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tv   CBS 5 News at 10  CBS  September 14, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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i understand how horrible those allegations are and seem but the truth is that my life will never be the same. it is forever changed. >> a scottsdale yoga instructor exonerated after she was accused of showing her breasts to teenage boys at a bar mitzvah . >> and lindsey radomski is sharing her story after charges haunted her for morean >> we have that interview tonight. >> after a jury found her not guilty on all counts, the 33- year-old agreed to speak with us at length. she says to try to put this behind her will not be easy. >> we still have -- we find the defendant not guilty of the violation. >> justin that moment, to hear those words that i can never
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clearly emotional after a jury found her not guilty of sexual misconduct and more. >> listening to the boys was incredibly difficult. stroke last march, several minors accused her of luring them into a bedroom at a bar mitzvah to expose herself and they claimed she allowed them to fondle her. >> i had ring a lot that night, absolutely. i have always stated that. without a doubt, once i entered the room prior to waking up the next morning, what happened. >> reporter: but she says she would never have allowed that to happen and in fact her attorney argued it was the boys who took advantage of her in her intoxicated state. after seven weeks, the jury decided to side with her. >> there should be some type of action that should take place as it pertains to what actually happened. >> reporter: in the meantime, radomski says she is trying to focus on the positive, friends, family and those who have stood by her and the rest she will
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mitzvah, my safe end of the story shows up. it will always be there with me but just knowing the freedom i have now after the outcome is such an overwhelming relief. >> reporter: after the minors testified at trial, her attorney felt there was enough evidence to possibly implicate them in a criminal act so radomski filed a police report but it is not clear yet ha way -- we put the entire interview on our website. find that at >> so it is not completely over yet. we have breaking news. an update on phoenix police officers who were run over at a qt. we have learned their names. phoenix police say officer jeremy pyles, sergeant anthony petoskey, and officer ryan hoffrishter are all home from
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be back on duty next week. the suspect who was driving that car is behind bars tonight. toght, a teenager is under arrest for allegedly exposing himself to women on this popular jogging path -- path. cbs 5 news was the first to tell you about this ongoing problem late last week. now police say they have got their man. donna rossi joins us live with the investigation tonight. >> for those who live in this north-central phoenix area, this pass is a poor treasure. is lined with a canopy of trees, neighbors talk to each other, and it's a popular recreation spot but the allure of the treasure has been dampened. >> i haven't really been running that much because i have been so nervous. >> reporter: it has been an uneasy few weeks for dog walkers and cyclists who use
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the path and exposed himself to them are attempted to lure them to his car. >> there is nothing more stressful than using -- losing your free space. it's my freedom to go out and enjoy myself. somebody doing that is taking it away. >> reporter: phoenix police got involved. >> what i did like was that the police responded rather quickly. when the reports started coming out. >> reporter: on wednesday, police arrested a 17-year-old for public indecent exposure. crimes according to officers. >> it's safe to run again. >> reporter: one of the women who had a run-in with the suspect asked that we conceal her identity. she was the first to alert neighbors by posting it on the next door app. >> i saw a thing that said they got him and i was so excited. >> reporter: after curtailing her running for the past few
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her return to the bridle path. >> i am very excited. i have a 7 mile run this weekend and i'm going to feel a lot safer. >> reporter: police have not released the suspect's name or picture because he is a minor. he is being held in the juvenile court center. police say they believe the suspect at it alone so they are not looking for any other people associated with these crimes. line, donna rossi, cbs 5 news. valley police for tips to help get this serial killer off the streets. take a good look at this sketch. they say this is the suspect responsible for seven murders. a $75,000 reward is being offered for information leading to an arrest took tonight, the former i-10 freeway shooting suspect is going after the people and agencies who charged him. >> attorneys filed a multimillion dollar lawsuit against the state and maricopa county leaders.
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negligence and malicious prosecution of their client. the lawsuit contends authorities rushed to judgment and ignored evidence that would have proven leigh miller junior's in essence. >> the county attorney's office perpetrated a public relation stunts to calm the public with no evidence whatsoever to legally support his arrest dismissing all the charges against him last april. >> according to the lawsuit, there was no evidence lee merritat of the crimes. his gun was pond four hours before one of the shootings took place. bill montgomery said he couldn't comment on this case. a north valley community, who was able to keep sex offendors from a housing facility once more answers on how that facility showed up in their neighborhood in the first place. dozens of neighbors met
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to talk about the maricopa county reentry center. it has long been a juvenile corrections facility but the summer, the department of corrections opened up a temporary housing place for adult ex-convicts including sex offenders. one state lawmaker apologized tonight for voting to approve the facility change, saying he didn't realize exactly what type of offenders would be placed there. >> this is not appropriate and i apologize that i didn't see it sooner. no one is perfect. >> it toggles my mind that they had no clue what was going and that this was actually going to be a big part of our community now. >> reporter: the department of corrections has also admitted there is not a "clear and transparent" process for rezoning these types of facilities. it is something the department director pledges to fix. police were trying to stop a driver moments before he blew through a red light, killing a young woman. surprise police say a caller reported seeing a possibly drunk man getting into a silver
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officers tried to pull the truck over but instead of stopping, he sped up. seconds later, he crashed into another car. the driver of that car, alexis rumer, died in the crash. on the campaign trail, donald trump offering medical records today on doctor oz. cup continues to claim that hillary clinton is not healthy enough to be commander in chief, saying she doesn't have the stamina for thob expected to be back on the campaign trail. her campaign has released an update on her condition with a note from her doctor saying she is healthy and fit to be president. she has been recovering since sunday's medical scare and has been being treated for pneumonia. we have answers for thousands of glendale parents after two elementary schools suddenly closed for repairs. starting tomorrow, landmark
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doesn't spirit students will then go in the afternoon. challenger elementary students will start friday at the former cordova elementary school in the nearby district. our wake-up arizona team have the latest on tomorrow's big school shakeups at the glendale elementary school district starting at 4:30 am. if you still have questions, find answers right now by opening up our cbs 5 mobile app. hope everybody had a great doppler radar has dry conditions. it's going to be that way through the rest of the workweek into the weekend. temperatures started in the mid- 70s and a high today of 98 degrees, still below average. were sitting at 85 degrees. look at the dew point around 39 degrees, dry air and relative humidity of 22%. satellite radar showing clear conditions and a few stray showers across strafford and
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futurecast, pretty easy for the next 24 hours. mostly clear skies and showers east of us into parts of new mexico but we will continue to see clear skies lasting through friday and into the weekend. with this rain and would make conditions earlier this week, temperatures fairly cool. 73 degrees for a low in phoenix. the grand canyon getting close to the freezing mark. 33 degrees for a low, 36 degrees in flagstaff, 37 degrees and prescott. in the first 10 minutes, 95 degrees for your thursday, six degrees below our average around 101 degrees. friday, the 97 degrees, saturday 97 degrees and the cardinals second home game sunday against the buccaneers. it's going to be warm. temperatures around the triple digits around 1:00. that seven-day forecast, even warmer next week but staying dry wednesday of next week. is 10:10 pm and you have everything you need for thursday. you are caught up now if you
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>> but then you will miss our story on a valley kid who gets his own business. >> he tells me mommy, i need my medicine. >> and parents, if your kids have asthma, this week is the worst for attacks. we have answers on how to keep them safe coming up. wells fargo customers are still getting a handle on a huge scandal at the bank. they may be under attack from a new scheme next. how would you like to ask
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? ? ? you live life your way.
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e. from chase. so you can. cbs 5 news you by learn around row. -- learner and we'll -- learner and rowe. you are watching cbs 5 news at 10:00. we have discovered an eight- year-old with a for business. he sets up themed parties. >> what is interesting is how he got started.
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>> reporter: you are eight years old. you love harry potter and you want to visit harry potter world but mom says you have to work for it. what do you do? >> mickey mouse. >> reporter: hunter is a party favor tycoon in the making. this all began when he was harry potter world. mom laid down the law. do some chores or start a business that >> i said why don't we start a little business. >> reporter: with some sort -- some starter money, he started. you have your choice between 25 party themes. >> we have frozen, aerial --
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i am painting this castle for a new one. >> reporter: his small empire is continuing to grow and that trip to harry potter world is next month. jeff vansant, cbs 5 news. caught on tape too many times, students leaving their school bus and getting hit by a car. it happened in texas twice. twice in one week. well now, every school bus is equipped with a camera to catch drivers breaking the law. a new report found over passing school buses last year. on average, eight kids per year are killed. one parent who lost her child is fed up with the drivers who keep breaking the law. >> it's not an accident because it's preventable and it's not a tragedy because we know it's going to happen again. >> a texas senator is fighting for betty's -- better safety features like a six-foot extender that blocks traffic.
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arizona, the first fine is $250. if you are a wells fargo customer caught up in the bank's account opening scandal, you may be the target of another scheme. >> cbs 5 news advocate dave cherry is in our newsroom with tonight's scam alert. >> reporter: there is a new email going around that looks like it is from wells fargo but it's from crooks trying to trick you into giving up personal information. when the feds find wells fargo for they required the bank to issue refunds to affected customers. some customers may have been hit with fees when employees opened the unauthorized accounts. they transferred customer money out of legitimate accounts. in this new scam, crooks pretend to be wells fargo apologizing for the illegal activity. customers are instructed to
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see if they are eligible for a refund. it is possible some wells fargo customers don't know if they are a victim of the scheme so they may click on the link to find out. instead, malware is downloaded on your computer and/or personal information would now be at risk. wells fargo says most of the refunds have already been paid. that's number one. if you think you are entitled to a refund and you're still waiting, you are not required to take any action. let me know if you have a scam you want me to check out. go to and click on cbs advocate. submit the form and i will get back to you. we have a scam alert for cell phone users. scammers have found a new way to take over your identity with your phone account. thousands of families from every carrier are now reporting this growing problem of cell phone hijacking. crooks are transferring your numbers two new phones, gaining access to your most critical accounts.
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connected to your account. i receive your phone calls and texts. for all practical purposes, i am now you. >> experts say one way to protect yourself is to set up a password or a pin number with your carrier that is required before making changes to your mobile account. today, a ceo confirmed a long suspected move from a plant in detroit to mexico. an assembly plant will 2018. ford michigan will then make larger and more profitable vehicles. uber users and pittsburgh are getting a taste of the future as part of a test program. uber rolled out a fleet of self driving ford fusions today that will pick up users and uber engineers still sit in the driver seat and can take control if necessary. check this out. when you're sick, you sometimes end up at the hospital.
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bacteria but there is a new tool to make sure you don't catch anything else while you are a patient. robots might be the key to killing looking germs around the medical facility. six of these robots are already in use at our va medical center in phoenix. >> it's going to enhance the patient care of the hospital here in phoenix. it is going to provide a safer and cleaner environment for the veterans. >> this same technology is being put to work at other more answers tonight on wellness. if you have kids with asthma, you know this time of year is tough. >> health officials say this is a peak week when it comes to asthma issues and attacks because the season is changing and germs are at a higher level because of back to school. doctors are telling parents to watch out for warning signs and have an action plan if your
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>> there is a new allergen in the air, ragweed pollen, and that triggers a lot of asthma attacks and children. there is also a surge in viruses. >> is estimated more than 6 million children and teenagers suffer from asthma. in another email, colin powell said media attention just helps trump, even criticisms. "to go on and call him an idiot just emboldens him. you cannot call trump by calling he is like forrest gump, okay? he was big in the 90s, acquired a fortune and runs longer than anyone thought he could. >> stephen colbert gives his take on the most recent scandal involving colin powell. paul horton is back now with the weather. the evenings are just so nice. >> perfect conditions. as the election gets closer,
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they are hanging 10 in california. nice work. this video from san clemente. this year's swatch watch pro women tournament. swatch watches are still around. the weather was just perfect for today's competition out there. let's get a look at our forecast.
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and temperatures cooler than average. we are going to feel great tomorrow morning, dropping to around 73 degrees, 33 degrees in the grand canyon-flagstaff area, close to freezing. highs tomorrow six slid below average, average high around 101 degrees, tomorrow, 109 five -- 109 degrees. enjoy. i think we're having a little bit of an is coming up with sports. >> tough work for the cardinals. where do we start? the patriots exposing a number of issues including some significant issues in the secondary. the cardinals moved to darrell simon off of waivers battling injuries after being drafted out of lsu. richard su min -- richard sherman quoted as saying he could be better than he has.
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>> that is no excuse. brandon has been going against michael floyd, dan brown so i mean he has been challenged before. this more about just challenging yourself. we all got to do a better job challenging ourselves and getting better. >> the sun devils kick off paying a tribute to ut stan -- san antonio. talking zakeal harry. the first game he went to was an arizona state game . now he has proven he belongs. >> when you are out there playing, it is just normal. the whole student section is just right there. it is a really good feeling. >> it looks like he is going to be a star.
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basketball team. they tipped off the season with because they welcomed the louisville to town this year and also play arizona. no postseason for the dan marley club but there following is growing. >> it's a good schedule. we are excited about it and we want to continue to schedule those kinds of opponents and get our guys ready for the tournament when we are ready. >> the d-backs and the rockies, two home runs last night. tonight, they pick up ride for bottom of the 1st with a bomb. the first woman back to go back to back, the club won the bottom of the 5th for the second home run of the game and a second straight night. and we have the third diamondback with multi-home run games and back-to-back games. the diamondbacks 11-6 at last
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and the final put. it was too dark so rather than come back, teammates and specta paul babeu exposed in a damning home video. extreme discipline used on special needs kids at a boarding school he used to run. widespread cases of physical and sexual abuse. students were also stripped down and forced to wear nothing but a sheet. indisputable evidence that congressional candidate supported the abusive practices and even bragged about them.
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a long history of abuse, the students may never recover. dccc is responsible for the content of this advertising. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy. er." he's going like "i don't remember!? is that ice-t? nope, it's lemonade. is that ice-t? lemonade. ice-t? what's with these people, man? lemonade, read the sign. lemonade. read it. ok. delicious.
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what's not surprising? how much money marin saved by switching to geico. yo, ice-t! it's lemonade, man!
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some areas of the valley getting down to the 60s in the morning. the high tomorrow, six degrees below average. fault officially starts next thursday. >> it sounds chilly. >> almost. thanks for joining us. >> see you tomorrow. >>, your online home for free news and information to you by valley honda dealers. are standard features for less
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>> and now, a "late show" exclusive trailer. ( laughter ) ? look so crazy ? >> stephen: all right, let's get this orgy started. i say the three of us in the flesh pit. who upons to grease me


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