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tv   CBS 5 News at 10  CBS  October 8, 2016 12:37am-1:12am MST

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i've said and done things i regret. the words released today on eliminate more than a decade old video are one of them. i said it, i was wrong and i apologize. >> donald trump releasing that video tonight apologizing for bragging about groping women. the footage is from a 2005 interview from access hollywood. the washington post got a hold
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controversial video. >> when you're a star, they let you do it. grab 'em by the [ cursing ] >> you can do anything. >> the words are unleashing a backlash against trump. i utah congressman has pulled his support. and both arizona senators called trump's words offensive and demeaning to women. the speaker of the house says trump is no longer attending a rally in wisconsin instead his running mate will take his place. ryan says he was sickened by trump's comments. on the campaign trail, tim kaine was in the valley today for a and on the day the trump tape was released, wikileaks released thousands of e-mails
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chairman. the e-mails detail a conversation that clinton had with wall street executives. in the e-mails, clinton suggested candidates from either party leave tens of millions of dollars from new york in order to launch a successful campaign. >> the best thing is to get hunkered down. don't move around. >> the current fuel supply will last at least five days if no port is open. >> millions of americans dealeri w hurricane -- dealing with a massive hurricane. the storm is packing winds up to 110 miles per hour, and send the surge into cities. in haiti and saturday caribbean, the death toll is over 8 hundred. right now one million people in florida are without power.
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to haiti. the country has been devastated by t hundreds have died and rescue crews are working to find survivors. food, water, and medical supplies are arriving. let's go ahead and send it to paul. >> it's gonna be an officer night tonight in south carolina. let's zoom in closer. you can see the eye of m now. winds up to 105 miles per hour currently. and there's the eye heading straight toward area was savannah. up the coast toward charleston. storm surge a huge issue. the high tide and the strong winds as well. peak speeds at 105. and the gusts up to 125. and it's gonna brush along the coast there, and move out to the atlantic, saturday
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it's gonna wrap around florida again later by tuesday we'll get a good idea of where it'll be moving bahamas. >> get the latest on the hurricane and breaking alerts on your smart phon mobile app. honest gathered outside the eloy detention center, they are protestoring what they call a violent immigration system. >> reporter: several community organizations put together this demonstration. but it quickly turned into a larger conversation.
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>> reporter: hundreds gathered outside to honor immigrants that have died in tedeposition. >> reporter: rosa from arizona says one detainee in the center called her claiming his cell was raided by guards, his documents ripped in half. >> he got punished for the call he made to she says he's has been here for the past two years. >> we're trying to get them the humane tree. they deserve. >> reporter: monica travelled all the way from pittsburgh. she knows someone detained in ohio and says immigrants should not be held as criminals. >> he's a hardworking husband, father, son. he doesn't deserve to be in prison. a
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crashed on an a, v in peoria has died. police believe the man drove off the side of cat nal near lake pleasant, parkway in peoria. some phoenix homeowners have a growing sinkhole backyard. the city won't help because it is on private land. and their insurance will not idea what they're going to do. a dramatic rescue of a horse stuck in an irrigation canal. >> reporter: for four hours, nearly a dozen people struggled to pull the horse out of a canal here in arc vondale. >> he seemed to be okay. >> reporter: recovering tonight
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it has been an eventful day after his owner found the course in an irrigation canal. >> oh, that's my horse. >> reporter: he needed to be sedateded then pulled out with a fork lift. amazingly he only has a minor injury. he had been a police horse and a therapy horse for people with disabilities. now only his >> joe arpaio is accused of putting his opponent's personal information in a television ad. it targets paul penzone, attacking his character. but the court papers used in the ad show
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in the background. he believes this was done intentionally, putting him at risk for identity theft. >> it's a reflection of the sheriff's character. it is so unforgivable to expose someone's personal information coming from a law enforcement leader where every day they redact documents and personal information to protect people from things identity theft. >> a spokesperson sent statement. a grocery store is coming to downtown phoenix. before they can start building, they've got to do some bigging. >> reporter: this downtown phoenix parking lot is the future home of a grocery store
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that is of interest to the city's archaeologist. >> it was on a site am. >> reporter: a site that's been built on over and over. she believes remnants of the ancient simplization remain. >> there could be houses, prehistoric floor surface, artifact, pottery. >> reporter: similar items were une developers of the new project have to do some digging before the first hammers swing. >> they'll get in there and trenches. to gets an idea of what's under the ground. >> reporter: depending on what they find, a full excavation could be needed. >> there are often surprises. >> reporter: including during
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process identified. they stop work in the immediate area of the discovery. archaeologist does their working work continues in other parts park. >> it's priceless. this is material that can't be replicated. >> i think it's critical to understanding historic and prehistoric phoenix. temperatures hit highs around 97 degrees, 5 degrees above average. sitting in the lower 80s right now. clouds and showers developing south of us. we're gonna see some moisture to push in south of us. and tomorrow morning, we wake up to shower activity in phoenix, flagstaff. bad chance of rain in the afternoon, 5:30. if you have any plan, heading out and about in the evening, passing rain out there. and drier conditions
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high temperature, mid-90s tomorrow afternoon. 7-day forecast, within the first 10 minutes, 93. chance of light showers examined. saturday big day. asu against ucla on saturday. and game time around 7:30. still a chance of rain. partly cloudy skies. it'll be a warm one. we'll stay warm in the next week. ready to start your weekend! if you don't have any pls, fair! >> and she's 94 and she is an
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a valley tradition is back.
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today crowds like tonight? >> reporter: it's got thousands but it is opening night. this is a tradition that has been going on for 130 years! and they have had performers from elvis to jimi hendrix on the even president obama has been to fair. an interactive experience takes you through the decades of music. try out the piano from
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gettars or take a trip down abbey road >> i really just came for the food. that's it. i just want to eat until i feel like i have to be rolled out of here. >> reporter: the fair runs through october 30th. we've put a link on our mobile app so you can plan your trip! as hurricane matthew hits the east coast, you may want to
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arizona's attorney general, crooks are trying only donate to organizations you're already familiar with. watch out for charities that have similar names to well known chafrts. if it doesn't sound right, don't donate. and if someone is asking for your credit card or debbid card number for a donation, that is red flag analysts say the storm could cost the u.s. economy a minimum of $25 billion. the storm has already caused more than 4,000 flights canceled
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taj mahal will shut down mond, leaving 3,000 people without a job. this will be the fifth casino to close in atlantic city summer. a similar gadget is available for your pets. it's called whistle. it sends pet st phone. >> the goal is really to bring that day to day awareness about your pet's help and their sieft to the forefront. >> according to the american animal hospital association, host dogs in the united states do not get enough exercise. 40% are overweight. 25% are obese.
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friends on a virtual reality platform that will change how you site fall is here, and in gilbert, there is a big pumpkin carving party with 20,000 free pumpkins! the event goes all weekend in gilbert. wickenburg kicks off its oktoberfest celebration tomorrow at 3:00 pm. $5 for adults and kids 12 and under are free. in glendale monster jam
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phoenix stadium another guy who came into the game with an injury, floyd. [ laughter ] >> drew stanton, the backup quarterback. >> flashback friday. haft night like drew stanton did last year when the cards pulled out a win against the seahawks! last night stanton pulled off a much-needed win again the 49ers. had to bring that out. this is the result. but my
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>> she is a sit-down comic. at 95 years old, she decided to make tonight her last show ever. and she did it at the tempe center for the arts. she got into comedy in her early '80s after she came out of a coma that lasted a month! she goes by the title the joke lady. she was born in austria in 1921. she survived the holocaust. >> because when i get arrested, they thought that i was ten years old because i was so strong. so they threw me out. and i was 17. >> she says don't be afraid to slow down and let the oddence
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good advice for all of us. [ laughter ] >> congratulations , the crowd getting tickets to that. behind us hurricane matthew. and we'll give you an update on that. and ahead this weekend, some ?? with this level of engineering... it's a performance machine. with this degree of intelligence... it's a supercomputer. with this grade of protection... it's a fortress. and with this standard of luxury... it's an oasis.
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i've been really looking forward to it, talking about it almost every day. and we decided to stick it out. have a big trust in god that he protects people over here. >> everybody's hands are up saying you're crazy. that looks like our director. video coming in from orlando, florida.
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out into the ocean to swim and surf! all very dangerous conditions. you don't want to be anywhere close to the beach right now, south carolina. that's the last frame. where the eye is approaching. and it will brush right by the an ugly evening out there. peak wind speeds up to 105 miles per hour. gusting for us, clear in the morning, showers in the afternoon. zoo >> bill murray says go cubs, go. and the cubs go home a
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cubs are 10 wins from the world series. indians and blue jays go up 2-0 in their series. and the dodgers win game 1 on the road in dc. cardinal fans with rest ease. thursday night's win over san francisco much-needed. monster individual effort. 295-pound guard pinned to the seat of his pants. gonna be heavily relied upon. arians saying he's more optimistic about yew patty. ucla comes to town, remember last year's game? incredible effort by asu. one of the many entertaining moments between the two teams. todd graham won't have manny wilkins.
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brady white came in last week, completed 6 >> wasn't sure if it was se brother go down like that. but if my number is called, i gotta go to steup the coyotes in the preseason. anthony duclair, finding tommy deangelo. came over from tampa in that trade. arizona gets the win. they open the season next
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cameras all over the valley tonight. here are your high school football plays night. hawkins going to heave it
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his feet, gone into zone. bad snap on the extra point. conniver will roll out, look down the field. he's just gonna heave it there's the catch
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