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tv   CBS 5 News at Noon  CBS  October 14, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MST

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a fire break out in a warehouse full of fertilizer threatening a major explosion. and an entire neighborhood is evacuated because of a 6-foot
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>> this is cbs5 news. >> goong good afternoon everybody. thanks for joining us here at noon. a woman is dead after a fire broke out inside her phoenix apartment. many neighbors are being held as heroes after working to help others get out of the burning building the here's more from the scene. >> reporter: one person is dead after an early morning apartment fire here near dunlap. here's what's left of the scene. you can see what's left of the smoke damage. you can see that damage, that's extensive. now the door is open. you can see inside it. it's dark but almost nothing recognizable in there. that's how bad the smoke damage is. there's debris all around the front of the apartment complex. that runs next to the apartments next door. that they had crime scene tape up earlier.
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i want to show you some video and take you back. this all started between 1:00 and 1:30 this morning. somewhere between four units had to be evacuated. they were doing chest compressions on that victim for nearly 20 minutes. and was taken to the hospital, that is where she died. in some of the shots you can see how much smoke firefighters had to deal with as they worked to get residents out. crime scene investigators were out here ehi well. and we spoke to a neighbor just moments after he and his family rushed to make it out of his apartment alive. >> we were all sleeping. i'm a roofer so i wake up in an hour and a half to go to work. the old lady wakes up in a couple of hours, and the kids go to school. so everybody was sleeping and scrambling to make sure everybody's awake. and i was screaming get out of the house. i made them follow me and get
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>> the cause of that fire is still under investigation. back to you. >> a fertilizer warehouse caught on fire and filled with smoke overnight. this happened near 29th street and washington. it had the potential to make a big explosion. fortunately firefighters were able to break open a door and let some smoke out. right now they're trying to figure out how it all got started. the police maryville trying to figure out what triggered a shootout in broad daylight in front of a school. a man was walking near a middle school when he was shot several times. first responders found him collapsed in front of a nearby home. >> there was like a bang, bang, bang. >> it was seven shots altogether. >> it kind of sounded distant so i didn't pay any mind. i thought somebody just shot the gun in the air. >> police found a gun at the scene.
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hospital. >> in buckeye a tanker truck fire closed down an off ramp. this happened on the i-10 and miller. they pumped 7,000 gallons of diesel fuel out of it when the truck caught fire. mesa police are trying to identify a sexual assault suspect. the assault happened at a woman's home near adobe, and lindsey road. the suspect approached her and forced her to go inside the home with him a sexually assaulted her. >> it seems to me like that could be a grandpa or anybody. but i don't recognize the gentleman. >> that's the disturbing part. it shatters your illusions. >> mesa police say they may have driven off in a gray or silver car. if you recognize that man, police want to hear from you. >> a valley woman is facing terrorism charges. she's accused of helping her husband plan a bombing at the
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sentence. she sent her husband articles from al-qaeda and islamic state magazines. the attorney general's office says he converted to islam while incarcerated and recently became radicalized. they planned to target the prison warden in a bombing. she was arrested earlier this week. >> with all the recent terrorist attacks we've seen all across the country it is more important than ever for federal, state, agencies to all work together stop these terrorist plots before innocent lives are lost. >> she has been in trouble with the law before, she spent two years in prison for theft. people are back in their homes in a neighborhood just north of tucson after a huge beehive was discovered. it was 5 feet long. it housed 80,000 africanized bees. but it may be a matter of time
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every five homes on that street may have a hive. >> realize we just had weeks and weeks of rain. so every bee colony i've opened up whether in a wooden box or in someone's house is preparing for lots of fall wildfires. so they think it's going to be springtime all over again. >> a man who helped remove the bees said he's been in the same home four times in the last two years for the same problem. just not scale. time to check on the weather and a pretty nice weekend on count. >> if you like sunshine and warmth that's what we've got. highs in the 90s. a little warmer than average. but we have those cool mornings. here's a live look outside from our tower cam. you can see a few high clouds off in the distance. right now we're sitting at 89 degrees at sky harbor. dew points at 84 degrees and those winds are calm.
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temperatures in your neighborhood. it is 86 in chandler. ditto for twin creek. 66 in flag staff. 79 for globe miami. 76 in prescott. cloud cover again streaming in from the northwest. no rain associated with it. and if you are planning maybe happy hour or dinner out on the patio, here are those temperatures we are tracking the rest of this day. 4:00 p.m. 94 degrees. that's where we top out by 6:00. 89 degrees after that sunsets. it feels pretty good. we'll keep those skies clear and by 8:00 we dip down to 80 degrees. we're tracking warmer than normal temperatures. we'll take a look how high they rise in just a bit. >> dolphin airs opens tomorrow. and protesters have been
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were announced that. i say it's cruel to force the dolphins to spend their lives swimming in small pools in the middle of the desert. the people insist the dolphins thrive in captivity. trip paradise opens in the valley tomorrow and here's a preview. >> i've got my hat ready to go. because opening day, the place to be. 61 years right mao here in the valley. and i have a veteran jockey the 20 years you run right here. you're not the steward, tell me a little bit about opening day. >> it's a really great day. a lot of fun, a lot of energy, a lot of peoplement there's great horse, great -- people, there's great horses. great people, great food. come out and join us. >> how does it feel when you take off like that on those
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30 miles per hour. there's traffic, there's excitement, and there's money when you win. >> we like that p. money when you bet as well. so bring the family, and again the doors open at 11:00 tomorrow. it's two bucks to get in. the first 5,000 get a free t-shirt. >> looks like a lot of fun out there. coming up the trump campaign says it has evidence that accusations against him are false. but so far they're not saying what it is. p airlines are doing now to protect you from exploding phones. and speaking of phones grab your phone. later in the newscast we're
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allegations against pinal county sheriff paul babeu. paul babeu exposed in a damning home video. accusations of widespread abuse at a massachusetts private school. she is sick of hearing sheriff paul babeu lie. allegations of abuse of power. another headache, the fbi has subpoenaed records. lawsuits regarding abuse and neglect. new page of controversy. a question of judgment. ultimately voters are going to have to decide if he's the type of candidate they want in congress.
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sexual assault and rape. out-of-control corrections officers arrested. but not one served a day of time. sweetheart deals, because, with county attorney bill montgomery, some people are above the law, making us all less safe. there's a better choice -- diego rodriguez, for violent crime and equal justice under the law. vote for diego rodriguez. a county attorney for us all. a wildfire broke out early this morning lake tahoe. five hundred homes have been ordered to evacuate. the fire has already burned two
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winds, no structures have burned. no word yet on the cause. the trump campaign is promising to release information today that it says should refute claims by women that the gop nominee sexually assaulted them. while hillary clinton continues to deal with past emails from wiki leaks. here's the latest from washington. >> hello, how are you? hi. >> it's been a week sexually charged comments on a 2005 access hollywood tape put the trump campaign on the defensive. running mate mike pence told cbs this morning the campaign will produce evidence to discredit the accusers. >> there's more evidence coming out to back his claim that this is all categorically false. >> the latest poll shows hillary clinton winning by four points.
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steady drip of hacked emails from inside her campaign. in one exchange from about two years ago the campaign manager outlined a bid to influence the gop primary. writing move it out of mid march when they're currently a lifeline a republican. they will need the help of democrats if both chambers of the legislature, but that the clintons won't forget what their friends have done for them. clinton didn't address emails in an interview with ellen degeneres. but she's not taking her lead in the polls for granted. >> we've got to work really hard in the next three and a half weeks. because who knows what can happen. >> clinton has a fundraiser today in seattle. >> and there were so many arizonans who waited for the last day to vote that the online registration website thought it was a cyber attack.
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a spokesperson for the secretary of state's office says the site actually shutdown in self-defense. service has a cap on web traffic to prevent a cyber attack method where hackers overwhelm a website with artificial traffic. they were able to quickly increase the cap and get the site back up and running. new numbers show nearly 15 thousand people registered to vote on monday for the first person. a statement from the airline says there was an issue with its weight reporting system. but united said the issue was fixed. they're now working to get passengers effected by the delays to their destinations. the company doesn't have any information on how bad the delays are. some airlines are adding new fire suppression equipment to their flights to protect passengers from exploding
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stuffing their fleets with fire containment bags to help combat the threat of the lithium ion batteries exploding or catching fire. the threat was underscored by reports of the samsung galaxy note 7 phones overheating prompting a worldwide recall. it forced the evacuation of a southwest airlines flight. >> i heard some popping. that sounded like a z popping open. i looked around to see what that was. and there was smoke billowing out of my pocket. >> there is the bright red bag alaska airlines has on all 219 of its planes. it's made a fire resistant material. samsung has more to worry about when it comes to their note 7 safety. now they're worried customers
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samsung is offering one hundred bucks to customers who stick with them. those that want a full refund or switch to another brand will get an extra 25 dollars from samsung for their troubles. here's a look at wall street, you can see the dow up about 72 points right now. amazon is hiring 120 thousand workers to handle the big increase in holiday orders. the jobs will be states. last year 15 thousand seasonal positions turned into full-time jobs. and amazon expects that number to grow this year. honda is recalling (350) 000-2016 civics because of an issue with the parking brake. three -- 350,000, 2016 civics because of an issue with the parking brake. honda will pay for the repairs.
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guacamole is getting expensive. right now an avocado is getting expensive. pricing disputes in mexico are to blame. a major storm is hitting the coast of oregon and washington, a tornado struck down about 20 miles south of the oregon coast. several homes and businesses are damaged. thankfully most of were empty. the tornado hit a ten-block area right in the middle of town. joining us to talk about our weather, much quieter than the pacific northwest. a very soggy day for them yesterday and we'll see the other storm move through later on. >> exactly. and we'll get a little bit of cloud cover moving into northern arizona. but no rain expected with it. not much of a cool down either. highs about five degrees above
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year. let's start with the live picture from our tower cam right now we're running five degrees above average. it could always be worse though. that record 100 set on this day last year. do you remember that? all right looking ahead to tonight it is high school football night. maybe you're headed out to a game. by 5:00 we will 93 degrees average. and by 11:00 p.m. tonight we're looking at 75. looking at our radar across the state quiet conditions. but as we take a look off towards the northwest. there's that first storm system moving through. it will bring some higher elevation snow. you can see western washington and western oregon still seeing some of that rain. we're going to see a secondary system move on in as we work
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sunday. meanwhile we have storms stretching from the tennessee valley down into the southern plains. those are pushing eastbound with some heavy rain. otherwise we again just have quiet conditions in our neck of the woods. high pressure rimming just off the coast of baja is the major weather influence in our pattern for the next several days. this is basically going to keep us dry, sunny, and warm. here's a look at the highs today across the country. 67 in san francisco. warm in denver today 83 looks like 66 in chicago, and 63 for new york city. highs today across the valley 95 for goodyear. 94 in scottsdale. we'll hit 70 in flag staff. looking at future cast it'll be hard pressed to find much cloud cover. a few high clouds streaming across northern arizona late tonight and early tomorrow
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mighty fine. your high 94. tonight mostly clear. and tomorrow mornings low will be 67 degrees. that extended forecast shows highs in the 90s. but they come down a few degrees each day. it looks like bottoming out tuesday with a high of 91 then rising back to the mid-90s by thursday. the lows in the 60s. lots of sunshine moving into our area. i off on monday at desert ridge. last year they got some rain and gusty winds. mother nature is cooperating. i think we have a little something to do with that. >> i will say, i'm hoping we get into the 80s and 70s for the afternoon highs soon. i'm liking, the mornings are great but the highs are a little warm. >> today was the first day the seasonal average high dipped blood pressure 90 degrees. but we'll get -- dipped below
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james p. walsh: to keep our community safe - we need a sheriff who will put fighting violent crime ahead of his own political agenda. paul penzone has been a decorated crime-fighter for over 20 years. a police officer, undercover investigator, and dea task force agent of the year. paul penzone caught murderers, put drug kingpins behind bars, and created award-winning programs that protect our community. paul penzone...
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welcome back. start dialling, we're giving away two tickets for thursday november 10th. if you don't know who she is you probably recognize her. the number is on the fifth caller wins. good luck. a pair of panda twins celebrated their first birthday at the zoo. it's part of a chinese custom for the one-year-olds. they set the four boxes of characters for the money, happiness, life, and bamboo. they chose to get on the one, they went straight for the bamboo.
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producer who's always on panda watch. and you know this is a big thing on our program. let's talk from the cute to not so cute. we are looking at an alligator. this is the largest alligator ever caught in the state of texas. it was in a lake in liberty county. this thing 13 feet and 8 inches long. it weighed more than 900 pounds. it was take ton a the gator was a nuisance and had been getting too close to humans. still to come a last look at your forecast, the weekend is here and we want to know how the weather will be.
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it is 12:27 here's a live look outside. a warm day out but pretty pleasant. >> we're looking at a high of 94 degrees. a le nine. so we are getting there. just be patient. we have the mornings in the 60s. >> we hope to see you right back here at >> trump versus the accusers. >> he was like an octopus.
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