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tv   CBS 5 News at 10  CBS  September 14, 2016 12:37am-1:12am MST

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paul babeu exposed in a damning home video. extreme discipline used on special needs kids at a boarding school he used to run. widespread cases of physical and sexual abuse. and forced to wear nothing but a sheet. indisputable evidence that congressional candidate supported the abusive practices and even bragged about them. they're there for a reason. because they're hopeless. because they're hopeless. a long history of abuse, the students may never recover.
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that just into our newsroom. this is the man who police say revved his engine and did that, mowing down three phoenix police officers. his name? mark payne. tonight he is locked up. it's the video that is pretty tough to watch as the suspect plows into these three phoenix police officers. those three tough men will survive tonight. more on their condition in a moment. but first a mesa family whose home caught fire counting their blessings this evening after
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came to their rescue. cbs 5's ashlee demartino live over in mesa and ashlee, you spoke with the women who helped get this family out. >> reporter: yes, i did. fire has left this evening but i want to show you what's left. we got a crew that's of the home. you can see part of the fence is burned. the whole back of the house is burned and as you look up towards the roof, you can see the pattern the flames t when we first arrived here, westwood road was shut down thanks to heavy police and fire present that was out here. the backside of the house, it shows just how intense the flames were. most of the damage was contained to only one room, the living room. only minor smoke damage was done to the apartment next door. an older woman who lives here with a young couple who have a baby, they were checked out by paramedics and they are doing okay. it's all thanks to the two good
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across the street to help. >> they had the front -- and the front door open. knowing this neighborhood has so many kids, we have a lot of kids ourselves, that's the right thing to do. make sure that the babies and people are okay. you don't let somebody burn to death. that's not right. in anybody's eyes. >> reporter: the two women say they are not heroes. they were just doing the right thing. they got a big thank you from the family because they also especially for the baby that was here. and some food and some water. fire is still investigating the cause of how this started. live in mesa, ashlee demartino, cbs 5 news. we are -- them monsoon watch. storm clouds just hanging around outside the valley this evening. this with a shot from our news chopper, rain from the system
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tonight. still some activity out east of us, in fact let's show you live five doppler radar and show you that activity east of the apache junction poaching through areas of ciolo, white river, down around clifton earlier tonight. passing through globe. will we see the threat of storms, we have your answers tomorrow coming up with your full forecast in the first 10 minutes. we have officers that are getting targeted. we are a very violent society right now. are officer involved shootings are up a li we've had 21 this year. calendar year last year for the whole year we had to 17. i'm concerned about my officers. >> today's horrific attack is yet another example of how police officers are being targeted. here is the latest. this was 1:45 a.m. at the qt near i 17 and camelback. it's this car right here in the back part of the parking lot
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has these three officers out in front in its sights and then this horrific attack. they are calling it attempted murder. right here it is again, the rookie goes flying over the hood. another officer breaks his leg right there. tries to get to safety behind that patrol unit. jared dillingham picks up the story tonight. >> reporter: the quiktrip here at 25th and camelback is surrounded by surveillance cameras and they show the suspect sitting in his vehicle in the parking lot for more than two minutes before hitting the gas a three officers. the police chief today calling this incident unprovoked and intentional. in the video you'll see an officer thrown over the top of an suv. that is a 33-year-old rookie on his very first night of patrol. he suffered a concussion but was still able to get up and wrestle the driver. a sergeant on scene suffered a broken leg and the third officer suffered some scrapes and
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man now accused of trying to kill them. >> this is a violent cowardly act on our police officers and it is simply an acceptable. our phoenix police officers were targeted. this happened here. this happened in phoenix. this happened to your phoenix police officers. >> reporter: detectives suspect pain was impaired but they have no real motive. he does have one charge in his past in iz but aside from that his record here appears to be clear. in phoenix, jared dillingham, cbs 5 news. >> thank you. friends and family are remembering a teenage girl in surprise who was killed in a crash by someone who ran a red light just a short time ago. there was a vigil for 19-year- old alexis reimer at the restaurant where she worked as a server. her mother says the second-year student at glendale community college was driving home from a shift last night with a friend when someone in a pickup truck
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near waddell and reames road. surprise police now investigating whether that driver who hit them was impaired. >> wouldn't want to see any other parent have to go through this pain. these dark days and nights are probably the worst. the worst time. that's when you realize she's not going home. her room is right next to my. it's not going to happen. >> tragically alexis' mother when she was 20, her second born child was killed by a drunk driver. new tonight this team in jail, jennifer jordan is accused of taking pictures underneath the woman's skirt at a walmart. deputies have been looking for this teen since april when walmart security reported. jordan is now facing a felony charge. no verdict yet in the case against a yoga teacher in scottsdale.
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accused of having a sexual encounter with a group of teenage boys. at a bar mitzvah. the defense argues she was drunk and that she was the one that was taken advantage of. the jury will continue its deliberations tomorrow. new video just in to the newsroom from brazil. the city of sao paulo, as a raging fire burns through one of the shantytowns there on the outskirts of the city. you can see those flames destroying those homes. no word tonight on whether anyone was injured in this fire. we should know before election day arpaio will face contempt charges. today a judge set a hearing for october 11th. u.s. justice department is deciding whether arpaio should face criminal charges for ignoring a 2011 court order in a racial profiling case to stop the controversial immigration patrols. if found guilty, sheriff arpaio could serve jail time. scottsdale police are attempting to set the record straight when it comes to how
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this comes after a national news outlet published a startling statistic that the department dismissed nearly half their sexual assault cases during a five-year period. cbs 5's amanda goodman is live with the story behind those numbers. amanda? >> reporter: scottsdale pd says there's a simple explanation as to why those numbers were so high. and why they are not anymore. >> i was a little alarmed at -- that we were featured in there. article. >> reporter: this story's painting cut scottsdale pd in a particularly bad light lumping them in with baltimore, the agency they say failed to investigate a number of rape cases dismissing them as unfounded. scott pop with scottsdale pd says the numbers don't tell the story. >> our issue was not that we didn't investigate. it was a period of time where we cleared them with the uniform crime reporting incorrectly. >> reporter: police agencies
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buzzfeed used those stats from 2009-13 and found nearly half, 46% of all scottsdale pd rape cases were labeled unfounded. that's much higher than the national average. >> we took it upon ourselves do a review of our sex assault cases. >> reporter: during that review they discovered the issue. it's not that they were neglected, it's just that they were mis-categorized. some of the cases labeled unfounded should have been marked as inactive. so that? >> once you report your statistics, the fbi does not go back and amend those. >> reporter: scottsdale pd wants to assure victims despite how the stats might appear, they take all kinds of sexual assault seriously. >> if anybody comes forward with any allegation, we don't question the allegation. we initiate the investigative process immediately. >> reporter: so since they fixed that issued the department says the number of unfounded cases dropped by more than half.
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live in scottsdale, amanda goodman, cbs 5 news. hope you had a great today. a quick look at the forecast. doppler radar pretty quiet here. breezy day today, especially strong winds in the high country. showers taking place, pushing along the rim through white river, heading towards eager, nice thunderstorm activity, michael pinsky getting another great shot looking over the superstitions, and then a gorgeous sunset, now offici out there, thank you to brian snyder for putting that on social media. a live look outside, high today 98 degrees. three degrees below average. right now sitting at 88. dew points around 53. the air starting to get dryer out there. relative humidity 30%. wind speeds at 13 miles per hour. satellite and radar, big story today windy conditions.
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still some clouds and showers. as you can see with futurecast, pretty quiet conditions in the morning. in the afternoon we'll continue to see plenty of sunshine. the ridge of high pressure holding strong and take a look at this seven-day forecast. looking good for the next seven days. temperatures staying below average. below the triple digits. mostly clear skies through the weekend. things warmup monday, tuesday. there's your seven-day planner. >> liking that. thank you, paul. you're caught up with tomorrow. we have more answers as we talk about what parents and schools are doing about the shakeup in glendale. something you might not have thought of, trust. set up for your pets. more owners are getting them just in case. you sit down and think about i don't show up tonight, who should come take care of this animal? if you missed anything in
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thousands of students will be facing weeks over in the glendale elementary district. two schools closed for emergency repairs. those students will now have to attend other schools during the reconstruction. parents can imagine are not too thrilled about it. jeff van sant joins us live with more tonight. jeff? >> reporter: a lot of parents are pretty upset about this whole thing because district learn only on thursday they were going to actually shut these schools down but then they started notifying parents in a very short window and of course they have to deal with changing their schedules and so parents aren't thrilled. deep cracks compromised walls, two schools are now closed. leaving 2.4 million in repairs. more than 1400 students will head to other schools while repairs are made. >> the decision with safety and
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>> reporter: the district will move kids into desert spirit and a school in a lumber elementary school district. >> if the schools was open last year and they need construction on the building, by the end of last year, no one knew this? >> reporter: parents facing a new schedule while repairs are underway. students from challenger and landmark will have classes in the morning, students at the host schools will have the afternoon. >> my son was on a good schedule learning very well. and the schedule is going to be >> reporter: a structural engineer found issues with challenger and landmark while doing renovation work and weatherizing the schools. after further examining the structures, both built in the '80s the engineers found repairs needed to be made before students could return. >> i think it's nice that the schools come together like that. but it was just summer. so they could have fixed it in the summertime. >> reporter: the good news here is that the $2.4 million needed to make repairs has been acquired. they are going to start
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the kids coming from these schools will now add to their new schools thursday. back to you. >> thanks. americans finally got a raise last year. the census bureau says for the first time in eight years typical u.s. household incomes went up in 2015. those incomes rose 5.2% to the $56,516 mark. the agency also reports median incomes picked up across the u.s. the number of americans living in poverty also fell sharply last year, it was at 15.2%, this is the largest decline in poverty since 1999. markets took another dive today on wall street with all major indexes down including the dow
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picking up, global growth has slowed and that's bringing down the market overall. despite a down day apple stocks gained during trading after a strong iphone 7 preorder, but a glitch in the new ios update this morning might affect apple's bottom line. more users finding the update is crashing their system, blocking them out and taking hours to recover. apple says it has fixed the issue, the update adds more features to photos, messaging and allows you to delete apps you couldn't before like stocks and find my samsung about why their new note sevens fire. the company is now blaming a production error with their lithium batteries. the negative and positive connections with the phone can push together and cause the battery to over to heat leading to fires. if you have one this is something you need to take care of right now by calling your carrier and then checking on a replacement. of course our pets are just like family, right? the question is, what do you want to happen to your pets
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them? we have answers tonight on the growing trend of pet trusts. >> this is mischief. his owner set up a trust fund before he died to ensure his five cats stayed together in his house. but home alone their house -- their health started to fail so trustees enlisted the help of a cat rescue group looking for one person to adopt all the cats. >> it's going to be vetting these people and then going to be homes -- going to their om being treated how we want them to be. >> reporter: a pet trust is not for every owner. >> you use it if you had a larger group of animals or a particular very valuable animal that's going to live a long time. >> reporter: there are other ways to make sure your animal is cared for if you die first. or are disabled. >> you sit down and think about if i don't show up, tonight, who should come take care of
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that person and provide them with access. >> reporter: using an attorney to put this in your will is one option. or there are do-it-yourself estate planning forms. another option, the humane society. friends forever program promises to care for your pet and find them a new home if you make a donation through your will. at the very least make someone you want to care for your pets is aware of that. and agrees they will step in. peace of mind and permanent care for your pet. animal groups say it's always a good idea to cape indicating who to call if something happens to you. they also suggest having a pet care list posted in your home that provides information like habits, food preferences, vet information and of course medical care. work continues on replacing the outdated kenyan bridge on state route 89. the bridge no longer meets federal standards for have your -- kenyan this 1950s era bridge was
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the new bridge will better accommodate commercial traffic between prescott and interstate 40. and some answers for your tomorrow up at the canyon, tomorrow first responders will participate in a mock disaster drill at the canyons west end. the drill will simulate what would happen if a tour helicopter crashed into a tour bus. local tribal and federal police will take part in this drill. every time you go to an awards show where either adele or beyonce or amy schume win. so we all have our clapping faces ready and the strangest thing -- >> [ cheers and applause ] >> yeah. best online presence and i forget the second award because he was cleaning cleaning up. >> ikea. >> that is james corden showing off his two brand-new emmys since taking over the hosting gig. his show has been a viral sensation. you can catch james corden right after "the late show with
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segment. he was up against kennedy center honors and adele special event. he beat everybody. >> he had millions of viewers on that you two hit. great stuff. >> 11:35 right here on cbs 5. >> can't wait to see it tonight. >> monsoon over?
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xarelto. a quick look at your forecast. a lot of the showers east of us,
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rock. drier conditions. take a look at the seven-day planner. nice conditions as well. temperatures below the triple digits. 96 for wednesday, stay below 100 through sunday. then things warm-up but notice for the next seven days, not a storm in sight. any other season the phoenix mercury would be buried right now, three games under with three games to play but in this new season form at mercury tonight. in los angeles let's go to the staples center. not easy, the mighty sparks taking on company. penny taylor for three. the mercury were up by 10. later candice dupree is going to square up and knocked on the baseline jumper. mercury have a 14-point lead. brittney griner scores 19 and should have been an easy win. right? and went on a 15-4 run. chelsea gray with the magic johnson assist. the mercury drop a tough one 90-
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they are still a game up on washington. a win thursday or sunday and they will still be postseason bound. sun devils and football team over in tempe, they get an early start to the college football weekend. in texas in. manny wilkins 2-0 to start his career. trying to tackle him, don't hello. point in case saturday night against texas tech. hurdling a defender. they should have known it was coming. the quarterback did the same thing against an au. he is getting everybody's attention even his own defensive coordinator. >> i've never seen that. he just, you know i'm not sure he has any -- he might be completely made of cartilage. he is pretty limber. he's like gumby. you know? i mean but he just makes it look so natural. >> he doe the cardinals marcus bundy, back to work tomorrow after two days to get over some the nats loss to the
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>> we were a little disappointed. i am definitely. especially on the way i played. from the start. you know i bounced back. towards the end of the game. but hopefully i didn't start with it. a little overeager. a little too much excitement. had to calm down a little bit. the buccaneers come to town on sunday. the suns heading up the hill to training camp in flagstaff. for you young shooters, circle your calendars the week before, the suns and team players holdina to teach you what they know. saturday and sunday, 24 and 25, ages 13 to 17 boys and girls only 100 spots. find out -- booker, eric bledsoe will teach you the basics of shooting. >> good to have him back in town. the d-backs and rockies. the rockies scored three in the first but mitch had a to the rescue giving the diamondbacks a 4-3 lead.
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and then it is jean segura, second home run of the night. how about three hits, the hit machine, also three for paul goldschmidt. brandon drury the former caveman, they were the cavemen, that was the mascot for his
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look at bruce haffner and his camera. a gorgeous shot of the sunrise this morning. what a beautiful start to our day. low tomorrow morning starting out in the mid-70s. high tomorrow 96 degrees. five degrees below average. >> loving that. colbert is next. thanks for joining us on facebook and right here on cbs
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