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tv   CBS 5 News at 10  CBS  October 7, 2016 12:37am-1:12am MST

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. there were images that were recorded of his wife and children in various stages of undress, grooming them several, doing things people do in the bathroom and bedroom. >> hidden cameras and a dvr behind an air vent a.father arrested accused of video taping his family in all areas include the bathroom.
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the details to case. >> kris, police say they have not seen anything like this in a while. what's alleged here is clearly criminal. they want people to know this law who have cameras in their home. >> i pulled the vent off and sure enough it was a camera dangleing there. >> reporter: this father of two was fully freaked by the discovery of a camera in his bathroom ov he found a dvr in the attic where the images were stored. >> i was hoping it doesn't like something since we've been there. >> reporter: chandler police confirmed his family was not on video. this man's family was. mecal berg installed the cameras in the area home when his family lived there in 2011.
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kvarious stages of undress. >> reporter: he told investigators he set up the cameras to keep tabs on his wife who he feared was having an affair. his family did not know. he's charged with ten counts of unlawful recording. >> you cannot record someone who does not know they're being recorded in certain areas of your own home, bathroom and >> reporter: chandler pd says you cannot record someone without their consent in like a bathroom or bedroom. >> it's something for people to think about. >> reporter: amanda goodman cbs 5 news. >> this hurricane is unlike any we've seen. >> that is the advice from the
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matthew seriously. the storm is headed right for florida and millions are bracing for matthew to hit. this video is from cuba. it shows the damage done by matthew. you can see entire areas leveled. there is lots of flooding on the islands. this video shows the power of matthew. wipeds from the storm riped the roof off of this home bahamas. at least 27 have died from the storm. let's go over to paul horton who is tracking the path. >> yeah, kris, all eyes are on florida this evening. the eye of the storm is off the coast of west palm beach. i.'s packing winds up to 130 miles per hour, a strong category 4 hurricane moving up to the north at 13 miles per hour. from the morning hours to the
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towards jacksonville and up towards georgia on saturday and south carolina and then the storm does an interesting thing. models are end kateing it could impact florida again at the beginning of the next week. we'll take a look at the seven day planer coming up. >> thank you paul. help from arizona is on the way to south carolina and florida tonight. dozens of volunteers from the arizona chapter of the red of the storm. >> usually what happens is the local resources are e overwhelmed or impacted by the scope and magnitude of the diassistser. we're there to help come in and augment the services until the state and local folks can get back up to speed. >> >>: on stand by is the arizona search and rescue team and phoenix fire cruise could
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a moment's notice. tracking tomorrow, if you're planning night you may want to check your status. american, southwest and jet blue are already canceling and delaying flights. more than 1055 briana canceled today. keep it here for continuing coverage of hurricane matthew. look for coverage starting tomorrow morning at 4:30. >> avondale police arrested the clown threats against a high school. he was arrested and booked on felony charges. they're looking for a man who made similar threats in miami, arizona. mesa police are looking for the man in this video who fire shotgun last friday. the suspect was able to get
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if you know who might be in the video, you're asked to call mesa police. >> if you live in anthem you need to know ten mailboxes have been broken into over the last few weeks. crooks broke into community mailboxes where they were able to sweet a lot of mail at once. >> a phoenix family is dealing with a break-in and loss of a pet after and killed their dog. phoenix police have video that could help the family find justice but they need your help. lauren reimer has the story. >> reporter: more than just a pet, phoebe was a family pet. >> she was a great dog, very sweet, very fun and always there waiting for us when we
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she wasn't there. >> we started calling for our diagram and found she wasn't responding. the house seemed too quiet. >> reporter: they realized they had robbed and the dog was shot and killed. they think the burglar entered thru the doggie door. >> reporter: jewelry and other valuables were missing and one day later a charge on their stolen credit card. police believe it was this man >> i'm disgusted. i don't know how someone has complete disregard for life. >> reporter: he was seen driving an older red suv and with a woman in her mid-20s with darker hair. >> turn that person in. they're a menace adanger to society. he came in with a loaded weapon ready to use it and didn't he
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home he couldn't have thought twice about using it on them. >> new tonight, the aclu is worried that free speech could be in jeopardy. a program checks social media data in real time and is used in protest. many feel it could be used to spy on law abiding citizens. >> in new jersey, federal investigat train that crashed was going twice the speed limit when it crashed and the engineer hit the brakes less than a second before impact. . >> finally, it was the game the cards fans have been waiting for a.big win against the 49ers. sean mclaughlin is in santa clara. sean, what a game for drew stanton.
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cardinals and drew stanton. 33-21 victory and the cardinals rebooted their chances for the playoffs. big game for drew stanton, larry fitzgerald and david johnson. it was the key play of drew stanton. he didn't start off well. his first pass attempt was high and wide. just before half time it was a beautiful pass to larry fitzgerald who made his way into the end when cardinal fans knew that drew stanton had found his game grove. >> that was my mindset the whole week. i really likeed the game plan. it's tough going thru a walk thru because you're trying to visualize everything that's going on. i was on the same page with ba. once i got a chance to settle down and felt good, i was very comfortable.
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in fact, when the cardinal fans saw him leave the field here at the unal, instead of booing him they drewed him. he left the field with a huge smile on his face. more highlights coming up. >> great work out there and great weather. take a live look out in our neighborhood. temperatures are perfect. conditions in the 70s. we hit a high of 90 today. ava is around 92 degrees w.'er going to see things start to warm-um leitner the week, the weekend and next week. beautiful sunset out there. this is in tucson. futurecast tells the story. we have changes rolling in. clear skies for friday. the temperature is going to climb a bit and a chance of rain starting to roll in saturday more thanking.
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we'll see the threat again until sunday morning. keep that in mind if you're making plans over the weekend. here is friday, 96 degrees. saturday 92. a big day for asu. they have ucla at the stadium locally and we'll see temperatures around 9 approximate degrees. seven day planer temperatures staying above average into next week. there is your seven day >> it's 10:10. don't go anywhere. a cbs 5 investigation is coming up that you don't want to miss. why homes are exploding in the valley. >> i don't think people knows this occurs. >> we're talking about a new
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. explosive and potentially deadly. if you live near any of these markers in the valley anew type
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your neighborhood a drug task force trying to take down this growing danger. . >> put your hands on the hood. put your hands on the hood now! . >> 3:00 a.m., we're on surveillance with members of mtso's task force. >> night time is just a lot of cover and concealment. type of drug lab responsible for explosionings across the valley. >> we're in a dense neighborhood. >> reporter: detective matt shay. i've been doing this 18 years now. >> approximately 70 plants in here. >> labs popping up in neighborhood, often with large illegal marijuana growth.
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>> the maricopa county swat team, the first wave securing the home as grow the marijuana illegally. a massive show of force on an unassuming force that, from the outside, would blend in. then it's hyda's turn. >> this entire house was designated to grow marijuana. >> pot homes are more than just a nuisance. >> here. the smell that comes from that house night and day would make people sick. >> illegal growth feeding growing demand not just for high grade marijuana but for a more pure form of the narcotic being sold all over our streets. >> write out in the open and people are walking by. we're watching an undercover
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lot of the built more fashion park. >> if something goes wrong i'll block them in. >> buyers and sellers have been killed in the exchange of cash for drugs. >> this is an illegal buy. >> absolutely. you cannot exchange money on the streets for narcotics and marijuana. >> we get the butane honey oil. >> it looks like honey this is basically pure narcotic. >> licensed dispensaries can sell it but it's the illegal manufacturing of the drug that can have explosive results. we're out in the deserts to show why it's dangerous. >> it's made of pvc. >> the pipe is filled with marijuana afilter on one end, a
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this is where the explosive part of the equation comes in. >> the hole is made specifically to fit the end of a butane canister. it's infused with thc. >> at the end of the process you're left with bho. simply the butane strips the narcotic right of we're going to show you what happens when the highly flammable fumes find any of ignition. video shows real life lab failure, a home explode, flames engulf a room, emergency crews overcome. no guarantee of safety n.a raid
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plans in the most sophisicated labs they've seen using more flammable gas to make pounds of oil at a time. >> it could potentially cause a massive explosion. >> the task force discovered the first one four years ago and now they're averaging a couple app month, mostly in homes. >> this one canister cause the house to go up in flames. >> a gram of oil cells for around 50 dollars. the drug money could have neighborhoods one spark away from paying high price. >> the house most likely to completely explode, catch fire and be destroyed and properly the houses around it also. they are dangerous but we could
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because of the way prop 205 is written. if passed in november the law to legalize marijuana drops the punishment from 12 years in prison to potentially just a fine. colorado increased their penalties after seeing a rise in explosions. we have much more on the laws and labs on the cbs 5 mobile app. >> there is a new push to change the way people see phoenix at night. energy efficient led lights for its 90,000 street lamps. one neighborhood association president we talked to says the bulbs are too white and sterile. nine signed trying to convince phoenix to get warmer bulbs. >> when you have higher, harsher brighter whiteer lights
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our blinds and shut ourselves off from outdoors. >> a medical study show that is very bright led lights could harm sleem schedules leading to more harmal problems. they won't comment until next week. >> answers on the campaign trail tonight. hillary clinton is widening her lead against donald trump in key battleground states florida, pennsylvania and colorado where trump trails her by about 11 points. had e's gaining on clinton in ohio and michigan. >> a consumer alert tonight, more trouble for samsung after reports that the batteries are causing fires. a southwest jet in kentucky filled with smoke after an
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replacement and the feds are look into a possible second recall. coming up, we're paying it
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. for anyone going thru cancer treatment, losing your hair can be traumatic. wake up arizona's ian schwartz shows us how one woman used the gift of hair to make another feel beautiful. >> i took a shower and had a
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her hair grew back but it was spotty. she met julie thru friends, a hairstylist. >> own it. be proud of your hair. >> that's what julie told kathleen. ditch the wig, keep your hair short and gray. i'll never go back. it gives me the confidence to talk to people and say it's okay. turns out each year julie ta on a client going thru chemo and charges nothing, only asking that she help make them hole again. >> this is $500 for you. me as a cancer patient, you made me feel i could rock this hair cut. >> and you do. >> i know and you make meadow that. i thought i'd share it because all of your ladies in this salon never laughed when i came
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you just made me feel really go ahead. >> paying it forward is not a one time thing. it can ripple thru a community. julie is a perfect example. why does she give free hair cuts when she could be making money? someone paid it forward to her. >> i have a special needs son and people help me all the time. >> they have a new friendship thru a deed. ian schwartz, cbs 5 news. good evening everyone, live from levi stadium. the arizona cardinals a desperate team on a short week traveling to san francisco. no quarterback, carson palmer
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stanton steps up, no problem, getting problem done. maybeing his first start since 2014. scoreless in the 1st quarter. blaine gabbert finds jeremy kerley for the touchdown. cards defense locks it down. chandler jones, calais campbell gets the pick, had two sacks. arizona would capitof the turn over. many stanton find as wide open larry fitzgerald, tied at 7. a fumble off the turn over, david johnson busesing into the end zone, arizona led 14-7. johnson two touchdowns. stan don to fitzgerald, 29-yard touchdown. marquise cooper as a pick, cards win 33-21 to improve to 2- 3.
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everyday sunday. that was my mindset of being smart with the football. i was trying to get the ball out. the play started developing. we did a great job today of getting in the right place, being a spark plug, an inspiration for the guys. he got out of duress a couple of times and extended plays. he did najahe the game. >> big win for the
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