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tv   CBS 5 News at 10  CBS  September 10, 2016 12:37am-1:12am MST

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? you used the finger bowl when you weren't ready to begin ? i married a woman just to see what it's like it was interesting ? don't you remember the first time you successfully ? rode a bike
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on this busy friday night, we are now back open after 202 was shut down for an hour. >> dps troopers were called out to the loop 202 and mcdowell road after reports of a man with a gun near the freeway. troopers checked it out. they did not locate anyon >> now this happened about an hour ago, but it lead to this. that closing of the freeway causes massive backup. you can see all those cars just
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now reopened, opened about 30 minutes ago. >> 60 days in jail. six years probation. that's the sentence handed down to the dog kennel owners after the death of 23 dogs in their care. >> it was an em day. jessica parsons is live with more. >> reporter: yes, kris, there are no winners here, a heartbreaking case from the beginning to the end. today in court the victim described the pain of lo for some closure. after two years emotional testimony at the sentencing for jesse and maleisa hughes. owners of the green acre boarding facility. >> i apologize that i upset people. >> reporter: the hughes gave public apologies while the victims who lost their beloved pets shared their stories in court. >> i lost probably my best
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the pain away at night. nobody has portrayed me quickly. >> reporter: in june of 2014, 23 dogs died of heat exhaustion under the hughes care. they face four felony count of fraud and cruelty to animals. >> it didn't seem like they were concerned too much. >> the court believed it was not intentional. >> reporter: but the challenge for the judge was to hand down a sentence equal to the loss each victims suffered. her decision 60 days for jesse hughes beginning tonight days for maleisa hughes to begin january 15. >> we are trying to eliminate the animal cruelty across the country. this was a big ruling in our favor. it's been a lot of work. two years waiting for this case. and finally it is over. we had a good outcome and we're happy and my clients are happy. >> we lost our dogs, we lost our family members, they're gone. they're never going to come
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while families of the lost pet try to close this chapter. >> i can't say that we have seen closure. >> is there a final lesson in all of this? >> yeah, you've got to take responsibility. when you make a mistake you own up, don't lie and cover up. >> reporter: jessica parsons cbs5 news. tonight security beefed up over at asu's main campus in tempe after the suspect in the jewelry heist offered th%v bus talking their way into the dorm as well as walking his way into slept. >> this is the latest development in the case. cbs5 donna rossi has the details. >> reporter: they tap themselves as one of the most secure areas on the asu campus. electronic key card gates, surrounded classrooms dorms. once you're in the same tactic could be used for the elevators
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dorm rooms. that's concerning. but what's worse is when a dorm owner is duked by a homeless man. >> yeah basically a worker made a mistake and didn't do his job right and he got fired. i mean i could see why. >> reporter: asu police confirmed the dorm worker who let travion king into juniper hall 3:00 a.m. wednesday morning was fired, but not before king made his way into a dorm room and propositioned the young woman inside. >> he got out of the room as quickly as he could to find somebody th 911. >> king was arrested for trespassing, admitting to be high and propositioning the young woman. but he said nothing about the briefcase of jewelry he was carrying. >> a lot of gold and diamond. >> reporter: turns out that bling belonged to rapper drake who hours before had his jewelry stolen from his tour bus while on stage at talking stick arena downtown phoenix. >> it just blew my mind. yeah, i just heard about it yesterday and the fact that drake's jewelry was just right
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away from me is crazy. >> reporter: donna rossi cbs5 news. well, some new video of the tornado that touched down. take a look at this. this is a funnel cloud that happened just outside the town of block, illinois. storm chaser got these incredible shots. this is just one of four tornadoes that had formed in the area. there was some damage, but no injuries reported. here in the valley the weekend is looking great weather wise. your completweather forecast coming up in the first ten minutes. >> all right, thanks, another out of town hiker has died, joining one of the very difficult mountain trails. ts happened here phoenix fire tells us that the 26-year-old from switzerland was out on camelback mountain with three of his friends. he somehow lost them and then started yelling up on the mountain for help. well employees down at the base of the mountain heard him. they called in rescue crews. he was rushed to a local
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crushed pa of the plane it is hard to imagine how everyone was able to survive the plane. it went down shortly after takeoff west of wickenburg. two married couple from wickenburg were on board. all four are in intensive care tonight, but they are all expected to survive. the cause of the crash is under investigation. new pictures of a police shooting that shut down the border. tonight we've learned that a 16- year-old was in this this red truck. yesterday the man tried to run down the border patrol officers. they opened fire hitting him. the shooting blocked traffic for hours shutting down the point of entry until about 8:00 last night. as many as ten employees of coche county are under investigation accused of looking up porn on county employees. five employees at the sheriff's office have resigned over theallegations. the sheriff says that some of his deputies are now under
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well every state is doing what they can to remain a zika- free zone. crews spent the day spraying this home in san diego. the person who lived there travel today a zika affected area, but this is the third time that crews are using a controversial pesticide. some residents are skeptical, but california state health manager say that this spraying is not only necessary, but it's safe. well tonight a new in-depth report is giving us more inciting on last year's s self-deployment to the chaotic scene by officers as well as poor communication is what tipped off the gunman giving them an opportunity to flea. police officers ended up killing that couple, but not before they killed 14 people and injured 24 others. north korea's latest nuclear test is raising tension with the united nations. today the u.n. said that it will begin working immediately to take appropriate measures including the new sanctions against the communist country.
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conducted another atomic test. well one valley police department has a familiar, yet very stern warning for families tonight. don't call 911 unless it is a true emergency. >> and the apache junction police department says they are being flooded with non- emergency phone calls. right now they say only one in four calls are actually an emergency. police say that most recently during the summer stores, the call volumes got so high that they tied up the phone lines, which creates a puic that 911 calls are for life or death emergencies only. callers who cry wolf could face a fine of up football season is if full -- in full swing. >> one valley team had to pay without theirs even though they paid for them a while ago. theyth deer valley league paid $2,200 upfront for these
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scottsdale. after going back and forth with the company they were told the uniforms are in, but that the team says they are the wrong ones. so they took to facebook to call the company out. as well as asking for the money to be refunded. >> it's kind of crazy. and that they will make up a story or tell us that he has them and he'll meet us, but we're still here. >> and now we spoke with ultimate sportswear vp tim schaeffern the phone he says this has been blown out of proportion that the team knew all along that those uniforms would take four weeks to customize and then another three days to ship. which would make their delivery date today. schaeffer says that he is willing to work something out, but a full refund isn't likely. wela lot of football games are planned for tomorrow. of course the big game on sunday. we've got a pretty good forecast to talk about. happy friday everybody. a live look at valley, pretty calm conditions the last 24 hours. as you can see a live look
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average. right now we're sitting at 94. winds are out of the west at 7 miles per hour. and the satellite radar area across the state. a few high thin clouds down around douglas, but a pretty quiet day. a ridge of high pressure will hold strong for the next 24 hours. the next change, we've got a weak little system that will drop on back from the north and notice that we'll start to bring some shower activities especially on sunday around eastern arizona along the rim that will be the best chance on sunday evening. and we're going to see a chance for rainfall here in starting on monday and that they will start off their workweek. we'll show you their hourly planner for tomorrow. we will start around 78 degrees. warm up quickly. 94 by 10:00. we will hit a high tomorrow. we will get up to around 104 that it will happen around three. right between 2:00 to 4:00 and that sen-day forecast here you go. plenty of sunshine on saturday. and 103 on sunday. there is the big day. yes, it is huge out there the west valley. cardinals? they will take on the new
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tailgaters, but very comfortable inside. a big sold out game and let's hope far big win. and then the rainfall. best chance for rain on monday. it will take place for the afternoon. 99 degrees the high. only a 20% chance here in the valley and the best chance up in the high country. and then clear skies into next week with temperatures comfortable staying below 100 through wednesday. there is your seven-day planner the first 10 minutes. >> sounds good. thank you, paul. it is 10:10. as promised you'll be ready to start your weekend or go to d. tonight and we will be bringing you more answers when it will come to pets and pot. and this is the tough gig. for a tow truck driver that you'll be able to see it up there. yikes it was just dangling from that parking lot. and also you can still check us out behind the scenes or even ask us a question by checking us out on facebook live.
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look at this, you see the suv. it is just hanging there. investigators are trying to piece together what happened, but the witnesses say that they saw the driver, flew them out and to safety. wow. >> well pets are family and a lot of people would do anything to keep them happy and healthy. >> one local company thinks that might include using marijuana. cbs5 has more. >> reporter: people swearing bit positive effects that pot has on their health. now a local company is making some of the plans -- plants as the same ingredients available to dogs. >> this is one dose per day. >> reporter: mixed inside these peanut butter flavored shoes is the crystallized dials. believed to have anti- inflammatory properties.
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and they are marking the product for dogs arthritis and anxiety. >> reporter: the main ingredient exists in marijuana. right now they're getting from the plant's cousin hemp. the ceo says it is not about getting high with your best friend. >> there is no psychoactive properties to it, but hits the same receptors that thc for maju >> reporter: we asked pet owners what they think. >> it is more natural than most of the stuff that they will give you over the counter, right? and that the doctor will give you a prescription for the natural marijuana as they should say and maybe that there will be some good things. >> my first thought is that i'm not too sure. when you think marijuana you think thc. and i had a dog who once had arthritis and it is very painful and there are not too many things to work for her. >> reporter: right now it's not
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and this new product, it was just launched three days ago and it is already sold out. in phoenix lauren reimer cbs5 news. we have some answers on campaign 2016. early voting for the general election will begin on october 12 here in arizona. but that process actually started today. out in north carolina that is. there are just nine weeks left until the election. and the associated press reports says that voters who cast their ballots to 75% of all ballots in six states including here in arizona. stocks took a big hit today before closing for the weekend. all three major markets ended trading in the red. the dow down almost 400 points. investors are concerned with the federal reserve that they could raise their key interest rates this year. >> general motors is recalling more than three and a half
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problem. and the -- the automaker says that it could go into a test mode causing front air bags not to inflate in a crash. several 2014 through 2017 models including some buicks, chevrolets, gmcs, as well as cadillacs are affected. samsung now expediting new shipments of the galaxy note 7 smartphones to customers after reports that their batteries could catch fire. remember if you are traveling this weekend by air telling air travelers not to charge or even power up those new phones during flights. you can't put them in checked luggage. apple began accepting pre- orders for their new iphones. the apple watch products today and their 7 series phones with the new black finish appear to be the most popular. some of those won't ship for anywhere from three to four weeks. shipments of the jet black 7 plus iphones have now been
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back here tomorrow the county is holding an emergency preparedness expo this weekend at metro center mall. you can get answers on how to keep you and your family safe in an event of an emergency. this event starts at 10:00 a.m. mesa will be hosting their 14th annual hatch chili festival at power road farmer's market. the event goes from 10:00 in the morning until 3:00 in the afternoon. and from 9:00 in the morning until 9:00 at night, sprinkles free red velvet cardinals cupcakes for anyone that comes in wearing cardinals gear. cardinals will kick off their season on sunday. the limit is one free cupcake per person. it is a moving memorial that you'll see every year at tempe beach park. volunteers planted thousands of red flags this morning. each flag is about eight feet tall and they carry the name of the person who died in the 9/11 attacks. there is also information about that person.
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that they were lost on the day. my brother is a firefighter back in alliance. and i feel like it is the best way to pay homage to the people that put their lives on the line every day. >> here is another look at it. the healing field will stay up through the weekend. there will be a memorial ceremony on sunday morning followed by the candlelight vigil in the evening. but you have probably heard of the five-second rule. that's when food is safe if you drop it on the ground you can still eat it. if you pick it up within five seconds or >> researchers at rutgers university says yeah that's bogus. they tested different foods on different services and learned that food becomes contaminated that is right away with bacteria and no five-second rule. come on. carpet apparently had the lowest contamination rates. that doesn't make sense compared to tile and stainless steel. it is flashback friday as we are talking about vintage.
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apple product prototypes. >> desktops to the early version of the ipad that apple had a lot of devices that they were working on, but they never really made it to market. >> yeah, these almost apple devices were designed in the 90s. photos of the mock up were released in the japanese design magazine, so they used to be the same thing that they would do now and they say that hey this is what we think it will be. >> the clay model of the car. >> it is kind of fun to seat old design though. >> we had to leave a lot on the cutting room for tonight. it is a and talk about your plays of the week. deshawn goodman with a draw dropper, but was it the play of the game? the high school football plays of the night are coming up. good evening everybody, i'm tracking tomorrow's traffic for you from the hastings and hastings traffic center. a couple of restrictions to remind you of especially if you are heading out of town this weekend. maybe you're going to l.a. or headed for the beach. there will be lane restrictions.
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but they will go all weekend long. adot is saying you need to be expecting pretty heavy traffic in that area if you're heading west. the hov lanes will also be closed all the way to loop 303. again that's all the way through monday morning. give yourself some extra time if you are taking that i-10 westbound this weekend.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay?
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you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember."
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well check this out. this is cool. that is a deer in the hills, just outside the valley.
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the morning. all you have to do is just in starting at 4:30. let's showout weekend forecast, 103 for sunday, the next chance of rainfall will happen on monday. and clear skies for the rest of the workweek. it is the arizona dimebacks. but it looks like they need more time. but you wonder if he will be back. at last check 5-5 was the score in the 10th inning. let's talk football. who is ready for another big weekend. the most anticipated season that will kick off when the new england patriots visit the
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loaded version. tom brady is suspended. rob gronkowski didn't get on the form. he's been battling a hamstring seen here during practice. former cardinal jonathan cooper not on the patriot's team as well. broncs will be playing down in tucson on saturday night. showing up on the injury report, suffering a knee injury for wednesda dawkin will get the start. texas tech's quarterback who ran for two last week showing a major factor last season that you hold that manny wilkins can do more stuff like that with the leap last week, keeping them up. wilkins is making the second college start. >> i try to get better in playing, you know, trying to
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the leader of the football team and that is the way that it is going. >> they look awesome and i'm blessed to be around them. >> it is friday night for your
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all right, we had cameras all over the valley tonight. let's find out. and the runningback deshawn goodman is going to go up top, manny wilkins of asu the same ball will go for the corner and just look at this. the flip into the end 50-21. now look at this, the scorpions go on to win. and matthew ryan? the quarterback of the falcons? that doesn't seem fair. he goes up top to matthew kempton, breaking it up 31-0 at their last check for the battle of central phoenix. >> oh, it is my turn. the high of 104 tomorrow for
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we will start out around 75 degrees. there is tempe. asu has a big game tomorrow too. >> yes, get the score boards ready. >> you guys are all waiting for sunday, man. >> it should be a lot of fun. >> thank you for joining us. that will do it for us here on cbs5. >> hope you have a great night. thank you for joining us. cbs5 your online home for free ne dealers. more standard features for less money.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember."


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