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tv   Face the Nation  CBS  October 16, 2016 8:30am-9:00am MST

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captioning sponsored by cbs >> dickerson: today on "face the nation," we'll talk to both vice president, candidates as the tone of campaign 2016 hits rock bottom. with just over three weeks to go until election day, at least nine women have accused donald trump of making unwanted advances, some charging outright assault. and the fallout has sent trump enter a flurry of >> all stories, all made up, lies. lies. no witnesses, no nothing, all big lies. it's a rigged system. >> dickerson: hillary clinton faces an avalanche of e-mails hacked from her campaign chairman that shows the behind-the-scenes maneuvering of a presidential campaign. both mike pence and tim kaine will join us.
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stories. the conservatives will talk about the state of their movement as trump causes a rift in the republican party. and veteran journalists join us to talk about hacked e-mails and the way washington works. plus our new battleground tracker poll shows a big shift among women voters. it's all coming up on "face the nation." good morning and welcome to "face the nation." i'm john dickerson. our new battleground tracker shows a dramatic shift in key 13 states we're watching here the candidates were tied last month. now hillary clinton is ahead, 46% to 40% over donald trump. that jump is due to gains from women voters. clinton has gone from a five-point edge in september to a 15-point advantage now. this following a videotape where trump boasts about groping women and allegations this week from nine women that he did just that over the last 35 years. we'll hear from both vice presidential candidates starting
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pence who is campaigning in tampa. welcoming, governor. i want to start with these allegations. >> thank you, john. >> dickerson: you have the tape from last week. now nine women have come forward basically claiming donald trump behaved just as he said in private. shouldn't voters at least pay attention to this and try to figure this out? are they crazy to think there might be not be something there? >> well, i think donald trump did what he needed to do last weekend. you know, i spoke out about concern about the 11-year-old video that came forward. he went before the american people and said he apologized to his family and he apologized to the people of this country and said he was embarrassed about what he said 1 1 years ago. he made it clear it was just talk, not action. in the days that followed i know there have been unsubstantiated allegations that have been made, but donald trump has made it clear that he categorically denies those allegations, and we're going to continue to focus this campaign on frankly where
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focused, john. over the course of this last week and in the midst of all of these issues swirling in the national media, i can tell you the crowds that i saw here in florida other r -- over the last several day, the crowds gathered in new hampshire and maine last night, are focused on a stronger america at home and abroad, about reversing a court that's set parts of the world spinning apart under the foreign policy of hillary clinton and barack obama and frankly the policies that have stifled the american economy, particularly as it donald trump has a message that is enlivening, and it is resonating with people all across this country. and we're going the fight the next 23 days to carry it all the way through election day. >> dickerson: let me ask you this, governor: you've spoken a lot about character as a candidate, not relative to each other but relative to a standard. in 1992 bill clinton said, "i feel your pain."
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they said that was what's important, not these character questions. it sounds like you're making the same case for donald trump. >> not. so bill clinton didn't just talk about doing things. he did them. it took a while to find all that out. he was under oath in 1998 and he finally came clean on having taken advantage of a 23-year-old intern at the white house name monica lewinsky in the most appalling behavior by an american president in the history of this country. look, donald trump has made it very clear that hey regrets those words that he used 11 years ago, that they don't represent who he is, and that he haz-cat goreically denied these unsubstantiated allegations. it's really remarkable, though, john, is in a week where you have this series of unsubstantiated allegations, and of course there is competing evidence that's coming out regarding these particular incidents, we have an avalanche of hard evidence about hillary clinton's years as secretary of
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foundation. we found out this week because of another network's efforts that while she was secretary of state, hillary clinton, her team directed contracts for the reconstruction of haiti after the earthquake to friends of the clintons. this is exactly the kind of political favoritism that she said wasn't happening. >> dickerson: i want to ask you about your candidate, governor. >> it's been largely ignored by this network and the mainstream media and 2 americanpl right through it. >> dickerson: let me ask you about your candidate. he's responded to these allegations using the word, "sick, horrible, phony," and he says that one of the women would not be his first choice. one of the claims you're making about hillary clinton is the way she treated bill clinton's accusers. donald trump is treating these accusers pretty roughly himself. >> donald trump has made it clear that he categorically denies --. >> dickerson: but what about the treatment of these people coming forward? >> well, but...
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our supporters a basket of deplorables. >> dickerson: so it's okay if hillary clinton does it? do two wrongs make a right? >> they came out with the most anti-catholic, anti-religious rhetoric that i've ever seen in political life. the reason you see the resilience in our numbers around the country, the reason you see such determination of the american people is frankly people see an overwhelming bias in the national media, a ignorance about an avalanche of hard evidence about hillary clinton and the clinton foundation and her years as secretary of state, and they end up putting above the fold and leading the news with these unconfirmed, unsubstantiated allegations. i think it's... it frankly is why we're going to continue to fight every single day between now and election day to change the direction of this country. the american people feel like in
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democratic party and many of you in the media are working together to prevent the kind of change the american people long to see of a stronger and more prosperous america, and we're going the fight our way all the way to election day. >> dickerson: i appreciate that, governor. i'm trying to deal with what your candidate is saying on the stump in real-time right. now another thing he's saying is the election is rigged. my question is: is that a responsible thing for a candidate to say? >> well, i think what donald trump is talking about is, frankly, what appears to be the monolithic support of the clinton's campaign. their willful ignorance about the avalanche of hard evidence, not allegations, john, but hard evidence now coming out in these e-mails of collusion and pay-for-play politics. the american people are just tired of it. >> dickerson: governor -- >> the outcome of this election, john, let me be very clear, donald trump said in the first debate that we'll respect the will of the american people in this election, the peaceful
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elections get really tough. but the american people are getting awful tired of this two-on-one fight with many of you in the national media doing half of hillary clinton's work for her every day. all we're asking for is whatever you want to report about our campaign, let's get out, there let's let the facts speak for themselves. but let's get before the american people this avalanche of e-mails that is confirming pay-to-play politics and outright corruption. >> dickerson: before we run out of time, ask you a question, though. when donald trump talks about a rigged election, here's the way one of his supporters hears that. this is a quote from "the boston globe" from a trump supporter, "i'm going to go right up behind them -- talking about being at polling places donald trump has encouraged his supporters to watch the places -- "i'll do everything legally. i want to see if they're accountable. i'm not going to do anything illegal. i'm going to make them a little bitner vows." that's what they're hearing about rigged elections.
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i don't think any american should ever attempt to make any other american nervous in the exercise of their franchise to vote. but look, states like my state of indiana manage our election process, poll watching is a part of that process, and it's a message i've delivered around this country. people that are concerned about this election and about us preserving the one person, one vote that's at the very center of our american democracy should become involved, should volu polling place. that's how we ensure the accountability. frankly, that's how we protect the integrity of the vote for republicans, democrats, independents, everyone across the spectrum is served when we ensure that we have free and honest elections. >> dickerson: okay, governor, thanks so much. we've run out of time. governor mike pence. >> thank you, john. >> dickerson: and now to the other candidate for vice president, virginia senator tim kaine who joins us from miami. senator, you and your campaign
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chairman john podesta as coming from the influence or having the influence of the russian government. if secretary clinton were president, what would she do to retaliate against the russians? >> well, i have not talked with hillary about this, but there does need to be a consequence. when a foreign nation tries to destabilize an american election, which is what donald trump encouraged back in late july, he said, "hey, russia, go see if you can cyber hack and find things that will help me win," but when a foreign government tries to do this, there has to be a consequence. there will be time for figuring what that consequence is, but you can't let i got unchallenged, because if you do, you could encourage more of it. >> dickerson: do you see any link between the trump campaign and these disclosures that have come out? >> i can't discern any direct link except for donald trump's encouragement. i think it was during the week of the convention in philadelphia, donald trump took a stage and he basically said, hey, i would encourage cyber
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find information on hillary clinton that will help me win. you know, that was shocking. later when he was challenged about it, he said, well, i was just being sarcastic. i don't think it's funny when you have a nation like russia that has engaged in activity to destabilize elections in countries, ukraine, estonia, they've engaged in that activity, and somebody running to be president of the united states shouldn't be encouraging another nation to cyber hack the u.s. >> dickerson: when you look at these e-mails and the cache of e-mail, there's a lot of effort to tell the voters a different story than what hillary clinton's apparent position is on issues from trade to the xl pipeline, efforts to dodge using a word from the e-mail on the question of the e-mail server. don't voters have a right to get the straight story from a candidate who is asking to be given so much power? >> well, i think you can ask the people involved in any of the e-mails what they think about the topics. john, here's something that we do have to just state very
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e-mails an effort by wikileaks and russia to try to destabilize our election, but second, you can't assume that they're all accurate. one of the e-mails that came up this week referred to me. it was completely inaccurate, and i don't know whether it was inaccurate because the sender didn't know what he or she was talking about or it had been doctored, but anybody who is going to try to cyber attack and then try to destabilize an election, you can't trust that they're going to maintain scrupulous honesty about content of what they're dumping out for the world to see. >> dickerson: when people look at the wikileaks e-mails, is it the standard of the conversations we should expect from the clinton administration? >> well, look, i'm not spending a lot of time looking at them for the reason that i stated earlier. i don't even assume they're all accurate. >> dickerson: let me ask you this: senator, you and others in the campaign have compared this to watergate and said the trump campaign shouldn't be making hay about these hacked e-mail, which
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clinton made a lot of hay without donald trump's tax return, which was disclosed without his knowledge or willingness. why are you making hay of that but not of this? >> they choose how the run the campaign. if they want the make hay they can, but here's one thing we ought to demand of donald trump, every time this comes up that these wikileaks russia documents are connected to russia, he is the only one standing on the stage to defend russia. well, we don't know that russia was involved. it might be a big guy sitting in his parents' basement. over and over again he is defending russia on this as if russia is involved even though the director of national intelligence and justice department and f.b.i. officials have connected russia to these attacks. why does donald trump keep going out of his way to defend russia on this? he should condemn russia. in fact, it's even been reported that he's received intelligence assessments laying these attacks
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reason he seems to want to defend vladimir putin. i don't get it. he can make hay of whatever he wants to, but i think he ought to, instead of making weird claims that our election is rigged and challenging the integrity of the american electoral process, he should be standing up against people who are trying to destabilize our elections. >> dickerson: but the clinton campaign is saying the trump campaign is doing something wrong by talking about this, and if that's the case, then were you wrong to be talking about his leaked tax returns? >> no, because, look, i'm not talking about this. that's not me and i don't know that we're really saying that. donald trump made a promise not voters in 2014, if i run i'm going to release my tax returns. secondly, as you know, that is the precedent for all in the modern era to release them. "the new york times" has a story that has some information about donald trump's taxes, and we think the information essentially confirms what donald
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when hillary clinton said you probably don't pay taxes, donald trump said, "yeah, that makes me smart." there are a whole lot of us out here that pay taxes to support our military and to support our veteran, and we don't like being called stupid by a guy like donald trump who brags about not paying taxes and stiffing our troops and stiffing veterans. >> dickerson: with respect to donald trump and these accusations about his behavior, you mentioned it shows a pattern of behavior on donald trump's part, but that's what democrats defended clinton in 1992. republicans say these allegations represent a pattern of behavior and he shouldn't with president. if it was good enough to defend bill clinton, why isn't that a good enough defense for donald trump? >> well, first, bill clinton is not on the ballot. this is a race between donald trump and hillary clinton. and second, look, i don't reach a conclusion about any particular allegation. but you do have to look at donald trump's own words and actions. the tape that came out two fridays ago that kind of created
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else saying something about donald trump. it was donald trump telling everybody, this is the way i treat women. and then in the debate stage last sunday, he was asked point blank, did you act in accord with what you said, and he didn't want to answer that question. he tried to avoid it a couple time, but anderson cooper pinned him down, and he looked at the camera and he said, no, i never acted that way. i talked about it, i never did it. well, you know, when you look america in the face and say, that then suddenly people are coming up here, the country saying, no, actually, that is the way donald trump acts, and it shouldn't be surprising given the way he's talked about women from the beginning of the campaign and throughout his career and frankly the way he's talked about others, as well. people can reach their own conclusion about it. but when somebody's actions are so closely connected to how he says he acts, i think people will draw the conclusion that donald trump's got a real problem in this area. >> dickerson: senator, one
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there's been some reports you've been e-mailing hillary clinton during the campaign and she knew about various things. why given all the hacking that's going on would anybody communicate by e-mail? >> you know, that's a really good question, john. i think all of us, until i can find a carrier pigeon that's really fast, you know, we've got to communicate, and we're not always together in person, so sometimes we talk by phone. and sometimes we'll. but i think we're all very mindful of the fact that our e-mails could be displayed inaccurate or highly altered version for the world to see. we act accordingly in what we decide to send. >> dickerson: senator kaine cane, thanks for being with us. >> all right. thanks a lot. >> dickerson: the speaker of the house won't defend donald trump. the senate majority leader won't mention his name. what's happening to the republican party? we'll talk about that in one we'll talk about that in one minute. medicine. mm control i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece
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war in the republican party. dr. russell moore is president of the ethics and religious liberty commission of the southern baptist convention. alfonso aguilar is the president of the latino partnership for conservative principles. tammy bruce is a radio talk show host and a fox news contributor and matt schlapp is the chairman of the american conservative union. tammy, i want to start with you. >> sure. >> dickerson: let's diagnose, we're all going to diagnose the moment or you all are going to diagnose the moment. what's the state of the conservative movement by the republican party? >> you know, those two are very they? i'm very much a conservative, but i'm an independent voter. donald trump is the nominee for a reason, because of the failure of the republican party to stop the destruction of the country by the democrats. i can tell you that 3.7 million women have been pushed into poverty since barack obama became president according to the c.e.o. of gallup. about 25 million economic lives have been destroyed. 48% of americans have a full-time job. that is the lowest since 1983.
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conservatives have expected from the republican party is to push back on issues and policies and laws that destroy people's lives. they have not done that. and what they're reaping now from i think the beginning of the tea party let's say in 2009 is a reaction and a rejection by the american people. they ignored it then. they should have embraced it. they ignored it in '10, '14. they're ignoring it now. donald trump is the result of being ignored, and american people wanting people's lives to get better and for the actual conservative ideal of economic freedom to prevail, which is the only thing that will save our lives. >> dickerson: alphonso, your diagnosis? >> i agree partly with that. i think that... i would-be -- i wouldn't overstate the impact of donald trump in terms of his impact in the conservative movement. the differences that i think tammy was talking about predate donald trump. and i think we can oversimplify it and say on the one hand we
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worried about principle, too tied to big interests, and then good conservatives who care deeply about the issues are too rigid sometimes, and in terms of the economy and income inequality and the wounds that americans are facing, they're too quick to blame trade and immigration. and that's a problem. but the good news is that between those two extreme, there are many republicans who i think after this election can steer the right direction. >> dickerson: but at the moment, russell moore, we have an election going on, and you have a speaker of the house who won't defend donald trump and mitch mcconnell won't say his name. how do you see things? >> well, i think that's exactly what we see at the grassroots level. even when i'm talking to people who support donald trump, they do so with a conflicted conscience, and they do so with a certain sense of fear and trembling. but many of them are doing so that i talk to right now, especially evangelical christian, not because they
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because they want to protest against a hillary clinton presidency, which will be awful and disastrous for many of the things that we're concerned about. one of the things that concerns me is the personal and spiritual devastation that we see happening in this election. there are friendships that have broken apart. there are husbands and wives who don't speak to each other about the election right now. and there are people who are going through a genuine sense of despair about the future of the country and about the future of ow at the kind of cultural coarsening that would lead us to a situation where on the left people are saying the situations with the clinton foundation and the e-mails don't matter, and on the right, there are some people who are saying these comments about women are just locker room talk. >> dickerson: i want to get to that in a moment... >> we're all living through the clinton marriage. >> dickerson: what's your diagnosis, matt? >> i agree with much of what my friends here have said.
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almost all his agenda through. while doing that, he has taken more legislative powers away from congress. we have a constitutional crisis on our separation of powers. it's not all the republicans' fault in congress. he went around them. he has been overturned more times by the federal courts, this person who used to teach constitutional law, than any other president. he has put us in this constitutional crisis. obama deserves much credit for trump, as well, because many of the bipartisan issues of substance, if he was really able to work with the other side on to solve a big problem. was it entitlements? no. was it obamacare? no, democratic votes. he made big missteps for the country. it helped him politically, but the country finds itself divided like never before, and that's not what obama ran on. >> dickerson: all right. we'll come back and try to figure out how the republicans, not obama and the democrats, handled this in just a moment. we'll take a break. stay with us.
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>> dickerson: some of our cbs stations are leaving us now, but for most of you we'll be right back with more of our conversation from conservativess woodward and maureen dowd. stay with us. >> it's the worst refugee crisis since world war ii. how many refugees are we accepting from syria, and how are they being vetted for security?
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