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tv   CBS 5 News at 10  CBS  October 15, 2016 12:37am-1:12am MST

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right now glendale police are trying to determine if a driver involved in a serious head-on crash was impaired. lindsey reiser has the latest from 59th avenue and camelback. >> reporter: investigators are here on the scene piecing together what happened. one of the drivers is being looked at for possible impairment. a sedan and the truck here on the
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intersection, four people were in one vehicle, a man woman and two teenage girls all had to be rescued from the car and were taken to a trauma center with life-threatening injuries. the driver of the other vehicle remained on scene. we did see a man being put in handcuffs but we are waiting to hear whether that person has been arrested and if so what charges he could face. you want to tell everybody this intersection 59th and camelback will remain closed for some time, try to find an alternate route if you can. in phoenix 5 news. more breaking news this one over in the east valley, eastbound u.s. 60 just reopened at stately road, police say this accident involves multiple cars and several people are injured. the crash happened just after 8:00, it's unclear what caused it. but police are investigating. right now a mesa family is pleading for your help in finding the driver who hit a man and then drove off as his friends were trying to save his
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cbs 5's lauren reimer has this exclusive story. lauren? croaked that victim was hit right here while he was walking home, it's very dark and there are no sidewalks. the people he was with never got a good look at the vehicle, before it drove off but they are hoping the driver has a guilty conscience. 24-year-old patrick maruka was out with friends at a bar earlier this month, they were walking home when he was hit by a vehicle going 55 miles per hour. the driver saw taillights, never saw brake lights or nothing. >> reporter: next time his parents saw him he was in the emergency room. >> that was kind of scary to see your son on the bed with a ventilator in his mouth and all the machines obviously a lot of blood. >> it was the biggest nightmare ever. >> reporter: he had swelling on his brain, a broken elbow, his clavicle was broken. his sternum, his pelvis.
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>> our son is going to recuperate, we don't know if it's going to be 100% but he will recuperate from this. has got a long road in front of him for rehab. >> reporter: nearby businesses caught the impact on security camera. the maricopa county sheriff's office is looking at those clips now. they think the driver might be in a white hatchback. it likely has damage to the passenger side mirror, headlight and bumper. >> we are asking anybody and everybody to >> reporter: patrick's mother said she would have a few words for the person if they are caught. >> if it's a girl, i would probably buy her an orange lipstick for the outfit she's going to be wearing for the next whatever years. if it's a guy, i don't know. probably a couple swear words or more. >> reporter: obviously the family hopes this driver has a change of heart and comes forward to police. in the meantime the family set up a gofundme account to pay
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$11,000. lauren reimer, cbs 5 news. take a look at this video, pacific northwest dealing with a severe weather today, this is amazing, tornado spotted in the town of manzanita on the oregon coast about 85 miles from portland, oregon. the trail of damage left around the coast this evening, and then check this out, this is an amazing picture of the satellite and radar, you can see the rain falling from areas seattle, this is around one of the storms, they've got another area of low pressure taking aim at the pacific northwest again starting tomorrow afternoon. expecting strong winds, heavy rainfall flooding issues, and that rain is going to extend through monday and snow levels also dropping down to about 7000 feet. so a lot of snow up in the cascades. for us mostly clear skies, with sunshine stick around for the weekend? a look at your seven-day planner within the first 10
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three months since a 10-year- old boy went missing and buckeye. tonight his mother is back in the spotlight because she did not show up for a court hearing. crystal wilson skipped out on the hearing this morning about her parental rights regarding jesse and her two other adopted children. we went to wilson's house but no one answered the door. buckeye police say in the months since the jesse being missing they have had very little communication with his th contact with her. >> has she made contact with you guys? >> no she has not. >> does it strike you odd she didn't show up for the hearing? >> as a father, yeah. >> the chief says despite the decrease in public and media attention, his investigators continue to work around the clock. looking for jesse. the arizona attorney general's office is accusing a scottsdale based travel company of consumer fraud. eric staal reports.
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and her husband were getting a 10 day mediterranean cruise plus airfare and extras from arch vacations. >> that's a lot of money. but it sounded like a dream vacation. it turned into an absolute nightmare. >> reporter: because months after the refund period expired arch surprised her with a new bill, for so-called airfare surcharges. >> when it came right down to it, they from me. so i feel that that was misrepresentation and fraud. >> reporter: she's not alone. this consumer fraud lawsuit against the company after more than 30 people came forward. according to the lawsuit arch telemarketers didn't mention hundreds or thousands of dollars in hidden fees. and sometimes arch didn't even book the travel reservations and they still wouldn't give
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have skin rashes. it has just been very emotionally distressful. >> reporter: we visited the office in scottsdale but no one was there. >> i felt like i had no option but to take them to small claims court. >> reporter: and swap won. the judge awarded her the refund and more. arch was ordered to pay up by october 9. did arch ever give you a refund? >> not a single penny. >> reporter: no money, no vacation, but now she at least eric staal, cbs 5 news. >> reporter: are they cantons -- saying they did not defraud or cheat customers. we have put that statement on our mobile app. a heads up if you are going on vacation or taking any flights. samsung note 7's are now banned from planes. those phones will not be allowed in the flight, carry-on luggage or even in checked bags. the move comes after a number of fires from overheating phones
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phones. we need protection from hackers, that is the word from arizona secretary of state to the federal government. michelle reagins has our election database has had nearly 200,000 breaking attends targeting voter information. about 11,000 of those actually posed serious threats. investigators think russian hackers are to blame and now reagan and 32 other secretaries of state want homeland security help. being invaded by russia, you don't call in your national guard. at some point you have to say you know, i need the army. >> hackers probably would not be able to change vote totals, but they could cause confusion in what is already a very contentious election. right now we're going to take you to more breaking news, police are on the scene of a deadly stabbing, take a look at
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two people got into a fight, one of them pulled a knife and attacked the other person. a 39-year-old man was pronounced dead at the scene. again this is developing story, right now investigators are still there on the scene. you can see the vehicles, stay with the cbs 5 news app for any developments. a community is fighting back against back alley crime. neighbors tell us they've had it after a stranger exposed himself to little girls backyard. they want gates put up at alley entrances near 19th and dunlap to prevent people from just wandering through. neighbors say there have been several problems and they blame a nearby methadone clinic and a lot of foot traffic near the light rail. >> we had an incident that happened about a week ago someone through the alley, actually shot a neighbors dog with a low caliber bb gun.
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stark tells us she sent a letter to the mayor saying alley crime is a problem and it needs to be addressed. >> all right, chris. take a live look outside, beautiful night tonight, this is after a high of 96. that's well above average this time of year. are average is right around 90 degrees. right now pretty nice, sitting at 81, winds nice and calm. like the sunshine get used to it. warmer temperatures are going to stick around through the weekend and even into next week. you can see with the satellite and radar some cloud cover to the north and in fact let -- let's zoom out and show you the futurecast. pacific northwest where the storm track lies, well to the north of arizona but there is the secondary area of low pressure that's going to push inland in the pacific northwest, the center of that low moving right into the state of washington, that's going to happen the worst of it in the afternoon hours around 12:30. a chance of rain through the evening hours on saturday. those showers will extend it
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start out the work week. so they are expecting some heavy rainfall and strong winds definitely some damage out there. temperatures for tomorrow, day in detail start out the morning at around 6:00 a.m. just around sunrise, upper 60s, very comfortable out there, until about noon. where we start to see temperatures warm up, 90 at noon, top out around 95, that'd happen around 4:00. and then seven-day forecast here you go, temperatures stay warm throughout thees we're going to see plenty of sunshine through friday. it is 10:10 and you have what you need to start your weekend. stay with us as we talk about apps that can save your life during an emergency. plus education gap. answers on why some students in arizona are getting shortchanged. and trended to that, you have to see her, unlikely character to be working in a haunted house but why this 93-year-old woman has a reason that she is
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a new report finds some arizona students are not getting their fair share. cbs 5's lindsey reiser has answers on why public schools with high latino populations don't get as much local funding. >> one wants to be a doctor. his dad is going to school to be a doctor but he was to become a doctor as well. >> reporter: delilah avila says she wants her and be whatever they aspire to be but she worries funding could make it more difficult. >> it makes me angry, it makes me sad. >> reporter: a new asu report finds latino students are at a funding disadvantage. >> the future of the state is at stake. >> the arizona community foundation says one reason is that districts with high latino enrollment typically have lower property values. >> the property values are
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distributions that go towards education are lower. >> reporter: many schools rely on tax credit donations. according to this report schools with low latino populations get about $87 per student. schools with high latino populations don't even get 13. >> struggling to make ends meet from paycheck to paycheck. you can't afford to make donations like that. >> reporter: they will push for solutions like taking a look at the way education funding is distributed in our state. >> we should not know this and sit tl anything. >> reporter: delilah is pushing her boys to follow their dreams. >> if we could do it i know for sure they can do it. >> reporter: in phoenix, lindsey reiser, cbs 5 news. take a look at this video from washington state, trees destroyed and power lines damaged after a severe storm passed through the area. crews say they will work through what is left of the storm trying to restore power. and getting answers during a natural disaster is crucial.
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apps that you would want to get before disaster strikes. the red cross has apps for earthquakes hurricanes and tornadoes situations. they'll give a list of alerts and they have checklists to help you prepare, fema has a similar app, facebook safety check allows you to mark that you are okay if you are close to an area where there's an emergency and life 360 is designed for families to keep in touch and tracked locations from one central lab. engineers from silicon valley are using technology take medical supplies to dangerous areas. they are testing drone delivery programs right now in africa. >> what this represents is an opportunity to leapfrog over the absence of roads to provide first world level medical care to every single person in the country regardless of where they live. >> when the drones will be ready, they will dramatically reduce critically injured
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wait to get care. virtual reality could help win the battle against ptsd. a valley behavioral health university and tech company, they have teamed up to test the technology as a way to treat mental illness. doctors believe patients with anxiety depression and ptsd could all benefit from virtual reality. because it helped bring calm into their life. >> they can have a known voice in also have music, we have serene visual effects like birds flying and water rippling and fish in the water and things like that. >> doctors essay nearly 8% of americans will experience ptsd at some point in their lives. this valley couple is getting into the spooky spirit after two years together, he
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tonight is mario and breanne's anniversary. they spent their night going up 1300 floors. even with all those zombies and clowns and ghosts it was her boyfriend who gave her the biggest thrill. >> very surprised. especially since i fell off the stage. >> what would you say to us? >> it was amazing. definitely unique. >> that's unique. the couple does not have plans to get married right away but they do tell us a wedding will happen -- it will have a halloween theme so that congratulations to them. one granny won't be handing out candy. she'll be too busy scaring people. meet mary lou williams at age 93 she spends every weekend at a haunted warehouse in arkansas. she plays a woman in a nursing home who was pushed just a
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>> i said no, i am not getting in that shower. you're always asking me to get in the shower. >> [ laughter ] >> wow. mary lou enjoys it because it gives her something to do but that's not all. it's her chance to earn some christmas money too. >> [ laughter ] the star wars holiday special. >> do you remember that? i totally remember that pier flashback friday we may be a little early for christmas but we couldn't pass up this clip from 1978 star wars holiday special. which aired on cbs. christmas in space. >> oh, dear. that was hilarious. >> which was the clip because
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rogue one trailer, 38 years later. i can't believe you don't remember that. >> that's awesome. >> trending tonight, this video of an indiana police officer showing off those jedi skills. the officer used lightsabers to direct traffic in this clip. just showing off the use of the force instead of actually standing out in traffic for us. >> man. forget that. get him a job at airport. can you imagine him di >> could be kind of frightening. >> that's good stuff.
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this is why he is the best in the business. take a look at these grace -- great shots aboard the penguin error news chopper, just gorgeous cruising the valley for "wake up arizona." here is the forecast, clear skies, plenty of sunshine ahead. tomorrow morning get outside, drop down comfortable sunrise at around 6:00 a.m. down tout prescott. and then once again five degrees above our average, 95 degrees in the afternoon, 79 payson, 87 global, hello prescott, high temperature at around 79. sunshine extend into next week. a big reminder for everybody if you have a dirty car, that needs washing, hold off for a few days. all next week a lot of volunteers will be camped out at the edge -- desert ridge
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it all starts monday morning at 4:30 a.m. we would love to see you. you should see the list from the sports world going to paul's carwash. the jets coming to town monday night it's going to be the second of three straight primetime matchups for the cardinals. to put that in perspective here is larry fitzgerald on what it was like when he was drafted here in 2004. >> it's an honor to kind of games. i remember back in the day, nobody ever saw us play on tv. they used to black us out at home. so it's nice to be able to have some games. people on the east coast get to see our brand of football. >> first place is on the line in boulder, sounds like the sun devils are going to have their starter -- quarterback on his radio show, he expects many workers to start. missed last week after
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usc. three days after -- let's -- these days after date the same job with the same organization for 20 years is a rarity. coyotes open the season with a visit from the philadelphia flyers with shane doan captaining the club. now, 21st season with the franchise. twentieth year in arizona. most of the coyotes have birthdays in the 1990s. shane doan he is enjoying every opportunity to take the ice. >> it's always exciting. another season you are pretty excited about it. for me personally i look forward to it every year. such an honor to have the opportunity to be able to still play. >> phoenix suns final home -- the maps in town, number 4 overall pick drug and vendor lines up a three and drills it.
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with back spasms. and then t.j. warren with the gentleman slam, 112-107 the suns open the season on wednesday and against sacramento. to cleveland, the city of champions. here is jayson kipnis look at the diving stop to rob kevin pilar, kipnis aboard, francisco lindor hammering a hanger. that's all the tribe would need. 2-0 the final. than over toronto.
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welcome back. we had cameras all over the valley tonight. high school football plays of the night. north canyon high school, trevor line stock can do it all. watch him catch his own past. he is a mountain of a man. was not enough, notre dame prep wins. goldwater, the best name in high school football, maverick gomez, here is brophy and
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purdy, james running free, perry wins by a touchdown. here is greer to jacob carol, congrats to coach paul morrow, he sets the state record for wins tonight. >> big congratulations. wow. coach paul right there. we start out very nice, sunrise at 6:00 a.m. everybody. lows in the upper 60s and then high tomorrow around 95 degrees. five degrees above average at least below triple digits. >> we are below 100. we can handle anything. back to paradise. thanks for joining us. we hope you have a fantastic
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