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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  October 11, 2016 7:00am-9:00am MST

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good morning to our viewers in the west. it is 2016. welcome to cbs this morning. new poll numbers show donald trump trailing hillary clinton by double digits. ryan announces he will no longer campaign for trump. >> rising water from hurricane matthew forces more than 1,000 rescues in north carolina. >> and we're in haiti where there are growi iing fears of a mass cholera outbreak. samsung stops building the galaxy 7. we begin this morning with a look at today's eye opener. your world in 90 seconds.
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locker room talk, whatever you want to call it. but bill clinton sexually assaulted innocent women. >> donald trump lashes out after a contentious debate. >> we all heard on that tape what he thinks of women, and last night he doubled down on his excuse saying that, well, it's just locker room banter. >> house speaker paul ryan telling fellow republicans he'll no longer defend the man or campaign for him. >> these wringing republicans, they're not afraid donald trump is going to lose. they're scared to death he's going to win. deadly flooding plaguing north carolina. >> we're going to get through this. north carolina is resilient. >> destroyed much of haiti. >> power out in many areas and resources scarce. the indians sweep out the red sox and one hell of a career of david ortiz.
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papi. a driver plowed through a group of demonstrators. shay lee woodley was arrested in a protest in north dakota. >> all of that -- >> during donald trump's rally he was joined on stage by a special little guest. >> you want to go back to them or do you want to stay with donald trump? >> trump. >> and all that matters. >> we have to talk about debate two, the night we gave up >> you knew it was going to be an ugly night when hillary and donald refused to shake hands. even boxers tap gloves. but in hillary's defense she didn't want to touch his hand after hearing what he does with it. >> on cbs this morning. >> just when it looked like there would be no uplifting moments, a hero rises. >> kenneth bone, the undecided voter has become decidedly popular. >> did you know your fans are calling themselves bone heads.
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i've been calling my family that for years. >> good. this morning's eye opener is presented by toyota. let's go places. welcome to cbs this morning. the presidential election is four weeks from today. the latest poll numbers suggest donald trump has a mountain to climb. hillary clinton leads trump by 11 points. 46 to 35% when third party candidates are included. the poll was taken after the vulgar comments about women. >> the same poll gave clinton a 6 point lead last month. trump campaigned across pennsylvania claiming victory in sunday's debate. major garrett is here with the republican nominee's new urgency. major, good morning. >> donald trump did what politicians do when they're in a tight jam. if you can, look for a cute kid in the crowd and a cameraman. trump can't stop talking about
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yesterday. donald trump careened from lighthearted campaign schtick. do you want to go back to them or do you want to stay with donald trump? >> trump. >> to cliched confrontation. >> she's crooked, folks. she's crooked as a $3 bill. >> as he always does, trump declared himself the victor at sunday's debate. >> i was getting beaten up for 72 hours on all the his vulgar and sexist comments about women in 2005 and redirected the controversy in former president bill clinton's direction. >> bill clinton sexually assaulted innocent women and hillary clinton attacked those women viciously. >> in the video that continues to rock the campaign trump laughs about trying to see seduce entertainment reporter nancy odell.
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] and she was married. >> last night odell broke her silence about trump. >> there is no room for object at this if i case of women or anyone for that matter, not even in the room. >> 1/2 believe it should be an issue. over 1/3 said they'd disqualify trump from the presidency. trump's remarks offended him and declined for two days to publicly after the debate pence climbed back on board. >> he fought back and turned the focus to the choice that we face, and i'm proud to stand with donald trump. >> rumors have been swirling that more outtakes could be released causing still more trouble for trump. in a statement yesterday mark burnett, the show's producer, said legally the media company is restricted from releasing any
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gayle? >> there's always -- those tapes always seem to find the light of day. what were you going to say, norah? >> even if he's restricted, somebody may leak them. >> somebody may not feel so restricted might do something. >> thank you, major. most republican leaders insist they still support the party's candidate, but the gop may be in danger of breaking apart over donald trump. many top republicans including house speaker paul ryan are starting to focus more on keeping control of congress. a recent of registered republican voters want congressional voters to keep supporting donald trump. only 14% say the candidates should ask donald trump to drop out. julianna goldman is tracking the turmoil. good morniing to you. >> reporter: good morning. it deaccepted into chaos with paul ryan saying it's every man for himself. he conceded his main task is
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clinton presidency. >> it's not pleasant for me to renounce the nominee of my party. >> reporter: former republican presidential nominee john mccain pulls his support for donald trump but at a debate last night described the box in which he now finds himself. >> i believe that i had to withdraw my support just as i cannot support hillary clinton. >> reporter: mccain's comments came hours after republican national chairman riens prius >> we're going to continue to work together to make sure that he wins in november. >> reporter: earlier in the day house speaker paul ryan told his members, you all need to do what's best for you in your district and that he would no longer defend trump according to a person on the call. ryan's spokeswoman said the speaker is now focused entirely on protecting our congressional majority. some struck back from battleground pennsylvania. >> isn't it really sad that we don't have stronger leadership
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november 8th, believe me, it's going to change fast. >> reporter: democrats need 30 seats to take control of the house and just 5 seats to win back the senate. but the 2005 tapes showing donald trump bragging about sexual assault has republicans nervous about keeping those majorities. >> and when you're a star, they let you do it. >> whatever you want. >> grab them by the [ bleep ]. do anything. >> reporter: cbs news has counted more than 2 dozen republicans who previously no longer can. pulling support has its risks. when nevada republican and candidate joe hess denounced trump, he was booed. >> i cannot in good conscience continue to support donald trump nor can i vote for hillary clinton. >> reporter: now yesterday's senate majority leader mitch mcconnell told the group if they expected to hear him discuss the presidential race they, quote,
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leave. norah, some republicans say he may have stopped the bleeding but they predicted there could be other similar tapes of trump in the pipeline. >> julianna, thank you. hillary clinton is trying to capitalize on donald trump's problems focusing on young voters. clinton will hold a rally at a college in miami this afternoon. that's where former vice president al gore will make his first campaign appearance. remember, it was his narrow loss in florida that cost him the 2000 presidential race. gore is likely to warn that voting for a third party candidate could swing the presidency to trump. a clinton aide wrote we are trying to find a good way to leak her opposition without her actually having to say it and give up her principled stand about not second guessing the president in public. a few weeks later clinton then spoke out. >> i don't think it's in the best interests of what we need
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>> reporter: now today's rally in miami will focus on climate change. john highly meilman is partw time. you were in pennsylvania with donald trump. give us a sense of where he thinks he's going. >> there's no way to watch the way he campaigned yesterday in pennsylvania without coming to the conclusion that he recognizes that he's losing and probably has lost the election already. >> so, therefore, he will do what? >> he will spend -- i mean, again, if you look at this event which began with him after these accusations, these tapes that show him condoning and in some ways boasting about sexual assault, he came out and started talking about his closeness to ben roethlisberger, the steelers quarterback -- >> that's how he opened his speech. the first five minutes he spent talking about it. >> opened the speech with that and later said i engaged in some locker room talk and spent the last five minutes reading off prompter going through the litany of bill clinton's alleged
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clinton campaign if there are more tapes about me, this is where we're going to go. this is a strategy designed to do nothing about winning the presidential collection. >> go down in flames and do what? >> this is a strategy, his entire rhetoric is about making 35 to 40% of america who support him under any circumstances shake their fists angrily and be rousing the base, riling up the base. he's nevn day in this campaign and right now you look at the curb polling, he's behind by double digits. paul ryan effectively said yesterday that the presidential campaign is lost and the only hope for the republican party is to focus on maintaining its control of the house of representatives. >> reince priebus is sticking with him? >> he does. paul ryan is an infinitely more powerful member. with all due respect.
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matters. >> why doesn't he just say, look, i just can no longer support him? >> who are we talking about? >> i'm talking about paul ryan. >> i think he effectively did that yesterday. the only thing he hasn't done is unendorsed trump. >> that's what i mean. >> he's worried about the 35 to 40% of americans, voters who support trump. why he's trying to walk a delicate line where he wants to give his members the ability to do whatever they need to do to save their own skins without overtly or egregiously offending the trump base, which is a lot of the republican party and to snub his nose entirely at trump would risk -- >> the apocalypse that you have used. it's no longer about donald trump's closing strategy, what he wants to talk about. it's now affecting congress. the front page of "usa today" is about losing the senate. >> many republicans think the senate is now likely to be lost and really the question now is whether they can keep hold of the house. that is how bad things are right
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scale broad gauge meltdown. >> it could get worse. >> other things are coming up. that's the prediction. it could get worse. thank you, john heilman. breaking news from samsung today. it announced this are morning that it's permanently ending production of the galaxy note 7 smartphone. samsung launched a massive recall over concerns that the batteries can overheat and then catch fire. josh elliott is here with the breaking developments on that story. good morning. >> good morning. if you or anybody watching has a galaxy note 7, samsung is telling you to turn these off for good. problems with the phone's lithium ion batteries overheating led to more than 2 dozen reports now of burn injuries from customers. samsung recalled the phone but replacement phones have had the same problem. yesterday samsung stopped sales and exchanges of the phone around the globe while the u.s. consumer product safety
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anyone with the original phone or the replacement seek a refund at their place of purchase. meanwhile, the faa updated their guidance on the phone as well urging passengers with the galaxy note 7 to power down and not use, charge, or stowe in checked baggage while flying. china also taking action this morning. it recalled more than 190,000 phones that were sold in main land china. so investors not surprisingly were turned off by the news that the phones will have to and samsung stock yesterday dropped nearly 8%. no are norah? >> thank you, josh. warnings about an imminent dam breach are triggering new evacuations. hurricane matthew killed 29 people across the southeast. 14 of those deaths are in north carolina. at least four rivers in the state have risen to above or near record levels. mark strassmann is along the
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rescue teams are back at work today. mark, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. overnight the lumber river rose again. i want to show you something. you can actually see the river's current pushing water here under dr. martin luther king jr. drive. you see these neighborhoods over there? there's -- water there is waist deep and rescue teams have no idea how many people are still trapped. >> we've got you, sir. >> reporter: again today rescuers will go through lumberton to bring stranded truck, and by boat. kenneth washington was sleeping when water began rising through his lumberton home. >> when you woke up you started seeing wa sner. >> yeah. >> what did you think? >> time to get out of here. >> reporter: washington grabbed his dog caesar when rescuers came for him. two days ago water overflowed the banks. water started pouring in the
7:16 am
new york, ohio, new jersey showed up here to pull people to safety. these rescuers expect to remove roughly 1,000 people in lumberton, many of them elderly or physically unable to leave on their own. >> we brought clothes. >> socks. >> reporter: ken and tiffany powers used to live in lumberton and came back with donations. >> is this worse than you thought it would be? >> worse than wev >> emergency evacuations. >> reporter: 140 miles north princeville has caused an emergency evacuation. >> there are a lot of people hurting right now in this region. i met with an 80-year-old woman who just lost everything and she's sitting in a school cafeteria at this point in time crying and wondering what her life is going to be all about.
7:17 am
power, water, or sewer. the river may not crest until friday and the city would take about a week to drain, which means the curfew here could go on for another couple of weeks, charlie. >> thanks, mark. >> just incredible to see that. >> this is my home state. those rivers in eastern north carolina just going up. >> terrible. haiti's leaders are worried about the threat of famine and disease in the wake of hurricane matthew. at least 1,000 people are our streaming network reporter is back in port-au-prince. >> reporter: good morning. those lucky enough to have lived through hurricane matthew are now struggling to survive. they're homeless, they're hungry, and now they're battling to stave off disease. amid the widespread devastation across haiti, desperation is setting in.
7:18 am
at least 1.4 million people in need of immediate help. in the hard hit town of jeremy, a mother of five, has no answers for her starving children. they don't have anything. they tonight have water, they don't have food. baby was crying for water and she doesn't have any to give him. without access to clean food or water, there are growing fears of a mass cholera outbreak. of community health. >> translator: the real fear is that the devastation of hurricane matthew will be felt for weeks, he tells us, if there's an epidemic of cholera here. >> reporter: relief has started po pour in. the u.s. military has delivered 140,000 pounds of food. >> these are the types of events that you can tell your grandkids about and be proud you've made a difference in a positive way. >> reporter: with around 1,000
7:19 am
limited access to radio or tv, most here got little to no warning from the haitian government. ali a said she had no idea how devastating a category 4 hurricane could be. >> translator: if she knew how bad this hurricane was going to be, she would have prepared. if she had known, she would have taken her child and gone to a place that was safe. >> reporter: the world health organization is million doses of cholera vaccine from haiti. the last outbreak killed 10,000 people, sickened hundreds of thousands more. the u.s. military sent up a medical tent here. bracing for the worst. elizabeth palmer just made it back into aleppo.
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>> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by listerine.
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professional athletes speak out against donald trump explanation of his lewd comments as locker room talk. >> we'll take you inside the cleveland cavaliers locker room. what is locker room talk? for days that has been the debate. i'm dana jacobson. coming up on "cbs this morning" i'll take you inside the locker room for answers. >> the news is back here in the morning right here on "cbs this morning." >> announcer: this portion of walgreens. at the corner of happy & healthy. when it helps give a lifesaving vaccine to a child in need. ? thanks to customers like you, walgreens "get a shot. give a shot." program has helped provide 15 million vaccines through the un foundation. it's that easy to make a difference. ?
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good morning- it's 7:26, i'm yetta gibson. all new this morning... a man in a wheelchair is rushed to the hospital in critical condition... after getting hit by a happened near 19th avenue and dunlap.police say the man in the wheelchair was in the crosswalk... but was going ?against? the light.the driver stayed at is cooperating with police. they do not believe speed or impairment are factors. another robber is on the run this morning after hitting a phoenix boutique in broad daylight.this one happened at the "poor little rich girl boutique" off of bethany home road and 16th employee says a man in his 20's walked up to the register, brandished a gun, and got away with four hundred bucks. 3 3
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thank you for thank you for choosing cbs 5, join us on facebook live right now...and we'll see you back
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they manage to spin it as something much different. >> that's what they said in the locker room. >> talks it with the boys on the bus like the locker room. >> i've heard much worse than that. >> yes. >> much worse than that in the locker room. what locker rooms are you hanging out? >> you can't imagine ben carson in the gym or participate in any sport that requires rapid movement. why is he in the locker room? okay, okay, maybe he does tai chi, that makes sense. he's actually the quickest one in the class. everyone calls him the flash. slow down, ben, and he's like "catch me.
7:31 am
[ laughter ] >> that's good. you know tai chi, it's a rowdy group. >> i know. >> ben carson is a neurosurgeon, you know. he has athletic abilities we didn't know about. dr. carson. welcome back to "cbs this morning" coming up in this hour, professional athletes talking about athletes, hitting back at donald trump over what he calls locker room talk. dana jac what might be the cause and see the troubling effects on one 7-year-old girl. it's time to show you some of this morning's headlines around the globe. the financial times looks at the
7:32 am
apple and samsung. the two phone makers are the odds over design of a phone. samsung wants the justices to ease the damage awards. a recall of blue call ice cream sold in 16 states. there's a concern that cookie dough ingredient from another may have been exposed to chocolate chip cookie dough and cookie two steps. go our website for more. and the star ledger reports on the closing of the taj mahal casino owned by trump. the owner's billionaire investor icahn lost it going into bankruptcy. and "the new york times" talked about how locker room
7:33 am
abuse of many women. many are sharing their accounts of sexual assault on social media. and professional athletes are talking about the locker room talk. the guys i know and respect don't talk like that. oakland a's sean doolittle wrote, i've been in locker rooms my entire life and that's not locker room talk. and dana cleveland cavaliers locker room. >> even reporters like me are seldom told exactly what they're saying behind closed doors but those same protective athletes feel compelled to speak up saying donald trump's comments are out of bounds. >> there's nothing we talk about taking advantage of women or using our celebrity to get over
7:34 am
sports leagues have similar reactions. >> there's players in locker rooms with sisters, wives and daughters. there's not that type of talk in anyone's locker room. >> i'll have my son in here. a lot have kids in here. this is more of a family environment than any locker room. >> there's no reason to talk that way about women, about any people. >> to say this is locker room talk is denigrating all professional athletes. >> chris kluwe was an athlete for eight seasons he said that
7:35 am
it never reached the level of trump's comments. >> this is something where that is a line that is crossed, even football players know if you say something like that, that is crossing a line. >> reporter: hollywood has often depicted locker rooms as profanity-laden boy clubs. athletes say some of that does happen. >> i moved on her like a [ bleep ] i couldn't get there and she was married. >> reporter: but they >> to have somebody actually talk about sexual assault in that manner is not something that happens in locker rooms. >> some of the athletes i suggestsed it's not g-rate d environment all the time in there. but they're simply saying there's a line that they know what is not discussed.
7:36 am
we may talk about women. it's not about sexual assault. a lot of the interesting things, a lot of it is everyday talk. stocks, our kids. >> and charlie said, they tease each other. >> yeah. also people question why is it so protect one of the athletes that i talked with put it very well and said these are your brothers that you have to do sorts of battle with out there on the field. out there on the cour private and kept between you. >> i already pointed out dana that they said, yeah, we talk about sex, about women, it's the vulgarity of the remarks? >> yes. >> beyond that, the vulgarity, but the gravity i think is the -- something that's not consensual. >> yeah, nonconsensual is the big thing. >> thank you, dana. very much. a human rights group say a
7:37 am
aleppo. the renewed fighting has
7:38 am
eat, the poorest say they have little more than rice or pasta. for "cbs this morning," elizabeth palmer, aleppo. >> it's so jarring and heartbreak clothes, little t-shirts and jeans. tough to see. a dental clinic where dozens of children got serious infections accused of of cutting corners to maximize efficiency. >> she was looking at her school picture and she said, grandma i got my tooth back. she said the kids are going to laugh at me. i said the kids aren't going to laugh at you, you're beautiful. that breaks my heart.
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30 children have now been hospitalized in california with a serious bacterial infection after visiting the same dental clinic. the number of victims has more than quadrupled since we first brought you this story last month. the dental board of california this morning is investigating ben tracy's at the chil those procedures by some of them getting bacterial infections. the families of those impacted
7:44 am
>> flabber gaf bergasted would . we're talking about children. >> reporter: mimi morales is worried about her granddaughter's stay at the hospital is just the beginning of long-term troubles for the little girl. what's it like to be at the hospital? >> it's kind of -- i don't want to be here. >> reporter: surgeons had to remove three of the 7 year old's permanent teeth and part of her jawbone to stop infection she contracted during the dental clinic in anaheim. >> now, she has to have three ant antibiotics that are serious and could cause hearing loss and kidneys. >> reporter: they did not contacts her after they discovered the problem. >> they never made the phone call to remind you that you have a dental appointment. they should have been working around the clock to notify the
7:45 am
about. >> reporter: the dental clinic is now being investigated by the dental boards. as they wait to install a new water system like this one. a longtime former employee of the clinic who wanted to remain anonymous says she believes the water lines were not flushed correctly. >> i think there's been a lot of turnaround there and they weren't qualities protocol. >> reporter: about 45% of the clients are low income and would have been billed for the procedures. >> it becomes all about increasing production and efficiency, and you know, it's not about the kids anymore, without saying that. >> reporter: the dental group called these allegations hearsay. answering our questions by e-mail they say, we are committed to providing our patients with safe quality care. they say they have examined more
7:46 am
office will be held accountable. >> she was looking at her school pict released from the hospital and looking back to getting back to her second grade classroom. there are other children in the classroom. >> i'm glad that is. >> why are children having root canals? in the last debate, donald trump said hillary clinton has hate in her heart. what if they were really talking about love? ahead -- listen. >> very funny new video where both candidates say i've had the time of my life.
7:47 am
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? well i've had the time of my life no i never fell like this before ? ? yes i owe it all to you ? ? 'cause i've had the time of my life and i owe it all to you ? ? >> oh, my gosh. that is not of course what we actually saw in sunday's debate. somehow, it sounds nicer, doesn't it.
7:52 am
editor who added from the "dirty dancing" tape. it's picked up 600,000 youtubes. >> just the time of my life and donald and hillary looking at each other. very funny. >> i thought of that before the debate. they had to hold the mike. it does look like it singing. donald trump the tax and warren buffett. warren buffett had something to say about that. i'm so proud of . well thank you. get your free credit scorecard at even if you're not a customer. anyone with type 2 diabetes knows how it feels to see your numbers go up, despite your best efforts. but what if you could turn things around? what if you could... love your numbers?
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it's 7:56, i'm yetta man dressed as 3 robbing an am-pm the run this 'batman' is on man dressed as right now... a right now... a man dressed as 'batman' is on the run this morning after robbing an am-pm store in mesa. it happened near university and country club drive.police say the suspect had a gun, and when he demanded the cashier open the register, she she started crying and was too afraid.the guy in the costume then ran off --only taking some food and drinks for the mesa police if you know who this might be. a reminder this morning... to never leave valuables inside your car.some hikers at piestewa peak returned to their vehicles... only to find their windows broken!at least four cars were targeted... and a fifth car was keyed. 3
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thank you for choosing cbs 5, we'll see you back here in 25
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? good morning to our viewers in the west. it is tuesday, october 11th, 2016. welcome back to "cbs this morning." there is more real news ahead including donald trump, reaching for support after the house speaker turned his back on him. trump's message for paul ryan this morning. but first, here's today's eye opener at 8:00. donald trump did what politicians do in a real tight jam, ignore bad poll numbers and look for a cute kid in the crowd. >> the republican party into chaos. house speaker paul ryan saying it is every man for himself. >> now affecting congress. the front page of "usa today" is about losing it.
8:01 am
the republican party in in a full scale broad gauge meltdown. >> we're going to get across that finish line. >> you can actually see the river's current pushing water here. rescue teams have no idea how many people are still trapped. >> those lucky enough to have lived through hurricane matthew are now struggling to survive. and battling to stave off. >> if anybody watching has a galaxy note 7, samsung is telling all of you to turn these off for good. >> drive the winning run! and san francisco survives to see another day! >> revealed last night that he and running mate mike pence have not spoken about their key points of their policy plans and furthermore he thought pence was a very biased moderator. those glasses don't fool me, pence. i don't like you. >> i'm charlie rose are gayle
8:02 am
donald trump is lashing out this morning at his own party. >> the nominee tweeted a short time ago a very weak and ineffective paul ryan had a bad conference call where his members went wild at his disloyalty. the latest poll shows hillary clinton leads trump 46 to 35% in a four-way matchup. the poll was taken before sunday's debate, but after the release of a 2005 video showing trump making aggressive sexual comments about women. >> and for first time, governor chris christie, a trumpe edadvi said his comments are indefensible and his apology was not enough. this morning, christie said, quote, i think that he should have been more direct and focused on saying just i'm sorry and only i'm sorry. christie says he is disappointed but he is still supporting donald trump. that follows house speaker paul ryan saying he will no longer defend or campaign with donald trump. yesterday, trump said his comments about women were inappropriate, but they were,
8:03 am
shows the inner workings the clinton campaign press machine. e-mails include several discussions of how clinton should address bernie sander plans for wall street reform. clinton's communications director wrote in january, quote, i liked messing with bernie on wall street at a staff level for the purposes of muddying the waters and throwing them off their game a bit. but i don't know that it is the most effective contrast for her. advised the campaign not to attack sanders idealism. he told them how it back fired in the primaries eight years earlier and in 2008, we would purposefully bait her into playing the wet blanket so we could turn around and whack her for it. >> new york times correspondent jodi kantor covered the controversy with the 2005 tape.
8:04 am
of the margin of her victory to outrage about male leachry and all these years later sex related scandal appears to have become a clinton strength. jodi is also a cbs news contributor. good morning. >> good morning. >> you know, as we were going into the debate, on sunday night, that was one of the thoughts we thought about, the treatment of women has become the centerpiece of a discussion in this campaign. >> yes, and in rese having this conversation all these years later. do we still need to litigate the basic respect with which women are treated. but on the other hand, it seems like a really important national conversation based on the way people are responding. there is a unanimity to this conversation that seems almost unique. how many other national moments can you remember where basically everybody has stood up and said
8:05 am
of this for more years than anybody. >> now, granted, this was a very favorable position for her to be in politically. but you have to wonder, if some part of her getting ready for the debate this weekend said how many more national debates about male leachry can i find myself in the middle of. >> it highlights all the problems that she has had in her marriage earlier. no woman wants to relive that again in the public eye. but it has got to be very, very >> my colleague, sue dominic wrote, lots of women had to confront evidence of potential wrongdoing by their husbands, affairs and what not, has anybody ever had to do it while trying to look presidential? >> and didn't she also pose the question if our first female president is propelled into office in part by outrage about male sexual misbehavior, would you find it depressing or
8:06 am
nuclear option where he decided to confront bill clinton with allegations about his past, he tried to actually stage a confrontation between bill clinton and his accusers on sunday night it went nowhere. it collapsed. it doesn't seem to have had a lot of -- >> i think it did get everybody talking about it, though. that stunt caused people to talk about that stunt, rather than perhaps his performance or more details about the tape. >> that's the reason it may not have been taken as seriously as he wanted is that it was so clearly done in the spirit of trying to erase his own problems from the tape that came out friday night. that it didn't necessarily seem like an eairing of fresh information. >> maybe why this time it will finally stick that it is done. >> first of all, i think we need to look at the context, right,
8:07 am
saw that kind of the trump candidacy was going nowhere good, he wasn't going to win, it was attracting a lot of negative attention and in some ways this tape provided the perfect excuse for anyone who wanted to get off the trump train. it was, like, okay, you know, election day is several weeks away, this is your last chance to get off. but there was also, you know, some people think it was the specific language that was in that tape, which was so incredibly offensive, the tone that it seems to have finally been -- >> about women. you and your colleagues said it was specifically about white women that got people upset. >> there is a very interesting piece in the times today with the hypothesis that white women were finally a group that a mainstream politician could not attack. when you look at latinos in society, you look at immigrants, when you look at muslims, these are all groups that potentially have less power, but white women
8:08 am
an establishment group. >> i think the hardest thing is when i heard a 9-year-old boy say he learned two bad words from listening to donald trump yesterday, the p word and the b word. >> there was a lot of debate about whether to let kids watch. a lot of us had told our kids they could watch the debate, days in advance and then when the subject matter came up, we had to do some last minute scrambling to decide whether that would be okay. we sat down and told our 10-year-old the monica lewinsky story on sunday night so she would knad >> parents thought they would never have to sensor a presidential debate or presidential conversation from their kids. and now you have to do that. >> jodi, thanks so much. conversation continues. >> new evacuations under way this morning in flooded communities in north carolina. hurricane matthew killed 14 people in that state. at least 29 deaths across the southeast are blamed on the storm. in haiti, at least a thousand people have been reported dead, more than a million haitians needed aid.
8:09 am
been forced from their homes without access to clean water there are growing fears of a mass cholera outbreak. billionaire warren buffett said he paid federal taxes for 72 years. ahead, his response to donald trump's accusation that he took
8:10 am
actor bryan cranston has portrayed a meth-making chemistry teacher and a esid actor pour trade a meth-making chemistry student and a president. he'll talk about his new memoir which reveals his only deeply personal story. you're watching "cbs this morning." president. ahead, he'll reveal his new memoir which reveals his own deeply personal story. you're watching "cbs this
8:11 am
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james p. walsh: to keep our community safe - we need a sheriff who will put fighting violent crime ahead of his own political agenda.
8:14 am
, undercover investigator, and dea task force agent of the year. paul penzone caught murderers, put drug kingpins behind bars, and created award-winning programs that protect our community. paul penzone... a new sheriff who will put our safety first. ? ? billionaire investor warren buffett is firing back after donald trump attacked his billionaire investor warren buffett is firing back after donald trump attacked his tax history. the republican nominee faced criticism for using a deduction that could have helped him
8:15 am
taxes for years. in sunday's debate, donald trump said that warren buffett used the same practice. >> the taxes are very simple thing. as soon as i have -- first of all, i pay hundreds of millions of dollars in taxes. many of our friends took bigger deductions, warren buffett took a massive deduction, soros, a friend of hers took a massive deduction, many of the people giving her all this money that she can do many more commercials than me gave her -- took massive >> and in a statement yesterday, buffett said trump, quote, has not seen my income tax returns and i have paid federal income tax every year since 1944 when i was 13. cbs news financial contributor mellody hobson joins us from chicago. we want to point out, she wants to point out, she supports hillary clinton as does warren buffett. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> i know you talked to a source close to warren buffett. was he watching the debate and heard his name and thought what?
8:16 am
very. and my source said it was just because it was factually incorrect what was being stated. and he felt the need, first thing monday morning, to set the record straight, which is why he released a summary of his 2014 tax return and just speld out the facts and the numbers and debunked any idea that he had taken some kind of big loss to not pay taxes. >> he basically made a point that he had not used a carry forward for his personal income taxes. >> correct. and specificallyy he never has, you know in the 73 year he's been filing taxes. >> but the type of the deduction that donald trump is being criticized for is called a net operating loss carry forward. that has been voted into law, supported by both democrats and republicans, arguably no one used it quite to the extent perhaps that donald trump has, but this had bipartisan support in the past and many businesses, personal people use it, correct? >> totally legal. and, again, we don't know that, you know, how many people have
8:17 am
but it is totally legal. so that is true. and it is very simple. he took a big loss, and the law says that you can use that loss to offset future income. so it is a very simple -- very simple math. >> so let's spend a minute on that. why does that exist within the law? >> why does it exist? it goes back to tax code for a long, long time and it basically is a way for people to recoup losses that they have had. >> so for instance, someone who owns a lawn mowing company, a year where there were floods and terrible and lost all their money, the next year they wouldn't have to pay taxes. >> as much in taxes, correct. we're getting very technical here, but the big difference between what we're looking at with buffett and what we're looking at with trump. lots of private companies where buffett is the head of a big public company where we a lot more transparency. >> mellody, warren buffett called on donald trump to
8:18 am
he's under audit. what would we learn from the tax returns? >> he said he's under audit. he said show me yours, i'll show you mine. we need a very small section to understand his financial picture. his son has said he's not releasing because the returns are 25,000 pages long. this is all we need. page one. it would tell us his income, any losses he has. page two, it would tell us how much he pays in taxes and we could compute his effective tax section a, it would tell us any kind of deductions that he has including charitable. and then schedule d, excuse me, schedule a and schedule d, which would tell us any kind of capital gains or losses he has had from me kind of asset sales, a building, a stock. it is pretty simple. that's all he would need. we would have 80% to 90% of his financial picture just from that very limited amount of information. >> and mellody, he says his financial disclosure form he
8:19 am
>> no, i went and looked at the filing. the one thing, the difference between the tax return and the financial filing, tax return is specific, the financial filing talks in generalities and estimates. >> is warren buffett saying donald trump keep your name out of my conversation? keep my name out of your conversation? >> that's what he said. >> thank you very much, mellody. a man in a red sweater stole the spotlight at sunday's presidential debate. next, audience member bone talks about his instant celebrity status and the wardrobe malfunction that led to his choice of this outfit. by the way, this outfit has gone viral. >> sold out. >> sold out. >> you're watching "cbs this morning." this outfit. that's going viral. you're watching "cbs this morning." i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment with breo. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine,
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8:23 am
? someone in the audience has a question for ken. yes, go ahead, sir. >> yeah, last night when you asked about energy policy, there was something i knew ask you. how did you ever get such a fresh and cool style? [ laughter ] >> i would love to say that i was born with one. [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> i think the short answer is that my wife dresses me like all great americans. [ laughter ] >> i like that. >> that was ken bone on "jimmy kimmel show" last night. bone gained attention on social media after asking a question
8:24 am
that red sweater, cable-knit, bone only wore the iconic sweater because of a wardrobe malfunction. >> i had an olive colored suit that i had picked out for the day. it was my favorite suit. apparently i've gained a few pounds since the last time i wore it. when i got in my car to leave for the debate. i tore the seat out of my pants and had to make an emergency move into something i could change into very quickly. >> well, tweeted there's no debate, the town hall look is the one to rock. he will make a decision on who to vote for after next week's final debate. >> people like ken bone, because of his question now after you meet him, you like him even more. >> great halloween costume. >> great american.
8:25 am
everybody into his private life. good morning- it's 8:25, i'm yetta gibson. a valley couple is facing child abuse charges this morning... accused of leaving a little boy inside a car... while they gambled at a scottsdale casino. police arrested brad porter junior and jessica lopez outside casino arizona.police say they left lopez's 5- their vehicleaccording to the documents... police also found marijuana and several bottles of beer inside the couple's car. a terror suspect is now pleading guilty.. in his alleged plot to attack an m-v-d office in mesa. investigators said ?mahin khan? asked an undercover f-b-i employee to build home-made grenades.he's facing five to 14 years in prison. he'll be sentenced next month. 3
8:26 am
thank you for choosing cbs 5,
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8:29 am
8:30 am
? the roar from the fenway faithful for ortiz. >> red sox slugger david ortiz just played his last game at fenway. all that love from the fans couldn't knocking boston out of the american league playoffs. the man known as big papi came out after the game for a final salute that left him in tears. >> tonight, when i walked into the mound, i realized -- i realized that it was going to be -- it was over. as long as i play in front of these fans, i never take anything for granted. i give everything i have. it's something special while i play.
8:31 am
three world series titles including their first since 1918. >> and the fans love this guy. >> love this guy. that, leaving something and ut - you've given everything you had. >> they probably loved ever moment. >> that's the next chapter for big papi. i just love saying big papi. >> you're wearing your red sox red, aren't you? >> yes, i he's a big winner. he established himself as one of the most versatile actors of all time, we moved to to call sneaky pete when he was a kid. ahead, why he decided to open up, and the most difficult part of the book to write. also in the green room,
8:32 am
right now headlines from around the globe. britain's guardian reports that blowing off steam by working out is the a bad idea. researchers found -- you know where they're coming from? researchers found that anger more than doubled the risk of heart attack. so does assertion. but the risk is triple if you exercise when you're angry. experts believe this proves there's a crucial link between mind and body. >> angry. there's a different. >> a double whammy. >> interesting i thought it was a good place to -- >> yeah, to let it out. bloomberg reports on a huge decline -- >> anybody come to mind when you think about it? >> huh-uh. >> what's going on in florida? >> yeah -- i'm going to start over y'all. bloomberg reports on a record
8:33 am
the longest slide in more than a century. even with hurricane matthew, the excess rain was a big problem there. "usa today" reports that tiger woods is now delaying his comeback. woods said his back is better but his golf game isn't ready. he pulled out of a tournament and another in early november. woods, once golf's biggest star hasn't played g competively in 14 months. tyson invests in veggie burgers. tyson is the largest meat company. the "los angeles times" reports that millennials make up the economy and graphics. learning more about adults under the age of 35.
8:34 am
experiences they can share on social media instead of the objects. and "the new york times" says production of america's one cent coin costs us a pretty penny. it costs $1.43 to make 100 pennies, president obama favored dropping the penny as canada did four years ago. he said the government is slow to get rid of things that don't . cranston got his starts as the soap series loving" more than 40 years ago. cranston made a name for himself in roles like the goofy dad and malcolm in the middle. and then meth maker walter white in "breaking bad." >> do you know what would happen if i decided not to go to work, a business that could be listed
8:35 am
disappears. it ceases to exist without me. no you clearly don't know who you're talking to. so let me clue you in, i am not in danger, skylar, i am the danger. >> cranston is showing his personal side in a new memoir "a life in part." it's printed by a schuster, a division of cbs. bryan cranston, welcome back to the table. >> yes. >> thanks. >> tell me what goes into you thinking i moye -- memoir, i want to do it now and i want to lay it all out. >> i just thought there's no point in writing something if you're not completely transparent. >> what was it's hardest thing to go to? >> i think the first story tox about a green i shot in "breaking bad" where i'm witnessing a young woman die. >> which is one of the most powerful scenes.
8:36 am
through a myriad of emotions. should i save her. i have a young child. i'm diving into it. i see the face of my daughter dying, choking to death and it just -- even now, when i recall that story and that time, it's a little upsetting because, obviously -- >> it took you in a really dark place. you had a breakdown right there i the set in terms of being ov when you saw it. >> i think everything that an actor, their experiences and upbringing becomes part of the toolbox for an actor. being able to access the emotions that they carry. and so, our job is then to just be open to reaching in and pulling it out. and unfortunately, sometimes, it's painful.
8:37 am
grade teacher who said bryan goofs around in class. he tends to be disruptive. >> thank you. >> he needs to apply himself. >> are you going to stop pretty soon? >> and another thing, a crazy girlfriends, too. >> ava. >> and they called him sneaky pete. >> thanks. >> were you a bad boy? >> i was not a bad boy as i was -- >> she likes bad boys. >> yeah. >> were you a bad boy? oh, really? >> that's a good line, charlie. >> i was a dconfused boy. i think i have adhd. it was never diagnosed back in the day. i thought there's something wrong with me. i still don't know.
8:38 am
opera "loving" i actually watched it. >> you see that dashing associate professor, the drama. >> and that was you, you said you called "loving" your proudest professional about accomplishment to date. not necessarily your soap opera role, but what it taught arrived. like i belonged. like i could do something and do it well. and that gave me an open door. >> look at that. i was wearing a time. my hair was longer. i don't know who that guy is. >> but you could do it and do it well? >> yeah. and to this day, it's my biggest professional about accomplishment that i felt i belonged and i could plake a li make a living. >> can i fast forward to
8:39 am
"rolling stone" topping the one of the top 100 all time. did you feel you could do that? >> no, all we know is being able to identify good material. i knew it was exceptional material. and i wanted it badly. i lobbied vince gilligan hard. >> how do you lobby hard? >> i lifted my leg and marked him with my pheromone. i said you'r this role -- >> did you run around in your little pants ies. >> my little panties? this whole interview is going down the stoultoilet. >> they thought he can play this character? >> yes, amc and sony were
8:40 am
a character and change him from a good person to a bad person. had never been done in the history of television. >> what are you working on now? >> i have this book. i'm going to scruff because i'm shooting a movie in pittsburgh next month. i need scruff. >> what's the movie? >> "last fish flying." >> congratulations, with you and robin. you talk about proposal. girlfriend stage. crazy girlfriends. life is so -- >> thank you very much. >> we like you bryan cranston. >> thank you. >> his new book is "a life in part." and author jodi picoult, i met her, also has a new book this morning.
8:41 am
8:42 am
i learned as a police officer and a businessman you should never abuse people's trust. unfortunately, today too many politicians either serve their party or themselves, and arizona families suffer. the arizona republic called paul babeu a disgrace. babeu spent $28,000 of taxpayer money at a five-star resort and was questioned by the fbi for using public money to promote himself. o'halleran: i'm tom o'halleran, and i approve this message, sheriff paul babeu was headmaster at desisto school in massachusetts. a boarding school rife with abuse. a lot of things went down that probably shouldn't have. this isn't about abuse or neglect, because none of this was found. except these records show the state found it, students and parents testified about it, and a judge ordered it to stop. the cornering, the sheeting, i didn't know how to live and function as a normal human being.
8:43 am
8:44 am
? best-selling author jodi picoult has never shied away
8:45 am
best-selling author jodi picoult has never shied away from controversial topics and inspiration. some tackle subjects like cancer, sexual abuse and the holocaust. the newest novel called "small great things" takes on the issue of racism partly inspired by a 2012 discrimination lawsuit in michigan. jodi picoult, we welcome you back to the table. >> thank you. >> this book i thought was so interesting and so timely, i look at you, white woman of privilege, how do you write a book about racism? i thought you captured you said it was one of the hardest books you write because -- >> because racism is hard to talk about. we often choose not to talk about it at all.
8:46 am
i tried to write about race multiple times in my career and i failed because i couldn't come at it from an authentic point. it's not my story to tell, in many ways. it was this lawsuit that happened in michigan that really changed things for me. a nurse with 20 years of experience on a labor and delivery ward who delivered a baby. then the father called in his supervisor and said i don't want her or anyone like her to touch my kid. push up the sleeve and revealed a swastika tattoo. she ended up getting a payout after suing this man. what if this nurse was the only one alone with the child when something went wrong. what if, as a result of that, she ended up on trial with a white public defender who like me or my friends would never say i'm a racist.
8:47 am
examine their blizzards about power and racism and power. >> i looked and said jodi picoult is still white, right? >> i had women with over 1$100 hours they share their successes and fears and failures. they vetted the voice of ruth in my book. without them and i shouldn't are written the book without them. it comes from a quote that is attributed to martin luther king jr., he said if i can not do great things, i can do small things in a greats way. racism is big and messy and systemic and institutional it's both perpetuated and extended in this act. in the novel, as these two
8:48 am
nurse begin to build a relationship. >> considering all that went into this book and considering all that's happened in society, how do we have a meaningful conversation about race that does more than than has been done in the past? >> i think one of the most important things that i personally learned is that racism isn't just prejudice. it's also about power. although it's very easy for 20us see the headwinds of racism the way a certain skin color can it's a little harder to tap into the tailwinds of racism which is the way people who have lighting color skin get advantages from that. i think if this novel can do anything, hopefully, it can provide a vocabulary that is a springboard. we need to talk about racism. i will make mistakes. it's better to make mistakes and move forward. and understand that we all have it. all of pus. >> how did you capture the voice
8:49 am
like you had to take a shower. he was quite a character. >> yeah. i actually met with two men who were former skinheads who taught me why they went into a life of hate and how they got out of a life of hate. who had made very significant changes in their life. one is married to a jewish woman. >> that's a change. that stands to r ordinary people can, too. >> and the book has a twist at the end. >> and bryan cranston did your tease. >> from here, it's all downhill. >> great way to start the day.
8:50 am
8:51 am
8:52 am
? what an interesting day.
8:53 am
yeah, good variety. >> but it's over. sexual assault and rape. out-of-control corrections officers arrested. but not one served a day of time. sweetheart deals, because, with county attorney bill montgomery, some people are above the law,
8:54 am
rodriguez, a career prosecutor who believes in tough sentences for violent crime and equal justice under the law. vote for diego rodriguez. a county attorney for us all. good morning- it's 8:54, i'm yetta's 8:54, i'm yetta good morning- it's 8:54, i'm yetta gibson. all new this morning... a man in a wheelchair is rushed to the hospital in critical condition... after getting hit avenue and dunlap.police say the man in the wheelchair was in the crosswalk... but was going ?against? the light.the driver stayed at the scene and is cooperating with police. they do not believe speed or impairment are factors. we're working to get answers this morning after two girls went missing in the valley. both were found safe. in the first case, 8-year-old tim-goy dak went missing saturday morning.neighbors feared the worst when officers were seen searching through dumpsters near her apartment
8:55 am
indian school.hours later, she was found at a nearby complex, after several people recognized her. says, "i pulled up the news on my phone and i said timgoy...this is the little girl"......."feel good about's a good thing...her family is going to be reunited together."." detectives are now following up with the girl and her family to find out what she was doing during the time she was missing. right now... a man dressed as morning after robbing an am-pm store in mesa. it happened near university and country club drive.police say the suspect had a gun, and when he demanded the cashier open the register, she she started crying and was too afraid.the guy in the batman costume then ran off --only taking some food and drinks for the mesa police if you know who this might be. a terror suspect is now pleading guilty.. in his alleged plot to attack an m-v-d office in mesa. investigators said ?mahin khan? asked an undercover
8:56 am
home-made grenades.he's facing five to 14 years in prison. he'll be sentenced next month. a reminder this morning... to never leave valuables inside your car.some hikers at piestewa peak returned to their vehicles... only to find their windows broken!at least four cars were targeted... and a fifth car was keyed. 3
8:57 am
thank you for choosing cbs 5, we'll see you back here at noon.the price is right is
8:58 am
8:59 am
sheriff paul babeu was headmaster at desisto school in massachusetts. a boarding school rife with abuse. a lot of things went down that probably shouldn't have. this isn't about abuse or neglect, because none of this was found. except these records show the state found it, students and parents testified about it, and a judge ordered it to stop. the cornering, the sheeting, i didn't know how to live and function as a normal human being.
9:00 am
( "the price is right" theme playing ) >> george: here it comes, from the bob barker studio at cbs in hollywood, it's "the price is right!" zachary reader, come on down! deborah usery, come on down! jesse saucedo, come on down!


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