay. we will be okay. we held hands. towards the end, we started to brace. >> reporter: the captain was able to successfully plane on that january day back in 2009. since then, he has been hailed a hero and is now the subject of the latest clint eastwood movie with tom hanks playing the role of the skilled captain. >> it is hard to watch it but knowing it is the movie versus reality, it's all good. >> reporter: she got to see a preview and says it very closely depicts the miracle on the hudson, a day she will never forget. >> i go back to how lucky we were just to have so many things fall in our favor.
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entry of the passengers. the ferryboats arrived, the first responders, the kindness. if you look at from an and to and perspective, so many -- end to end perspective, so many things went right. taylor swift and tom middleton have broken up. that's right. they have called it splits. taylor has sent him packing wherev he is from. >> stephen colbert nursing a broken heart. stick around as colebert welcomes captain sully himself ahead of tumor's big movie ahead of tumor's big movie release. ? ahead of tumor's big movie release.
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what a day today weatherwise. newton paid us a visit. just some light rainfall. some areas received a half inch around the valley but most of that rain to the south and east of us, still seem remnants into parts of new mexico. forecast from tucson to safford in the morning hours but temperatures another cooler day. average high 104 degrees. we wake up tomorrow loving this in the mid-70s and 47 degrees for a low in flagstaff. highs tomorrow 97 degrees, a 100 difference from where we should be. a high of 74 degrees up north. here comes one of our favorite named players,
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tough to leave under -- live under the name socrates, the father of western philosophy. >> we're going to miss the legendary dodger announcer vince kelly calling his nal game tonight. manager chip hale leaving a group of diamondback players to the press box to present him with a key to chase field. all the stars were out tonight. is that joe montana? no, that's pat sajak. the dodgers and goldschmidt a little bloop. my favorite neighbor can't come up with that aj pollock scores. robbie ray, despite a quality start, gives up two in the first and in the 6th, this solo shot in the dodgers win 3-1 and sweep away the diamondbacks took >> we play whoever is there. injuries happen. i have been in situations the
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you formulate a game plan and you expect to win. i don't think they are expecting to lose. >> they come to the town for the first time since 2015 but tom brady will be at home watching. brady suspended so jimmy garoppolo will make his first professional start. he has thrown 31 career touchdown passes. it will be important to rattle him early. that is taylor jones traded from the patriots to the cardinals in the off-season. jones says he was circling the patriot's here is the week one matchup. >> i have this one circled in red marker. i am excited. >> i am taking this like a regular week one. a lot of people say this is a big game for me but i am approaching it like any other game. it's very fortunate i get to play against my old teammates. >> you can tell it means a lot to him. he was practice -- practices hard but he has a pet in his step.
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patrick peterson will be we don't agree on everything. but we do agree that an honest day's work deserves an honest day's pay. representative kyrsten sinema knows that. when congress refused to work and pass a budget, she said they shouldn't get a paycheck.
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10:31 pm on your wednesday. the northbound lanes and state -- on state route 51 still shut down after a woman was shot in the head and died. two other people injured. we will have the latest at 4:30 am on wake up arizona or we will give you a push alert on our cbs 5 news double up. >> your online home for free news and information brought to you by
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paul babeu exposed in a damning home video. extreme discipline used on special needs kids at a boarding school he used to run.
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and forced to wear nothing but a sheet. indisputable evidence that congressional candidate supported the abusive practices and even bragged about them. they're there for a reason. because they're hopeless. because they're hopeless. a long history of abuse, the students may never recover.
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