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tv   CBS 5 News at 5  CBS  October 15, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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we start with breaking news-- something that's generally silent but it can be extremly dangerous. a gas leak has shut down streets here in the valley. good evening, i'm derek staahl. and i'm lindsey reiser. we want to welcome our viewers on c-b-s 5. 3-tv's carissa planalp... is live to tell us more about this gas leak in phoenix, carissa? the closure is on northern from where i'm standing at 27th avenue all the way to i-17. you can see the traffic back-up here so you will want to avoid this area. this gas leak is so dangerous -- fire crews have evacuated several businesses-- and in the past hour i've seen even more fire units show up. i'm being told no homes have been evacuated just yet. i spoke to the woman who owns a dairy queen right
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says, "joanna cipriani/ dairy queen owner .when phoenix fire walked in the east door and told us we had to get out now we just.. rushed to get get the customers out ... and that was that we were out within a couple minutes." crews do not know the cause of this leak-- but they are going around checking readings to see if the so-called hot zone has expanded. stay away from this area-- i'm told it may be closed a few more hours. live in phoenix-- carissa planalp 3-tv. just into our newsroom-- a man was found crushed underneath his car... in chandler. officers are on the scene right now... near mcqueen and chandler boulevard. police believe the 55-year-old was doing some mechanical work... when the car fell on him. sadly.. we have learned the man.. did not survive. man.. did not survive. police think they've caught the guy responsible for a deadly stabbing last night. 38-year-old olin coho was
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officers spotted him near 12th avenue and hatcher. they say he matched the description of the suspect... accused of killing a 36- year-old man. coho is now facing 2nd degree murder. degree murder. all new tonight at 5 - the controversial new "dolphinaris" park officially opens today... near via de ventura and the 101 in scottsdale. folks behind the aquarium say dolphins thrive in captivity.. but protesters say... this is cruel. our photojournali st louis tortora shows us the polarizing viewpoints suroundi this facility. this facility.
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tonight .. police are trying to find out if alcohol contributed to a deadly crash on the phoenix - glendale on the phoenix - glendale border. four teenagers were rushed to the hospital last night after their car and this truck collided near 59th avenue and camelback. the two people in the front of the car. ... a 17- year-old female and 16- year-old male died at the hospital. a third one is still recovering there... with injuries. our camera was rolling when police put the 27- year-old truck driver in handcuffs. we are working to find out if charges will be filed or if anyone was officially arrested here. officially arrested here. says, "when daddy was murdered, the woman i knew as my mother was no more. her heart and her spirit went her heart and her spirit went with him ." police say it was a random home invasion that turned deadly.
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valley man is searching for answers .. to find whoever is responsible for his death. responsible for his death. native american icon, jesse sixkiller... was at his house near 55th avenue and camelback.. when a robber made his way insdie... d shot him. because police say it was a random act... they've fallen short of a suspect description. today, his loved ones held a memorial to shine new light on the case.. and remember him. and remember him. says, " to me, jess sixkiller was mentor, a spiritual guide, large leadership network." police say home invasions-turned homicides.. are extremely rare. if you know anything about sixkiller's case... call police. police. tonight, the family and friends of a one-year-old baby boy... found in a bathtub... are taking to
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account.... to help pay for funeral expenses. the boy was found in a bathtub on tuesday in his buckeye home near 2- hundred-41st avenue and yuma road. he was taken to a children's hospital but later died. if you'd like to help the family... we have a link to that "go fund me page" on our 3tv mobile app. our 3tv mobile app. right now-- police need your help to put this guy behind bars. he's accused of holding up... not one-- but two circle k's here in the valley. this is video of both cases. our jaime cerreta shows us how you can help catch this crook. us how you can help catch this crook. this is the video police want you to see. they hope you recognize the man with the gun. he's toting a black backpack while robbing a circle k in phoenix. police say the crook entered the store at 40th street and southern around seven thirty on saturday october first. he robbed the circle k clerk at gunpoint... telling employees to stash the cash register cash in his backpack... then he took off. a week later.. police say the same man robbed the circle-k.. near broadway and termino avenue-- which
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hispanic man around 27 years old , 5-1- 180 pounds. black hair brown eyes and a goatee. but it may be his tattoos that really help identify him. jamie rothschild/sile nt witness ((talking about tattoos)) just because the man robbed two stores.. doesn't mean he got away with much money. though silent witness won't tell us how much he got.. they do tell us.. you could walk away with more.. if you turn him in. if you know who this man is ... call silent witness at 480 witness. jaime cerreta witness. jaime cerreta investigators think this guy may have information on a credit card theft. back in august, a man broke into a home near 43rd avenue and thunderbird... and stole several credit cards. a short time later... this
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those cards at a walmart and a "toys r us" in avondale. police say they just want to talk with him. to talk with him. says, "people don't realize there are so many people trapped in this world in this country, in this city, within this block, there are possibly people trapped. theyre in sexual slavery, they're in work slavery, and we just want the message out that it's real" out that it's real" that's why nearly 500 people took a "walk for freedom" today.. in downtown each participant wore black.. and even had tape covering their mouths to represent victims trapped in slavery... who have no voice. the 3-mile walk started at 4th avenue and monroe.. and one of the volunteer managers says.. it was powerful to see everyone come together.. to raise awareness. raise awareness. says, "it is just amazing to watch eveybody walk by in silence just thinking and praying about all of those people in captivity is just amazing" a21 rescues victims from all over the world.
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holding this walk for freedom. coming up on good evening arizona.... families say farewell to their favorite soldiers. their favorite soldiers. a handful of them... are now getting deployed to afghanistan.. we'll show you their emotional goodbyes. emotional goodbyes. plus-- virtual reality is not just for fun anymore... how doctors are using it to help with conditions like post-traumatic stress
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i learned as a police officer and a businessman you should never abuse people's trust. unfortunately, today too many politicians either serve their party or themselves, and arizona families suffer. the arizona republic called paul babeu a disgrace. babeu spent $28,000 of taxpayer money at a five-star resort and was questioned by the fbi for using public money to promote himself.
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and they're off ! more than a dozen soldiers of the "arizona army national guards" were sent to afghanistan today. but before they left ... friends and family m goodbye. a lieutenant says their support is what makes this long journey.. much this long journey.. much easier. says, "without our family supporting us ..taking care of business back home ..making sure life goes on .. stuff they need to do amkes all teh difference." they will be in afghanistan for nine months. for nine months. in health watch -- there's a new tool in the battle against p-t-s-d..... virtual reality.
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tech company have teamed up... to test the technology as a way to treat mental illiness. a way to treat mental illiness. doctors believe patients with anxiety, depression and p-t-s-d could all benefit from virtual reality... because it helps bring "calm" into helps bring "calm" into their life. says, "they can have a known voice in the background as a voice over but then also have music - serene visual effect like a garden effect and birds flying and water rippling and fish in the water and things like that." doctors say nearly 8- percent of americans will experience p-t-s-d at some point in their lives. and it's not just veterans getting help from the latest technology. an invention by british researchers is helping patients who are paralyzed.. get stronger... with games. teri okita reports. teri okita reports. 55-year-old adrian totman suffered a serious stroke less than two weeks ago. (natsd dr.) now try and make a tight fist for me. (adrian struggles) so, now we're looking at your power. he's
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stroke has slowed him down. (sot/super: adrian totman/stroke patient) to have no power in this arm is not right. i want it back, and i want it back tomorrow. so totman agreed to try a new invention called "grip- able" created by doctors and robotics engineers at imperial college london. the hand-held tool tracks and records a paralyzed patient's arm strength and coordination when playing games on a mobile device. (natsd dr.) release, release, release! got it! (adrian) got the 3! (laughs) (sot teri) doctor, who is the target patient? (dr.) our patients are patients with arm and hand disability, and this can range from patients who have stroke, arthritis, or muscular skeletal damage at the start of a clinical trial - the researchers found 50-percent of stroke patients with paralyzed arms were able to interact with touch-screen technology. after using "grip-able" for six months, that number jumped to 93- percent. nats... researchers say the next goal is to use it at home. (dr. rinne) ...start working with family members, with other carers, with people in their community, that's fantastic. totman - who's a truck driver -
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him down a speedy road to recovery. we're quickly approaching flu season... and people all over the valley today are getting their flu shots.. either at a discount.. or for free! they also got health screenings. lina de florias shows us why health experts say.. this is so important for the community. important for the community. flu shots. valley families got them all at today's walmart wellness day. with 4-thousand stores participating all over the country, it's the biggest one-day heal event in the nation, offering free screenings and discounted vaccinations. tc 9:59:18-9:59:25 "well there's a need for them. we have a good turnout. we held one last year. we did 150 vision screenings in less than 2 hours." source: walmart health day 101516 jm raw in the west valley, chicanos por la causa hosted a community health fair in maryvale. free services like immunizations, mammogram
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to the community to help promote a healthy, active lifestyle. tc 12:23:20-12:23:33 "it's providing all this information so that our community can be more empowered.... not just a paycheck right ." source: cplc community health fair 101516 jm raw but what's work without a little play? families got to kick back in massage chairs or jump on the inflatables while waiting to hear if they'd won a bicycle raffle or other prizes. ldf, tag check it out-- a chihuahua born without front tucson... is now free to roam thanks to a new set of wheels. "roo" was saved from a hoarding house back in september -- along with 40 other small dogs. because of inbreeding --- he was born without any front legs . donors pulled together to raise 10-thousand dollars.. and to get "roo" a wheelchair. dollars.. and to get "roo" a wheelchair. ((anchors adlib to full
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fall is in full bloom in arizona. ri fall is in full bloom in arizona. and right now many of our viewers are tagging us... in some pretty breathtaking photos on instagram. arizona is probably better known for shades of brown. but you can get your 'fall colors fix'... just a short drive from the valley. ian schwartz ... shows us where. where. if you are new to arizona, don't worry, you can still get a taste of fall. these beautiful scenes are just a
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00:00:30 /7sec / "i think people are surprised to hear we have some beautiful canyons that turn yellow, red and orange in the fall." carrie templin of the tonto national forest says the payson ranger district has tons to offfer when it comes to colorful horton creek, the east verder river and much more. 00:01:50 /13sec/ "another day rip would be going over to globe and going up into the pinal mountains. there's several trails there to see maples and stuff." just outside of flagstaff you'll be treated to brillant yellow aspes. take the innter basin trail for views that are sure to please. both the prescott national forest and apache sitgreaves national forest in central eastern arizona offer tons of color too. 00:03:06 /3sec / "arizona is such a beautiful state, we have a little bit of everything." trees at higher elevations are in full swing now and soon to reach their peak, but lower elevagtion trees can last into december. but there is one factor that can mess up your plans. ian stand up "weather does play a big roll, a hard freeze can kill leaves and a big wind storm can knock leaves to the ground. so get out there, take in the fall colors and take lots of pictures to
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and take lots of pictures to share with us" says, "he wasn't real big on flowers, so we thought of this and this became a tradition now." coming up-- an undying love of the game. how a man is keeping his father's passion alive. the heartwarming
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allegations against pinal county sheriff paul babeu. paul babeu exposed in a damning home video. accusations of widespread abuse at a massachusetts private school. she is sick of hearing sheriff paul babeu lie. allegations of abuse of power. another headache, the fbi has subpoenaed records. lawsuits regarding abuse and neglect. new page of controversy. a question of judgment. ultimately voters are going to have to decide if he's the type of candidate they want in congress.
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james p. walsh: to keep our community safe - we need a sheriff who will put fighting violent crime ahead of his own political agenda. paul penzone has been a decorated crime-fighter for over 20 years. a police officer, undercover investigator, and dea task force agent of the year.
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and created award-winning programs that protect our community. paul penzone... a new sheriff who will put our safety first. we are the tv doctors of america. and we're partnering with cigna to help save lives. by getting you to a real doctor for an annual check-up. so go, know, and take control of your health. doctor poses. learn your key health numbers, and take control today. says, "great positive policing - makes kids smile - helps traffic flow nicely." this police officer isn't just
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traffic.. he may actually be stopping it! residents in south bend, indiana... have coined him the "lightsaber cop." he twirls around his "star wars"-inspired gadget... to guide traffic... and, of course - put on a light show while he's helping people cross the street. the officer says the best part of it.. is seeing the smile on people's faces. smile on people's faces. an east tennessee man has found an unusual way to decorate his father's grave. he says it's just what his dad would want. dad would want. jamie beckler's dad died from pancreatic cancer in 2008. and it was their tradition to watch every "university of tennessee" football game. so he painted his dad's grave... checkered with orange and white. he says it helps him feel closer to his dad. he says it helps him feel closer to his dad. "definitely soul reviving to come here and talk to him." "he's got that little grin on
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making the checkerboard pattern takes about an hour.... to an hour and half... and lasts a few months. and lasts a few months. that's it for us at 5. if you're watching us on our sister station on c-b- s... your "evening news" is up next. or... you can keep it here on good evening arizona. coming up-- you use your vacuum to pick-up dust.. maybe some pet hair - even a couple of coins make their way through. but one woman tries to suck up.. gasoline! the explosive mistake, all caught on camera.
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sexual assault and rape. out-of-control corrections officers arrested. but not one served a day of time. sweetheart deals, because, with county attorney bill montgomery, some people are above the law, making us all less safe. there's a better choice -- diego rodriguez, a career prosecutor who believes in tough sentences for violent crime and equal justice under the law.
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i learned as a police officer and a businessman you should never abuse people's trust. unfortunately, today too many politicians either serve their party or themselves, and arizona families suffer. the arizona republic called paul babeu a disgrace. babeu spent $28,000 of taxpayer money at a five-star resort and was questioned by the fbi for using public money to promote himself.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> ninan: severe weather slams the pacific northwest. remnants of a typhoon batters the coast following a rare tornado outbreak. also tonight, ferocious wildfires in the west. the death toll from southeast floods still donald trump's new challenge to hillary clinton-- drug tests before their next debate. >> she's getting pumped up for wednesday night. i don't know what's going on with her. >> ninan: and the nixon presidential library reopens, hoping to reach post-watergate. >> i was not alive when richard nixon resigned. this is the "cbs weekend news." >> ninan: good evening.


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