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tv   CBS 5 News at 5  CBS  September 29, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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the targets. and the dominoes a few minor miles east, and when we say clown we're talking about a guy dressed up in a clown mask which seems to be all the rage. these surveillance images of the holdup tuesday night. year-old valley residents have been busted in connection with these armed robberies. police believe the 2 teens may have allegedly involved in other holdups with similar situations. in one case wearing a mask, a wrestling style mass -- mask and the other wearing a bandanna with the image of a school. in the armed robberies tuesday night the clown firing off a shot. >> we've made 2 arrests in connection with the clown mask robberies that took place on
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because they are juveniles we will not release their names at this point. i can say with certainty they have a criminal history or association with criminal organizations. >> reporter: in both of the robberies tuesday evening the mask wearing that guy fired off a shot. one of the taco bell employees told me the clown filed -- fired around into the cash register. investigators trying to determine whether the teams are linked to other armed robberies around the valley. radar. it's pretty quiet this afternoon and evening. finally a quiet night when it comes to some of the dust and thunderstorms. a few showers past flagstaff. rainfall to the south. and east. its moving into parts of tucson. we had a severe thunderstorm warning earlier this afternoon but things are gradually improving.
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for us, rainfall earlier this morning. 4/10 of an inch. 2/10 of an inch in surprise and glendale. sky harbor 2 hundredths of an inch. what about the upcoming weekend? that coming up. police have identified a body found in an irrigation canal in buckeye as kent -- gabrielle field-gutierrez. the 18-year-old was found last friday. she is from buckeye from surprise and buckeye police are asking for your help. they are looking for anyone with information on her death or where she was before they found her. just in we are getting our 1st look at an armed duo accused of robbing people i to valley gay bars. this is security footage from a bar near 7th avenue and indian school road -- indian school. both bars were robbed on the same night.
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gunman. 4 people were hurt when scaffolding collapsed while they were working on a mansion in paradise valley causing them to fall about 10 feet. this was the scene just after noon from the news chopper. 3 people suffered minor injuries. the 4th person was taken to the hospital. 2 men are vying to be your sheriff here in maricopa county. sheriff joe arpaio is facing a familiar opponent today came out swinging with a new lawsuit. we go live to phoenix for this development. >> reporter: running for maricopa county sheriff and today he is filing a defamation lawsuit against joe and a the arpaio. this is the ad in question. >> after paul penzone assaulted his ex-wife she went to court to get an order of protection. >> reporter: you may have seen
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arpaio campaign stands by. after a dispute in 2003 between penzone and his ex-wife. penzone says he never hunter and only filed a police report after their argument because he was a police sergeant at the time. he lost against sheriff arpaio in 2012 and said even then his campaign refuse -- false ads. he is filing against arpaio for defamation. >> for anyone who's been to an original it -- through a relationship that comes to an end there is a lot of emotion involved. times are challenging. but for those who go through it, you realize those moments don't define us in the when people misrepresent them, it's more defining about who they are then when i am or what i alleged i did.
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attorneys did not answer any questions after this press conference. they are asking arpaio to stop running the ad and to pay damages. we put the original 2003 report on our own website and mobile app. you can read it for yourself. we have more on the story. sheriff joe arpaio's campaign is not keeping quiet. a few minutes after penzone's news conference arpaio's team held their own conference firing back with his lawsuit. campaign member points out the timeline does not match up in his rivals lawsuit. >> when his now ex-wife filed for separation, she didn't say there was domestic violence in the marriage. she petitioned for divorce in 2002. the incident in question happened in 2003. >> arpaio's attorneys are suing for counter defamation and
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the questions were taken at the press conference. not even on why arpaio did not show up for his own press conference. a man forced to eat pot during a traffic stop plans to sue the phoenix police department. the man filed a notice of claim and civil rights violations against the police department today. that is a warning shot that a lawsuit is coming. the 3 police officers involved have all resigned. while a 4th who wid >> when i was told to stand on the curb they told me to eat the marijuana. or go to jail. >> he was pulled over for speeding. new details in the case of a former mma fighter kidnapping and raping a woman. is mark taylor reports new court documents show the woman was assaulted multiple times
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>> according to police documents the victim and her friend were out when the victim became intoxicated her friend left her to go get the car and go home. and that is when the suspect grabbed her and literally carried her away. security cameras capture the beginning of an hours long attack on a 22-year-old woman drifting in and out of consciousness. according to police the 1st carried his victim to a nearby parking garage where he victim back to his home leaving her cell phone and choose behind. there the victim told police she thought she was in a dream. he raped her 2 more times. officers also found pictures of the assault on ramirez's cell phone. upon waking the next morning ramirez drove the victim to it to be intersection where she later called police. in her statement she says she never would've consented to going home with the suspect as
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interview but told police after 1st denying raping her that he made a mistake and was not a bad person. ramirez also wrote an apology letter to the victim. a former mma fighter he was also an employee and recently separated from his wife. back to you. chandler goodwill store. employees came face-to-face with an armed man inside the store. it happened near alma school and ray. all workers were able to get out and call police. who then sent the swat team and. the store manager says training was put to good use. >> we are thankful the training they had and were able to remain calm and exit the store and remain safe. >> as for the suspect lease could not locate him. they are waiting for
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a man accused of driving his car into 3 phoenix police officers has pleaded not guilty. he was in court today and charged with attempted murder. police say he intentionally drove his car into the 3 officers. a sergeant suffered a broken leg. another officer had scrapes and bruises. detectives believe he was impaired at the time. the nation safety board has sent investigators to hoboken new jersey looking into the deadly train crash. one person was killed and 74 others were hurt when a train slammed into a station we will have more coming up. no government shutdown. president obama signs a new spending bill. we will have answers on what is in it. let's be realistic, it won't
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a crisis averted. the government will not shut down at the end of the week. president obama signed a short- term funding bill it will continue spending levels for another 10 weeks. but congress will have to reach an agreement for the rest of the budget year after the election. the president getting off for the funeral of a form israeli president. 93. his funeral is set for tomorrow morning. the teenager accused of opening fire on a south carolina elementary school will be back in court tomorrow to decide if he will be released. a teacher and 2 kids were hurt. one is in the hospital. the wells fargo ceo apologized to a house panel today. the bank admitted to creating 2 million unauthorized accounts and blamed it on controversial sales goals.
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ferrari. it debuted 2 very different cars. one is our fastest convertible. the other is a fork cedar river family car. both cost about $250,000. a busy day on the campaign trail. candidates are gearing up for
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a new page of controversy for sheriff paul babeu. sources tell us the fbi has subpoenaed records related to how babeu's office used seized criminal money also known as rico funds. critics have said pcso's use of the foundation is like money laundering. and they've also accused babeu of using the funds to fuel his campaign. it may already be illegal campaigning or if they're just being used to make the sheriff look good, as he runs for congress.
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at least one person is dead after a train crashed into a busy station in hoboken new jersey. worthen 100 others were injured. investigators are trying to figure out what went wrong. >> reporter: train barreled into the hoboken station after it smashed through a barrier in the height of rush hour. >> horrendous exploding noise. concrete dust, electrical wires and a train flying into the depot. >> reporter: the crash caused part of the roof to collapse. >> lights without and people
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>> reporter: passengers inside helped each other escape. >> the person behind me, he had a cut on his head make sure everyone was okay. >> reporter: a woman standing on the platform was killed by falling debris. >> we have a resident we lost today. we are in great sadness. >> reporter: more than 100 others were hurt. around 50,000 train and bus riders day. it's a popular transfer point for many commuters. amy says the crash is a life changer. >> i'm afraid to get back on the train. >> reporter: investigators will try to figure out what happened. >> we've no indication this is other than a tragic accident. >> reporter: the engineer is said to be in critical condition but cooperating with investigators. new tonight, hillary clinton's running mate is
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tim kaine will be in phoenix one week from saturday holding a private fundraiser. right now there are no plans for any public appearances. this comes one day after donald trump announced he will return to arizona. he will be in prescott valley on tuesday holding a rally at the event center. doors open at 11 am. the event begins at 2 pm. clinton is campaigning in iowa were early voters began -- new but -- new hamster. -- new hampshire. hillary clinton is in iowa for the 1st day of voting there. iowa is one of about 6 battleground states that could decide the race. >> we have 40 days to win an election that will affect the next 40 years of our country. every one of you can make a difference.
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travel to ohio voting and talk about the economy. the announcement comes after donald trump accused clinton of abandoning ohio. despite a steady flow of clinton surrogates there. he is already preparing for the 2nd debate. 30 page questionnaire seeking advice on which issues he should focus on in order to win. trump rally the cloud -- crowd in new hampshire. hillary clinton -- >> hillary clinton is an insider fighting for herself. i am an outsider fighting for you. >> third-party libertarian candidate debate town hall wednesday. >> name one for leader you respect. >> i guess i'm having a moment. >> that
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of the country civil war. flu season is around the corner. tonight there are concerning numbers from the cdc. says that the number of people getting the flu shot is down. between 2014 and 2015 vaccination rates fell about 1.5 percent. the cdc recommends everyone 6 months or older get the shot. flu season peaks here in arizona between january and ferrari. prescription drugs used for pain and inflammation have been linked to an increase risk of heart failure. a study says ibuprofen naproxen. researchers connected the painkillers to a high risk of being admitted to the hospital for heart failure. the motor city underwater. heavy rains caused some serious
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detroit. several highways are closed and cars and it up being submerged. they had to be pulled out by tow trucks. it is not over. more flooding is expected. rain is in the forecast through the weekend. >> let's zoom into that area. and show you what's going on. you can see, look at the radar across the country. look at this area of low pressure, right over the top of cincinnati. it continues to spin counterclockwise. it will bring more showers across michigan and ohio. what a mess. for us it's finally a quiet night. after breezy conditions and blowing dust. even passing rain showers. we had rain earlier this morning. take a look, all the rain taking place south of us pushing into areas of tucson. for us, towering clouds in the distance.
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passing storms. temperature wise, high in the mid-90s. right now 92. average height 96. winds out of the north/northeast. here we are on thursday, most of the rain taking place to the south. there is still a slight chance you could see a few passing showers later this evening. tomorrow morning we wake up with clear skies and maybe pop up shower or 2 in th are starting to roll in. wait until you see the seven- day forecast. here it is. ninety six for friday. and 5 saturday. mostly clear conditions. things cool down. and aerial of pressure passing north of us. it will bring with it cooler than average temperatures. 84 on tuesday. clear skies. comfortable through thursday of next week. lows in the low 60s.
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a high school football standout in the valley is also
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i have never heard of anything like this. a championship ring next month. the owner ring to his players and coaches, he's giving it to more than 1000 other people played roles in the teams 1st nba title. we're talking janitors, concession workers, ushers and police officers who worked the cavaliers home game. the rings will be the exact same one given to lebron james and the other players. an incredible gesture.
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team has one of the most versatile players in the state. he is great on both sides and might end up playing for an ivy league school. >> move your hands and feet. >> reporter: centennial senior andrew nichols is the impact player that keeps the coyotes machine moving. he does it on both sides. busting it plays on defensive end and moving the change it tight and. >> some days i like offense better. some days defense. >> he brings experience and passion. and last year he was all-state. offensive tight end and defensive end. >> reporter: a versatile athlete that opposes his will and enjoy suiting up as his outlet. >> gets her mind off everything. focus on that. you have no other worries besides that. >> reporter: it means more than
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centennial tradition alive, among the best in arizona. >> just to before you were just as good, that makes expectations higher. you have to play that much better. >> reporter: between the lines he is writing a 4.0 gpa. he has collegiate offers from all over the country. including 8 ivy league schools. >> i started to narrow it down but i will focus more on that after the season stressing during the season. >> he is been talking doing economics for 2 years. he knows there is a life after football. he is preparing. >> reporter: wherever he goes he will knock it out like a champ. because he is big-time in the game of life.
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right now at 5:30 pm, closed without warning. valley beauty school shut down and locked the doors. leading students and staff hanging out to dry. we go to the mesa campus where there is a lot of frustration
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are enrolled at the regency you to be -- regency beauty. they just started a couple of days ago. but instead of showing up for school they packed their supplies. it was over a text message. >> they broke up on me. >> reporter: 50 students learned they are shut down. >> it's awful. [ voting ] but perhaps most awful for melissa. 2 i was more shocked. >> reporter: sevens -- short just hours of graduating. >> 7 hours. and there's nothing i can do. >> reporter: all 79 locations nationwide are part of the shutdown. despite charging $19,000 tuition it is blamed on lack of cash. the school sites and the negative perception of for-profit education.


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