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tv   CBS 5 News at 630  CBS  September 14, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm MST

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flashing underaged boys at the bar mitzvah party. we caught up with her for a sitdown interview. we go live to downtown phoenix with that part of our story. jerrod? i we spoke with lindsay here at her attorney's office. she is thankful for her defense team and take full to the jury. this was a lengthy trial for a municipal court room. 6 weeks. remember a lot of the people testifying at the trial new her. k testified against her. plus her former asked friend testified against her in court. accusing her of the sex crimes. lindsey radomski has always admitted she drank too much, she passed out in a room during the permits the. but her defense team has always said she was the real victim and that the boys took advantage of her. tonight even though the jury found her not guilty, she told us the trial hangs over her
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will never be the same. it is forever changed. you are right, every time i google bar mitzvah my face and the story will show up. most of all, the worst of it, because that is all that is out there. >> reporter: she said throughout the trial she had no idea which way the jury was leaning and she was surprised the date returned be not she said she is trying to get back to normal life and is still teaching yoga. live in downtown phoenix. several developing stories. a 17-year-old has been arrested for exposing himself to joggers along the bridle path in north- central phoenix. you 1st saw the story here on cbs 5 news last week. he's currently being held at juvenile court center.
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a toddler in chandler is recovering after falling into the backyard pool. the 1-year-old call through a doggie door. there was no fence around the pool. his grandfather found him, pulled him out and he was able to breathe on his own. the boy was taken to children's medical center as a precaution. border patrol agents say they found her when stuffed inside this can of baby formula. they arrested a 31-year-old woman and she tried to get over the port of al year-old son. officers found nearly 3 pounds of heroin packaged inside the container. the child was turned over to other family members of the mom was taken to ice. no bond for the man accused of bringing down -- 3 phoenix police officers. we show this to you yesterday. 44-year-old marc payne allegedly targeted and hit the officers. it happened near 26th avenue and camelback. all 3 officers have now been
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marc payne made his 1st court appearance today. he's facing a long list of charges. are phoenix police officers were targeted. we have all heard about offices being targeted and ambushed in communities across this nation. this happened here. this happened in phoenix. this happened to your phoenix police officers. >> police say marc payne may have been impaired. his family says this is not it on his untreated mental illness. a double murder in phoenix is back in the spotlight. police released this flyer hoping to find this 29-year- old. back in 2009 they said he shot and killed 2 people. 2 others were struck but they had non life threatening injuries. if you know anything these call phoenix police are silent witness he spent more than 6 months
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tonight, the former prime suspect, the only suspect in i- 10 shooting case is now firing back. jason berry has details on the lawsuit that could cost you a lot of money. i attorneys for leslie merritt, jr. a rush to judgment in the phoenix father of 2 was arrested and accused of being the i-10 shooter. today those attorneys filed this multimillion dollar lawsuit against maricopa county in the state. he is determined to clear his name and convince everyone he had nothing to do with the string of shootings along i-10. his attorneys gathered in downtown phoenix to discuss the lawsuit alleges close -- gross negligence on the part of law enforcement and maricopa county. according to the lawsuit he was arrested and kept in custody despite evidence that proved he was not responsible. >> department of public safety perpetrated a public relations stunt. to calm the public with no
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that resulted in the dismissal of all charges against him last april. >> reporter: lawsuit claims there was no evidence leslie merritt, jr. was at or near the scene of any crimes. his gun was pond 4 hours before one of the shootings took place. the crime lab used flawed methodology to match his gun to the shooting in the maricopa county attorney misled a grand jury to fit their theory. bill montgomery is can't comment. one thing we notice is governor doug ducey is not named in the lawsuit despite his now famous tweet that said, we got him, following the arrest. attorneys for leslie merritt, jr. say taxpayers should not have to pay for the governors 5 2nd mistake. >> just how difficult is it to prove law enforcement officers
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lead rigid in a lawsuit? we asked the valley legal expert who told us taking on a government agency is extremely difficult. >> they have what's called qualified immunity. that means you can't sue them for simply making a mistake. they have to do more than that. there has to be something sinister in what they did. >> in a case like this there is no dollar amount written into the lawsuit. it would be up to a jury. we've been following the story since they wo trial and dropped charges head to our website or download the free mobile app. a homeless woman has found new shelter, locked up in jail. investigators say she set fire to a homeless shelter in jefferson. she told police she wanted to burn the place down so a new facility could be built. the fire was quickly put out.
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i'm sad. helpless. >> a mom's car is stolen and her daughters wheelchair is still inside. why she believes someone is watching her. safety on school buses. the red stop signs can only do so much. some people are against the idea of installing cameras to catch drivers who don't stop.
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we want to show you what may cause a slight delay for one of your loved ones heading m this is near mcclintock. this is the westbound lane. you see the haze, that is smoke. a recently put out a car fire, units are on scene. you see they have about 3 lanes of traffic on the westbound us 60 on mcclintock blocked off. it will be slow and go. you might want to tweet out the
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developing tonight, it's not your regular case of a stolen car. someone took a moms vehicle with her wheelchair -- daughters we'll cope -- daughters wheelchair inside. she has disorder that exit difficult to walk. archery turned on the car to cool it down and went back inside to get her daughter. that is when someone jumped into the vehicle and took off. >> it was such a short period of time i thought they had to distances. she needs her wheelchair. >> marjorie's car is a white honda pilot with california plates. if you see it please call mesa police. safety on school buses goes beyond seatbelts. it seems more people want buses equipped with cameras on the sides. in austin texas after these cameras were added, 2 kids were struck by vehicles in today's.
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that cameras last january. and then they sent out more than 6600 citations in just 4 months. >> it was shocking. that is a lot of violations in a short period of time. >> at least 15 states allow cameras to be mounted outside of school buses. you notice arizona is not one of them. there are critics who claim the cameras are more about making money than finding ways to make it safe. i need my medicine. >> coughing, wheezing and shortness of breath signs of asthma. it answers on why doctors always see more cases during the month of september. your next pizza could be made by these guys. robots. where you can get your pies
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember."
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phoenix police still need your help to attach a serial killer. is connected to 7 murders dating back to march. he could be driving a black bmw . there is a $75,000 reward that leads to an arrest. if you know anything call silent witness. you can always remain anonymous. new tonight, congress is pushing for more accountability at the va. there moving ahead on the bill that makes it easir agency to fire people for misconduct. employees who would be disciplined would have less time to respond to the department. gop lawmakers have urged the a to fire more workers. atf agents are making sure drug detecting canines are up to snuff. the agency created the national odor recognition testing program. it's part of a national standard.
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>> some explosives they may not have had before. we also teach them made explosives. >> once the canines pass the test they are nationally certified as explosives detection. it recognizes the long hours they put in along with handlers. anxiety might be to blame if a woman can't get pregnant. that is according to researchers at the university of louisiana. they followed 400 women, none of them over -- older than 40. women who reported more stress during peak population were 45 percent less likely to conceive. and the wellness is just as important as nutrition for women trying to have a baby. this week is known as asthma peak week. more than 6 million children's -- children and team suffer from the condition.
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what parents need to know. >> josephine is vigilant when it comes to controlling her daughters asthma. making sure she always has her inhaler. the 4-year-old sometimes needs a nebulizer treatment to keep her asthma and check. >> literally around the clock and monitoring. >> for josephine and many parents september can be a month of anxiety. kids are back in the cl pediatric -- pediatric asthma attacks and doctor visits. >> there is a new allergen in the air. ragweed. on top of that there is also viruses. >> this doctor with the allergy and asthma network says it's critical parents look for warning signs and symptoms and make sure the kids use inhalers. >> typical symptoms are coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath.
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>> she also said it's important parents haven't asthma action plan so teachers know the sign and how to react. asman flare -- asthma flareups can mean many missed school days. >> money and need my inhaler in medicine. >> she tries to keep her daughter aware so she knows how to manage her own condition. happy wednesday. quiet conditions. a live look outside. what a day. it started out perfect in the mid-70s. highs today in the upper 90s. still below average. the average is above 100. right now 95 with a little breeze out of the west. showers across areas of stafford.
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we will continue to see the clear conditions. activity to the east of us around new mexico. we will stay dry for the rest of the workweek. and temperatures, take a look. we will wake up tomorrow around 73. 47 in prescott. 36 in flagstaff. some areas dropping down close to the freezing mark. grand canyon, 33 is a low. we will show you the day in detail. you're waking up for morning hi comfortable. they stay in the 80s through 10. we will top out at 95. around 4 pm. lower 90s by 6. let's show you the 7 day. as you can see it's staying below average, thursday into saturday. a ridge of high pressure settling in and creating drier air. temperatures are cooling in the morning. 71 for low on friday. sunday a big day.
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we will see temperatures near the triple digits. the warm for tailgating. are you hungry? check this out. robot is taking over. a startup company in silicon valley is using intelligent machines to make pizza. the dough travels down conveyor belts, add sauce and slides into the oven. robots will soon add cheese toppings. to eliminate boring jobs and free up people to do higher value jobs. everything you need to know
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we want to give you a heads- up concerning our program for tomorrow. football comes right here to
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starting at 4 pm. right after the game stick around for the sports wrap and cbs 5 news at 10. tonight at 10 wells fargo customers have a lot of questions about the recent scandal involving phony accounts and crooks. they are trying to get your personal information. we have answers on what to look out for in an all-new scam alert tonight on cbs 5 news at 10. here tonight degrees. it's got stale yoga teacher accounts. lindsey radomski was accused of flashing underage boys a bar mitzvah in scottsdale last year. her attorney said she was drugged will at the event. the trial lasted nearly 7 weeks. phoenix police have arrested a 17-year-old who allegedly exposed himself to women along the bridle path. is now facing charges of sexual indecency and indecent exposure. running back for the
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this comes after orlando bradford was arrested on 7 felony charges including kidnapping and domestic violence. police tell us the crimes happened over the past few days. be sure to connect with us on facebook, twitter or instagram. this is a hit on social media. 5 weeks old. shon assert herself over. -- turn herself over. she doesn't have a name but her name translates into little being. >> so little. >> that will do it for us. big brother is up next.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember."
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>> julie: tonight, the most powerful veto of the summer will be the difference between making it to the jury or making it to finale night. welcome to "big brother." ( cheers and applause ) >> previously on "big brother": nicole, corey, paul, and victor had an >> final four! >> but after corey became head of household-- >> whooo! >> yeah! >> the final four was no more. >> i nominated you, victor, and you, paul. i've got to take this shot. momma didn't raise no bitch. i've got to make a big move. >> reporter: in issue number three of the comic book veto, super safety girl saved the day for nick-corey. >> congratulations, nicole.
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veto. >> but she didn't save paul or victor from the block. >> i have decided not to use the power of veto. >> when the vote were revealed -- >> by a vote of 2-0, victor, you are evicted from the "big brother" house. >> ...victor pulled an eviction hat trick. and the the true final four remained. >> i love you all. we made it to the final four. >> final four! >> at head of household competition -- >> congratulations, paul, you're the new h.o.h. >> ...your boy earned his ticket to the final three. >> yes! >> tonight, it's the final and most important veto of the summer. who will secure their safety, and who will be evicted? plus, emotions explode at the jury house.


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