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tv   CBS 5 News at 630  CBS  September 10, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm MST

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police arrested one of the suspects but the second got away. the homeowner is expected to be okay. a stretch of highway is open again tonight after a deadly crash. they say derek orgill was driving his motorcycle near i- 17 and greenway. he crashed through a chain-link fence and was thrown from his bike. he died at the scene. a firefighter was hurt at a house fire in peoria. we are told he was on the roof when he slipped. he did not fall off the roof but he did spring his ankle. the home is a complete loss. they say they think the fire started in the bedroom but they don't know what started it. police need your help in finding this man. he is
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dating back to march. he could be driving several vehicles including a bet days black the mw 2005 series. you can remain anonymous if you call the tip line. 'operation summer burn' focused on gang activity and violent crime. law enforcement picked up 195 arizona fugive and drugs. dozens marched in downtown phoenix to raise awareness about the pipeline. they worry it will have a negative impact on their drinking water. tribes are protesting the construction. a federal judge turned down the request to put a pause on the
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>> we have to say no to these big oil corporations. we need to be the voice for those who are not here yet. >> the government says this case highlights the need for serious discussion on whether or should be nationwide reform. what would can sitter -- consider tribal views on projects such as this. are reaching out to itt tech students . we have 1000 affected students. on tuesday itt tech said they would close all of their campuses nationwide, including three right here in the valley. it was the fight of her life. a valley woman who beat lyme disease.
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lightweight mesh. >> i am wearing it athletic style. >> reporter: this is a new clothing line manufactured in mesa. >> it really took me down. i spent four years fighting for my life. >> reporter: she was bedridden with lyme disease from a tick bite. >> do to make an impact on the planet? >> her impact was to create clothing with insect repellent and -- in it. >> this was thinking about west nile and then zika came along. >> reporter: she is hoping her
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are making a place in your goal spot in the world. good idea. timeout to check the weather. a few clouds outside. there were a few afternoon and evening thunderstorms to the east of the valley. we had a little activity earlier this evening. that is dying off rapidly. right now the closest thing i can detect is cell working its way across the mountains and along flagstaff by i-40 but right now nothing is tracking its way into town. dry conditions in the valley tonht. here is the forecast. one out there right now. the dew point is dropping, 48.
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i will ta more about the forecast when we come back. 15 years ago a figure of hope and strength emerged from the rubble. you may remember this. now one just like it is right here in the valley. >> reporter: standing 17 feet tall and weighing 11,000 pounds -- >> it serves as a tremendous the first responders and those who came in to try to clean up new york city. >> reporter: a replica of this cross that rose from the ashes in the rubble of the september 11 attack now stands at a north phoenix shopping center. >> there are 91,000 people that drive-by our property per day.
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hope to our community and the valley. and this would be that. >> reporter: it has been up for less than 24 hours and it already has attracted people to take a look. it will remind them of the pain this country live through 15 years ago. >> i like that connection. it is not just me, it's all of us. >> reporter: after months of traveling to new york city and crafting, this pastor said he is hopeful the cross will ensure the country just how much they are to be honored. >> in a time when our country has all sorts of political and racial tension, i think it is really important for the church community and the faith community to remind people of the essentials. faith, hope, and love. the cross will be on display at the shops through
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move to the property where north valley community church is currently under construction. there was another memorial this weekend, the healing fields . thousands of flags have been planned to honor the victim. each carries the name and information about a person that died in the terrorist attacks. >> it is a great tribute. i think this is the best way pay tribute to pple that give their lives every day. >> there will be a ceremony on sunday morning followed by a candlelight vigil in the evening. >> for a look of the memorials happening around the weekend and this week, had to our website at . coming up next, this sweet smile is blowing up social media .
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extreme discipline used on special needs kids at a boarding school he used to run. widespread cases of physical and sexual abuse. students were also stripped down and forced to wear nothing but a sheet. indisputable evidence that congressional candidate supported the abusive practices and even bragged about them. they're there for a reason. because they're hopeless. because they're hopeless. a long history of abuse, the students may never recover.
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a three-year-old seattle mariners fan has become an internet sensation. beatrice was named cotten candy girl after this video was posted on social media. >> reporter: most days this is just bouncy beatrice, a three- but today she has a big interview with dad to talk about her new nickname. >> the world is calling her cotten candy girl . >> ea mariners!. >> reporter: the jumbotron captured her at the game in an amazing moment, covered in cotton candy. that is beatrix going assert the cameras came back again and
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the mariners posted this video and the internet got to work. >> you wake up the next morning and the world was talking about it. >> reporter: now cotten candy girl and her apparent sugar rush are famous. >> i crazy. >> reporter: this look didn't come from any sugar, beatrix likes to make faces, a lot of with the cotton candy.>> reporter: but none compare to this tasteful look that has flavored the internet. >> i didn't have enough. >> you need some more? >> yes. >> reporter: and fairness, it was her first time trying it. note to self, i want to hang out with beatrix and have cotton candy.
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and tonight we have college football. (vo) we went to hollywood to ask if america's favorites - burgers, tacos and chili could taste just as great made with turkey. thousands stepped into the jennie-o tasting booth to find out. with just one bite, they knew.
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fairly quiet today for donald trump and hillary clinton. but both sides are still talking about a comment clinton made friday night. windy gillette reports for us. >> reporter: hillary clinton says she regrets remarks she made about donald trump supporters and the fundraiser friday night. >> you can put half of donald trump's basket of deplorable spirit [ laughter ]>> reporter: clinton released a statement that "last night i was sick. that's never a good idea. and many of trump's supporters are hard- working americans." >> reporter: trump said while she heard him millions of people
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clinton held one private fundraiser outside new york city on saturday. people paid $100,000 to attend. trump spent a somber saturday at a funeral. -- funeral of died at 92. >> phyllis was there for me when it was not at all fashionable. trust me.>> reporter: donald trump has no other public scheduled events until monday. donald trump's childhood home is going up for auction next month. the opening bid for the first home in queens will be $849,000.
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want to see what it is worth. the original trump palace. you saw here on cbs 5 . thank you for being with us tonight. it is 103 out there. the humidity is dropping this evening. the storms that were over the mountains are tapering off to radically over the last couple of hours. here are the last you can see it is beginning to die off of by flagstaff as well. over by williams field and the asu campus, i love it. i hope they do well tonight at the big game. isolated thunderstorms are possible, tomorrow more so in
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the upper 90s, especially after we had above normal temperatures like today. we got up to 104 this afternoon. a little more start will start coming up from the south going into sunday-monday. the bulk of the activity tomorrow afternoon, flagstaff and the white mountains. and some mountains in and around the valley could see blowing dust at times. you can see a touch of moisture picking up from the south getting into town. overnight lows tonight, 49 in flagstaff, bullhead city will be 106 tomorrow, 104 in phoenix , 84 in prescott. here is the rest of your weekend forecast and the 7 day outlook. we had will have some more moisture and scattered
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>> thank you, steve. let's check this out. kristin chenoweth stop by the children's hospital today to visit some of the kids. she was joined by big red. she will sing the national anthem tomorrow night in the -- at the cardinals home opener. >> i think you have right? >> may be. i'm not sure.>> reporter: the sun devils -- sun devils are taking off. they had 69 points in over 700 yards. the quarterback is the real deal. he had 483 yards last year he was the nation's fourth leading passer.
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offenses in the nation. >> he understands the system. he is big and hard to tackle. he has a really quick release . it will be a big challenge because they spread you all over the place. a knee injury my keep them out for multiple games. arizona will go with dawkins who will make his first pro start. look at this, room to roam, a husky breaking free, 30 yards for the touchdown. here is another seven yard touchdown run. the trojans are moving here, up and running. a 66-two-yard
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here we are in death valley, sean watson finds christian watkins. and i you looking for its first win at western illinois. 18 yard touchdown here. they pull within 7 but they are answered right back, sean maguire has a 10 yard scoring rip. the season opener for us is on sunday. the backup quarterback could play the game of his life. matthew has not played since last december when he tore his right acl in the game against the eagles. the heart and soul of the defense returns to help lead the team to the super bowl.
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i am hoping for nothing but big plays for him. we will see how he is acclimated larry fitzgerald still has the skill and the will to catch 100 passes. he is still chasing the elusive super bowl ring. >> my first home game was against the patriots in 2004. now i look at the tickets. it is expensive to buy tickets now. a lot has changed in 13 years and it is great to be a part of that. not a great game today with the diamondbacks against the giants.
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kelby tomlinson . the diamondbacks are losing right now. let's look at this red raiders passing offense. last week this -- the red raiders had 17 different people catching passes. a nice challenge.
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look at that, the moon is out tonight. a beautiful, clear night, temperatures down to the 80s. then tomorrow morning temperatures back up to 104. scattered showers on monday.
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parts of the valley trying to make a positive impact on neighborhoods. they wanted to cleanup and beautify areas in greater phoenix. they are trying to inspire more families to get involved. >> we are always going to say who will do something about it? i am challenging everybody that we need to take action and take control of our community if we want to improve the conditions around it. >> that is a great message. 700 volunteers help with the cleanup today. >> thank you for joining us for cbs 5 news at 6:30 p.m.. we will be right back here at 10:00. have a great night.
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(engine chugging, debris clattering) man (over radio): hey, dorfman, need some help. (engine idling) morning, manny. about, dorfman? it's monday morning. start of a new week. it's freezing out here. that's the best part. hey, don't you notice what's missing? (inhales) huh? no smell. the air is cri. the garbage is frozen. yeah, that's my problem. so's the hopper's hydraulics. the trash won't slide. no problemo. here we go.
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(grunts) (dorfman gasps) (gasps) ? ? bishop: dear president truman... i mean "harry." i mean "sir." i realize it's a little unorthodox to write a dead president, but you were the 33rd president of the united states,


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