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tv   CBS 5 News at 530  CBS  September 23, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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>> this location has seven violations that don't meet city standards. >> what are you relying on what application comes to your office? >> we are relying on a letter from the city same application doesn't have restrictions or it
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>>reporter: dispensaries are required to be 1520 feet from churches and schools and 500 feet from neighborhoods. the city could have blocked this application but it sent a letter to the state signing off. >> we could not have used our signing authority make the property owner suspect. they have a right to request a variance. i don't get approved. >>reporter: they toss out applications that don't comply with zoning laws. the department of health services says the states are doing. >> we leave it up to the local jurisdictions to see where they want to place the dispensaries. >>reporter: the law passed in 2010 included a protection of no dispensaries within 500 feet of a school. and from here, it's a short
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530 feet to be exact, far enough to comply with state law. in this application has better odds because the state change the way it is giving out dispensary licenses. instead of a lottery, whatever location is closest to the biggest hotspot wins. and camelback is only 22 feet from a neighborhood. >> that is underserved area with no license is granted because it was too close to homes and churches and schools. >>reporter: a placement to be protected by zoning laws is a better bet for dispensary applicants because it has been protected in the past. >> when the licenses in place, that licenses probably worth $10 million. >>reporter: of arizona voters legalize recreational weed, the
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crack at selling pot to everyone in places like this for so many people live, worship and go to school. >> i would like to see them stay away from the schools and churches because that's just asking for trouble. let's get a look at the forecast. you can see the radar has quiet conditions and it's nice to see quiet conditions. tucson having some rain southwest arizona and a a live look outside. we had dust in the air earlier today but it looks like visibility is improving. temperatures comfortable. mid-80s with a high today at 88 and 10 degrees below average and if you're heading out and about for friday night temperatures look terrific 83 with mostly clear skies and seven and what is ahead for the weekend? they have been used in portland and seattle to make
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up here. we sent adjacent to tempe to show us how they work. >>reporter: let's be honest, if you drove up to this intersection outside big green box in the road, would you have any idea what it is? don't worry, you are not alone. riding a bike can be dangerous especially when drivers are not paying attention. >> i have been almost hit multiple times. >>reporter: in her effort to make the streets safer, they have rolled out a traffic control system called a bike box designed to improve safety and visibility for bikers but it's a big green box placed at a stoplight. bikers are allowed in the box and cars are not, helping to create separation. the first bike box was put in a few weeks ago across from
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every day. >> it's a good idea. i like it. it makes it safer for us. as long as the cars are following the concept. >>reporter: drivers pulled up to the box and have no idea what it is or what to do. do you know what this is? >> i don't know. it could be a number of things. >>reporter: we spotted a number of drrs doing anything wrong. >> the bright green draws attention. >>reporter: the bike boxes have worked in other cities and he expects them to work here. we think over time that drivers will get the hang of it. >>reporter: this is a test intersection and if they
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>> valley city is in the spotlight for being one of the top 50 places to live. they rank scottsdale 50th at columbia came out on top and plano texas. scottsdale is on another top list, places we can have the most fun. wallace have ranks the city 10th because of the fitness clubs movie places and a high number of open breweries. las vegas top the list followed by orlando flor florida.
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a new page of controversy for sherul sources tell us the fbi has subpoenaed records related to how babeu's office used seized criminal money also known as rico funds. critics have said pcso's use of the foundation is like money laundering. and they've also accused babeu of using the funds to fuel his campaign. it may already be illegal campaigning with government resources. or if they're just being used to make the sheriff look good, as he runs for congress.
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changing the film industry answers about the new software writing and creating stories that could play out in theaters. samsung said half the americans about the samsung xy brought them back. samsung reports the vast majority of customers are exchanging them for note 7 instead of getting a refund or a different font. the replacement batteries and replacement phones have batteries from a different supplier. to my twitter stock soared after rumors that the company might be put up for sale. alphabet, the parent company of google, may be interested. twitter has installed in the
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>> tesla is updating its autopilot system with an alarm that sounds of the driver does not keep their hands on the wheel. the cars have been under scrutiny after a deadly crash. >> americans are getting into the halloween spirit. a record $8.4 billion this year alone on candy, pumpkins, costumes and treats. congratulations to adam levine and his girlfriend. he is welcoming his first
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well colin kaepernick is the most hated player in the nfl due to the backup quarterbacks refusing to stand during the national anthem. 29% dislike colin kaepernick and the buccaneers quarterback came in second followed by the
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break out your comics or stop by the local comic book store. sunday is national comic book day. shops have events planned it if you want to observe the day you can pick up a comic book to read and use the #national comic book day to post on social media and the first comic published in the united states was in 1842. it is friday night and that can mean one thing. we are talking high school football. >> for homecoming weekend. >>reporter: can you feel the adrenaline courtesy of the cheerleaders. homecoming and bear country. excitement is sky high. the mesa jackrabbits are looking to ruin the party.
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up the first wind knocking out desert mountain. now they're looking to make it to in a row. >> they understand how important it is to get it any turnaround and we section right now we have number two, number three, number five and number six in the state that we are playing so need to have some momentum going into play some of the best teams in the state. >>reporter: no question you have to build the momentum for league in conference py. we have football over the weekend. on sunday the arizona cardinals at the road for the first time this year. they go to buffalo. a place they don't go to very often and a team they don't match up often with. cardinals looking for the first win at buffalo since 1971. >> it's unfamiliar territory. we are not accustomed to the person out. there are a lot of things we
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>>reporter: a good test for the arizona cardinals print last year they finished off the regular-season winning five road games. back here, this is where the fun is that with these ladies right here. the bears cheerleaders. you have the font and enthusiasm. let's have a little fun. are you guys ready to have a little fun? here we go. give me a b me an a -- a me a r, give me a going to win tonight? i just love the higher learning
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beauty, style, charisma, they have a.and we have the highlights coming on a special show hosted by jp at our sister station because it's good tv. >> i don't think on friday night football are my favorite of the entire year. >> absolutely. it's all coming. >> that's a lot of energy. roaches near the sink and
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da conditions. we have a few showers south of us that he can see across areas of tucson coming can see a chance of to the evening hours but it looks like a quiet weekend and wait until you see the temperatures. we had some snowfall this morning and the san francisco peaks. here's a look at flagstaff it looks like some snow has melted but wait until you see the overnight low up north. flagstaff dropping below the
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55 degrees currently up there and 85 here after a high today of 88, 10 degrees below average. clearing skies with a bit of a hayes today and air quality was a little bit ugly in the mid afternoon hours but it was brought to you by some dust along the california border but 30 degrees for a low-end flagstaff and 51 in sedona lower 40s and press kit and tomorrow morning temperatures very comfortable here is flagstaff if you are heading up north 63 for a high and see mostly clear skies with 60s on sunday and the next chance of rain tuesday and wednesday chance of showers 30% chance of afternoon showers and the next seven days lower 90s for tomorrow and a high of 94
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dropping in the we will see a chance of rain tuesday and wednesday next week and things warm-up by the end of the work week on friday. the new national museum of african american history and culture on the national mall opens its doors to the public tomorrow. >> obama will headline the dedication ceremony. we recently visited the museum. >>reporter: it is a dream, decades in the making. a museum on the national mall that showcases african- american history. when the doors opened 3000 artifacts will be on display. some so large they had to build the museum around them like this railcar and a guard tower from a louisiana prison. visitors are encouraged to start with an exhibit on slavery which displays shackles, a
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a museum tour would take you chronologically through freedom, segregation and civil rights. stories are told with the help of an attractive lunch counter. an airplane flown in world war ii can be seen overhead. >> this museum looks back at helps contextualize where we are and hints at what a future can be and maybe can help us find reconciliation and healing. >>reporter: the museum built a collection of 37,000 artifacts from scratch. most of them were donated. >> it's becoming part of history. >>reporter: the curator has worked to make this museum possible for a decade. >> to help make it happen is pretty special and humbling. >>reporter: the upper floors celebrate african-american achievements in sports and culture. that's for you will find chuck
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-- mohammed ali's boxing robe. >> a teacher facing three counts of sexual conduct with a minor. it happened with root -- 53- year-old alan johnson was teaching at cactus high school 2011. today he appeared in court with his bond set at $25,000. they high school teacher has been placed on administrative leave pending the investigation. without bond after being accused of kidnapping and raping an unconscious woman. surveillance footage captures ramirez carrying the 22-year- old over his shoulder and walking away. this was early saturday morning. he first told investigators that was consensual and he changed his story when he found out there was a surveillance footage.
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last saturday. the ntsb said one of the skydivers heard a loud noise before seeing the wing erupted in flames. the pilot and the skydivers bailed out before the crash. the homeowners were not seriously hurt. the final report should, next year. connect with us on facebook or twitter or instagram. share your story with us by using the hashtag we love a new do that over the nice weekend we had a store. >> use the patio. >> that will do it for us at 5 pm.
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? ? ? captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: new evidence from the shooting. ( gunfire ) the family of keith scott releases video that captures the sound of a charlotte police officer shooting him to death. >> did you shoot him!? he better not be ( bleep ) dead! >> pelley: also tonight, hillary monday debate preparations to visit charlotte. we'll look at where thee the candidates stand on law, order, and race. >> drugs are a very, very big factor in what you're watching on television. >> pelley: from russia with love, for donald trump. the russian politicians pulling for a trump win. >> i'm charles osgood, and this is "sunday morning." >> pelley: and farewell to our guide to 22 years of sundaysundy


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