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tv   CBS 5 News at Noon  CBS  September 13, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MST

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rivileged few. now everyone can afford to go organic. o organics, exclusively at safeway. it will still be a few more days before we know who won last week's primary election in a key arizona race. plus another day off the campaign trail as hillary clinton recovers from pneumonia. but first a driver drove
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on purpose. good afternoon. thank you for joining us here at noon. three police officers are recovering after a driver slams into them in a gas station parking lot overnight and it appears the driver did it on purpose. >> reporter: well, three officers are are recovering after a car came barrel nothing them early this morning at this qt. it collided in through the front entrance for hours police had the area conducted their investigation. this all started around 2:00 this morning. we are told the call came out as an assault, when officers arrived the driver was waiting near the pumps. now as the officers were walking near the door, apparently this driver revs the engine and strikes the officers. but sustained some injuries during an extended struggle
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now officers are saying impairment may be a factor and this appears to have been intentional that is based on a preliminary investigation, of course that investigation does continue at this point. police telling us they have surveillance video that they are looking at, back to you. we are breaking -- we have breaking news out of southern california, this is a high speed pursuit, we'll try to bring that to you, it involves a semi truck, truck is stolen 40 miles east of los angeles, we'll continue to check on this chase. there it is for you right there. white semi truck, we've been following this the last 10-25 minutes or so. again, nostopping either. so this is happening in california just be sure, this is not happening here. riverside, 40 miles east of los angeles and we have more information coming into the news room, we'll bring that to
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the newscast. this happened near widel and romes road up in northwest valley. he was taken to the hospital in serious condition. the woman driving the is he continue she was killed. the passenger in that sedan is in serious condition. police are now looking into whether the possibility that the red light runner was perhaps drunk behind the wheel. well rescue crews are continuing to look for a missing river grand canyon. joshua torjie was missing near ponchos kitchen. and two teenage hikers are safe this afternoon after getting stuck on camel back mountain, the news chopper was over the scene. phoenix fire says they were stuck near a steep point on the mountain when it got dark.
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able to safely get them down. a judge has ordered state officials to recount ballots in the republican primary of the fifth congressional district. andy bigs leads jones by 16 votes out of 86,000 votes are cast. election officials say the results will be announced on friday. well today a jury begins delion agoing a teacher accused of sex crimes, lindsey ramomski for exposing herself. then apparently performing a sex act on a 15-year-old. the woman's defense team claims she was drunk, passed out and
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the. >> the defendant says you can feel them. and she steps closer. saying something to the effect of it is your bat mitt have gift. >> being charged when she was the one that was attacked, all those boys wanted to do it. all of those boys were willfully engage going in and out of that room. >> so far this trial has lasted abt kidnapped by one of his passengers, richard buyer junior threatened to shoot the driver and forced him to drive around the driver was able to get away and call police after buyer got out of the car. he is facing charges including kidnapping. arizona man says the share last week a judge gave jeremy mckey an emergency court order
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kids. the childrens mother is homeless and has substance abuse issues. his ex showed up demanding to take the kids. the deputies decided the kids should go to their mother. >> if we don't have law enforcement going by court orders, i feel like i was discriminated against because i am a father. they always give the children to a mother. boys for two days. they are back home and safe. looking into the incident. it also is deciding if any charges will be filed against the mother. well phoenix police chief joe will be retiring at the end of the month and he says he has just one goal before that happens and that is to catch the west valley serial shooter. the chief is retiring on october 28th, nine shootings have been linked to the shooter. seven people have been killed.
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thousand tips. he took over as police chief in early 2015 and replaced by a jerry williams who is the city's first female chief. police still need your help, the suspect could be driving several different vehicles including a black 2005 bmw 5 series. if you know anything you are asked to call silent witness and you can remain anonymous. hillary clinton is it another day to recuperate from pneumonia as her campaign deal with questions of health and transparency, her rival donald trump says he will release more information about his own health later this week. here is craig boswell from washington. >> hillary clinton's campaign admits it could have released more information about her pneumonia more quickly. >> i just think it was going to be that big a deal. >> the democratic presidential nominee was diagnosed on friday
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after video surfaced of stumbling into a van on sunday. bill clinton tells charlie rose this has happened to his wife. >> same sort of things happen to her when she got severely dehide rid. >> vice president joe biden had blunt words for her campaign. >> the staff acknowledged they screwed up. the staff acknowledged they should have on friday just straight up said she has been diagnosed with pneumonia and listened to >> the clinton campaign will release more medical information in the coming days. clinton's rival plans to release more medical information on thursday. trump is giving clinton a pass on her health, instead he hammered her for calling half of his supporters a basket of deplorables. >> can you not run for president if you have such contempt in your heart for the american voter. >> the republican presidential nominee will appear with his
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out proposals to make child care more affordable for working family. 12:0 l, i just went outside 20 minutes before the show it's not bad out there. >> a little breezy. >> yeah. >> especially -- >> skirt alert. >> hang on to your hats and small dogs in the northern part of the state. i want to show you the time. we had a beautiful sunrise over phoenix and much of the state. look at the flors, just a flash of them cloud cover and breezy conditions also in the high country where the gust crest winds are right now. take a look at the current live picture out there, you can see a little bit of a breeze and clouds hanging out over the peak there. palm trees blowing in the wind. move to the north we are seeing storms develop over sedona heading oar muns park, storm os to your south pushing north and
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pretty much limited to the up by flagstaff. look at gusts, 41 miles per hour gusts in king man. 30 in the grand canyon. 30 in bull head city. no one is at 100 that is great news, 93 in phoenix. 73 in pay son. 68 in sholoah. everyone is hanging out in the 90s, hot degrees. the rest of your day looks like this, 98 that is where we are going to top outment winds continuing this afternoon and a slight chance we'll see a thunderstorm, so when do the winds finally die down? we'll talk about that coming up in the next forecast. north carolina is losing even more ' veries over transgender bathroom law and a state that loves college basketball this is going to hurt. if you have an iphone there
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all right. we want to come back to breaking news, this is a high speed pursuit kind of pretty normal freeway speeds from what we can tell. and this is involving a semi truck. we believe that this truck is stolen. near riverside, which is 40 miles east of los angeles. producers are keeping a better eye enforcement vehicles near this vehicle. so we will continue to check in on this for you throughout our newscast. well, the ncaa says it won't play championship basketball games in north carolina this year to protest a state law there. the move is the latest back lash against house bill 2 which can lead to discrimination against lgbt people. >> the ncaa says its decision
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championship events out of north carolina is a direct result of house bill 2 opponents says allows discrimination of lgbt people. >> fairness and inclusion are right at the heart of what the ncaa does and universities do. so for our university presidents this was the proverbial no brainer. >> requiring transgender people to use public bathrooms corresponding to the sex on their birth certificate it excludes gender identity from antidiscrimination protection. calling the decision absurd and silly. >> i don't know what the ncaa thinks they are doing but certainly not standing up for the privacy and safety of their athletes, if they were they would care far more about the women being raped by baylor football players. >> the nba announced it was moving the 2017 all-star game
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state democrats fear more fallout. >> having the worse lgbt law on the nation in the books is deadly for the north carolina economy, for tourism and for our continued ability to host critical events like ncaa tournament games. >> the ncaa says it will decide on future tournaments early next year. kenneth craig cbs knew. we told you yesterday that two schools in glendale will be or the district plans to deal with this. the glendale elementary school district shut down landmark and challenger schools this week after finding structural problems with nearly every building. now starting thursday kids at landmark will be because bussed to buzzard, 3000 kids will have half day schedules for the next four weeks. >> there is a lot of instruction during full days
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extend the school year now? what is their plans to make up for the time missing. >> it will crunch down the schedule, they will get considerable amount of language, arts, math, science, history . the district says they will be shaving 10 minutes off class and temporarily cutting things like music and pe 12:16, kind of a big drop down 270 points, 271 still over 18,000 at 18055. well the new version of apple's mobile operating system is available today add a free download, ios 10 is the biggest upgrade yet. siri including linkedin, lyft and son age, texts will be bigger emojis and the ability to draw pictures. well you know a storm is pretty bad when a county has to cancel their country has to
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is what is happening in taiwan as a typhoon gets closer to shore. south and east part of the country. fishermen are securing their boats as large waves start crashing against the shoreline. if you thought august was a little bit warmer than normal well you are right, it was the warmest month recorded in 136 years of modern record keeping. in fact nasa scientists say august tied july for warmest ever. last monday's temperature wasp 16 degrees celsius than the previous warmest august in 2014. now going back to october of last year that makes is 1 straight months of new monthly high temperature -- is 1 straight months of newly high temperature. >> we see here our hundreds are happening earlier, february i think we were hitting 90s. >> hitting the high 90s.
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has a big impact on snow impact and fire season. today below normal so that is good news. let's take a step outside. we had a great sunrise shot, courtesy of daniel on twitter he posted this one. great shot of the sunrise in chandler. looking down the street there in the beautiful clouds illuminated. use that #cbs5az. post them there on our fabo let as take a look at flagstaff. time lapse here. kind of a cloudy start covering the san francisco peaks there. but then we started to see more cumulous clouds developing and thunderstorms starting to develop in and around the flagstaff area. let's jump into the doppler radar to show you what i am talking about, this is a look at the valley where we have cloud in the back ground. this storm over sedona pushing north and east.
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heavy rain possible with this storm. we could seen some hail with those. clear in the valley along the rim we see storms developing south of pay son right up the bee line highway passing -- these will pack heavy rain and lightning, too. that is really it. they are isolated in the northern part of the state and also why long the rim. it's gusty out there. we'll see limited thunderstorms mainly east of phoenix, we could see one out creek or the eastern side of the county but most of western arizona is going to be dry as we have dry air starts to move in. we'll see storms picking up in places like shy low. we shower out the moisture by wednesday and beyond. the wind is the bigger story in the northern part of the state. the winds will relax for tomorrow. and they are going to continue this afternoon in the valley.
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phoenix. we do see temperatures holding steady and below normal the next few days. so 98 with a slight chance for a thunderstorm this evening. breezy today. then 97 on wednesday. 96 for thursday. and then when we do warm up by the time we get to the weekend it's nothing crazy. normal for this time of year, 30 year average 101. >> you know we will take it every day we are getting closer to october and closer to cooler weather, so that sounds good. football on tv you -- well you
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where should you start when you're told you have cancer? start with a specialist. start where you'll find advanced technology,
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e care. start here with a team of experts who treat only cancer. every stage. every day. its not one thing we do. it's the only thing we do. start at cancer treatment centers of america of phoenix. the evolution of cancer care is here. learn more at appointments available now. well two men rushed the stage last night as ryan lochte performed on dancing with the stars. they were wearing anti-lochte t shirts. this happened while ochte was
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the show cut to commercial and the two men were arrested for trespassing. lochte is a little hurt that one would try to disrupt the performance. typically if a fan runs on to a field during a sports event they don't want to encourage that kind of behavior. a fan got on the field during last night's game during the 49ers and the rams, here are the tv pictures matched up with. >> somebody has run out o and redshirt, now he takes off the shirt, he is at the 30, he is bare chested and banging his chest, the guy runs the opposite way, he runs to the 50. he runs to the 40. the dye is drunk but there he goes. the 20. they are chasing him. waving his arms. bare chested. somebody stop that man. >> here comes the blue coat. >> here comes the blue coat. >> they tackle him at the 40- yard line.
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that what the coaches were watching. it's a high point of a terrible gae at least there was some entertainment. ers won 28-0. there you go. still to come on cbs 5 news, ann is back with a final check of the forecast. first here is a lock at
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welcome back.
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case, it's not necessarily a high speed chase but continuing in california, this originally started in the refer side area, now we are hearing stolen truck near palm springs, could be in phoenix by 5:00. heads up. >> let's take a look 8 with a slight chance for thunderstorm. breezy today. we'll start to see more sunshine and slightly cooler temperatures as we into thursday and beyond. below normal. check our app for updates on 0 the chase. it's streaming live. have a good afternoon.
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? >> steffy: you and quinn are engaged? you proposed to her? take it off! >> eric: steffy, listen to me.>> granddad! take it back! >> eric: i asked her to marry me, and she accepted. >> steffy: no. granddad -- >> eric: quinn and i are getting married. >> steffy: no, this can't happen, granddad! no! no! >> bill: am i interrupting? >> brooke: hi! >> bill: hi. >> brooke: i didn't know you were coming by. >> bill: apparently not. what'd i walk in on? >> ridge: a private conversation. >> bill: a private conversation. huh. well, in that case, i'm gonna have to use my powers of deductive reasoning...


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