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tv   CBS 5 News at 530  CBS  September 11, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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a sale gone bad. that's what caused chaos at the marketplace. two men met up for a sell in a parking lot. one of them pulled out a taser in an attempt to rob the other man. that's when shots were fired. the suspect stole the merchandise and took off. the victim is expected to be okay. but investigators believe the that the suspect has been shot. if you have any information, call the police. >> reporter: crime scene for 2 1/2 blocks here in south phoenix. we are told the teen-age party was initially set to celebrate a 15-year-old's birthday, but, partygoers tell us everything got out of control when nearly
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>> probably like six or seven. >> it was 1:30 in the morning, teenagers said from this house to the street when suddenly a 15-year-old's party turned violent. gonzales lives across the street and said she was woken by the gunfire. first, a set of rounds and later, more shots. >> the first time, i hear three and that's when i see the teenagers over there house and i -- >> reporter: the dozens of gun shell casings littered onto the streets surrounding the party tell the story of how ugly things turn. the two teens shot in the face and neck were taken to this qt nearby and eventually to the hospital. >> i was shocked. i literally went in my room, ready to go to bed and i hear it.
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>> reporter: police say two s.u.v.'s shot at the partygoers up and down the street, cops were able to stop one of the safest a white one and retain the driver. a black s.u.v. managed to get away. >> >> reporter: the two teens taken to the hospital are expected to be okay. the i10 is back open after a car's wind shield was shot out. the people in the car, okay, at the wrong time. they were caught in a crossfire of a domestic dispute happening near the median of the i10 and i17. a man in the median shot at the woman, with you a bullet hit the car driving by instead. investigators say this is not related to the rash of freeway shootings in the valley.
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survive -- defies death, surviving a lightning strike. >> reporter: a tough road to recovery for the man, hospitalized for months, now, he is home and he is finally talking to us about his story of survival. he is grateful to be here surrounded by family, a simple moment he says he doesn't take for granted. >> four months ago, he nearly died. he was out riding his horse when a big storm moved lightning struck him and his horse. his horse was killed and he was rushed to hospital in extremely critical condition. he doesn't remember the incident, but he remembers waking up a couple of weeks later. >> his brother-in-law, who was with him when the lightning struck. >> they came to took him to hospital. >> reporter: after nearly 4 1/2 months in the hospital, he is
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family. he said being alive is not anything he takes lightly >> what i feel, what i see, i'm here for a reason. i'm here nor either an example, whatever, i'm ear for a reason. >> reporter: now, he is currently confined a to a wheelchair, but he is optimistic. he said he will take rehab and he is hopefully able to walk in the months ahead. . >> thanks leona. >> >> tonight, we learn what lead up to hillary clinton abruptly leaving the 9/11 memorial. she is stumbled away. she appeared to faint. her doctor said she has been diagnosed with pneumonia. pardon me. tonight, her doctor said she is recovering nicely at home. >> >> well, the nation pauses
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the worst terrorist attack in american history. it was here, pledges it never forget. brooke silverdrag on has more from the memorial in new york city. >> reporter: only the moments of silence interrupted the reading of names. >> kevin donely. jacqueline done van. >> reporter: nearly 3,000 victims of were remembered -- >> reporter: those riding the names included walter matuza. he is blind, but was able to recite some of the names, including his father >> my father, we miss you guys -- phillip hayes has been to
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to remember his dad -- >> when they are ling ringing the bell from the time my dad lost his life is that the most touching to me. >> reporter: president obama hailed the sacrifice of the fallen andorra shelliness of those left behind >> we come together in prayer for the gratitude and strength that fortified us across the 15 years. >> shanksville, pennsylvania, playing a wreath on a memorial. vowing to never forget the day. >> reporter: the governor has ordered all flags at arizona state office buildings to be lowered to half-staff for the an versety. in a statement, the governor
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. in tempe, healing field. eight feet tall carrying the fame and information of the person that died. >> it's one of the worst -- you know, history of america, what happened and we'll never forget that day, 15 years ago and every year, you kind of relive it. >> tonight, there will be a candlelight healing fields, it is set to begin at 7:00. >> >> in good year, people gathered for the annual firefighters breakfast. people in the community say it's important even on this somber anniversary to bring people together to give back. >> think it's showing whoever was responsible for that day that no matter what you do, we will still come together. and we will remember those that
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are strong. >> donations collected will be given to local groups in the community a woman is in big trouble after stealing from a police officer. wait until you hear what she
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>> a woman in washington, d.c busted for stealing french fries from a police officer the officer was eating dinner when two women they believe was drunk were drunk. one of the woman took a fry off the cop's plate, but she did it
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arrested for theft and she said "you might as well take me to jail" and he did the elk that got stuck in a tire swing in pine, arizona is back. a woman found him tangled up on her property. she has never worked on an animal this big, so it took her 12 hours to free the elk. since that happened, she has come back three debra. she said he has kind of changed from animal to pet >> drier and cooler conditions coming your way this week, we'll look at your seven-day forecast after the break. >> note to self, never steal french fries from a police officer or steal period.
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season opener against the
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welcome back, everyone, a gorgeous sunny day for us if
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we have been warming up by one degree each day for the past few days. a cool down is coming our way for the rest of week, currently outside, 102 in phoenix. 74 in flagstaff. 77 for us in show low.le 6 in sedona. current dew points in the 40s, low 40s in the valley. upper 30s for us in the high country, seeing a few spots in southern arizona sitting in mid-50s for us. winds coming out of the west, strongest winds ving through kingman at 17-miles an hour, here in the valley, west wind, nine miles an hour, throughout the evening, a few clouds will be moving in. temperatures will gradually cool, upper 90s through 8:00 and mid-to lower 900s by the time we head into the 10:00 hour. a great cool down in the overnight. looking at the doppler radar, the strongest thunderstorm over
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pockets to the 00 east of tucs, a little bit of activity to the east. really surrounded around agar, moving off towards new mexico. alot of the shower active ending for you, a few lightning strikes out there. valley staying nice and dry. even though monsoon moisture will be moving into oraria, monday, tuesday, alot of activity expected in phoenix. we'll moving in. pushing all of the moisture into new mexico and drying out the state for you as we head into the next couple of days. cloud cover for us out there in the morning, not a lot of activity heading into the afternoon hour, but into the early evening. we'll keep most of the models to the east and south of us and dry things out heading into tuesday morning as well. 81 the overnight low in phoenix. 76 for bullhead city.
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for flagstaff the high. 81 for sedona. the cool down in temperatures drop into the upper 90s, starting on tuesday and stay there through friday. >> >> major complaint has been all over social media, today, espn's fantasy fail. if you have a fantasy football through eric kirschner spn, it has probably been a frustrating kickoff to the season. just as the early games are kicking espn tweeted there were tech technical oblems with the fantasy app and they were working to fix them. and then at 7:00, they said the app was coming back, but it did not. >> people are right, we are pretty good. now, wu we have to go out and
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quarterback carson palmer knows how stacked this team is. arizona with superbowl aspirations. the quest starts tonight against the patriots, game is just underway. patriots took the early 7-0 lead. next week, they host the bucs. winston turning into a superstar, letting it rip. incredible 30-yard touchdown. 24-13, bucs. winston wasn't done, mike etches a beyond a reas doubt touchdown, 31-13, tampa. third quarter, matt ryan to julio jones. really good. 25-yard are touchdown makes it a 10-point game. last chance. falcons on 4th and long, bucs take over on downs, former asu oach, the charmer gets his first win as the bucs coach. seahawks standing united,
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dolphins. russell wilson, big rush, throws to the wrong jersey. a field goal, tied at three. and in the mav, wilson, marchs seattle down field, watch him work it, doug baldwin. name, 44, miami, 44, losing to -- russell wig son making dreams come true. up top, doug winner, seattle pulls it off 20- 10. aaron rogers and the packers, rogers hanging 10 in the pocket. he is smooth, jineane fordy nelson, touchdown,his first since 2014. second quarterblake bortles. 20 seconds in the first half,
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packers up 21-17. last chance for the jags, bortles on 4th and one, packers hold on for the four point win at the super dome, a wild run. four touchdowns, dropping back, brandy cook on the connection, 40, 30, 20, 10, a touchdown, sanes up. seth robbers 10-yard touchdown makes it 34-33. raiders go for two. carr, up top, michael crabtree, got it. raiders take the lead 35-34. saints one last chance rookie kicker, 61-yarder. raiders get the win,
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quarter, hooking up with hopkins, 23-yard touchdown. texas on top, 10-7. fourth quarter, quick hitter to willfuller. he is going 18-yards for the score. 22 of 25 for 231-yards, two scores and one pick, leading the texans to their first win. college football. asu put up higher numbers than a good day on wall street. the teams combine for 123 points and over that's a lot. eight touchdowns in the game, seven on the air. 185 total yards, leading asu to the win. everyone has been waiting for belage to come up big. saturday was his coming out party. >> to honestest, i don't care about it. that's not important to me. i want to win football games
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that what we did, scoring eight touchdowns, that was not part of the plan at all.
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final look at your seven- day forecast, 100, expected high tomorrow, partly cloudy skies a10% chance to see sprinkles possibly on tuesday that's when the cool down begins and the temperatures in
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we haven't seen that in awhile >> love that forecast. thank you everybody for joining us, we'll be right back here at
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captioning funded by cbs and ford. we go further, so you can. >> stahl: today marks 15 years since the horrendous events of september 11, 2001. now at ground zero in new york city, there's a memorial museum that tells the story of that day and honors its nearly 3,000 victims. wasn't easy. was absolutely every single tiny little thing an argument? >> paula grant berry: there were lots of issues. >> iken: oh, boy. lots, lots. >> stahl: tonight we'll take you back to the challenges of creating our nation's 911 museum. >> mike anderson: not a day goes by where i don't think about my son. he was mike jr. he was my only son. >> pelley: he is what is known
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his son, mike anderson, jr., a marine, was killed in iraq. now, the father sees it as his duty to help other gold star parents at this remarkable event. the burden that you have is nbearable. >> anderson: at times, yes, sir. >> pelley: but when you come to this event, you take on the unbearable burdens of another 100 families. >> anderson: my son went abroad to help people he never met. help others. >> bill whitaker: it may surprise you to hear that oklahoma is the most earthquake- prone state in the continental u.s. >> whoa! >> whitaker: in 2009, there were, on average, two earthquakes per year of magnitude three or greater. last year, there were 907. what's more astonishing is that nearly all of oklahoma's earthquakes are manmade. >> melinda olbert: what quake


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