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tv   CBS 5 News at 530  CBS  September 13, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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>> just in the last 90 minutes the school district made a change. they will bus students from challenger middle school to an unused school in alhambra school district. those 6050 -- 6050 -- 650 students will be parents from desert school learned how they will consolidate 800 from landmark to desert school. they will use a half day schedule with key core classes, cut down 10 minutes each and pe art and music removed. parents used as child care can
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as enrichment. >> it's nice the schools come together, it was just summer. they could of fixed it in the summer. >> the parents and the students will be affected. now they have to scramble for day care, child care that will the be costly. that's my concern. >> students from landmark will be start you're busing on thursday. th for five weeks one of which is five weeks. a crash overnight killed one woman and injured two. a machine ran a red light -- man ran a red light. the woman driving the sedan was killed. the passenger in serious condition. the police are looking into the
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runner was drunk. two teenage hikers safe after being stuck. the news chopper was off erbe the -- over the scene as they were rescued. firefighters found them and got them down the mountain. a wedding reception on hold. instead of planning a celebration they are in a fight for their future. they need every for cancer treatment and they are having trouble getting back money they spent playing their day. >> the last thing anyone needs when they are in the hospital is stress. that's what a valley couple got from a business that was supposed to host their wedding. >> matt and lynny were planning their life together when matt needed immediate surgery.
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wedding to finding out he had massive tumor. >> they planned a big wedding in april with their eight children. that changed when mt. was -- matt was diagnosed with a brain tumor. they reached out to the venue where they were to be married. >> our we can't, you can't afford $15,000 when you're facing a diagnosis like this. >> i don't want to drain everything we have for a wedding we can do on our own. >> the venue has a no deposit refund policy, but is willing to refund half if it is rebooked. >> if they wanted to be a good
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done something out of kindness we could spread the word of their kind gesture -- i spoke to the owner of we'll -- 12 west main treat who said she was unaware of the situation and will refund. her employee was just doing her job. but in refund. cooler temperature today hit 98. we have rainfall to talk about, east of apache junction, heading toward the globe, seeing shower activity. that threat of storms will continue through the evening, for us patches of blue sky.
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cooler than the average, winds breezy, now out of the southwest the 18 miles an hour -- 10 mourn, been temperature in the upper 80s. new tonight, border agents in nogales stopped $2 million of drugs. they have arrested three people including a 16-year-old girl trying of cocaine, meth and heroin. a k-9 officer found the first two in vehicles. all of the suspects facing charges. there could be an arsonist on the loose in flagstaff. firefighters responded to 3 wildfires within 20 minutes of each other. they were close and put out
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between neighbors and firefighters. if you see something suspicious call 911 medley. a car rental agency refused to give her a receipt and overcharged her. >> a good reminder for car rental customers. >> you're entitled to a receipt. never leave until you get one. if you dispute the charge dot with you. >> -- expect. >> natalie wanted to keep the car a few days beyond the agreement period. >> i contacted customer service. they said someone would get back with me. >> no one did. she rushed later. at drop off she asked pbr a receipt. the rep said it would be sent to her.
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>> when i rent a car they give me paperwork. >> two months later they took 1383 out of her bank account. she still doesn't have a receipt. >> if you're asking for $1,300 i think you have a cop receipt. >> wells fargo gave her a temporary credit. had she known when dropping off the car. >> i would have walked into the facility at skiehar bor-- guy harbor and demand a red. >> there's a receipt, they are
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and they have 45 days to complete it. getting the receipt is the customers responsibility. you never leave a car rental facility without the final will -- bill. if you're hoping to get the new
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paul babeu exposed in a damning home video. extreme discipline used on special needs kids at a boarding school he used to run. widespread cases of physical and sexual abuse. students were also stripped down and forced to wear nothing but a sheet. indisputable evidence that congressional candidate supported the abusive practices and even bragged about them. they're there for a reason. because they're hopeless. because they're hopeless. a long history of abuse, the students may never recover.
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when it comes to electric cars tesla has the type, can it go to distance. >> gm said it's new car can go
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the volt costs 38 loud and should be out later. the tesla s costs $70,000. it could be time to stock up on cock nut -- coconut. demand is up. presales for the iphone seven are through the roof. four times previous models. apple won't release first weekend numbers. burger king is adding chee- tos to chicken fries. this is for a limit time. deep fried chicken with a cheesy cheeto breading. they go on sale tomorrow. you'll have to let us know how it is.
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space to hollywood. the movie will follow his life. the book is due out in november. with a hot summer, things are getting tough. red 97! set! red 97! did you say 97? yes. you know, that reminds me of geico's 97% customer satisfaction rating. 97%? helped by geico's fast and friendly claims service. huh... oh yeah, baby. geico's as fast and friendly as it gets.
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there's wild moments during the game last night. it wasn't on the field. but the call of the game didn't involve either team. >> someone has run on the field, some goofball in a hat and red shirt. he he's at the 50, at the 30, he's bare chested. he runs at the 50, at the 40, the guy is drunk, there he goes, the 20, they are chases him, they're not getting him. bare chested. they got him. they tackle him at the 40-yard line. >> he owned the internet.
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terrible game. the niners won 28-0. >>igb??g@n that was a terrible game. that setback our enthusiasm for the season to start. mark is here with sports. are we seeing a phenom. >> the sun devils quarterback. >> manny wilkins setting his own internet sensation and taking over point in case, saturday night. manny hurdling a defender. he did the same thing against nau. manny wilkins, he's impressed his defensive coordinator. >> eye never seen that, i'm not sure he has any, he may be made of cartilage. he's limber.
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look natural. >> sun devils, on saturday. >> jameis winston and the buccaneers come to town on sunday. ditz appointment is the theme. >> i would say we were disappoints. i was on the way i played from the start. i bounced back toward the of the game,. >> over eager. too much excited. i had to calm down. >> the suns heading up the hill for training camp. circle your calendar, holding a camp to teach you. >> 24th and 25th from 9 to 1,
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a hundred spots. come out, we're here to teach you shooting. >> that should be phenomenalton. a 9-year-old rugby player. beast mode on kids his age. awesome, scary. the defenders are trying to take him down. this is how it works with rugby, he will be eligible >> good if you're him.
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hope you had a great seeing showers around around arizona. look at the thunderstorm activity. showers and thunderstorms from wilcox to safford. winslows seeing showers, flagstaff let's look up north, a look at downtown, a few clouds. temperature in the upper 90s.
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miles an hour. gusts up to 25 at the airport. there's that batch of rainfall from winslow to show low. the watch of the rain will move into parts of new mexico, we'll see clearing, mostly clear skies especially in the afternoon hours from flagstaff toward phoenix. around tucson calmer. 68 in tucson. 70 in casa grande. temperature around 45 in flagstaff. let's look at the high country, a slight chance of showers and storms. look at that over the weekend. temperature lower 70s. for us loving this, highs staying below the triple-digits through sunday. next tomorrow, mid-90s on thursday. clear skies over the weekend.
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like armor and can go months without water. you may think gila monsters have nothing to sphere. as the desert gets hosser and dry -- hotter and drier they may feel the pressure. >> despite their attitude and warnings, gila monsters would rather not take a bite out of you. >> they their anyone only on a person -- venom on a person. >> as the desert gets hotter and crowded they are feeling the bite. >> the rate at which we're seeing the changes. the rates are out pacing what most organs can evolve. unlike most lizards the gila monster is not a heat lover.
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temperature in the mid-80's. by going out at night they have more time to hunt and conserve water. >> they can go with a full bladder 81 days. >> a trait that coincides with the desert seasons. >> in sonar an -- sonoran desert we're looking >> because they reproduce slowly a prolonged drought could have serious consequences. >> you would have to survive four droughts. >> we are moving into their home. >> key creek, north scotts dale. there's rap it expansion. >> there's no accurate count on hill a monsters, he worries
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that's unfortunate for them and us. >> it is a privilege to come across one. >> the professor says gila monster bites are rare. they are painful they are not deadly. because they can't jump bites happen when people try to pick them up. here's tonight's top stories. three police officer recovering after this car them. this was near i-17 and camelback. all three officers will be okay. two have serious injuries. the suspect is behind bars facing three counts of attempted first-degree murder and aggravated assault. another meeting to give parents information on two
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consolidate one of the two schools and the other will use an empty school building. now it's up to a jury, what happens to the yoga teacher accused of having a sexual encounter with teenage boys. she says she was krugged, prosecutors insist she seduced the teens. economic with us. that will do it for us here at 5:00. we'll see you back here at
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember."
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captioning sponsored by cbs captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: hack attack-- russian cyber thieves are accused of exposing the medicald records of u.s. olympic athletes, including simone biles and the williams sisters. hillary clinton remains out of sight. st president obama steps in. >> i really, really, really, want to elect hillary clinton. >> pelley: online ticket scalpers-- they're making benjamins off of "hamilton," but will congress drop the curtain on them? ? you just want to move our money around ? >> pelley: and, he wasn't supposed to live. >> it looked like daniel came as an angel, came running out of the flames of hell. >> pelley: but heaven was on his


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