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tv   CBS 5 News at 530  CBS  September 18, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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the cardinals are enjoying the win after taking on the box. we will have much more in just a few minutes. we want to brought you last night. a gilbert couple narrowly escaped death after a plane crashes into their home. >> reporter: a fireball in the sky caught on cameras by the hundreds. >> it was so scary and thought he was going to come in.
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house.>> it flipped and started nosediving. >> the plane had been carrying four skydivers who were performing at an event. the skydivers had parachuted out of the plane before the trouble began. firefighters tell us the pilot radioed in the trouble then parachuted out of the plane.>> the pilot parachuted just before impact and he landed at about one east. >> not only did the pilot survive, but those inside the house were able to survive as well. >> he said he was in one room and his wife was in another room and two dogs. >> the couple managed to get out before the flames or opted. investigators combed through
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>> thank god. nobody got hurt.>> in gilbert, reporting live. the arizona cardinals hungry for their first win of the year and they got it. joe is joining us now.>> that was painful, today was delightful. buccaneers today. arizona focused and carson palmer over 300 yards and three touchdowns. the cardinals stifled jame's winston. palmer going deep jerome brown for the 51 yard touchdown. 24-0 at the half. the new quarterback marcus
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the cardinals win big. we are live at the stadium. >> reporter: last week was a reality check and i think it says a lot about the cardinals. they won a game in dominating fashion. they forced five turnovers and cleaned up with 40 points. thy >> we are very pleased with the win. i thought our guys had a good practice this week and they showed up on the field defensively.>> it was one of those weeks where no matter who you are playing, as soon as sunday night and did you could not wait for today. any type of wind, -- of love
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was huge today. >> reporter: i will tell you this, if you look at the cardinals schedule there is no reason to believe they are not in the position of winning. much more from the locker room coming up later. the cardinals win and everybody really winning with our didn't -- take a look at your screen for the current temperatures. the winds are picking up. a light breeze as we had through the next 24 hours. the weather pattern has very little change in the next 24 hours but we will see more activity as we head into the mid-part of the week. we will take a look at how much
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today some scary moments for a valley family after their little boy fell into a canal. a family member pulled the child out of the water. they took him to children's hospital where he was breathing on his own and in stable condition. we now know the name killed at a house party early outside the home. witnesses saw two cars leaving the scene officers tracked them down and they found another shooting victim. the victim is still in the hospital no arrests have been made. the man accused of running down three phoenix police officers has been hospitalized. he was taken their last week and has not returned to jail. he is being held on several
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murder. all three of the officers are okay. tonight cbs premieres the miniseries the case of jonbenet ramsey which takes a fresh rush -- block at one of the -- a fresh look at one of the most famous unsolved murders. after 20 years, can it be solved?>> we've all asked who killed jonbenet ramsey? >> either an intruder committed it or it was an inside job. there is evidence that points to both ways. >> statistically at that time and it remains true, a stranger abduction from someone's home
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>> despite all the resources and man hours, it's never been solved. >> on the second line of the letter the name infarcts and is used in that's forensic linguistics. >> and miniseries is putting the mystery -- a miniseries is putting the mystery back under the microscope. >> they tried to solve this case once for all. >> to do starting tonight, what you have not seen or heard. > evidence and analysis being done by experts.>> jim clemente is a retired fbi profiler and an original investigator on the case. >> the keep -- key piece of evidence is the ransom letter. i think new evidence attached to it is the 911 call. >> i want to show you with
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>> it will be startling when you hear what was recorded. >> while the home is still standing, it has been completely renovated so this new team constructed an exact replica. >> because we rebuilt the crime scene, they made it just like it was at that time and we are able to do an authentic crime string -- en bowl of pineapple and milk and an empty glass with the teabag in some residue.>> the investigators were able to look at all of the evidence from beginning to end.>> six investigators, thousands of man- hours, dozens of new interviews, one theory. >> some best investigators in
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conclusion. >> the miniseries premieres tonight at 7 pm. you can watch the full interview tonight at 10 pm.
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this week the us census bureau reports median household income has increased more than 5%. it's the largest year-to-year increase since they started keeping records nearly 50 years ago. some economists say the numbers do not reveal the full picture. it doesn't account for the
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as far as who is getting those jobs, it's women.>> women are fully engaged in the economy and the sectors that employ educated women are the ones that are growing. those are healthcare, and education. >> the brightest news from the report the average income for the poorest americans jumped nearly 8%.
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investigators say they have recovered pieces of the pressure cooker bomb that are 29 people last night in new york city. we are getting our first look at the moment the bomb went off. th the blast. the manhunt is under way for the person who planted the explosive devices.>> it was scary, it was an explosion. >> all 29 people have been released from the hospital. investigators are facing a social media page where someone
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less than 24 hours before that explosion in new york a bomb went off in a trashcan along the seaside park boardwalk in new jersey. authorities say they haven't found any specific evidence linking the blasts. a slight warm-up today and temperaturde than we are were -- we were expecting them to be. 105 degrees the high of today. the rest of the evening will be clear skies, 97 degrees by 8 pm. your pinpoint doppler new cloud cover or rain.
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here's what's happening right now. we have drier air filtering into the area and yesterday covered most of arizona. it's getting pushed to the north because of the latest tropical storm to the south of us. it's off the coast of mexico with sustained winds at 60 miles per hour. this will track toward the north it will drag the moisture into arizona. it for the changes to happen. it will stay at tropical storm heading into monday and then as we head into tuesday we see it weakening becoming a tropical depression. all of the moisture associated with the storm will make its way into southern california and arizona as we head into the next couple of days.
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temperatures tomorrow 104 degrees for phoenix. your seven-day forecast is on the screen. we have a 10 degrees drop on tuesday bringing a chance for showers. we lessen the chance of showers on wednesday and warm-up the temperatures cooling into next weekend in the low 90s. reading too many headlines, the cardinals heard it all after the loss.
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-- went for it. he's got a big arm he lets it slide deep and check out patrick peterson. he keeps tampa off the board. arizona's offense cooking all afternoon. he keeps the drive alive second quarter it's palmer to fitzgerald. a the cardinals defense smothered winston big pressure all afternoon. he comes up with the pick playing very well. tampa back on offense. winston smothered the football. arizona comes up its field position.
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franchise fitzgerald down to the one yard line. a touchdown 20 seconds left in the half. jerome brown wide-open 51 yard touchdown. 24-0 at the half. icing on the cake marcus cooper 60 yards what a day for him. the cardinals been waiting to see.>> i think the cardinals were certainly shocked that they were bears by the way they perform in -- performed on national -- they were embarrassed by the way they performed on national television. marcus cooper replaces brandon
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to passes. they had a 47 win. >> the best thing we are doing is protecting the football. that is what we are capable of doing. >> it felt like we were ready to play. i think we were excited and everybody was pumped. >> things to clean up. the best part about this we started fast. >> it was the best day to do it so that's what i tried to do.>> cooper did exactly that. i would be shocked if he didn't start next week. the cardinals are on the road
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cam newton and the panthers hosting the 49ers. second quarter defense optional for san francisco. greg olson wide-open 70 yards for the touchdown. second-half newton nine yard touchdown. newton clers for 353 yards and -- throws for 300 for 353 yards and four touchdowns. this one bona fide ugly. how did i end up in los angeles?
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changes in the forecast as we take a look at the seven-day forecast. take a look at your screen. not a lot of rain out of this but we will have the temperatures staying in the 90s. these twin pandas went a few months without names.
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in june.>> why can't they named the panthers -- pandas fred and martha?
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captioning funded by cbs and ford. we go further, so you can. >> kroft: if you don't recognize them, the tall guy on the left is vice presidential candidate bill weld. the shorter one is former new mexico governor and presidential nominee gary johnson. their rallies y but they can still make some noise, and are not without enthusiastic support. >> gary, gary, gary! >> bill weld: the next president of the united states, gary johnson. ( applause ) >> gary johnson: you rock. you rock. thank you. >> one-three-zero. one-one-zero. water peak. eight-four. >> martin: the u.s.s. "kentucky," rising to the surface off the coast of hawaii.
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it is the deadliest engine of destruction in the american arsenal, able to carry almost 200 nuclear warheads atop the missiles loaded beneath those hatches. if this boat were a country, you'd be a nuclear power. >> that's true. yes, sir. >> martin: there's a new cold war brewing between the u.s. and russia, and tonight, you'll see what it looks like from inside strategic command headquarters. >> holly williams: in the remote hills of eastern china, this is a magic kingdom that not even up. it's called hengdian world studios, and at over 7,000 acres, it's the largest film lot on the planet. you're going to use hollywood directors, hollywood stars... >> yes. >> williams make english- language films to compete with hollywood? >> yes. >> williams: and make global blockbusters? >> yes. i think we'll be doing it in the


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