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tv   CBS 5 News at 5  CBS  September 10, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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this is cbs 5 news. >> our top story, at 5:00, a valley home bursts into flames an injuries a firefighter. he was on the roof when he only suffered minor injuries and they're investigating what caused it. >> a man is dead after being thrown from his motorcycle, it happened earlier on the i-17 near green way. 39-year-old david was driving south when he veered and crashed through a chain link fence. he died on scene. investigators are trying to figure out what led up to the crash. and a man is recovering after a burglary in mesa.
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strange men in his house. this is near baseline where it h happened. >> the man was hit in the head with a kitchen chair when he walked in on two men ran saking his home. he ran to a neighbor's house for help. his neighbor woke him and rang the gotten back from work and found the intruders in his home and he tried to fight them and wound up with a gash on his head. >> it has been a stressful day. it's disturbing in and other wise pretty quiet neighborhood. >> mesa police were able to catch up with and arrest one of
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the second man got away. right now, 200 fugitives are off valley streets. u.s. marshals led an operation targeting games. >> after a nearly 2 month investigation, 195 fugitives are under arrest. the u.s. marshal and multiplies departments and law enforcement agencies focused operation and violent crimes. more than $13,000 worth of firearms are off the streets and cocaine and heroin and marijuana and meth was also also received.
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55 seconds. >> 3 years, john hinkley jr. was a patient unless his relief after a federal judge found he no longer poses a danger to others. he'll be in the care of his family. a deal made, u.s. secretary of state, john kerry said the u.s. and russia have agreed on a plan that they said could reduce violence an ease sufferingin 25 people killed this morning in bangladesh. a boiler explodes in a factory. and that death toll is expected to climb. a florida private security company that employed the pulse nightclub shooter was fined. they were fined $150,000. they didn't look into his background thoroughly.
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apologizing saying half of donald trump's supporters are a basket of deplorables. >> and zika is far from ov and everyone is trying to find a way to protect themselves. a valley woman beat a similar disease and is trying to shield the world from the insects. >> it's a very lightweight mesh and this is a great anyone. i'm wear it go in an athletic style. five years ago, her tune was different. >> i spent four years fighting for my life. >> she was bed ridden with lyme disease. >> i made a promise, if i make it out, it was questionable, what am i going to do to make
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r repellent. and they're treated with an insect shield. >> she's hoping her brand helps awareness and helps women take cover in style. >> you feel like big or small, you're making a change. time i'm meteorologist steve gary. live outside. you can see a few clouds and is it coming our way? >> look here, that's phoenix and those isolated showers to the east and north. you can see lightning strikes, and right now, well to the east and they're going to work their way further east. not into the valley. no showers here in town.
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more coming up in a few minutes. thanks, 15 years ago, a figure of hope and strength emerged from the rubble left behind after the twin towers collapsed. you may remember this beam, cbs shows us, now one just like it is here in the valley. >> standing 17 feet tall, and weigh 11,000 pounds. >> it served as a source of and all of those coming in to try to cleanup new york city. >> a replica of the steel beam that rose from the ashes and rubble of the september 11 attacks stands in a shopping center now. >> there's 91,000 people that drive by the property a day.
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anvalley. >> it's been up for 24 hours and it attracts people to take a look and allow the cross to remind them the pain the country lived through 15 years ago. >> i like the feeling of connection. it's not just new york it's all of us. >> after months of crafting, to be sure it was close to the real cross, this pastor is hopeful that the cross will ensure law enforcement all over the country they're be to honored. >> in a time where our country has all sorts of political and racial tension, i think it's important for the church community at least, the community to remind people faith hope and love. >> it will be at the shops
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thousands of students are affected by itt tech closing down and now they can breathe a sigh of relief. who is stepping into help. and a serial killer tied to 7 murders is still out there. there is a $75,000 reward, and
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including headaches, seizures, confusion and vision problems these may be signs of a rare, potentially fatal brain condition. some serious allergic reactions can occur. do not take stelara? if you are allergic to stelara? or any of its ingredients. most people using stelara? sa75% clearer skin and the majority were rated as cleared or minimal at 12 weeks. be the you who talks to your dermatologist about stelara?. maricopa community colleges reaching out to value students affected by the itt closure and offering support and counseling. they're hoping to help students figure out the next step. they announced they're closing their campuses nationwide including three here. >> three out of four car seats
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install. so today a local dealership offered free inspections. larry h dealerships are checking cars for free and new car seats for families that need them. >> we have seats here that we don't want to take back to the storage. we want them to go into the vehicles. if they have an old seat or a help. >> this is the second year they've done it, and the next event is at the larry h miller dealership in peoria. >> a driver slams into the convenience store and the clerk is out front. what caused it. and tracking the monsoon, a return of moisture, details in a few minutes. if you wondered what it's like behind the scenes here,
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue
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and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember."
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released a graphic photo, showing how heroin destroys family. we want to warn you, this might be disturbing but this drives home the danger of the drug. a man and a woman passed out while a 4-year-old boy is sitting in the backseat. officers said they pulled them over because the driver was weaving. he said he was taking the woman to the hospital but then, as you see, he passed out. >> th and officers found out they were overdosing on heroin. they regained consciousness and were arrested. the boy is at child protective services. a young boy called 911 and saved his mom's life, he's a hero. >> tell mom that help is coming. >> okay. >> they're coming.
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>> help. >> she eds helplplplplplplplplp the 7-year-old recognized his mom was going into diabetic coma and his quick thinking, they saved her life. >> it's like a scene from a movie. a car dangles off a parking garage. the driver held on for his life. rescue crews got him out an down. they're now trying to piece together how the driver ended up in the situation. and unbelievable video, a convenience store clerk in connecticut is recovering after a car smashes into the store. it ran into the front and then he speeded up after reversing.
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front of the store. the suv tried to avoid hitting a van and accidentally hit the gas. incredible images out of the illinois. a professor was snapping away at funnel clouds. four tornadoes may have touched down. >> mainly in the elevations you see tornadoes, because of that turbulence. you got a few storm popping up. here's camelback and we're over here in central phoenix. here's that storm, the clouds and isolated lightning strikes embedded in that. not too much energy with this. it's building and then dying and dying off. and it's working it's way away from phoenix.
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the valley. and a few more in the high country. and in flagstaff and that flow increases going into tomorrow. and monday. we'll see an increase in moisture. and right now, our dew point is 51, the monsoon is not too strong. for tonight, partly cloudy with temperatures cooling off to the 80s. high of 104. today. 2 degrees above the average. here's what you can expect. isolated thunder clouds tonight and more thunderstorms develop and we could have an isolated storm tomorrow and into monday. highs drop as well. mainly down into the upper 90s. and if you head to the big game. cardinals and the patriots. 103 is the temperature.
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weather-related activity there at the university of phoenix for the game. look at the 90s for monday and tuesday with a return of monsoon moisture and showers into monday and evening and then drop those showers in the valley. and lose them and warm back up by next friday to 101. in to the race for the white house. the their positions about how they're going to handle foreign affairs. >> everything she touches turns bad. and now she wants to be president. >> it's not a serious campaign. >> they made their foreign policy campaign. >> he's unfit. and totally unqualified to be commander in chief.
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massive global disorder. >> when north korea had their fourth nuclear attack. trump played clinton's policies. >> north korea, like so many other things is one more hillary clinton failure, barack obama failure. >> hillary clinton used her experience to explain how she'll solve the problem. >> we have international sanctions, some negotiate, they're not enough. >> clinton suggested this week, members of isis support trump. >> they have said that they hope that he is the president, because it would give more motivation to every jihadi. >> he blamed country's policies
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>> he says great things about him, i'll say them about him. he's really very much of a leader and gave clinton more ammunition. >> i'm disappointed. >> trump stood by the comments. >> she talks about me, oh donald trump likes putin. and putin likes trump. if we got along with russia, that wouldn't it? >> now both candidates, the vice president received their intelligence briefings this week. they didn't comment but pence said he hopes the american people know trump is ready on day one to be commander in chief.
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surgeons rejoice, calling an eye procedure a medical breakthrough. it's thanks to a robot that restores eyesight. they used the device controlled by a joystick to remove a membrane, a 7-year-old can. >> it's the difference between being active and then enjoying art and life. >> wow, surgeons hope it paves the way for more complex eye surgery with just the human hand. >> and in many cases, dogs that are injured or left for dead
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for, one woman found it her mission to get them healthy and adopted. >> good boy. >> travis would be dead if it weren't for caring people. >> i can't believe after everything he's been there, he's so sweet. he was found near i-17 after a big rain hit. he was in need of help. >> his hip bones almost out because of no muscle. >> the real miracle worker is a woman who runs surrendered souls rescue. she rehabs injured dogs so they can be adopted. >> i'm off palm lane. >> she's paying it forward, we met her at her work and she
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a $20 donations. >> you're receiving $500 from the pay it forward program on news channel 5cbs. >> i'm at a loss for words. i struggle. >> this money couldn't come at a better time and goes towards a dog who she's putting through cancer treatment. >> just because a dog is injured or sick, it doesn't mean it shouldn't have a chance at life and a happy home. >> they the healthy ones. and it's a passion, and it's just a passion. >> in phoenix, ian schwartz, cbs 5 news. do you know someone who you want to pay it forward to. , go to our website and look for to the pay it forward nomination form. folks in phoenix are happy
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satisfaction survey and they're relatively satisfied. giving it a b minus. pet friendliness were big ones and affordability and schools and safety ranked the lowest. >> live like donald trump, sort of, his 360000 square foot home is up for auction, where he grew up. over $800,000. >> there was no warning of what was in front of us. or what was going to happen. >> we're hearing from a firefighter who escaped the attack on the pentagon on september 11, new details about the day he won't forgot. you can find out what it's like behind-the-scenes here p
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donald trump : i love the old days; you know what they used to do with guys like that when they were in a place like this? they'd be carried out on a stretcher, folks. and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? it's like incredible. when mexico sends its people, they're bringing drugs, they're bringing crime, they're rapists. you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... "i don't remember." he's going like, "i don't remember!? our children and grandchildren will look back at this time... the choices we are about to make. the goals we will strive for. the principles we will live by. and we need to make sure that they can be proud of us.
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this is cbs 5 news. tomorrow, marks 15 years since the september 11 terror attacks and many of us will never forget these images. all of these years later, we're still hearing new stories from
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at the pentagon. >> there was no rning of what was in front of us. or what was going to happen. >> firefighter alan wallace thinks about it. he was in charge of the pentagon and getting ready four george bush's arrival. when the jets hit the twin towers. they had no idea another plane was coming for them until heard that unmistakable sound. >> we're enveloped in a loud noise. and from the time we see it until it hits the building is half a second. the smoke is seen for miles.


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