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tv   CBS 5 News at 530  CBS  September 14, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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deliberated shortly. in her words she knows it's not really over because anytime anyone googles the afraid -- phrase bar mitzvah in scottsdale it's a good chance her image and this story could pop up in the search results. she is focused on moving on, but remember his or her close friends who are hosting back in march 201 part a trial was hearing the 8 teenage boys and her former best friend testify against her in court. we asked her what comes next. >> i have no idea. really to be honest, it's such a surreal feeling. it is so overwhelming. that is why it is hard to even put it into words. just the feeling of joy i am experiencing and the weight
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i don't know. one day at a time. have no idea. >> reporter: basically she told us she is looking forward to getting back to normal life. and she told us she is still teaching yoga. live in phoenix. developing now police say they have arrested a 70-year- old teenage boy accused of exposing himself to women jogging along the title path trail in central phoenix. this issue cbs 5 news late last week. after the story aired we heard from a number of women who were able to identify a suspect in the police made an arrest. officers encourage anyone who see something suspicious or if they witness a crime to please call police. a date has been set for sentencing for development. malik abdul kareem will be sentenced october 25.
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men who were killed in a shootout with police. he is the 2nd person to be convicted in the us for supporting isis. more companies have announced their plans to hire for the upcoming holiday season including ups. today the shipping company announced it will add 95,000 seasonal workers to meet online shopping finance. many are for package handlers and drivers. earlier this w amazon announced they would hire thousands of workers this holiday season. it's not just men and women who defend our country but dogs as well. >> officers spent the day testing the most important tool. they used new and old explosives to see if these veteran dogs still have it. these furry officers came from all across the valley. local and federal departments. the atf says it keeps the canines up-to-date with the new
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>> they look at trends and different types of what is being used as far as bombings. we respond to that and bring those types of explosives to make sure all these dogs can hit it. sometimes it's not available. >> they hold k-9 training event annually. stolen. but something more valuable was inside. her daughters wheelchair. this happened this morning. no one was hurt but the suspect is out there. mark taylor tells how neighbors saw the whole thing. >> reporter: her daughter is disabled and has trouble relating her body temperature. she came outside to turn the car on and cool it down and went back inside. that is when the car was stolen. >> am sad. >> reporter: her teenage daughter has a rare genetic disorder that makes it difficult to walk.
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would target them and steal their vehicle. >> it was such a short period of time. they had to be watching. >> reporter: these neighbors saw the whole thing. >> i slammed on my brakes because his car pulled out. and sped off. >> reporter: they did not get a good look at the driver. lease are investigating. marjorie says she only wants her vehicle and her daughters only mode of transportation returned. >> she cannot walk for long distances. she needs her wheelchair wherever we go. >> reporter: has a message for the thief. >> if you have any type of heart do the right thing and turn yourself in or leave it somewhere so they can get the vehicle back but also the wheelchair. >> reporter: it's a white honda pilot with california plates. if you see it call mesa police. >> reporter: let's take a look at your valley pinpoint forecast. dry conditions as you can see.
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we're getting used to the cooler air. temperatures in high country down to the mid-30s tomorrow morning. a live look outside. beautiful conditions. started out in mid-70s. right now 97. high today of 98. as you can see the dewpoint is starting to drop as well. right now around 40. relative humidity around 14 percent. drier air for the weekend. upper speaking of the weekend, what is ahead weatherwise, will let you know. if you want to open a new credit card, a simple mistakes on the application can cost you big time. now to make sure you understand how to report rain to. >> beside your credit score your income maybe the biggest factor with you get approved and the credit limit. how about those with freelance
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exact income to report. if you have side jobs you want to be accurate report the highest amount you can see qualifying get the card. that's how credit card companies determine if you can pay back debt. even if you don't plan to accumulated any it still a risk to the issuer. a website says these are the types of incomes you should be reporting. personal income. for freelancers is your total income from the previous year's as of 2013 should include spousal income. tips. if you regularly get $200 from your family members and friends on your birthday, you can include that. college students can include scholarships or grants they receive. if you are retired you can list distributions from retirement accounts. the same goes for any social security income. you can list your entire yearly
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you cannot do it with student loans. you cannot call that income because it will eventually become debt. do not count of the equity in your home. lying about income on an application is considered credit card fraud and people have been fined and sent to jail just for that. were practically, if you stretch the truth and get the card, you won't have the income to bail yourself out. make sure you follow your rules. let me know if you have a consumer dispute. thought my page and i will get back to. it is netflix owing head-to- head with internet service
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coming up tonight, wells fargo customers have a lot of questions about the recent scandal involving phony accounts. crooks know this and are trying to get your info. answers on what to look out for tonight at 10. many americans finally got a raise. the census bureau says the average americans income rose by 5.2 percent last year. the 1st unfortunately the data shows there is still a major gender wage gap. atlanta is once again home to the world's busiest airport. the 18th here in a row that it's held that title. a record-breaking 100 million passengers passed through that airport in 2015. netflix is asking the fcc to in the practice of data. netflix says the average family
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internet television needs. david boys labyrinth has the life. some recordings are included on the cast album. it comes out october 21. pizza making is going to robots. startup in silicon valley is using intelligent machines to use and make pizza. the dough travels down a conveyor belt. machines add sauce and slide it
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paul babeu exposed in a damning home video. extreme discipline used on special needs kids at a boarding school he used to run. students were also stripped down and forced to wear nothing but a sheet. indisputable evidence that congressional candidate supported the abusive practices and even bragged about them. they're there for a reason. because they're hopeless. because they're hopeless. a long history of abuse, the students may never recover.
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. welcome back. from grays anatomy to a big film that opens this weekend, fans were devastated when patrick dempsey's dreamy character was killed off. don't worry, he is starring as a baby daddy in the new rigid jones will be. his real love is racecar driving. terry hitchcock headed over to london and when patrick found out that she was from arizona,
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bondurant school driving. >> say hello for me. >> they've a message for you. despite your second-place victory last year, until you go through them the number 1 may not happen. the racing thing. >> you got 2nd place in arizona? >> we did get 1st in japan. >> does i'm kidding. i don't know anything about raising. >> especially when you are filming 13 hours before. >> scheduling around races. >> when you said you are available you weren't. >> say no until they said yes. >> you had the race in japan. >> that sounds look a good interview. rigid jones is baby is in theaters this weekend.
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it needs a little help, i think they need to gel. >> the rookie corner, baptism by fire. it didn't work out. adjustments in week 2. the secondary is getting help today. if it works out there's a chance they can stick it to the seattle seahawks. simon battled injuries after being drafted out of lsu. played in his role 2 years ago. richard shma than he is. part of secondary, they are struggling. 9 months removed from tearing an acl and is back playing free safety. working his way back, he is not much of a fan of that position. >> like i said i'm still trying to get back in the rhythm. it's a new challenge.
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radford has been arrested and dismissed from the program. 7 felony counts, for of domestic violence and aggravated assault. he had 5 carries this season for the wildcats. the sun devils kickoff the football weekend friday night with 8 trip to ut san antonio. a local scar --?a chandler high is having a start to a college career. talk about to freshman. 2 touchdowns on campus at asu. the 1st football game he went to is a sun devils hobucken. now that he's on the field he is proving he belongs. >> and you're out there playing its normal. when you do something in score, and the whole student section is there it's a good feeling. >> he has the look of being a start. >> basketball media day. set to to both the season with 2. they will welcome louisville to town and no post season this
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growing. >> our brand is to be -- our goal is to be the top 25. if the see how they act and look and play. we want to play the best competition. that is what we do. >> a better nonconference schedule than some colleges. >> of course tomorrow night we have thursday night football. a one-on-one with dan marley. but >> sounds good.
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. we hope you had a great wednesday. dry conditions out there. dute high country. a few showers across area of stafford. a wider view of satellite and radar. a live look at the san francisco with nau in the distance. plenty of sunshine. starting the morning with cloud cover and clearing skies this afternoon. a live look at camelback mountain. a nice day. it started off around the mid-
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right now 97. that is below average. the dew point is drier as well. here is the satellite and radar. a few showers across areas of stafford and eastern arizona. that will be the case through the evening hours. clearing skies and tomorrow morning at 7 am beautiful. the butchers dropping to the lower to mid 70s and we will continue to see clear conditions friday to saturday. look at the low. 36 in flagstaff. cooler temperatures as we start the day on friday. here is the seven-day forecast. high country, 71 high tomorrow. starting the morning at 36. as you can see with the rest of the 70s, temperatures staying near average over the weekend in the mid-70s. clear conditions. next chance of rain fall on wednesday. for us staying dry for the next 7 days. below the triple digits.
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average sunday through wednesday of next week. there is a change of the guard at the world's largest library. today doctor carla hayden was sworn in as the new librarian of congress. the 1st woman and the 1st african-american to hold the position and will have her hands full. the government watchdog recently criticized the library for not keeping pace with technology. >> reporter: doctor carla hayden took her place in history the coming the of congress. the position was created by thomas jefferson in 1802. >> is a descendent of people who are denied the right to read, and now have the opportunity to serve as lead the institution that is the national symbol of knowledge, is a historic moment. >> reporter: she will oversee the world's largest library
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and the copyright office. after her swearing in we asked her about her trailblazing role. >> the 1st woman and african- american pull the job. what does that mean? >> to have someone of color from that legacy to head up this very simple of knowledge in reading, it's almost overwhelming. >> reporter: she takes over at key time. the previous librarian has been criticized for poor management. in a report last year government found library lacked leaders with technology. she told us she will improve digital efforts. >> the staff is dedicated to this enterprise and we will make progress. >> reporter: she previously led labor is in baltimore in the library system. just to wrap your head around this, the library of congress holds more than 162
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line which. key items collect the gutenberg bible, thomas jefferson's draft of the declaration of independence, and abraham lincoln's handwritten comment -- copy. the verdict of not guilty. lindsey radomski was accused of sexual misconduct at a bar mitzvah party. she tells cbs 5 she's incredibly happy it's all over. it was the mo demeanor trial in our state. once accused highway freeway shooting suspect leslie merritt, jr. has filed a lawsuit. his attorneys say it's a botched investigation. he was accused of 4 of the 11 freeway shootings that terrorized the valley last fall. phoenix police are hoping to find a double murder
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old. back in 2009 they say he shot and killed 2 people were a store at 27th in northern. 2 others were hit. they all had non-life- threatening injuries. if you know anything about the case please call phoenix police are silent witness. be sure to connect with cbs 5 . you can always share your story by using the hashtag cbs5az.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember."
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: the campaign gets physical. hillary clinton and donald trump go public with their latest medical exams. we have the details. also tonight, colin powell is hacked off. stolen e-mails reveal his harsh words for both trump and clinton. the cameras on the bus go snap, snap, snap, to catch drivers who don't stop for kids. >> i see this truck coming, and i expect him to stop, but he doesn't, and everything just goes into a blur. >> pelley: and he made this dog's day in august. a month after the rescue, a happy reunion.


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