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tv   CBS 5 News at 10  CBS  September 22, 2016 10:00pm-10:36pm MST

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a 30-year-old man in critical condition after he was hit by a car near 19th avenue and glendale. >> we're waiting to hear back from investigators on what happened. we know the driver stopped, if we get updates we will pass them on to you. peoria police looking for a gunman after men were shot and 95th avenue and northern. >> life. what's the latest. we're very few details. i spoke with a man who lives in this area and he said he heard at least 20 gunshots. he believes it was from two different handguns we've not had that confirmed by police. look behind me, detectives on the scene. quite a few evidence markers on the ground for their marketing possible shell casings.
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neighborhood. they found a man lying on the front lawn. we don't know if it was a dispute with the shooting began in the house or outside. we know detectives are walking around the road with flashlights trying to find as much evidence as possible. together. you can see detectives and officers looking for any type of evidence or anything. >> reporter: at this point we don't know if there's one or more suspects involved in the do not have a description at this point. we don't know if they left on foot or in a vehicle. this investigation is ongoing. just down the street police investigate another shooting. they are trying to figure out if the two are related. police say a man was shot near 95th avenue. he was taken to the hospital with life- threatening injuries they are
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lavelli got another round of when rain and dust. this evening storms brought a lot of rain to some of our neighbors. massive downpour there. >> palmer joins us live with answers on your commute or tomorrow and if it will be a wet one. >> showers overnight but by tomorrow most of the shower activity will move out of the area. a lot of showers to the north push into areas of flagstaff, #right along interstate 40 and north of the grand canyon along the border. three quarters of an inch of rain getting a half-inch of
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anymore showers in the forecast tomorrow, what about the weekend? something the size of los angeles in the desert south of the valley may be causing some of our biggest the storms. fo marijuana. that's a 19-year-old is claiming phoenix police officers forced to do just last week.>> are out of a job and under investigation. >> phoenix police department will look into some of its hiring practices after three of its rookies allegedly forced a man to eat the marijuana they found in his car during a traffic stop. the three officers in question were probationary employees all within their first year of service with the phoenix police department. one of those had previously spent 10 years with the chicago
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is short 600 officers. it's been struggling to recruit, train and get more new hires on the street. the cheesehead is confident in the departments hiring practices but has plans to look for any missed read flags when they brought these three officers on board. >> and we will do our due diligence as we move forward in our hiring practices.>> reporter: the chief says all three of these officers been a different body cameras but turned them off before the alleged incident. they have arrested one of the fbi's most wanted.>> suspect has been with us since 1998 after police in chicago cb killed and raped woman. fbi was extradited back to us to face charges.
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curfew but the police department says they will not enforce its if the protesters stay peaceful. this camera moving around quite a bit. there was a live look at the protesters. the curfew started an hour ago. it will not be lifted until 6 pm -- 6 am. last night to protest was the most violent. teargas everywhere, 40 arrests and one person shot has now died. of emergency and called in the national guard. this was sparked by keith scott death. he was shot and killed by police. police say scott had a gun but others say he is holding a book. tonight, his family video and they wanted to released to the public. please are resisting thing that would disrupt the investigation that is underway. in oklahoma, a tulsa police
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of terrence crutcher. they say she acted unreasonably. the victim had his hands up with sheet was shot. if convicted, she could get for years to life in prison. back here in arizona the staff had the grand canyon under a microscope on capitol hill over allegations that male employees preyed upon female colleagues, demanded sex retaliated against those who refuse. workers said three separate national parks are also being investigated for sexual harassment. down into some police say they have arrested the serial rapist bring a woman for weeks. the 43-year-old suspect was booked for sexual abuse, assault and robbery charges. >> we still need your help getting this serial killer off
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murders in nine different shootings. $75,000 reward offered. if you know anything about this case, please call the number on your screen, 480 witness. donald trump's running mate took the stage at mesa. it's not a mike pence said that is making waves, it's who he shared the stage with. pastor tom anderson joined hands of the living world bible church in mesa. anderson was once the focus of built himself as a prosperity preacher offering financial advice but some members accused him of leading them into financial ruin. anderson says trump and mike pence are the right leaders for our country. >> in my heart, i believe you are the two that are called by god. wanted by god. and appointed for this hour and
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>> we reached out to mike pence and the truck campaign for comment, we have not heard back. donald trump was in pennsylvania talking about recent protests and riots across the country calling them a threat to citizens. he says he won't tolerate fans protest when he is president. meanwhile hillary clinton's campaign says mrs. clinton reached out to charlotte mayor and north carolina lawmakers on
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for us, we start to see some clearing with a slight chance of showers to the overnight hours. what's nice with the cold front, to -- cooler temperatures outside. dew points still up there at
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relative humidity at 74%. futurecast holding on to a chance of showers. passenger areas of the valley. by tomorrow morning most of the showers move to the east. we'll see clearing in the afternoon for friday and temperatures, take a look. a nice day. wake up tomorrow around 71 degrees, 78 x 10 and with a high of 87. that's well below our average. 12 degree difference. lower 90s, stayed below average saturday and sunny mostly clear skies. see mid-90s in the next week. sometimes lasting through thursday. there is your seven day letter. you have everything you need for friday. stick around, if your email address and with, you
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>> half-billion accounts hacked and we have answers on what they took and what you need to do right now. our dust storms like the one we saw today, the new normal . how the economy can put drivers in danger. our investigation next.
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i'm a scientist. i observed. that was off the charts. plain and simple. >> talking about those giant storms. we have all lived through them. >> tonight we investigate whether we are seeing more of them. the desert between tucson and phoenix looks like a western postcard. jagged mountains shoot up from
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trains and traffic along with 10 are the only sound. there's something happening here. in the soil, in the cloud, in the wind. industry and the danger.>> i was working the day of that large what everyone talks about. checkout meteorologist talks about july 5 july 5, 2011. satellite images from that day show there was a giant headed straight for the valley. 40 miles per hour. covering 100 miles of service, reaching 1000 feet into the sky literally swallowing the entire valley of the sun. >> i've never seen something so incredible as that. >> reporter: he studied how these that deadly dust storms formed. >> sothern canal county, has
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with such tremendous force. they've blow powdery soil into the air and valley and in 2011, scientists noticed a spike, the numbers of these storms were rising. but why? >> you have your own theory? >> it's possible socioeconomic factors might have had a play in this. jarkko we are driving south the checkout water the economy may have played a role in the spike in dust storms. we see desert but there are also signs that this land is somehow different. this is an old irrigation ditch. it's pretty much full of dirt. this is evidence this used to be a green field. what is here today, drive rush
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we head back to phoenix and find ourselves driving straight into a dust storm. could that abandoned field or others like it has something to do with all of this? back in phoenix we take a look at satellite images. lots of farmland in panola county. also vast stretches with a farmland is gone and then we find these images. that show the same spot farmland. liquid chased by 2014. almost no vegetation. nothing to hold the soil down. when you saw how much abandoned farmland there was out there, did that surprise you?>> i had no idea. >> reporter: peter ht is an asu researcher who has been tracking abandoned farmland. he has come to a staggering figure.
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two counties. >> reporter: that adds up to 100 157 157 mi.2. another abandoned farmland to completely cover los angeles california. furman that was green is now around and is just sitting there. waiting for developers to buy and build something someday. >> is it possible that created a bigger dust of these storms? >> it's a theory at this time. i think it's possible. >> reporter: if that turns out to be true we can expect to see even more of these monsters roll into the valley. turning the sky brown, polluting the air and wreaking havoc on highways and streets. may be a coincidence but i
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>> when you look at those pictures, aren't the owners of all that abandoned farmland required to do something about the dust?>> there are regulations for wicking working farms but not abandoned farm land and that's a big problem. >> it's unlike the situation will change anytime soon. answers tonight from a mesa firefighter about what cruise were dealing with. a plane crash into a gilbert home. listen as dispatchers worry about the fire after the plane went down. working fire. >> alarm to all units are entitled to. for a plane crash into a home. >> that was taking place this friday evening event. moments after the jump the plane burst into flames and crash into this home. the family inside not hurts. the pilot bailed out of the
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recovering in the burn unit at a local hospital with burns over his body. consumer alert tonight. yahoo says personal information in 500 million accounts was stolen in a massive security breach. hacked data includes names, email addresses, telephone numbers and dates of birth. the stolen information does not include payment card data or bank account information. yahoo is recommending users change their pas in the last two years. and attempted kidnapping caught on camera.>> the pet owner is coming forward to hope to catch you guys to try this deal sprinkles. her pig monitor guys after they broke into a back window. stealing a tv enjoy but there also try to make off with
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he thought they could make a pretty penny off there had nothing but without time on their side they left without sprinkles. >> i'm grateful we had that camera and we did catch him. his friend is called hector. hopefully we can stop him before he tries to hurt anyone else's animal. >> we're glad it's because it's okay. west coast labor is making huge impact. hundreds lined up to get a taste of pinouts double double. they opened up a pop-up restaurant and sold-out of all
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>> a baby! we are very very very disappointed. >> where did you get the dog? >> james gordon tries to get a role in the new bridget jones movie. you saw her face. when a zellweger the star was not impressed. you can catch the late late show after the late show with >> jack hanna will be on as well. will we see anymore rain?
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great pictures tonight. rain coming down. soaking right there. no need to water the lawn tonight. in this amazing shot from our talented team, we have this from eating storm. a beautiful rainbow brite there. with a few clouds and showers north of us you can see slight chance for early morning showers in our forecast with temperatures, we start of the morning 71 degrees in phoenix, blows in flagstaff a little
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below average temperatures in the lower 60s in flagstaff. enjoy it we will stay below average through the weekend. sometimes getting older can be tough. >> in tonight's pay it forward, ian schwartz shows us how one woman has made it her mission to land a much needed helping hand. >> reporter: if you spend your golden years in is the woman you want to know.>> here's a walker you can take with you.>> reporter: she runs a small nonprofit that does it all. need a walker, someone to pick up your groceries, how about a nurse to help out at home? all of this comes at no charge. >> within our community.
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as humble as they come. she wanted to pay it forward to show how much her hard work means. >> $500. >> oh my gosh! >> from cbs five for pay it forward. >> reporter: rosemary woodis vicki is modest and would likely deflect all the praise back to the volunteers.>> he's a medical equipment expert. she was right. it's our volunteers and make it all happen and our residents that donate to give us here. >> reporter: they fell they helped thousands of residents. >> anything we need in the way of help, vicki takes care of the whole neighborhood. trevitt's comforting knowing
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highs and lows for tomorrow. lower 90s, temperatures in the lower 70s. that will do for us. we will see you tonight, have a great night.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> stephen: anthony anderson , man, thanks so much for being back here. >> always a pleasure being here. >> stephen: i had so much fun with you last time, i thought it would be fun if you and i did a y >> really? >> stephen: oh yeah, it would be perfect. i'd play the straight-laced guy who's two days from retirement, and you'd be the younger guy who's a loose cannon. >> why am i the loose cannon? >> stephen: because, i'll play the reasonable by-the-book kind of cop, and you're unhinged. >> so, i'm the crazy cop? >> stephen: yes! totally deranged! >> so again, why am i the crazy cop? >> stephen: it's obvious, i'm like the normal guy who has put his time in, and you're, you know, a complete nut-job. >> what do you mean, it's


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