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tv   CBS 5 News at 5  CBS  September 26, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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>> raindrops and dust. doppler radar, the area pushing in and you mentioned the blowing dust advisory until tonight around 8 pm. visibility is the worst part it's down to about a mile. not seeing a huge issue but it could build up. look at the shower activity. you can see east valley, places along reed creek, gilberts, ahwatukee seeing raindrops. an area of low pressure to the south will continue to spend moisture our way. through thursday we contingency a chance of rain. a live look outside. visibility improving downtown temperatures in the low 80s and winds breezy.
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>> let's get back to the breaking news. local activist in light blue shirt face a judge to getting arrested during a rally in tempe. we just learned he is facing charges of obstructing a roadway and failure to comply with a law enforcement officer. he is a court date set for october 10. an in-depth with him being dragged away in handcuffs. >> block the bridge others were arrested. >> community activist the reverend one of three people arrested this morning in tempe after a small but vocal group of protesters tried to shut down the mill avenue bridge.
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>> calling it a moral monday the reverend at several protesters making a stand this morning. >> a move that in-depth getting protesters cuffed and under arrest. >> that's why we are here on monday to shut down the street, close down traffic and dessert business because the way racism and police brutality is disrupting the lives of black people. >> >> on hands, the family of delvon holland the 19-year-old shot and killed this past summer by a tempe police lieutenant. >> we want the officer fired. if he doesn't resign in his own we want him to be fired. he killed a 19 year old black kid. a young kid. >> police warning marchers not
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the sidewalk.>> anyone in the roadway is subject to arrest. stay on the sidewalk. >> before this march, he promising the protests are just beginning. >> we won't stop. this is the first moral monday. will tear the city up until he is fired. that is a promise.>> he goes before a judge this afternoon. released on his own recognizance. the protest today. we engaged in the rebels. i'm sad for the city of tempe. i'm not angry, i don't feel any need to engage in violence. i have a lot of people's departments and hope for this
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we continue to use nonviolence, we will overcome. >> that is came into our newsroom moments ago we spoke with sue -- walked out of the courtroom. he is free on his own recognizance. >> this is not the first time he has led demonstrations. this is the scene of the summer. no huge rally in downtown phoenix in july. the same week five police officers in dallas were shot and killed. this protest and takes place crowd. one week later he led a group to block the intersection of 24 street and camelback. i just took part in hand over a list of demands please chief called for changes inside the phoenix police department. students stayed home from class because of violent threats posted online. these are investigating posts made on facebook. three schools, the threat posed
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officers on campus looking into it but as of now, no classes have been canceled and there were no reported problems. >> sketch. police asking for your help to find this man wanted for sexually assaulting a woman that happened over the weekend. this man grabbed the victim by the hair and dragged her under a bridge at a park >> if you know who this might be, you are urged to call window police. out who shot and killed the man behind the chevron gas station sunday night. police arrived to find the 35- year-old shot. a short time later police arrested two women but they are not saying it those women are involved. these are asking anyone who may have witnessed the shooting to call them. >> we heard about the grinch who stole christmas. now there's a hooligan honing in on halloween.
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the targeting the neighborhood and his exploits caught on camera. >> one of the best things about halloween is the cool decorations. the skeletons, the witches. the spiders. unfortunately this neighborhood is expressing the dark side of halloween after someone stole a number of halloween decorations this past weekend. >> halloween is a month away but that didn't stop this thief from putting a damper on fun. home security camera shows the guy grabbing a skeleton decoration and taking off. >> this guy would have walked up, saw the camera and walked away. that's all we want him to do but he wasn't smart enough to look up and see the two cameras taking his photo. >> here's a closer look. the death took place in the middle of the night you happy valley road.>> the ghost is
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covered the front yard. >> varejco lives a few locks away and tells us the same thing happen to her. the inflatables were stolen from the front yard along with a strobe light by the front door. >> hurt to children are upset. >> to walk up and take people's decorations, it's scary to know we're people wondering our neighborhood. willing to take things. >> someone will stll they do? . >> reporter: homeowners hope for sharing the video they can force the seats out of the shadows. >> we replaced our new decoration with a new guy and we will put a sign that says, smile, you're on camera. joke of the theft was reported to police goodbyes homeowners to be on alert for anything suspicious. the feeling is if more people are aware of what's going on, the better the odds they will catch who is
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news tonight on the pilot injured when his plane crashed into this gilbert home. he is recovering from his second surgery. the skydivers who jumped out of the plane and homeowners at home none was your center. it still unknown what led to this crash. upper limit report was released last week saying one of the skydivers heard a loud noise forcing the wing arrived in flames. the final reportul donald trump hellickson locked in a tie as the race for the white house that enter its final month. poll released today shows trump 43% and clinton with 41. if you include the two third- party candidates, it's a sign that clinton support has awarded over the past three months when she held a 12 point lead over the republican nominee. the timing of this poll is huge as the two candidates square off in one of the most highly
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this will be the first time these candidates will go face- to-face on the political stage at this point the two have only exchanged jabs on the campaign trail. that looks like a live picture tonight. it will be a huge night. they are expecting sized audience expected to watch it all. you can see it live right here. coverage will begin in less than an hour followed by a special edition of cbs5 news news. >> one of washington's top tourist attractions is shut down. see what's keeping of the washington monument.
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man suspected of opening fire
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old has been charged with five counts of first-degree murder. shooting and a macy's last friday left for women and a man dead. bail is set at $2 million. >> the man who hurts nine people during a shooting at a strip off today was a lawyer. houston's mayor claims trouble at work triggered he died after getting shot by police. protesting the shooting death of a black man. for people charged overnight standing in the street. police have arrested over 70 people altogether. remain closed indefinitely because of ongoing elevator issues. bouchette down in august with the cable broke loose on the elevator takes visitors on a 555 foot right. >> the ages of some of your favorite actress may be hard to
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to. this is a new california law and to cut down on age dissemination. flu season around the
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please say this man is want of aggravated assault. the other guy is someone they want to speak with. police say the suspect confronted a 27-year-old man and shot him in the chest ago it happened in the area 35th avenue baseline in phoenix on september 3 just before 5 am. the suspect took off. the victim survived his injuries. >> the suspect is described as a white male 25 years old, 6 feet tall and slender about 150 pounds. a goatee. the other guy to copy for the shooting but police want to speak with him. there's a warrant out for the rest of this man. he 61 years old, 5'8" tall 160 pounds with a knife and a shaved head. he is wanted or operation violation a charge of attempted sexual assault. police are looking for the this
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with black hair and brown eyes he has dad tattooed on his back and versus and marbles on his left arm. he is wanted for violating probation after failing to register as a sex offender. if you have any information on these features, call silent witness join the hunt and help cops catch crooks, download our free news app and click on manhunt monday section. a live look on 35th avenue on the road which is closed. phoenix police are on the scene of this deadly accident. investigators say the driver was trying to turn left when he was hit by another vehicle. you can see he was thrown into that poll. that intersection will be closed for a while. this is
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coin toss determined hillary clinton will get the first russian in tonight's presidential debate. >> we don't have to take the stakes. high for both candidates in a race that has stored -- stirred intense interest around the country. the candidates will face each other on this stage for 90 minutes uninterrupted. there are heading a presidential debate a virtual tie. althg was light on preparation. hillary clinton factor so we can. tim kaine says the formal work to her paper. >> this is the moderator and two of you. you can run but you can't hide. will trump give details about anything. jarkko mike pence says the republican will speak the heart
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america strong again, make america safe again, and make america rate again. chuck a new national poll finds three or four voters will tune in the vast majority 87% said it's unlikely to affect how they will vote. >> she says jenna will be an important factor tonight. >> with it appears like is expectation for women is higher than tough without -- >> audience has been worn to refrain from any disruptive behavior. coverag debate will begin in 42 minutes. 6 o'clock, right here, it will befall by special edition of cbs5 news including expert
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language. is a good chance you've seen the signs and pharmacy to you telling you to come in and get your flu shots. is it too early to get vaccinated? some say getting your shot now may not protect you for the flu season which usually peaks around january or february. doctors don't know how long the flu protection lasts it could be months before we see the flu virus at full strength. the doctors said getting an early vaccination is all. a new study may be reassuring to pregnant women suffering through difficult symptoms of morning sickness. it may be torture for you it may be good for the baby. we have more. also implies is seven months pregnant and feeling great. early on, the morning sickness was unbearable. >> it was all day everyday.
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women who suffer with nausea or vomiting of morning sickness may have a lower risk of miscarriage. researchers followed nearly 800 women and found those reported nausea or vomiting while pregnant were 50 to 75% less likely to suffer a loss. >> the benefit is now we can tell patients there's evidence for this. but not really miserable for no reason. it demonstrated the pregnancy the cause of morning sickness is not known but researchers say it's possibly protects the unborn baby against toxins and organisms in foods and drinks that can cause disease. the doctor says woman can have healthy pregnancies without morning sickness. >> it's an important step forward so we can understand more about pregnancy especially early pregnancy. >> she says is that he is reassuring. >> it's definitely a really.
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and side effects of medications. >> she says being a first-time mom can be scary. sickness, stuck the fridge and freezer with ice cream. it helps. blowing dust advisory until 8 pm. the green red bull move into the downtown area. a lot of showers in east valley with a glob of greens trying to push through mesa. chance of rain will extend to the evening tonight's. you can see the showers on our tower cam. looking out towards this area pack your ballot is the case. temperatures in the lower 80s.
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picking up to around 30 and 35 miles per hour in some locations. so this will help settle the dust. >> temperatures stay around the lower 80s. a chance of showers in the forecast throughout the rest of the thing. another chance of showers tomorrow. also wednesday and thursday will continue to see chance of rainfall brought to an area of low pressure bringing showers out east towards suffered. by tomorrow morning, seven name will see another chance of rain in the forecast, light rainfall and another round with brief thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon into the evening hours. the threat will extend through thursday this week. temperatures drop into the lower 70s in phoenix, 42 in flagstaff. conditions in the low to mid 50s to have a chance of rain in
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a chance on thursday and temperatures below average all week. the average high this time around 98 degrees looking good after thursday will see the sun return, dryer and clear skies saturday to sunday. millions expected to tune into the debates but a warning if you are plugged into the race and
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the world of sports lost a legend over the weekend. arnold palmer died of heart publications. his longtime on the course record with jack nicholas helped turn the country club game into a must-see tv events.
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phoenix open winner. he won the tournament back to back to back. 61 to 63 ago today present along obama says he was the american dream come to life. he was 87 years old.>> moment in the press tent. i got to cover him in the 90s. he was amazing. >> typically the phoenix suns with training camp. >> was immediate day today. just a quick note was there. taking a ton of pictures from answering a zillion questions. with phoenix suns all positive on media day. the reality, there's a lot of work to be done to improve on last year's 23 and 59 season. >> these guys are committed to working hard and that's the type of culture we want to build. guys love being here and love being together and commits to a greater purpose.
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to spread out. you can count on tevin brooker getting his share and more. >> i think we can all work well together. we are all competitive and that will make us take a step toward.>> we are all about making each other better. what specific team is best for us. all as a first-round picks and marquees chris, too young athletic forwards you can see early minutes. >> it me. i have to make the most of this opportunity. from getting as much experience as i can. >> the suns had the flagstaff today with training camp starting tomorrow at any you. the news at 530 is next. first here's a look at that time time lineup. we have a
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the big bang theory and kevin commit will air tonight
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. i'd look her right in that fat ugly face of hers. she's a slob. she ate like a pig. a person who's flat chested is very hard to be a 10. does she have a good body? no. do you treat women with respect?
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we're following more breaking news on this busy monday night.


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