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tv   CBS 5 News at Noon  CBS  September 14, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MST

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the man who was the chief suspect in the i10 freeway shootings is now suing saying he was falsely arrested and the verdict in the case of agoinga instructor accused of a sex act at a bar mitzvah and first had
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phoenix police officersane parking lot. >> this is cbs 5 news. >> thank you for joining us here at noon. the man accused of ramming three police officers with his car madhis first appearance in court while investigators try to figure out exactly why this happened. cbs 5's mark libberman has more. >> reporter: we were here yesterday, minutes after it happened. this area right here, this is where the car was then came slamming into those three police officers and the front of the qt. you can see in that area right there. a very different picture though than yesterday. the car was a carter way -- quarter way into the building. debris all over the place. surveillance video from yesterday. take you back. police tell us the man was impaired but beyond that they
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surveillance cameras caught it all as the suspect, marc laquon payne shat here in the parking lot for more than 2 minutes before hitting the gas and crashing into the police officers in the store. the officer thrown in the surveillance video was on his first night of patrol. despite a concussion he was able to wrestle the suspect. one officer suffered a broken leg and the other bruises and scrapes. using a taser to subdue the man accused of trying to kill them with a car. video from inside the courtroom hours after marc laquon payne was taken into custody. phoenix police chief calls the incident unprovoked and intention al. >> the officers could have been killed. i thank god we are not planning three funerals right now. our officers were targeted.
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here, this happened in phoenix, this happened to your phoenix police officers. >> reporter: marc laquon payne is accused of using his vehicle as a wepb. he -- weapon. he faces three attempted murder charges. we looked to see if he had other charges, the only one we found was from 20 years ago, an assault charge here in arizona. he will be back in court on tuesday. back to you. breaking news out of chandler this afternoon. a baby has been ed swimming pool. this is the scene from the penguin air & plumbing news chopper near gilbert. firefighters tell us the baby crawled through a doggy door and into the unfenced pool. the boy was able to breathe on his own as they took him to the hospital. one person killed this morningane four car -- morning
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surprise. three people were injured. this was a high speed collision. right now it is not clear exactly what caused the crash. jury reached a vectin the trial of a yoga teacher -- verdict in the trial of a yoga teacher accused of showing her breast during a bar mitzvah. lindsey radomski showing off her breasts to teenage boys at a bar mitzvah party in 2015 and perfor underaged boy. the defense argues the parents throwing the party failed to supervise the young people in their care and they say lindsey radomski was drunk and taken advantage of. we will let you know if we get the verdict before the end of the newscast. it is official, the former i-10 shooting suspect, leslie
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filed the lawsuit. >> reporter: leslie merritt jr.'s defense team talked about filing a lawsuit against the state and now it is official. here is the lawsuit. 20 pages in law. alleging false arrest, and others. he is suing the state and maricopa county and the count attorney. it claims he suffered physical pain, mental anguh emotional distress. in april all charges against leslie merritt jr. was dropped and he was released from jail. the lawsuit claims they acted with malice and called the conduct extreme and outrageous. there are no dollar amounts listed in the lawsuit but he is asking for damages, medical expenses, loss of earnings and his court costs. the county attorney held his
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named as the defendant in this lawsuit. >> there is not much more i can say other than i am aware of it. and we will handle it as we go forward. >> reporter: leslie merritt jr.'s defense team is holding a news conference at 1:15 p.m. we will keep you posted on what happens. cbs 5 news. phoenix police still need your help catching the gunman in a the suspect they are looking for is linked to 9 shootings and 7 people have been killed. the suspect could be driving several different vehicles. one is a black 2000bmw. there is a $75,000 reward for a lead to an arrest in the case. if you know anything call silent witness. a family whose home caught
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after strangers came to their rescue. most of the damage was in one room and there was mining smoke damage to the apartment next door. an older woman lived in the apartment with a couple and a baby. before that two good samaritan saw the smoke and ran across the street to help. >> they had the door open. yelling to get out. >> knowing the neighborhood has so many kids and we have kids ourselves, that is the right thing to do. make sure the babies and people don't let somebody burn to death. that the just not right. >> and the good deeds didn't stop there. they gave the baby clothes and gave the family food and water. the cause of the fire is under investigation. friends and family are remembering a teenager who was killed when she was hit by a driver who ran a red light. the 19-year-old was remembered at a vigil last night at a restaurant where she worked. she was driving home from work
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crashed into their car. >> wouldn't want to see any other parent go through this pain. dark days. the nights are probably the worst. the worst time. that is when you realize she is not coming home. her room is next to mine and it is not going to happen. >> sad. she was a student and police are now investigating whether the driver who hit e was impaired. all right. it is noon. it is the middle of september. right at that half way point. almost to fall. >> so close. but we could still cook -- [ laughter ] [ talking at the same time ] >> bring it back to reality. not bad out there. flagstaff. these are fair weather cumulus clouds. not going to produce a lot of rain. they aren't angry.
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feet to -- look at that. not a lot of cloud cover at all. look at the trees, they are not moving around like yesterday. conditions are much improved in the valley when it comes to the wind. scanning the skies. doppler radar. we have nothing on the radar. getting the day off today, much quitter to the south and also to the east. if we see thunderstorms i think they will develop over the white mountains. most should stay in western new it is gusty in the northern part of the state. 41 miles per hour gusts in flagstaff. within the hour. 33 window rock and winslow. 32 show low. 33 miles per hour gusts in the grand canyon. temperatures are mild. 90 good year. 80 -- i think that is a typo in mesa. 94 in chandler. 91 queen creek. 90 deer valley.
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and a few in the 90s. 79 sedona. 68 show low. downtown phoenix, 93. 97 for your high and dial it down to quinn by 8 -- 89 by 8:00 p.m. breezy in the high country. we will have more in your next forecast. wondering what former secretary of state colin powell thinks about hillary clinton and donald trump, we have the >> plus friends reunited a world away. this is a great story. you will want to hear it. we will have it coming up. >> first later in the newscast, giving away two tickets for zoo live, thursday october 6 at the
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. tropical storm made history in florida over night.
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over land in state history. packing winds of 40 miles per hour with gusts of 55. julia caused minor structural damage at a gas station in northeast florida but the real threat could be the rain. 10 inches expected to cause flash flooding along the coast lines. the storm is expected to weaken today. investigators say the 14- year-old girl involved in a school shooting in texas last thursday brought the gun school to shoot her step brother and then interrupted by a girl. she ran away and was shot in the lower body. the 14-year-old shot and killed herself. police talked to nearly all of the 300 students and they say bullying was not a factor. former secretary of state colin powell thoughts about
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his e-mails have been hacked. the latest from the white house. >> reporter: messages from i don't happen former secretary of state colin powell show he called donald trump a national discrase and a pariah and criticized hillary clinton for using him to justify her use of private e-mail server that state department. -- at the state department. they could have killed this two what she had done and not tied me into. with less than 8 weeks till election day hillary clinton is taking one more day to recuperate while donald trump has several events scheduled inclouding in african american african american. -- including flint, michigan.
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quality child care. >> reporter: donald trump has a new distraction. new york attorney general is investigating if trump foundation violated state law by using a contribution to make illegal purchases. including a painting of trump. >> we are looking into it as we have an obligation to. >> reporter: donald trump plans to discuss his health on the dr. oz show tomorrow but released of health records the world anti-doping agency blames russian hacks for leaking -- hackers for leaking mederal records about female american olympic -- medical records about female american olympians but the drugs were used with permission . the head of the world anti-doping agency said the athletes got their medications cleared in advance.
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anti-doping agency exposing the russian doping program. >> in july the world anti- doping agency discussed evidence of russian state sponsored doping. 67 members were banned from rio. )?#?wall street now. ford says of its u.s. small car production to mexico. it already makes the fiesta in mexico. the focus is built in detroit but will also move to mexico where ford can pay workers less. the michigan plant will build larger, profitable vehicles. two children who became
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reunited in texas . >> so happy. [ indiscernible ] >> this is what here is joy looks like when you are 3 and 4- years-old. before they were a part of their new dallas families they were each other's world at the chinese orphanage. her family noticed he was always next sharing cakes. holding hands. bringing her home meant leaving him behind. her mother put his story on facebook. >> they call each other brother and sister. >> they have little connection. little consistency that they had each other. >> all right. that is where they come in. they had a full house with three kids but they had an open
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a year later they are picking up where they left off. they live 5 minutes from each other. your feel good story for wednesday. an update. yoga teacher found not guilty of mistled sex charges. -- misdemeanor sex charges. lindsey radomski accused of showing off her breasts to teenage boys at a bar mitzvah in 2015. prosecutors -- that is not her. she is in the white she was accused of performing a sex act on a boy. lindsey radomski's lawyers said she was drunk and the boys took advantage of her. a not guilty verdict. all right. let's talk about the weather. looking ahead. [ talking at the same time ] [ laughter ] >> i think you will like the
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out of hand. like the end of the year, everyone donates their year book pictures. >> okay. all right. >> yeah. >> that's right. [ talking at the same time ] >> yeah. 30th -- [ talking at the same time ] >> close. look outside. picture -- yeah. crazy. >> wow! >> this was sent to our facebook page. if you respect to download this head to our -- if you want to download this head to our facebook page and take a look. mean looking storm. this was in qu other day. thank you for that one and share your pictures with us. we would love to share them on air. monsoon wraps up soon. we still have time for it to -- to get storms in. but clear for today. much of the state. everyone stays dry. all the moisture is now in museum. maybe we pop out a couple storms in the white mountains but you can see the storms developing over the mountains
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mountains. the san juans there. we have dry air moving in. i want to show you the water vapor map. this is the low-pressure system over salt lake city and it is pulling in dry air from the west. we get the best storm chances ahead of thesesomes. that is -- these systems. that is happening in new mexico. drier air from the west. that shuts down r chances. towards the east, 60 in stafford and globe. the west side of the state, you see the dry air moving in. 36-degree dew points in lake havasu compared to the eastern side of the state. as far as the wind goes, windy in the northeast for today. we mean see the winds slow down for tomorrow. this is thursday picture. 5:00. gusty in flagstaff and window rock today but relief for tomorrow. top out -- excuse me, current
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statewide top out everyone below 100. which is great. yuma may get close. casa grande may get close. that is it. seven-day forecast cooler weather for thursday. 95 the high. and then we warm up saturday to 98 and 100 on sunday. but, i mean, the lowsic i think friday -- lows, i think friday night into saturday some spots could fall into the 60s -- [ talking at the same time ] >> sweater weather -- [ talking >> electric blanket. >> thank you. we are on panda watch after the break and this was just as cute as it gets. we often don't see them upclose
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at a boarding school he used to run. widespread cases of physical and sexual abuse. students were also stripped down and forced to wear nothing but a sheet. indisputable evidence that congressional candidate supported the abusive practices and even bragged about them. they're there for a reason. because they're hopeless. because they're hopeless. a long history of abuse, the students may never recover. dccc is responsible for the content of this advertising. all right. giving away two tickets to see
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the number is on your screen, 188787755-cbs5. this is the cutest video you will see. this is a 5-week-old 5-week-old baby panda trying to roll over on to its chest. can't pull it off. working on the abs. she was born at in ch she is the big sister of twins born august 4. there you go. still to come on cbs 5 news at noon back with a final check of your forecast.
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okay. 97 and dry for today. 95 on thursday. the weekend, 100 degrees on sunday. >> not bad. we will take it. thank you. and thnk 5 news, join us back here tonight at 5:00 p.m. have a great evening. >> your online home
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? >> bill: great. i like it. normally, i have my assistant handle these kind of bookings. >> evelyn: oh, it's my pleasure. it's all part of the wedding experience, as far as i'm concerned. >> bill: well, ith for the best, hence hiring you. i see you've done weddings in paris, kauai, bahrain... wisconsin? >> evelyn: oh. [ chuckles ] i should update that. a very high-profile family -- didn't work out. no fault of mine. i guess it just wasn't meant to be. >> bill: well, this one is. >> evelyn: of course.


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